Baby Einstein Lights & Melodies Mirror

Baby Einstein Lights & Melodies Mirror

Lights, music, and colors entertain baby in the car or at home! The Baby Einstein™ caterpillar character introduces baby to colors in 3 languages. Can be used in the car for both rear-facing & forward-facing babies and attaches easily and securely to seats in most vehicles. Parents simply set turn-dial timer to desired play length and press the start button to keep baby entertained during the entire car ride. For use at home in the crib too, with an extra-low volume option to provide baby lights & soft melodies at rest time. Features: Four modes of play: Lights & Melodies, Lights Only, Melodies Only, Color Learning Introduces colors in English, Spanish, and French Includes classical melodies and dancing lights Attaches to most seats Includes volume control Product Measures 1.7 x 13 x 11.5 Recommended Ages: 0 months & Up Style may vary.

Main features

  • Baby Einstein character bounces along to classical melodies with dancing lights
  • Mirror also introduces baby to colors in English, French and Spanish
  • 4 play modes delight baby: Learning mode, melodies and dancing lights, Melodies only, Lights only
  • Set mode and play length (10, 20, 30, 60 minutes) and press button to start
  • Volume control

Verified reviews


Functional but has design flaws…

When my husband and I first received this as a gift we could only get the demo to work. When we pulled the demo tab out part of the tab broke off inside and would only allow the device to function in demo mode. My husband had to open the device up and fix the connections to make it work in all other modes. We have had it for 7 months now and keep it mainly in the car. I brought it inside for my son to play with on his play mat and when I went to detach it from the car the straps deteriorated in my hands. I expect some sun damage but I didn’t expect the straps to completely fall apart in my hands. The lights and sounds- even the different languages are great but for as much as you pay for this product- there is better out there.

Ester Scuddy, KY

great for baby…but bad for seeing the baby

I purchased this mirror becasue my son loves his Baby Einstein Baby Take-Along Tunes Infant Toy that we hung on his carseat, but we wanted something that would play continuous music. This is great because you can turn the dial and set it to play for 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes. My son is 6 1/2 months old and he LOVES everything about it: mirror, music and lights!I’m only giving it 4 stars because (1) the strap wont fit around the headrest (2) we cant seem to position it in a way so that we can see the baby in our rearview mirror.Great for entertaining my son, I just wish i could see him.

Kirsten Crosswicks, NJ

good car toy

my daughter HATES being in a car seat so when i saw this toy i had to get it to try it out. I LOVE that it has a timer and it actually goes for as long as 60 mins so we can drive places without having to restart it. We do not have a head rest or anything like that and it was smart and made a way to tuck the buckles in the slate behind the seat and it actually stays in place! I love this toy and she doesn’t scream any more on car rides. worth every penny for my ears to get a rest!

Jessie Santa Ysabel, CA


We got this mirror because I thought it was cute, I thought my daughter would like the lights, and I thought that I would be able to see her. The batteries seem to die REALLY quickly killing the enjoyment of the lights, but the worst part is that this mirror can’t do what it is intended for. I can’t install it so that I can see my child. My mother got a Fisher Price mirror and it is SO much better. It has music and hanging animals and YOU CAN SEE THE BABY!

Josephine Blanchard, LA

Cute mirror for baby

This is a very cute mirror that is great for entertaining baby at home or in the car. It is interactive and has lights and sounds and talks. I do wish that the bird was crinkle or something though to make this toy even greater, but a great buy overall. I would recommend this product for sure!

Frankie Redding, IA

My son and I both love this!

I switched from the tiny Fisher Price Rainforest mirror to this one. It is nice and large. I love the fact that it plays lots of music, and different songs, instead of the same one over and over again. The lights keep my son entertained. The timer is so convenient (of course I haven’t had the problems with it that others have). He is only 2 months and too small to pull the cord on his carseat toys to hear music, so this was a great option. It installs exactly like the Fisher Price one I purchased, so I’m not sure what the other reviewers are talking about. I also have it installed in the middle seat of an SUV without any problems. He is only 2 months and can’t tug on it yet though! I’d imagine he can’t really reach it if he is properly in his carseat anyway. It could use some sort of bolster at the backside of the top so the mirror tilts down. Right now he can’t see himself in the mirror, but I have a very slanted seat and don’t see how any mirror could solve this. He isn’t interested in that right now anyway. I can roll up a washcloth and tape it to the back! : Mine is slightly different from the one in the picture…the bird in the top left corner is a tiny little stuffed toy that dangles.

Young Canyon, TX


So mad, this does NOT work in the middle of the rear seat in our Trailblazer which there isn’t a headrest. What a waste of $30. Maybe I’ll put it on his crib.

Rene High Island, TX

Great for tummy time

I’m very happy with this mirror for my 2 month old. I originally bought it to hang next to the changing table for some distraction during diaper changes. We had trouble hanging it at the correct angle, so we ended up putting it in his crib. Turns out that is the perfect place for him to get the most from it. We use it when he just wants to hang out and he loves it. It’s also been great for tummy time. We prop him on the small boppy and it motivates him to look up. There’s something about the melodies on the Baby Einstein products that really interest him.As far as installation is concerned, I found it much easier to install it on the side of the crib, than some other similar items I’ve purchased (and returned) for this purpose. If you are wanting this for the car, it is marketed for baby’s entertainment only. It doesn’t say anything about being used to see your baby while driving, which is probably why there are so many negative reviews on it for this purpose. The clip is actually quite effective at hanging it from the headrest for your child can see him or her self.I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good mirror for your baby to interact with and to be further entertained by the lights, colors and music. I only wish that it had a remote. That would make me want to use it in the car too. For now it’s in the crib.

Dale Bryant, IA

Great entertainment for baby!

This musical toy is a great addition to teh crib. Thank goodness for this item because it distracts and entertains my baby for a good long time. Plus when she wakes in the morning or nap time she pushes the button to turn it on (8 months) and it keeps her busy and plays by herself in the crib. When she was a newborn I turned it on for her and she loved looking in the mirror- totally immersed in her reflection lol. It is safely and securely attached to the bars of the crib and it actually falls flat. At first I thought that that was a problem but it’s actually a safety feature so she doesn’t get her hand stuck behind it.

Raquel Chincoteague Island, VA

Wish I did Not Buy This

This was a waste of money. VERY VERY poor design. I purchased it for my 2 month old daughter who hates being in the car. It was IMPOSSIBLE to install on the head rest so that she could see herself and I could see her. The straps are not adjustable and are not long enough to fasten to the head rest (or under the head rest, or any way at all). I had to buy mini bungi cords so I could strap it to the head rest and then I had to wedge something behind the mirror so that it was in the proper position. Its difficult to figure out how to get the music and lights to work properly. Also, the color of the lights (red and blue) is a pretty stupid choice of colors for a car. Having blue and red lights flashing in the back of the car is quite distracting. What color are lights of emergency vehicles? Red and blue. I wish I had read the reviews before I bought this!!!

Jennie Wahoo, NE

Near impossible installation

I’m taking this product back to the store for a refund. I am so frustrated with the installation, and I do have a headrest for the middle seat. I guess I could rig it in some way, but it isn’t worth the effort. It probably wouldn’t stay in place anyways. I bought another mirror for our other car (without all the lights, etc.) and it installed very easily. I’m also concerned about some of the comments about the plastic colored light covers coming loose as my baby is at the “reach-grab-and-stick-it-in-my-mouth” phase!

Meagan Hartshorn, MO