Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Baby can discover melodies, learning and a world of fun in this feature-packed activity table. The light up piano has two modes, melodies mode and discovery mode. Baby can free-play piano, learn colors in 3 languages, as well as activate 5 classical melodies. The drum station counts from 1 to 5 in 3 languages, while the guitar station allows baby to strum the guitar and activate lights. The shape buttons feature animal characters and musical instruments, so baby can learn all three in English, Spanish and French.

Main features

  • Piano station lights up and allows for free play, classic melodies, and also introduces baby to colors and numbers in English, Spanish, and French
  • Drum station lights up, features multiple drum sounds, and counts in English, Spanish, and French

Verified reviews


Baby loved it.. until….

My husband just got this for our 11 month old son for Christmas. He loved it! The table slides if you put it on hardwood floor but is pretty stable on a playmat. He spends a lot more time on this toy than other toys. But today when he was flipping the “page” over, his little finger got stuck between the “page” and the smiley face. He didn’t know how to get it out and ended up wedging it in further and started crying and screaming. It was stuck pretty tight, I couldn’t even push the “page” back up; I thought it would cut his little finger off! I ended up using brute force to pry it out.

Aline Greenwood, MO

Baby loved it, careful with the legs when they are first pulling up

I got this because my baby loved it at a friend’s house. When we used ours at home, she started pulling to a stand right after we got it and she could tip it over when she was struggling, so we took the legs off for a week and once she became a more proficient stander, she can get up holding it without tipping it over. She loves the music and lights. It has remained a favorite.

Tara Holden, UT

Warning about injury, otherwise a great toy

We received this for a Christmas present. My son continues to love this toy. He now stands up to play it. I would recommend this toy with one important warning. The center globe has a flap or page that his likes to turn. It switches from one mode to another with this turning. Unfortunately, the globe is not perfectly round so that when it is right in the middle, there is an opening and my baby’s fingers get caught in it. A few times, he cried and I was able to see it and take it out. The last time he got his finger more severely stuck in it and then fell down contorting his finger in it further. I ran to him by then he was screaming (I was just about 10 ft away); the end of his finger was purple from lack of circulation. It took 10 minutes to calm him, he refused ice so I stuck it in snow while he still cried.Solution-I was able to remove the flap. Now, he just has that one mode which he still enjoys. He laughs at the duck and bard sounds.I am online to write to Baby Einstein and tell them of these incidents. I think they and you should know.

Kenya Brush Valley, PA

Baby loves it, but the music is a little warbled

I got this for my daughter for Christmas. We have the version with 3 legs. I think it’s sturdy enough. She hasn’t toppled it over yet and pulls on it often and stands while leaning on it plenty. She loves this toy, especially the piano keys. My only complain (and to be fair, the baby doesn’t seem to mind at all) is the sound. It sound a little warbled. Maybe a little more than a little warbled. It’s been this way since it came out of the box and we tried fresh batteries but still that didn’t fix it. I think we just got a dud, since I don’t see this complain anywhere else. I probably could have returned it or exchanged it, but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. Baby is happy, so mommy is happy.

Abigail Dover, GA

wonderful learning toy for young child

I would recommend this item for any child 8mos to 24 mos for the younger child do not att legs.

Tracey Neon, KY

Love Love Love

My Baby absolutely loves this toy! Has multiple languages and lots of music and sounds. When she was floor bound; we didn’t put the legs on it so she could play with easily. Now that she is crawling and trying to stand up – we put the legs on it and she loves it even more. Worth every penny!!

Noelle Cedar Hill, TX

Better for toddlers..

It is a bit too complicated for my 11 months old. She presses multiple keys at once and she cannot even listen to one melody from start to finish (pressing of each key activates another song while stopping the current one). I am hoping that she’ll enjoy it more when she grows up. I also bought a classic, no frills piano for her (Melissa & Doug brand, no electronics), and she loves "playing" it since she can make lots of noise 🙂

Glenna Buchanan, ND

Updated review: Not long lasting/May Cause Injury

Below is my original review but I am updating it for a couple reasons. The first is that my daughter (as many others have posted) has pinched her finger in the flap on top causing her to scream because she didn’t know how to move her finger out of it. She also got this for Christmas and only uses it on occasion. That being said it broke in mid March having some electrical issues inside. The lights all get stuck on and it makes a horrible noise and static when it does this and only sometimes starts working again when turned off and back on. I am pretty disappointed and usually love baby einstein products. Looks like you should save your money on this and keep looking.Original review:I was very pleased with this product. My daughter loves it and it has a lot of options so it doesn’t get as annoying as a lot of her other toys. We have used it both on the floor and with the legs and both ways work great.

Muriel Sylmar, CA


It encourages my baby to stand and dance with the music. it’s very cute when they dance along with the music. It’s amusing for the baby and parents.

Jackie Lafayette, CA


My baby is 8-9 months old and instantly loved this toy. I keep the legs off for now because she is just crawling and learning to pull up, but they snap on and off super easily compared to other toys we have had to assemble. Even though the legs detach easily, they are still sturdy to hold up against the weight of a baby when they lean on it. There aren’t grippers or rubber on the bottom of the feet, however, which in my opinion is needed when you have wood floors like we do (maybe the manufacturer would consider adding them to future models) to help prevent skidding. I will probably glue some rubber stoppers to the bottoms eventually or keep this on her play mat that is slightly rubberized. It plays TONS of songs with languages in English, French and Spanish. I saw previous reviews that babies were getting their fingers stuck in the flipper but it seems the manufacturer has corrected the spacing issue because I inspected this thoroughly before letting baby play with it and I do not see any spaces large enough for baby to stick her fingers in ( and she flips the flipper back and forth constantly). There are two levels to adjust for loudness. I would recommend this to friends, family, or a stranger I saw looking at it in the store without hesitation. Just be forewarned: Your house will never be quiet again once you start buying electronic toys for the kiddies! LOL. They do love this toy though so it is worth it to watch them learn and explore.

Silvia Lucinda, PA

Great toy!

We liked this toy so much that we bought one for a secret Santa gift for the angel tree at church. My daughter just loves the activities on this table, even though she can’t stand to play with it yet. Baby Einstein products are the best.

Tori Brutus, MI

Great toy!

This thing is great. I don’t have any complaints. It is lightweight but it seems to always be upright. It really has touch, feel, and vision senses covered. My daughter will bob her head and dance when she plays the piano. I would recommend this product, have no regrets or complaints.

Suzanne Newton, WV

Parents and baby both love it!

This toy is way cool! It has a lot of lights and sounds which keeps baby entertained and engaged. As far as we parents, we love it too because it speaks english, spanish & french (3 different settings). There is just a lot to do, lots of buttons & our baby loves to turn the “page” which changes the mode from musical to words so it keeps it interesting. She has had this out for 3 weeks now and its still the first toy she runs to when she is put down to play with her toys. We make sure to keep it on the floor and she stands up to it and moves around it. If it was on a hard floor without carpet, it would definitely scoot. So if you don’t have carpet, put it on a rug or play mat. Also, it can be tipped over, but it’s not a very heavy toy, so when it has happened a few times, it did not fall on her, it just toppled over and we put it back up and it was back to playtime. Awesome toy!

Angelia Vansant, VA

Have searched everywhere for a French language toy – ordered another because I love it!

This table top has french language fun! Iʻm so happy with it. All of the music and buttons keep baby busy for quite a while. He can learn numbers, the alphabet and some simple words. I love it so much I bought another for our neighbor who also speaks French in the home. My baby is 8.5 months old now but has been using it since before he could stand – we just removed the legs and put them back on when he could stand without assistance.

Kaye Satin, TX