Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym

Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym

This soft activity gym features dancing lights, classic melodies and 6 activities for baby to discover. For tummy time play, the mat features a whale shaped prop up pillow that accompanies baby on this underwater adventure. The sea comes to life with the crisp and colorful real life imagery. The 3 1 electronic toy has 6 melodies that can be baby activated or play continuously for 25 minutes. Soft textured border encourages tactile development, while the soft developmental Octopus toy is sure to be baby’s favorite to take on the go.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Whale shaped prop up pillow
  • 2 in 1 electronic crib toy attaches to the play gym or most cribs with straps, lights and 6 classical melodies
  • On the go plush octopus with dangling rattle and teether
  • Large baby safe mirror

Verified reviews


I want to give this 5 stars, but…

BEWARE: The ocean discovery cards featuring real life images of 6 underwater animals have “stickers” on the plastic circles which can be chewed off. Very poor choice of material for this age group which put everything in their mouth. I took these attachments away, but absolutely love everything else about the gym. I would have given it 5 stars otherwise. My son started rolling within a day of using this mat. The colorful mat gave him a great incentive to want to be on his tummy. The octopus is designed very well because it hangs above his head but he can pull it down and it reaches perfectly to chew on. The music is less annoying than most toys.

Ina Port Austin, MI

Nice playmat for infants

We received this as a baby shower gift and thought it was too cute! Our version is slightly different than the one pictures (whale is blue, octopus is teal, etc.) but all the toys are essentially the same. My son HATED tummy time and it wasn’t much improved on this mat (or with the whale propping him up). But he was enthralled with the light-up musical toy and would continuously lift his head and push up to wash the flashing lights. If I were to have another child, I would likely not buy a playmat until I know whether the baby enjoys tummy time. While we did get some use out of this, we resorted to putting the baby on his tummy while laying on us and that didn’t make him upset.It’s a nice item, but almost $50? Not really worth it in my mind. If it were $25 I think it’d be more reasonable. I could easily take a blanket and some toys and do the same thing for free.

Earline Monroe, OK


The toys are cheap feeling and useless. The octopus feels like something i could have won at the county fair and the mirror is wavy and reflects things like a funhouse mirror. The two discs with words on them are a joke. The whale is made of slippery fabric that slides out from under him 2 seconds after he’s laid on it for tummy time. The bars are at an awkward height. My son can’t even lay under the gym without the octopus hitting him in the face (and its on the highest wrung!). Plus, they don’t even make an X, so its nearly impossible to position him in a way that allows him a full view of the toys. Not only that, he has shown ZERO interest in any of the toys to begin with and the only reaction he has to the gym is to scream hysterically as soon as he’s laid down in it. The colors and patterns are overwhelming even for me, so I don’t fathom how it is so great for an infant who is new to color all together. There isn’t even much contrast to the patterns so “learning” can’t be the reasoning behind it.How they get away with charging $70 for this piece of cheap junk is beyond me. I don’t have a single positive thing to say about it.The Fisher Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play piano gym is fabulous and our son was giggling a minute after he first laid under it. Much simpler but much more effective.

Rachelle Topeka, KS

Great so far for 4 month old

We got this after careful consideration once my son showed an interest in the world around him. As my title says, this is so far a great buy. Yes, activity mats are rather expensive, but well worth it. For a long time I was able to leave him on it for a good little while as I showered, etc. He gets tired of it a little sooner at 4-1/2 months, but still enjoys it. It certainly interests him longer than anything else he uses. He has always loved the music box, and nowadays he likes to kick it on and off–the button is easy to push! It’s been sturdy, it’s easy to move around the house, and I haven’t had any product problems, even though we use it everyday.Pros:-Colorful-Lots of loops to add extra toys-The music and light-up box is a big hit with him-Easy to wipe off-Lots of good toys; octopus is a favorite and easy to grabCons:-Whale toy slides too easily on it-Whale toy also too big to be used before this-Not a lot to distinguish it from other mats-Color wheel around the edge in wrong orderHonestly I’d recommend it. Hope this helps!UPDATE: My son is now 15-1/2 months. For a long time he loved all the different toys; the whale was good for teething, he learned to turn on the music box and would play it while sitting playing with toys; the round pictures were fun to hold and look at…now we occassionally pull it out and count the fishies and name the animals on the mat. Also, I dismantled it and had the cloth poles lying around. He loves dragging them around, a different kind of toy I guess! At least they are soft! I was surprised at how long the various pieces lasted. Very glad I got this one!

Serena Shelton, WA

Well worth the price!

We bought this baby gym before my son was born and I put it out in his playroom immediately. Even before he was old enough to fully understand toys, we used it for tummy time. By about 6 or 7 weeks old, he enjoyed lying on his back and staring or occasionally batting at the toys hanging from it.The first part of this toy he really loved was the octopus. Although I think it’s a creepy-looking little thing (my husband and I called it “the genetic mistake”), my baby used to smile at it every time he saw it. Sadly, he is fickle and his love for the octopus was short-lived. However, he’s gone on to appreciate other aspects of the baby gym as he’s gotten older. Even now at 11 months old, he still plays with the lights-and-sounds portion of the baby gym and will occasionally grab at toys hanging off of it. The turtle rattle is still one of his favorite rattles because he likes to chew and play with all the little dangly things on it.I will probably put this baby gym away when my son turns 1 next month, but he’s gotten consistent use from it for most of his first year of life, making it well worth the cost.

Shawna Larrabee, IA

great mat but toys are lame

I love the colors and picture on the mat however the toys it comes with leave a lot to be desired. I ended up hanging another rattle and a tiny Love toy or two. Of course 10 week old DD doesn’t care – she grabs on to anything. But I think the toys could be better.

Ronda Inyokern, CA

Great Activity Mat

We bought this for my son and he loved looking at all the colors and toys. We used it for him for tummy time. When he was very new he would love the music and all the lights. I would recommend this to other moms.

Joni Teasdale, UT

Worth every penny

All the toys and parts can be used separately or together anywhere: on the gym, in the crib, on the carseat. So many uses.The mat washes well in the washing machine and dryer on low.My daughter adores the octopus and the calmer that plays lights and music. I chained all the links together and she loved that as a toy too. I bought some Sassy links and clip those on too.

Leann Wikieup, AZ


I love it, and what is more important my baby loves it!!!!!it’s bright, with several toys, every toy is quit unique! a baby-safe mirror and sound aquarium (it doesn’t eat a lot of batteries) are very successful additions to the mat! I would recommend it to everyone!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Buxton, OR

good for a gym

My baby likes the gym! Granted I have bought extra links that hang down and have other toys that I attached to it as well but overall my daughter likes it. I put the mirror up in the center of the beams of the gym and she will talk talk talk to it. Like what another reviewer said “No gym is going to be absolutely perfect” but this gets the job done and for the amount of time my baby has used it and had fun with it, it is worth the money. I like it overall and could point out the little things that are not as great but really it doesn’t matter because my daughter really likes playing on it regardless if the music is playing or not.

Annette American Canyon, CA

Very annoying music

The product as a whole is ok – we only needed something to hung our own little toys for our baby who was too small to grab anything yet, so anything that had this frame structure was fine. It did serve the purpose, however, the music box was unbearable. It has a very busy series of red and blue flashing lights with equally busy music, and as someone else previously commented, I would worry about it possibly provoking seizures in young infant (and I am a pediatrician). We did try it on briefly on our 3 months old over 2 days, and both times she started crying excessively afterwards and was inconsolable for quite a while. The music is also very much like a video game, fast and annoying, keeps changing every few seconds (one tune starts and abruptly stops after a few seconds, then a completely different tune would begin, right after another, with flashing lights). And even if she liked it, we would go crazy with that kind of music and flashing lights. I seriously wonder who would design something like that for a baby, and was amazed how many people seemed to have like it.We are still using the frame and toys, but ditched the music/light device altogether, which was a shame. I rarely leave reviews on Amazon, but decided to this time as I wish I read a review like this before I bought it.

Sandra Waverly, TN

great gym!

My son loved this gym. I love the ocean theme and included toys. It is easy to wipe clean or wash and is easy to take down to transport somewhere else. I would recommend getting a few more hanging toys to rotate out but that’s not necessary. My son is 7 months and has outgrown the play mat but he still loves to chew on the toys/teethers that came with it!

Martha Moore, ID

We love it!

Not a day goes by that my infant doesn’t use this play mat! We even take it to Glam*mas house!! He has been using it from a few days old and is now 3 months. He still loves the octopus, mirror, and lights and has recently started playing with the turtle rattle. We also have Freddy the Firefly by Lamaze hanging from it which he loves. Play mats are a necessity and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Elaine Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Falling apart after little use

We received this play mat as a gift. My baby really does enjoy laying on it, kicking around and staring at the multi-colored striped bar. Sometimes he’ll stay on it so long the music box stops playing! There are, however, several thing I don’t like about this mat.1. The music box broke after only a few weeks of use. The music would only play for a few seconds and then stop. Also, the motion setting never worked. Baby Einstein and Kids II were great about sending me out a replacement ASAP though. The motion setting doesn’t work on the new box either, but whatever.2. The whale pillow is too slippery. My baby slides off of it every time we try to use it.3. My baby gets his arm stuck in the teether attached to the octopus often. I’ll probably end up cutting it off.4. The “flash cards” that come with it are pretty cheesy and useless. The stickers would get nommed off in about 5 seconds if I gave them to my baby (when he’s old enough, that is).5. The mat doesn’t really lay flat. When I put it on the floor, its always a bit bunched up because the bars don’t fit on it nicely. I’d also appreciate if this folded up to be put away. The other baby gear takes up so much floor space in our living room, it would be nice to be able to stow this away when not in use.All in all its not a bad mat, just not what I would have picked if I’d been given a choice. My baby enjoys it though and thats what really matters. If the music box breaks again though I’m sending it back and getting something else.***Update***The music box broke again after less than a week of use. Also the nylon material on the bars is showing a LOT of wear and tear down by the feet. This is being returned.

Marylou Geneva, IA

Very good baby gym

I’ve been using this gym with my daughter for about 4 months. I started putting her on it when she was a month old and she’s continued to use it. When she was younger, it entertained her a lot. Now that she’s 5 months, she wants to stand more and doesn’t like to play on this mat quite as much. However, I would definitely recommend it to someone who has a baby that can not yet hold his head up well enough to play in an saucer. If you place a Boppy pillow on the mat for baby to rest on, they can reach the toys much easier.

Blanca Turton, SD

Thought I would love it…

I like this play mat a lot, but I thought I would like it more. I was torn between this one and the rainforest one with the giraffe. I chose this one because of all the additional toys, I think I like the rainforest one better.

Kristen Brogue, PA

Could Be Better

This mat is very colorful, great for little ones, but I do not like how the cross bars butt up to each other instead of criss crossing. It seems to make for some awkward positioning of the baby in order to utilize the entire mat. The music sounds like an old fashioned jewelry box. The loops on the bars for hanging toys are small and it is hard to get the hooks into them. The tummy pillow slides around the mat. There should have been a more slide resistant fabric used on the underside. I guess I paid $60 for a brand name and not a quality item.

Estelle Juneau, AK

So so nice

It’s a gem of a gym. Very cute and bright. And it was a money saver, at least $20 cheaper than the store

Nadia Andover, OH

The gym was boring. Only good as a crib toy.

I thought this gym looked entertaining and wanted it for my son. I was so excited to get it for my shower. Honestly, my son is 7 mo. old and he never plays with it. There are one or two toys I detached from it and I give him to play with from time to time as rattles that aren’t big hits with him. The lights/sounds/music that can attach to a crib was the ONLY good thing about this toy. I had that on his crib since birth and he loves it. It also plays for a long time. Worked wonders when he was a newborn. He still looks at it/likes it now. Also, the flimsy little mirror gave him some fun when I hooked it to his crib. But other than that, I would not recommend it. Buy a mirror and crib toy for cheaper.He ended up getting a lights and sounds type gym that grows with kids as they age from someone else and uses that as his play gym instead – so he likes the idea of an activity gym, just not this one.

Shelley Quimby, ME


My 6 week old loves it. He is entertained for an hour just kicking and cooing. This is a great play mat!

Brandy Angola, IN

This thing is great!

I love this playmat. I especially love that it comes with so many toys attached. The other plus is that it is foldable and can be stored behind a couch or end table. The music keeps my daughter entertained and she loves reaching for the toys.

Marjorie Jackson, WI

Hey Mikey! She Likes It!

When she’s not already in a fussy mood, my almost 3 month old really enjoys lying on her back and playing on this Neptune Play Gym. She enjoys the music because when it stops, she starts hollering and gets aggravated (lol). The music flashes lights and runs for a decent amount of time (I think 10 mins or so). I catch her looking at the mirror, though I wish it were a real mirror and not one of those cheap, distorted mirrors that do not give you an accurate reflection of yourself (it is the kind that stretches the image of your face). She also LOVES the little aqua blue octopus with the rattle ball on the end. She will hit that and smile often.This gym is very bright and colorful, easy to set up and easy to clean. You can actually throw the mat in the washing machine and dry it on a low setting (love that). You can also use the extra loops to hang other toys/rattles from the top of the activity gym. Very nice.

Alba Lapel, IN

Baby loves it!

I am SO HAPPY with this purchase! She loves loves loves this mat. She loves to look at everything. She loves the characters. We had another mat that she didn’t really care about, but this one rocks. She loves the music, the octopus, and the turtle. she smiles so big when I put her on her back or belly. VERY VERY happy with this purchase!!!!!!

Sara Ellsworth, MI

Excellent playmat but has one big flaw

I had four of my kids use this and they all enjoyed it. I believe these types of playmats are awesome for infants and this Baby Einstein mat is a good choice. Here are my thoughts:PROS- Very colorful and captures the baby’s attention easily- Many things to pull on- Incredibly durable (still looks new after four babies using it)- Soft and smooth mat so I never worry about placing a baby down on it, even while wearing just a diaperCONS- The white sound maker on the side had to be removed since two of my babies tried to crawl under it and got stuck (BTW, you should never leave a baby unattended with anything like this)- As with any playmat, babies outgrow this within a few months — once they start the crawl, this is worthless and just takes up spaceOVERALLI hate that I had to remove the sound maker but other than that, which was an easy problem to solve, this has served its purpose. If the sound maker didn’t present a problem for me, I think this would be perfect.

Willa Smith River, CA

choose a different one

We chose this play mat for our first child based on the theme and bright colors. We didn’t know what to look for in a play mat since it was our first child. Now that we know, I wish I had selected a different one. This play mat is very awkward. The toy that lights up and plays music very awkwardly attaches to the gym. The toys that attach to the gym are cheap. The gym does not assemble very easily so the mat gets all wrinkled and rumpled. My friend has the Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies play gym and I love that one! I wish I owned that one.

Phoebe Dyke, VA

Son loves it!

Seeing my son being entertained while he’s playing on this is priceless, easy enough to put together and accessories where great to

Lynne Kalaheo, HI

Bright colors and very interactive

Very colorful. So many toys and things to interact with. He’ll be able to use this for quite some time.

Pansy Lynn Haven, FL

Love it!

This play gym has been a great toy for my child! she fell instantly in love with the octopus and would giggle and flirt with it every time she saw it — must have been love at first sight 🙂 the other toys are very interactive and the music box was a hit for her too! It has different settings where you can have it play continuously, whenever the box gets touched/hit, or whenever the button on it is pressed…it even comes off and you can attach it to the crib or wherever…very handy!

Benita Greendell, NJ


Got this as a shower gift and my son has loved it from about 1 mth old. Great colors and toys to look at/play with. Lots of loops on it so you can move the toys around to where your child likes them best. Light up with music part is fun too. The fabric animal flaps have survived tons of slobber and pulling on!

Trisha Long Island, KS

Love it

Our 2 month old absolutely loves this mat. She interacts with it independently for extended periods of time. It has grown with her too. We used just the mat for tummy time when she first got home and as she’s grown we added the bars with toys and later I’ll add the light and music!

Lessie Vandalia, MO