Baby Einstein Lights and Melodies Discovery Phone

Baby Einstein Lights and Melodies Discovery Phone

Baby Einstein Lights & Music Discovery Phone Baby Einstein Lights & Music Discovery Phone is a smart phone for smart tots with colorful lights, vibrant music and sounds. Baby Einstein Lights & Music Discovery Phone has a globe with animated imagery to engage curious minds. Why You’ll Love It: This smart phone encourages creativity and innovation. Age: 3 months and up Features Phone features real images and light up buttons Animal sounds Fixed globe can be spun to activate lights and music

Main features

  • Lenticular screen with real-life imagery, light-up buttons and melodies
  • Move the globe to watch the image animate on screen
  • Language discovery in English, French and Spanish

Verified reviews


Not the best

I usually love baby einstein, but not this one. My son just isn’t interested in it (but yours might be). The sound is very quiet and my son just doesn’t pay much attention to it.

Ebony Gasquet, CA

Barely audible

I didn’t realize how quiet this toy was when I got it. Flipping the volume control switch doesn’t really change the level. It’s not loud enough to get my baby’s attention. It says “Hello” in several languages, but since the volume is low it would be very difficult for a baby to try to understand/distinguish the languages. Also, it appears that the antenna should light up, which it does not.

Ophelia Mentone, AL

low sound

this product SUCKS! sound barely you can hear it. I wish i can return in . I regret that i didnt read the reviews! just dont buy it. my baby doesnt even attracted to this at all

Karyn Lindsay, MT

Too quiet, other reviews are true

All the other reviews saying that this toy is too quiet are true.I thought I’d give it a try because I don’t like really noisy toys, but this is ridiculously quiet. It’s a shame, because otherwise it’s an attractive and fun toy and more interesting than the radio that is so popular. I ended up getting the radio, which at least has a sensible volume.

Jean Highland City, FL

Daughter loves it.

My 4 month old loves this little toy she has a bounce about activity center that I’ve attached this toy too and it’s the fist toy she goes to and pushes all the buttons and everything.. Fast shipping made it great.

Deidre Winton, MN

It’s just ok not great.

I received this toy as a gift for my son. It is a cute toy but the sound is very low. If it weren’t for the lights I don’t think my son would be into it all that much.

Christina Arvada, WY


This is a cute phone for babies to play with. I purchased this for my nephew and he loved it more than the larger gift. You really can’t beat the price or the free two day shipping either. Happy with my purchase.

Serena Roseburg, OR

Great toy to take with you places because it is quiet

I like this toy to shove in a bag because it is relatively quiet even when the volume is all the way up.

Fay Plainfield, NH