Baby Einstein Play & Go Toy Arch

Baby Einstein Play & Go Toy Arch

Baby Einstein Play & Go Toy Arch

Main features

  • Plush Lion toy plays 4 melodies from the Baby Einstein World Music DVD and nature sounds when globe handle is pulled
  • Parrot toy has soft wings and a baby safe mirror
  • Panda has rattle beads for fun sound effects and soft leaves
  • Clamps are easy to move from one place to another
  • All toys are removable and can be taken on the go

Verified reviews



This is a must have item for all parents. I purchased this toy bar to go on our Fisher Price Rock’N Play sleeper, which our little man uses while mommy is getting ready (shower, hair/makeup etc) and he is getting to the age where he needs to be entertained at all times. The toy bar fits securly on the seat and he LOVES it!!!! It would also fit on his car seat and on one of the bouncers we have at home. It’s sooooo easy to take on and off, and it is even adjustable based on how old your child is and how much they can actually interact with the toys. We LOVE it & bonus… it’s such a great price!

Bernice Atalissa, IA

Great little toy for good price

Really good how you can clip this to many things – stroller, carseat, bouncers, etc. Looks great. The only letdown is that you can’t replace the batteries in the lion, so once they run out, it won’t make noises anymore. I guess this is for safety reasons, but it’s still a bummer.

Jillian Caspian, MI

Doesn’t hold very well

Cute, my son loves it but it doesn’t hold very well. As soon as he pulls on the lion the whole thing crashes on his face. So I tied it up with some strings to hold it better, after a few days the lion came off from him pulling on it. So I don’t think the toy is very sturdy. It’s seating in the closet and he just plays with the lion.

Lucy Fulton, IL

Could not attach it to stroller, carrier or bouncer

The toys on this bar are quite attractive but I could not attach it to stroller, carrier or a bouncer. The clamps come off so easily. I would have kept it if it attached to anything because of the toys, but couldn’t!

Erma Richland Springs, TX


first off it was extremely hard to mount to the carseat safely. no matter how hard my husband or i tightened it, the slightest tug from our daughter would make it collapse and fall on her. i can’t believe that this was ever tested out by children, because if it was they would have made some huge changes in design!

Carole Saint John, ND


This is just SO inconvenient. It doesn’t stay on my son’s carseat, swing, or anything else. I didn’t even know the lion made noise until I read how hard it was to work in the other reviews. My son will occasionally look at the toys, but if he reaches out to grab at them or bat them he usually knocks it down. Waste of money. I much prefer the spiral type toys that wind around the car seat handle.

Michael Preston, IA


This stroller toy is just awful. I wish I had read reviews before buying. If I hadn’t already trimmed off the many large and obtrusive tags (on every little part of this toy) I would be returning this.The clamps are a joke and never stay in place. The weird ratcheting angle system constantly falls & nearly fell onto my baby’s face. If you even attempt to pull on a toy, the whole thing topples.My daughter & I both enjoyed the little music from the lion, but it only lasts a few seconds each time. I ended up getting the Baby Einstein World music album & a new stroller toy… Much more satisfying!Go with one of the Tiny Love stroller items. We just received the Tiny Love Take Along Mobile and it is Super! We (the baby, my hubs & I) like it so much the TL Musical Nature Stroller Bar is on order.

Yvette Ambia, IN

Such a disappointment

The toys are cute and our baby enjoys them, but that is about all this thing has going for it. I can’t get this thing to clip onto anything securely. It didn’t work on the bouncer, carseat, stroller, high chair – you name it, this thing doesn’t work with it. The main reason is that the clips are poorly designed and either don’t tighten enough or don’t open up enough to be useful. The other issue is that even if the clips are secured, the entire arch can be adjusted towards or away from the baby. This is a cool idea, except when the baby grabs a toy and swings the entire arch around and slams it into his/her face. It actually takes more force to activate the musical lion than it does to move the entire arch.

Berta Holloman Air Force Base, NM

Love Baby Einstein, Hate This Arch

The Tiny Love arch rocks, this one sucks. And it’s a shame too, the toys on this are ADORABLE! But I’ve grown to hate it as it is more difficult to attach, and tends to collapse. It also isn’t great for the car seats we have, and that is what many people want to use an arch like this for. I wish I had bought two Tiny Love arches instead of this one, but I wanted variety, one arch to keep in each car was the original plan. Anyway, I am using my Tiny Love arch for a second baby while this one is tossed in a corner of my garage somewhere. Maybe I will pull it out, but haven’t so far since when I think of it all I remember is being irritated by it with baby number one -poor design! Sorry, but true.

Juliet Van Nuys, CA

Looking For Something Else

I got this for my baby shower. My son is now 3 months old. I have pretty much changed all the toys, except the lion, which he likes. The bar doesn’t stay secure, and my son is constantly pulling the bar straight to his face. I’m looking for something different.

Beth Youngtown, AZ