Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper, Blue

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper, Blue

Your baby will jump with delight in the Baby Einstein Musical Motion 2 in 1 Stationary Jumper and Entertainer. The New Secure Support Seat with high back provides added comfort and support for younger babies just beginning to sit up. The seat rotates 360° to give baby full access to different activity stations and encourages movement. The seat pad is removable and machine washable for easy clean up. Four activity stations surround baby and include 12 activities: Electric piano introduces colors and shapes in English, French, and Spanish includes mirror, dancing lights, and 6 classical melodies with 3 play modes and volume control. The large spinning rattle ball features beads and real life imagery. Sun teether stalk with clackers and cloud stalk feature a water filled bird teether (refrigerate bird teether to soothe baby’s gums). Toy tray includes loops to attach more of baby’s favorite toys. Four Baby Einstein links are included to attach even more toys. Our jumper is designed to grow with your baby and includes a 5 point height adjustment on seat. Padded toy bars and covered springs provide added safety. Quickly fold the entire unit for easy storage and portability. Each of the four play stations are removable for quick clean up. Non skid feet provide additional safety. Requires three AA batteries.

Main features

  • 2-in-1 stationary jumper and entertainer with 12 activities to grow with baby
  • Secure support seat with high back provides added comfort and support
  • Four activity stations surround baby and include 12 activities
  • Multi-sensory experience
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Encourages music and language discovery

Verified reviews


Best Jumper out there!!!

Before you read each review – notice the date it was written. A lot of the negative reviews were written over 4 years ago! Since then, they have changed the design of the jumper – so a lot of the complaints are no longer valid.My husband and I bought 2 jumpers – this one (Baby Einstein) and one called Luv U Zoo by Fisher Price. We have many of our baby’s toys made by Fisher Price so we thought we would for sure like it. WE WERE WRONG.The 2 good things about the Fisher Price that Baby Einstein is lacking in are these 2 features:1. Fisher Price has a motion activated option for the music to play, along with the option to leave the music playing for up to 20 minutes. Baby Einstein works only when the buttons pressed on, and plays for about 5-15 seconds.2. Fisher Price has a arm rest area for swivel seat.With Baby Einstein’s jumper the assembly took longer but the base was A LOT (!!!!!) more sturdy and didn’t move around from side to side. Fisher Price was so wobbly it that it felt like a safety hazard to put our baby in it.Also, the swivel seat has 6 wheels attached for easy move. Fisher Price only has 4.Overall, we feel like there are more activities in the Baby Einstein.If Baby Einstein would have made the 2 pros mentioned for Fisher Price on their jumper, I would have given it a 5 stars rating. Nonetheless it is still by far a much much much better and safe item to be used by my baby.

Jeri Collyer, KS

Baby Einstein vs Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

I used both the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper and the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. While both are good jumpers overall I prefer the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo.Amount of Bounce: This is one of the biggest differences between the two jumpers. The Baby Einstein jumper does not have a lot of bounce, in fact it has less bounce then any other jumper I’ve tried. The Rainforest Jumperoo has a lot of bounce to it so baby can have lots of fun with it. I think the difference may be due to where the elastic cords are attached and how long they are-on the Baby Einstein Jumper they are attached out to the side and are relatively short whereas on the Fisher Price Jumperoo they are attached up high and are longer.Durability: The piano on the Baby Einstein Jumper broke within a few weeks. I contacted the company and they sent out a replacement for free but it was still annoying to have to deal with. I have not had any problems with the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo.Toys: My son loved the piano on the Baby Einstein Jumper but didn’t really care for any of the other toys. He enjoyed all of the toys on the Fisher Price Jumperoo especially the spinning bead ball.Adjustability: The Baby Einstein Jumper has five different height settings whereas the Fisher Price Jumperoo only has three. The height settings start much lower on the Baby Einstein Jumper making it the better option for younger/shorter babies. The highest height setting on the Baby Einstein is significantly shorter than on the Fisher Price Jumperoo. It is much easier to change the setting on the Baby Einstein Jumper than on the Fisher Price Jumperoo. On the Baby Einstein Jumper you just turn the knobs along the support poles and move them up to the next notch. On the Fisher Price Jumperoo you have to unthread and rethread the lines holding the jumperoo in place which is a major pain.Height/Weight Limits: The Baby Einstein Jumper goes up to 25 pounds and 30 inches. The Fisher Price Jumperoo goes up to 25 pounds and 32 inches.

Tommie Vale, SD

Great! But too big for 4 month old.

This is a great jumper! My baby loves to play with all the different activity centers. It’s bright and colorful. I love all the little places to add your own toys on hooks, and the teether is a wonderful addition. I do with this jumper were easier to fold down, but it does fold down nearly flat for storage. The packaging says for 4 months, but I think for most babies it will still be too big. Their feet will not be able to touch the ground. My daughter is in the 90th percentile in height and weight and she was still much too small (at 4 & 5 months) to reach the floor with this jumper on it’s shortest setting. Now that she’s almost 6 months old, she can finally get her feet to touch. Other than that, this is a great jumper!

Amy Elderton, PA

Much better than the Rainforest Friends Jumperoo

Our five month old loves hanging out in her Baby Einstein Jumper. We call it her captain’s bridge! It’s well made and offers lots of great entertainment, plus has several areas for attaching other toys. We’ve also used the Rainforest Friends Jumperoo from Fisher-Price and the Baby Einstein Jumper is so much nicer. It’s sturdier and offers more variety. The seat also spins more smoothly and seems roomier. Like all Baby Einstein products, the jumper teaches words in English, Spanish and French — The jumper teaches: colors – red, green, and blue / shapes – circle, triangle, square.

Cara Shutesbury, MA


Absolutely love this jumperoo! My baby has been in it since he was 4 months and, at 6 months, he still loves it! The height is adjustable, which is awesome, and there’s so much on it for him to do! I shopped around forever for one of these and finally decided on this one, and am so happy I did! Well worth the cost!

Claire Newville, PA

He loves it, but a few issues.

My son loves this jumperoo and it keeps him entertained for a good amount of time. He loves all of the toys. I have two issues with the jumper though. The first issue is that even the shortest setting is very tall. My son is 75%tile for height and almost 6 months and his feet still cannot touch. I solved that problem by putting a box on the floor, but that slides around and is a pain. It would be much better if they made a lower notch or two. The other issue that I have with it is that it is EXTREMELY difficult to clean. Pretty much impossible. I cannot get the spinning orange rattle out to clean underneath, and most other spaces on the jumperoo are very difficult to clean. With a baby with reflux, there’s tons of dried breastmilk puke in all the nooks and crannies I just cannot get out. Ew.Overall a good product, but could use some minor improvements.

Kari Purcell, OK

Baby loves it !

I considered giving this 4 stars because we had some difficulty assembling the jumper. However, once it was assembled, the baby absolutely loved it!! Your child will have fun playing in this. I also really like the fact that it has 4 adjustable height levels, enabling my young grandson to reach the floor with his feet without placing a pillow under him.

Keri Mc Cordsville, IN

Entertaining and fun!

I got this for my son when he was about 3 months old. He spent hours a day in this jumperoo pushing all of the buttons and jumping. He likes to grab the rubber apple that kind of hangs and chews on it. He likes to spin the piece in the front and look really close into it. This was a great investment and gave me time to clean and fold laundry. I would even take naps while my son played in his jumperoo and I was on the couch next to him. I would recommend this to anyone.

Beryl Dawson, ND

Great entertainment

My son loves this jumperoo. Normally, I would give something he loves five stars but there are some minor issues. At first his feet couldn’t touch the ground on the lowest height setting. We put a book underneath so that he would have the proper support; however, two days later he was able to touch the ground. A week after the original purchase date we had to adjust to the next height setting. I don’t think my son is growing that fast, so there is some adjustment with weight and use on the tension of the cables. The other minor issue is that one of the purple keys would not snap on in place, so that part of the jumperoo barely gets any action. My son actually turns on the seat but he doesn’t go to that section because – well – there is not much there for him to do. I guess I could add some toys to the links but who has time to remove toys on and off the jumperoo and car seat?edited to add:My son is currently 9.5 months. He has outgrown the jumperoo. We bought it when he was around 5 months. I consider this a pretty expensive toy and many times while he wasn’t mobile he was happy to sit in his pack and play with a lot of different toys. So, if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have bought the jumperoo, just more variety of small toys to put in his pack and play. I leave the four stars because it is a nice design and very entertaining for him.

Lottie Boomer, NC

False Technical Detail – Made in China, Not USA

While we have no particular issue concerning the product’s performance so far, we do have issue with a technical detail set forth in the Amazon description for this product. One major reason why we selected the Baby Einstein jumper instead of a jumper from one of the other manufacturers is because the "Technical Details" list "USA" as the "Origin" for the Baby E. jumper. This is false. The tag attached to our Baby E. jumper clearly indicates that the product is made in China. To suggest that it is made in the USA is false advertisement. We are deeply disappointed, and are concerned whether other technical information for Baby E. products can be relied upon.

Antionette Protem, MO

so far so good

I had a hard time deciding between the fisher price Luv U Zoo jumperoo and this one. I read all the reviews and still ordered this one, even though it cost more and had more critical reviews. It had much better shipping options for me. Also my cousins child didn’t like the fisher price one. So far it’s working great and the kids love it! Even the big kids that are too big to sit in the seat enjoy it from the outside!

Pamela Oden, AR

Great jumper

We bought this jumper for Grandma’s house and wish we had it at ours. It’s very easy for our daughter to jump and swivel in and the toys/links entertain her. I’m not sure why others say they couldn’t change out the toys because you can hang any toy with the provided links. So just take one off and put your favorite on. Our 6 month old daughter doesn’t stay in it for over 20 minutes, so there is no need to worry about her getting bored or frustrated.We have the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo jumper at home, and it’s not nearly as fun for our daughter as the Einstein. The Fisher Price doesn’t swivel well, so I have to turn it for her and the toys are not interchangeable. Overall the Einstein is better so far.

Ginger Richmond, VA

8 mo baby STILL not tall enough!

Our daughter is 8 months old and has had this since she was 4 months. While she has absolutely loved this from about 5 months on, she still is not tall enough to fit in it at 8 months! She is 26″ and 15.7 lbs and we still have 6 rows of foam tiles taped together in order for her feet to touch the “ground.” We have since purchased a Fisher-Price version to keep in the family room and moved this to the bathroom so that I can take a bath. The colors on this are obnoxious, especially when coupled with the bright foam tiles that we have to keep underneath her in order for the balls of her feet too touch.

Joanna Olive Hill, KY

Baby loves this!

My 6 month old loves this jumper. We put a yoga mat under it until his toes could reach, which happened in a matter of weeks. It has several height settings, so I think he will get a lot of use out of this over the next few months. He loves to push the light up buttons and jumps around to them. He qucikly figured out how to spin the dog & cat roller and spends several minutes doing that over and over. He loves bending the sunshine towards him and chewing on it, the same with the dangling bird. I’ve attached other toys to the additional rings and he loves playing with those and realizing there is something new hanging every few days. The jumper is well made, was easy to put together, and all the ‘dangerous’ areas are well covered by fabric. The seat cover is easy to pop out to wash, as well. I think every baby is different, so you won’t really know if your child will enjoy a toy until you try it, but I am very pleased with this jumper, as my son smiles and laughs the whole time he is in it.

Patty Hyrum, UT

My daughter loves it.

My daughter loves this bouncer. She is 5 months and I got it for her when she was 4 months, she did not like it at first, however now that her feet can finally touch the ground she loves it. She will bounce in it forever. I give it 4 starts because the picture spinning toy in the front in the blue placement does not move, I even took the first one back to babies r us, and got another one, and then the second one did the same thing. This is a great a great bouncer for a baby who can not yet sit on their own, my little one is still a supported seater and this has great head support. However when my Izzy get’s excited in her bouncer and starts bouncing like crazy sometimes she bops her head on the picture spinner. So for now because she does not use the picture spinner (partially because he does not spin), I have taken it out. Izzy loves the hanging toys, I have the baby einstein oceon floor mat, and I take some of the toys off of that one and add it to her bouncer when she is using the bouncer and not her floor mat. Overall, it is fun and she loves it. Oh I did have to call the baby einstein people to return the piano part, because it did not work at all, and let me tell you in 4 days it was at my house a brand new piano piece no extra cost to me. It worked too and they never asked me to return the damaged one. So I love their customer support team. Great job Baby Einstein!

Alexis Ronks, PA

Baby never fell in love the way I had anticipated

This was the “BIG” item on my baby shower registry last summer. My friend had one for her son, and he loves his so much he was still using it at age 15 months. I could just see the “hours” of playtime my baby could enjoy in this brightly-colored and bedazzled seat once he was old enough. We started putting him in it at 5 months. Even at the lowest setting, his feet were too far off the ground for him to jump. I would bounce him gently in it but it didn’t seem thrilling to him either way. So we put it away and brought it back out when he was closer to 7 months. This time he could jump well and seemed to enjoy exploring the toys on the side. But by the time he was about to turn 9 months old, we had already sold it to a secondhand baby equipment store in the neighborhood. He just wasn’t that “into” it. I’d say we got a total of 3 – 4 weeks heavy use out of this thing (meaning 20 – 30 minutes per day). However he seemed to grow bored of the toys quickly. They are kind of BLAH! The big plastic sun doesn’t DO anything, it should at least rattle or jingle or something. He would jump a lot in the seat but I began to suspect he was actually trying to jump his way OUT of it rather than jumping for the fun of it. And once he learned to crawl, the gig was up – he wanted nothing to do with it anymore. All of this probably has more to do with his personality than any fault of the seat itself, which is why I am giving it 3 stars. I would have been willing to keep it around longer for occasional play until he turned 1 year or at least keep it in storage for potential future kids, but after reading the reviews here it seems that it does not hold up well being passed down child to child, and I was also worried about him falling against one of the protruding plastic screw-things. Plus it is very awkward to store effectively. Too bad! I was really hoping he would love it and get many months of use out of it like my friend’s baby did. But nothing makes him happier than crawling around our living room floor, chasing his beach balls. 🙂

Rhonda Ashfield, MA

My little one likes hanging out in it

We bought this for my little one when he was able to start putting a little weight on his legs. He likes all the gadgets hooked to it. He never did learn that he could ‘jump’ while he was in it. He is going on 15 months and still hangs out in it while we are getting ready for work in the mornings.

Florine Ducor, CA

My son loves this toy!

My 6 month old loves this jumper. He can’t quite touch the floor, so i put blankets under it. He has so much fun in it!

Ginger Monroe, OH

Lots of activities for little one

My son, now seven months old, really enjoys this jumper. Baby definitely needs to be able to sit unassisted to really lean over and manipulate all of the interesting activities on the jumper. My son has enjoyed the product progressively more as he has been able to sit up by himself better. He LOVES the bright, colorful son and the cat and dog spinning circle. He also enjoys the piano.Only complaint about this product is that as other reviewers have noted, it seems to be difficult for the baby to jump. My son also sits heavily to one side in the seat and it seems impossible to distribute his weight evenly. I’m not sure if that’s just the way the chair fits my son, but it seems that the product should be easier for him to keep both legs even – I think he would jump a lot better than, too.The chair takes awhile to put together – it took my husband about an hour in the end, so be prepared to spend some time getting it set up. It also takes up quite a bit of room once it’s set up, but I suppose that’s the case for any jumper or exersaucer.Since my son doesn’t LOVE this seat, I’m not sure the product is worth the expense; however, he does enjoy it and it’s a great place to put him for 20 minutes to change up the day or if mom/dad has to get something done.

Janie Logan, OH

So far so good!

My 4 and 1/2 month old loves this jumper. There are many toys to entertain her and spots to hang more toys. She loves the music buttons especially. My husband put it together but it didn’t look too hard to do. It took about 30-45 minutes to assemble. This jumper is definitely worth the money; she will be able to use it for a while!

Millie Coxs Mills, WV

Very Expensive & Disappointing

This is the 3rd bouncer I have purchased between 2 kids and grandparent’s house. This was also the most expensive. The toys were very lacking & boring. Some reason the baby doesn’t sit down in the seat, it kind of holds him up above the toy bar area. Baby is not comfortable in it, and especially in comparison with the other 3 bouncers I have, the toys are junk.Only thing I have to say positive, is it’s a lot easier to adjust height than the others. I would not recommend this to anyone comparing jumpers.

Gina Everson, PA

Big winner from the start

our 4 month old loved it immediately. very well made. a bit tricky to fold…we dont fold it to put away…just move it to another room when not in use.

Leanne Bedford, VA

I bought this for my grandson.

My grandson is 4 months old, but he can’t sit in this chair yet. He keeps leaning forward. Perhaps if I put a pillow in front of him. He can’t control the sitting up , yet. The picture shows a baby leaning back, but that doesn’t seem to work with so much stimulation in from of him, he wants to get it. Plus his feet are too far from the floor. But, I am sure it will be great when he reaches 5 or 6 months. There is plenty of activities to entertain and learn from. We are excited to have him enjoy this jumper.

Billie Glasgow, MT


She loves it and has a blast bouncing now. She really needed this to get her "alone time" and help her strengthen them little legs!

Lula Paeonian Springs, VA

Fantastic activity center!

There is so much for a baby to look at and touch that I don’t think they will ever get bored. I was very impressed with how easily it was to put together and how simple the instructions were. We were out of the box and playing in 20 minutes (that includes a giggle break for my little one)! I personally like that the chair spins in a circle so she can look at everything. I can also turn her around when I walk to the other room. She just loves watching people! I would recommend this to anyone!

Marie Palm Desert, CA

Baby loves it!

My baby loves this jumper. She is currently 7 months old. She’s been using it for the past month and she loves it. Only thing I didn’t like about it is that I feel like I need to buy more of those ‘car seat toys’ because it has a lot of loops to hang toys lolI bought a box of links from target for $5 for this to link her other toys. Like her teething toys and it works great. It has 3 loops on each of the high arms, total 6 loops. and then there are 2 loops on the seat. Plus the one next to the sun. Total amount of areas to loop toys = 9 PLENTY of room for toys for the LO to keep them busy!This keeps my LO busy so I can get some stuff done around the house. Also helped her build some strength on her legs so she can start crawling.

Josefa Walnut Ridge, AR

the best

this jumper has to be the best one out there. I mean, I wouldn’t know because this is the only one I’ve ever bought but I already know it’s the best because my daughter loves it sooo much! she loves the music and the little sunflower, especially. she also loves the rolling rattle with the cat & dog picture and it’s so cute to watch her spin it. but the first time I ever put her in it, she started jumping and was already having such a good time. I love to sit and play with her and for such a good product, it’s pretty cheap but for as much as she loves being in it, I would’ve gladly paid over $100. this is a definite must-have.

Bobby Waupaca, WI

My son loves this!

I got this at a local resale shop for $60 and my son has loved it for months. He was five months when I got it and is now almost nine months. He’s still on the lowest setting. The lights and music get his attention and there are so many places to hang toys I love that. The only thing sometimes that get aggravating it that you have to move it around because the high bars get in the way to view the tv or when we are sitting on the couch.

Whitney Woxall, PA

HIGHLY recommend!!

Our little boy has loved this jumper since he was 4-5 months old. This is his FAVORITE place to be (besides our lap, of course!).

Tamika Sheldon Springs, VT


My baby absolutely LOVES this jumper. It is easy to clean, easy to adjust for height growth, and so much FUN!!!

Eleanor Blythe, GA