Baby Einstein Links

Baby Einstein Links

One “super link” with caterpillar holds all links for easy storage. Five Baby Einstein character/shape links. Five color/number links show numbers 1-5 on front of tabs and coordinating number of raised bumps on back of tabs. Four additional colored links in unique Baby Einstein “Montana” shape.

Main features

  • One “super link” with caterpillar holds all links for easy storage
  • Five Baby Einstein character/shape links
  • Five color/number links show numbers 1-5 on front of tabs and coordinating number of raised bumps on back of tabs
  • Four additional colored links in unique Baby Einstein “Montana” shape

Verified reviews


My 11 weeks old son likes it a lot

my 2 months old son likes to stare at the colors and now tries to grab it from me, very nice for the price.

Heather Groveton, NH

good for deep teething

We like the Fisher Price Link-a-Doos better but these links are fun and good for deep teething too.

Daisy Oral, SD

Oddly enough, my baby’s favorite toy…

The large, round caterpillar ring in this Baby Einstein link set has been my baby’s favorite toy since she first started grasping objects… She smiles when she sees it, stares at the colors on his back, traces its bumps with her finger, holds it up in the air to see how it looks in the light, turns it around, bangs it against the table, crawls with it still in her hand, bites it when she’s teething, and holds it up for me to “bite” and then giggles. This toy keeps her calm in the car and while we’re out shopping. I can’t say enough good things about it… (I even had to get a 2nd one in case we lost it.)The other links that come with this set are cute, but seem to get “loose” with heavy use. (Some toys with small links can fall off them.) However, I would buy this set again in a heartbeat, just to see my baby’s face light up at that little caterpillar she loves so much.

Nan Myrtle Beach, SC

Great bang for your buck…

I use these everyday. I keep some in the car, some in the bedroom and some in the stroller. My son loves them and they attach to anything.

Terra Hereford, TX

A must-have!!

Excellent product and great price! Perfect for attached toys to kicknplays… carseats… etc. My son loves these!

Molly Pine Bush, NY

Great for on-the-go entertainment

These links are perfect for throwing in your purse and pulling them out for baby during errands, church, etc. My daughter loves the bright colors and they are easy for her to grasp and hold on to. Very easy to clean and works well with other links.

Patrica Palo Pinto, TX

Simple but my daughter loves them

My daughter loves these. I keep a set in her diaper bag for just “in case” she needs a toy and another set at home.

Antoinette Sellersburg, IN

Fun Links

These links are very fun- most of the links have little animals on them. My son is 11 months old and still loves them!

Ursula Sentinel, OK

One of the must-haves

Ever since I started working with severely handicapped children, I learned the value of these type of rings. They are great for grasping and chewing, as well as holding toys where baby can reach them. Add to that the bright colors and counting rings included with this set, and you can’t go wrong. This was the first toy my baby grasped for, and remains a favorite.

Ivy East Randolph, VT

Must have for every baby

My 7 month old loves these, especially banging them against his crib rails. He’s been using them since he was about 4 months old and I they are nice and easy to grip. Great to chew on too! They are also useful for hanging things from carriers/strollers, etc.

Stella South Milwaukee, WI



Marla Glenford, OH