Baby Einstein Music and Discovery Travel Mirror

Baby Einstein Music and Discovery Travel Mirror

Baby Einstein Music and Discovery Travel Mirror

Main features

  • There are 4 play modes to entertain baby: melodies and lights, melodies only, lights only, and learning mode
  • With an off or on button and timer, you can set it to play for 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes
  • The adjustable strap design allows for ease of use on headrests and to adjust to be able to see baby while driving
  • There are 4 play modes to entertain baby: melodies and lights, melodies only, lights only, and learning mode, which introduces baby to colors in 3 languages
  • With an off/on button and timer, you can set it to play for 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes
  • The adjustable strap design allows for ease of use on headrests and to adjust to be able to see baby while you drive

Verified reviews



My daughter doesn’t seem that interested in this product. The only good thing is that I can check in my rearview to see if she is asleep

Lupe Rupert, ID

Entertaining for baby, not that great as a mirror

This product plays the great Baby Einstein music that we all know. It does get really annoying in the car if you let it play past the 10 minute mark though.The “button” on the bottom are deceiving though.. i thought they were interactive but they are just lights that flash back and forth for the baby to look at. The mirror has no buttons for the child.. just the on/off button on top for the parent (the sun).The mirror attached easily to my back headrests in several positions easily and hasnt slipped off yet.I set the mirror up in several locations and i still can’t fully see my sons face in my rear view mirror without leaning forward toward my mirror. Even then i can just barely see his face in the corner of the Baby Einstein mirror. We have the Britax Marathon 70 and the side of the headrests block a great deal of vthe view when i turn around to see him, so this mirror does help with that.

Leila Witten, SD

Great entertainment

This mirror is wonderful for entertaining my daughter, especially at night. The only problem is that it just has a strap that goes around the head rest and doesn’t allow for tilting the mirror so you can actually see the child. It just hangs there. I may just have to put the other mirror I have (without lights) on the headrest so I can see my child. The other one has slid down and is resting against the back of the seat. My daughter loves it and I will leave it there for her.

Carey Central Islip, NY

Doesnt do what it’s supposed to.

So I bought this for two reasons:1) so I can see my son while driving.2) so it can keep him busy and distracted.I was really excited when I got this but very dissapointed when I put in the car.I cant see my son because it’s not angled, it just hangs straight agains the headrest, it needs to be angled so that I can see my newborn in his infant car seat.Also, the tunes only play for 20 seconds, I wish it was longer so it could distract him more. By the time I press the button and get into my seat, put on my seatbelt and start driving it shuts off and my baby gets ansy.

Joni Boynton, OK

Almost perfect travel mirror

My 9 month old daughter loves this mirror! We bought it because we had a long trip coming up and wanted her to have a new car toy to help keep her entertained. This fit the bill pretty well. The timer has 4 settings: 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes. I don’t know why they didn’t go ahead and add a 45 one on there but those options work well and are great to have. It does have volume control, loud and soft and then a way to turn it off to conserve battery life. The soft is really too soft to hear well (the speaker lays against the seat when hanging from the headrest for a rear facing baby) so we have kept it on the loud setting which isn’t so loud that it is distracting to the driver. It has four modes: learning, music and lights together, music alone and lights alone. The learning and music and lights mode are the ones we use most. The others don’t really interest my daughter – she likes the lights and music together because the lights follow the tune of the song playing. The learning mode is pretty cool because it does include colors and shapes and adds in Spanish and French words for those as well. It will say the word in English first, then Spanish, then French then play a little song, then do another color or shape so that the child can connect that the word was all the same for one thing. A very smart feature in my opinion.Why 4 stars then? There are a few tiny hiccups that keeps this from being perfect, two in particular: 1) switching modes is a little challenging because of the way the button moves, it can be hard to get it to the right mode because there isn’t much space between each little tic as you move the button – this is only an issue if you’re in a hurry and don’t want it on learning mode (the first tic) but it can be a pain when you don’t get it on the right one the first time; 2) you really can’t see your baby in the mirror while driving. So if you’re buying it for that purpose, it is not likely to work for you and I’d pick another mirror. I chose this for entertaining my daughter and it works like a charm in that respect. Now instead of crying when I put her in the car seat she leans forward to touch the mirror and gets excited about me turning it on. My daughter would give this toy 5 stars, and if that button wasn’t an issue, I would too.All in all, I’m glad I chose this mirror over the Chicco. The learning mode is fun and the music isn’t annoying and has good sound quality. Also, it is similar to the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes music so my daughter recognized the tunes playing. It works really well and batteries were easy to install. It was also easy to install into the car.

Callie Madrid, NY

Baby finds it entertaining!

Baby loves lights, sounds, and colors on this travel mirror. I had past problems with similar mirrors with a remote control, so glad this has manual only . I like that timer can be set for length of trip. Sound is loud enough for baby, but not annoying to driver. Well pleased with purchase. As others have noted, mirror is somewhat distorting, but only what one would expect on a baby toy . I don’t feel this is a problem at all.

Lara Bay Springs, MS

10 month old thinks it’s just OK.

I thought this was going to solve all of our car troubles, but it really doesn’t. I like it, and am glad I bought it, but baby only enjoys it for the first minute or so. I really wish the buttons along the bottom had a purpose. He’s always trying to press them with his feet and nothing happens. It’s nice at night when the lights are bright. I’m still giving it 4 stars because it does exactly what it’s supposed to, my baby just doesn’t love it. I am keeping it though because if nothing else, the mirror is a necessity when they’re still rear facing.

Lakeisha Hope, NJ

Cute for the car

This mirror is great…it’s not too loud or flashy and my daughter likes it. The mirror is sort of distorted but it’s not that big of a deal.

Kristin Mt Zion, IL

Great entertainment for those that dislike the car seat!

My baby would cry every time I put him in his car set to drive somewhere, so I bought this in hopes of giving him a little entertainment & distraction. It totally works…as soon as I am about to strap him into his Graco car seat, I top the sun button and it starts playing music & the lights flash. It distracts him enough where I can get him buckled in without his pitching a fit, and then he seem to enjoy the music as it will continue to play for a while after (you can set the timer to be 10. 20, 30 or 60 minutes I think?). Only negative is that there is no way to turn it off while I am driving if he has fallen asleep, but I have the volume on level 1 of 2, and even if he falls asleep, it doesn’t seem to bother him. I also have it set for 20 minutes so it eventually goes off anyhow. Great little toy for those babies who are not fond of being in car set & need a little distraction/entertainment.

Patti Altamahaw, NC

My daughter seems to love it so far!

I forget to turn it on sometimes before starting on a drive which upsets me especially when she starts to cry! I really wish it had a remote control that I could have on my sun visor and start it when driving and she needs the entertainment. Otherwise the only other thing I would change about it if I designed it would be to make the lights on top and the mirror on the bottom. Seems more appropriate when hanging from the headrest. If the mirror is low enough for her to see her own reflection than the lights are too low for her to even see. But she sees reflections in there from everything else and along with the music she seems to like it! Its definitely better than having nothing but design set-up could be better. But I love the options for the play times, 10 minutes, 20 min etc

Latonya Morrison, CO

Great product, poor design

Our baby remains mesmerized by the music and synchronized lights. On the downside the design doesn’t work with the purpose of the mirror for the parent. When placed on the headrest the mirror will slightly angle up since the battery compartment is on the lower back panel which creates a hump that doesn’t allow to angle the mirror in a way that either the baby and see his/her reflection or so that the parent can see a rear facing baby. It will not allow any orientation to sides either. We’ve bought a second, plain, but functional mirror in order to have an eye on our baby which uses a rear facing carseat.

Marcy York, ME

Music is a bit tinny

We bought this to help calm down our infant, who currently hates being in the car. It is a great mirror for her to look at. I like the easy way to turn it on and off, and that you have options for how long you want the music to play. The music itself is a bit tinny-sounding, but not total torture. My daughter seems to like it thus far, and i would recommend it to a friend.

Adele Centerville, WA

Travel Mirror

This was bought as a gift for a friend. It is cute and she liked the buttons on the bottom. The only negative comment was the quality of the mirror.

Valeria North Palm Beach, FL


My 15-month old loves it. The music is nice and the mirror is colorful and keeps her attention. I would recommend this to anyone.

Lee Sterling Forest, NY

very short life. bummer item

Ours stopped working within weeks. Even a fresh set a batteries it’s still not working. The sounds are sporadic and hiccup and then it just quits completely after a minute.While it was working, it didn’t seem to actually respond to the buttons we pushed. It played whatever it wanted. Stopping long before the timer. There’s a timer that you can set for the mirror to play the lights and sounds for 10, 20, or 30 mins. No matter the selection, it would turn off after about 5.

Michaela Satsuma, FL

Not good for what it was intended for

Does not attach the way they show it I the picture and stay that way so I couldn’t ever see my baby. Facing forward now she’s loves it. It is very sensitive though. When we go over bumps it will turn back on if it was off due to timer. It is very loud even on the soft setting. However I gave it two stars because if you are buying this to see your baby while driving it doesn’t work right.

Rosalie Underwood, ND

If only it had a remote…

The mirror works well and is exactly as described in other reviews. We had a much older model FP mirror with a remote that we loved. But the unit finally died after being used for several kiddos (hand-me down from relative).The reviews on the current FP model with the remote are terrible so we chose this one instead. It would be great if it came with a remote, and since it doesn’t we like it but don’t love it. It does function exactly as described.The item comes with batteries and was turned “on” when it arrived, so we heard music playing from the box before we even opened it…strange.

Adrian Smelterville, ID


saved our car rides, our baby loves this thing. being able to time it for 30 or 60 mins is a plus!

Juliet Newark, OH


My son absolutely loves this. The combination of bright colors, lights and music captures his attention. He can just stare at himself and talk.

Selma Roy, UT


My two month old loves this mirror it occupies him for long car rides however the mirror is not very clear , i can see his face but its very stretched out and unclear.

Evelyn Harmon, IL


My daughter likes to look at this while we drive. It is nice that it comes with a lights only mode as well because the music can get annoying. From the driver seat we are able to use this mirror to see how she is doing in her car seat.

Leah Leroy, AL