Baby Einstein Press and Play Pal Toy, Neptune

Baby Einstein Press and Play Pal Toy, Neptune

These plush developmental friends introduce baby to classical music and instruments. Just squeeze his hands and feet to hear different musical instruments play. Squeeze hands and feet again to hear a symphony using those instruments. Instrument sounds include saxophone, drums, violin and xylophone. Features on/off switch and volume control. Collect all three; Baby Neptune turtle, panda, and lion.

Main features

  • On/off switch
  • Volume control
  • Replaceable batteries

Verified reviews



If your comfortable with dirt, this toys for you! Baby toys that cant easily be cleaned are a terrible idea. My 6 month son loves this thing but after he teethes on it for a little while it is completely soaked, the he drops it on the floor where it gets coated with who knows what (not that my floors are very dirty) it gets very gross. then he wants to put it right back in his mouth. Which I can handle for a day or so, but after that I want to throw it in the washer so hes not eating day old drool/spit-up/floor dirt mud. But the music box is not washable and not easily removed. I have disassembled this thing twice to clean it (not an easy task, requiring wire cutters, a sewing needle, thread, and removing/replacing stuffing and tiny wires) but its becoming much more hassle than its worth. I am just going to throw it away before he becomes too attached. I would hate to have to tell him he cant have his favorite toy. What a shame they didn’t make the music box removable because it really is a good toy.

Tammie Monona, IA

Turtle is SO much better

My son absolutely loves the turtle from the same series. We use it during “difficult” times when a diaper needs to be changed and he doesnt want to or when he is being toweled off and dressed after bath. As soon as he hears the turtle he stops crying and listens intently.Now the Lion. First the stomach button does not work. The 4 paws work with individual instrument music but the stomach button (which should incorporate all 4 instruments into 1 melody) does not work. I only discovered this after tearing off the packaging material, so I can not exchange it. Also the music sounds shrill to me, not at all as nice as the turtle.So I would recommend the turtle, but would caution against the lion.

Sheena Wilmore, KS

My son’s FAVORITE toy!

My baby is 5 months old. He LOVES this toy sooo much! Big big smiles every time it starts to play music. My husband and I are both music teachers, so we really appreciate the concept behind this toy. When you press an instrument, you hear the whole song, and when you press it again, you can hear only that instrument playing its own unique part. My son already has shown a preference for rhythm and percussion, and loves hearing the snare drum by itself, and then with the rest of the instruments. Highly recommend this toy! He plays with it almost every other day (since he was 3 months old) and is not anywhere close to being tired of it. Going to buy the panda one today!

Maribel Rice Lake, WI

Love at first sight!

Little Brian instantly fell in love with this vibrant, smiling panda. He is actually mesmerized by the sound and the feel of this toy, and just loves to hold him!Baby Einstein Press and Play Pal Toy is highly recommended! (Gotta love that Panda’s face.)

Yvonne Greene, ME


It did not work right from the very beginning. Instead of each part playing a different instrument, sometimes they would play the same one no matter which hand or foot you pressed. It didn’t last more than a month or so when one hand stopped working completely. Still, it is cute and my little guy has enjoyed it.

Jeanie Carrizo Springs, TX

I think this toy is possessed!

This toy will turn itself on without anyone pressing on its hands and feet. One time it started playing music while on the couch. No one was touching or sitting near it. Either way this toy is not a motion activated toy, so it shouldn’t have done that. Most recently I heard it go off several times in the middle of the night! It really creeped me out! Needless to say it has been off and will remain off from here on out.Other than that I’ve also experienced similar issues other commentators complained about such as:1. The maraca hand sometimes works, but not always.2. My daughter has never really shown much interest in it despite how visually stimulating it is. I bought her a classic Glow Worm yesterday and she has taken way more interest in it in just one day than she has in this Panda that she has had since she was born.3. I agree with other commentators saying that the tunes are short and the instruments all sound very similar. Not that my daughter knows any different or cares, but I know it’s not supposed to sound that way and having very short tunes is a rip off. Again, the Glow Worm has a similar yet much more basic concept and yet the tunes sound much better, are more complex, and last longer.4. The velco opening on the back is not big enough,which makes it hard to close. Which is a bummer when regulating the volume and the on/off switch.

Michaela Squires, MO

One of my daughter’s favorites!

We have been using this toy for over 3-4 months and my daughter absolutely ADORES this panda! She’s 5.5 mo old now and smiles so happily whenever she sees it! She’s able to accidentally press the music buttons here and there, so usually I am pressing them for her (for now).I think the contrasting colors and the strong beats are what attracts her most. This toy has also been a hit with every baby we’ve had playdates with as well. GREAT for getting baby’s attention for photos! 😀

Rene Oceanport, NJ

Cute Turtle

We were really excited to get this turtle for our son. He loved the music and the colors but I have a big problem with the product. The back of the turtle is a cute puffy shell. The entire shell peels off (velcro) to expose the battery pack. The shell velcro is visible and I just expect better design from Baby Einstein.

Fran Grayridge, MO

Super cute!

This is a very cute toy, plays a fun song, and then breaks down each part of the song so your baby can hear the individual parts. Our baby particularly likes the drumbeats. The buttons are a little hard to push still for our 6 month old, but I guess that’s just a motor skill she doesn’t have yet. So we have to push the buttons for her.

Marisol Sturbridge, MA


My daughter loved playing with this panda. The noises it make made her very happy. It is a smaller toy perfect for infants.

Clara Crows Landing, CA

I don’t know what it is about this turtle—but he is FAVORITE at our house!

My son received this turtle as a gift from my dad. At first I thought, ‘well that seems fine.’ Little did I know that this would turn out to be an absolute favorite toy at our house. Each of the arms/legs represents a musical instrument and then they all play the same little tune for that different instrument. My son loved hearing the song and once he was about 7-8 months old, he was able to push the buttons on his own. Even though I’ve probably heard the song thousands of times, it’s not one of those annoying songs…it’s pretty catchy and short and sweet. It won’t drive you bonkers.I would have given this five stars, but I did have a minor complaint. We attempted to turn the sound off when we took this into a restaurant. To do so, you have to open a velcro pocket in the back and inside there is a little sound box with the batteries, on/off switch and speaker. However, when we went to put it back in, we couldn’t get the sound box to go in the same way and the back to shut. Despite trying multiple times, we were never able to get it back in and since then the toy is a bit misshapen and the sound box is hanging out of the open pocket in the back. It doesn’t ruin the toy, but it is a little annoying that the hard plastic box is preventing the toy from being completely ‘soft.’Overall, I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat…I just wouldn’t mess with the pocket in back.

Hillary Berlin, OH

Smaller than expected

I bought this thinking it would be similar to the Leapfrog version but it is not. It is quite cute, but limited it what it does. As I said before, it is also very small.It would be cute for a small stroller toy.Overall, we were disappointed.

Lee Oregonia, OH


Este juguete ha sido muy utlizado por mis bebes, aunque con el pasar del tiempo los botones que se oprimen para escuchar las melodias se han ido dañando.

Ollie Center, ND

worth buying but could be better

I bought this when my daughter was 2 mos old and 4 mos later she still likes it. I like that it has a loop on it so I can attach it to rings. It is easy enough for her to press the paws and make it play too. I like that each paw plays either the tune or the instrument. I give it 3 stars because one of the paws stopped working after a month and it isn’t easy to wash. I would buy it again anyway.

Bonnie Morristown, TN

dissapointed in the size -too small

I was very dissapointed with the side of this product. My grandson has one like this and I wanted to get a new one.

Bianca Lancaster, TN

Bought for gift

I bought this as a gift for a friend. The quality of it is good and so are the sounds that come from it. My friend says her son likes it

Sandy Freedom, IN

I would love it but sounds on hands stop working after a few months

My little girl love baby einstein videos and she is especially excited about the lion. So I had to buy this for her! It was perfect, perfect for small kids to handle (it is smaller than some similar toys), looks very similar to the lion on the baby einstein video and music is very nice. The problem is that after few months only the feet work…

Lelia Alturas, CA

Cuddly music box

Our son is 10 months old and has loved this toy since he was 3 months old. It has several melodies and is soft enough that it can be a play toy or cuddle toy. We like to have it In the car and keep itin the front in case he gets cranky, we just squeeze the hand or foot and toss it back. At first I thought he would get bored and only play with it for a few month, but we’re still going strong. Great buy!

Francesca Ancramdale, NY


Very cute little toy. Well worth the price for all that it does. Our 6week old loves when his big brothers play with this with him.

Kaitlin Stuttgart, KS

Panda Bear

I just received this panda bear today. It is very cute, and the batteries are already in it ready to go. I thought the bear would be bigger, but it’s about an inch taller then a coke can. Each foot and hand makes different musical instruments sounds, but both hands and feet also play the SAME song, which I thought was odd. I would have liked it better if it was different tunes with each hand and foot. Hands and feet on bear are very easy for my child to latch on to, over all I am satisfied, and Elijah seems to enjoy it for now. Thanks.

Karen Newport, TN

Perfect first toy

My son got the panda as a gift before he was born. He loved to look at the contrast of black and white of the panda. It was one of his favorite toys as a 3 month old. So I figured he might like the turtle so I got that for him. He still enjoyed it but not as much as the panda. The songs are different on the two and maybe he liked the panda one better (the panda plays a longer tune compared to the turtle). As a 5 month old he enjoyed chewing on the hands and feet. Now as a 7 month old he has lost all interest in both toys but 6 months of use was more than I expected. When you press on the hands and feet the tune plays for the instrument illustrated every other time the hand/foot is pressed. The every other time it’s all instruments. The belly does not play music (which I thought it should and kept pressing on it thinking it was broken at first). I would recommend this toy for babies younger than 6 months old.

Ramona Sharon, TN

Meh. Just meh.

My son was given the turtle and panda (separately) as gifts. Unfortunately, I decided to keep both rather than try to make a return. While both are cute visually they are essential the same toy. I do not mind the size, as others have mentioned, because baby’s hands are small. What I do not like is how difficult it is for baby to activate the music, located ONLY on the hands and feet of the turtle and panda. The belly looks like it would play music or a sounds but sadly it does not. If the belly activated a sound of some kind I would have liked this much more. The only time my 8 month old activates the music is purely a coincidence. Additionally, the music plays for only about 10 seconds at best. If your baby uses this toy strictly for visual and tactile stimulation, not aural (hearing) stimulation, then you’ll probably be happy. If not, skip this one, you can do better.

Kendra Skandia, MI

Great toy for babies

My baby absolutely loves this toy, and I especially like the fact that is plays a classical piece of music. She takes it wherever she goes.

Ursula Mears, VA


Typical singing toy. Has very plush dense stuffing. Toy is kind of louder than it needs to be when it plays music, but it’s a kids toy so it is what it is.

Shawn Alexander, AR

waste of money!!

I paid $20 for this on Amazon and it is NOT worth it. The music only last about 6 seconds. Needs to have a light or music box built into tummy to keep babies attention more. Music needs to play longer. The only good thing about this is that it’s small enough for my 5 month old to hold.

Kendra Park City, KY

Cute but…

It’s pretty basic. I thought it would play different songs but it’s pretty much the same one. Still cute though and not a bad deal so I’d recommend it.

Kellie Elgin, SC


This is such a cute, interactive toy. I love baby Einstein products and amazon sells them cheaper. I got this and others

Colette Delhi, NY


she loves pushing buttons and its a nice musical toy baby Einstein is a very educational toy I would recommend…

Marian Maynard, IA

Low quality & much smaller than you’d expect

Very disappointed in this panda. It was much smaller than you’d expect, especially for a Baby Einstein toy. It was so cheaply made I would never have bought this had I had the chance to see it first & I’d be embarrassed to give this as a gift. Mine was broken because it only played one song, sometimes one other one when you pressed the hands or feet. Not cute songs. Baby was not interested.

Antionette Richfield, ID

Fun music maker

We really enjoy this little lion. When I say little, I mean little. He’s very cute and my son loves him. He dances to his beat.Only thing that didn’t get him 4 stars was the size. He’s pretty neat but I expected a larger lion.Fits great in diaper bag on the go.

Latisha Morton, WA