Baby Einstein Rattle and Teether Caterpillar, Colors May Vary

Baby Einstein Rattle and Teether Caterpillar, Colors May Vary

Soft water filled teether with multiple textures; Shaped with multiple tactile surfaces for baby to explore.

Main features

  • Brightly colored animated Caterpillar character handle
  • Uniquely shaped with multiple tactile surfaces for baby to explore
  • Can be refrigerated to help soothe baby’s gums
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors/color combinations: blue or green

Verified reviews


Not a favorite

I bought this thinking the rattle and teether combination were a sure hit plus I saw all the great reviews. It’s a good product and is as expected but I must say my daughter never was crazy about it. It’s just okay. It sits with all the many other toys now but definately not a favorite. If I knew, I’d get something else but you can’t really know until you buy it I guess.

Jolene Fort Ogden, FL


My kiddo doesn’t show any interest in this toy. And I read somewhere that you’re not supposed to use teething rings when the kiddos get their top teeth. Seems kind of pointless….

Heather Cairo, MO

So far useless

This rattle is cute and visually appealing, but completely impractical. I got it when my baby was 3 mos old, now she is 6 and still shows no interest in this toy, and here is why: it is heavy and big for little hands, difficult to pick up and to hold. The teether side is also too big for small mouths and too hard and uncomfortable to nibble on. It has been one of the least if not the least!) played with toys my daughter has had so far. It keeps her attention for all of 2 seconds on a good day.I hoping she will like it more as she gets older, but I suspect she would move on to toys that move, spin, *really* rattle, and can be otherwise manipulated. I would not recommend this product.

Deirdre Aurora, NE

Cute Item

Cute Item .. Fun for Baby to play with.However, my baby never bite on it (it seem to too big for her)She is 7 month old now 🙂 Perhaps i bought too many toy for her she got confused.This is just one of 20+ toys i bought for her Xmas gift 🙂

Myra Happy, KY

Easy to grip for baby.

This rattle is great! The shape of it makes it easy for my son to hold and bring to his mouth. It really gets his attention every time I shake it in front of him. He loves chewing on it because it’s not too soft and it’s not too hard. I would definitely buy this again.

Maryanne Cannon, KY

Love Baby Einstein!

I purchased this for my second grandchild, a granddaughter as a baby shower gift. I’ve come to really enjoy all Baby Einstein products as they’re made very well, are very colorful and made with form & function for a developing baby. Definitely recommend this and any Baby Einstein product.

Ava Sale City, GA

Simple and Fun

This teether is very cute and well worth the price. The jelly part can be refrigerated, which your baby may enjoy. It is easy to grip, good quality, and the colors are pleasing to look at. This is one of my favorite teethers for my baby.Baby Einstein toys in general have been a hit in my house; This is no exception. Enjoy! 🙂

Tasha Barton, OH

not that great

It isn’t interesting to her and it’s heavy for her to hold by herself at 7 months of age. It’s cute.

Muriel Marshall, WI

Easy to hold, soothing to chew.

This teether has gotten a fair amount of action in my house. My older son enjoyed it as a baby (from about five months to fourteen-ish months). He now brings it to his younger brother (eight months old) who happily accepts it. Of course, he’s take anything his brother game him, but I’ll give the toy the benefit of the doubt. It’s easy for an older infant (not the very young/small ones) to grab and chew and the rattling noise always pleases.We don’t put it in the refrigerator since it doesn’t hold the cold for long and it seems to be just as good at room temperature.If you’re looking for a teether/toy for a younger infant, try theSuper Yummy Teether. It’s easy to hold and the nubbles and handle are both chewable. (Younger infants tend to hold the nubbles and chew the handle. It’s the reverse for older infants.Bottom line: It’s a good teether for older/bigger infants. Babies do like variety, so get more than one teether and swap them out.

Sharron Teec Nos Pos, AZ

not sure…..

Got this for my two month old boy… Don’t think he was quite ready then… he is almost 5 months now and is getting ready to start teething… He still looks at this in bemusement and would not hold it for long. Guess it would be better when he gets older…. Had to get him another teether as this appears too big for his mouth…. I’m a fan of baby Einstein toys. Guess this isn’t a hit for now. He loves the bendy ball though…

Kathleen Elk Garden, WV


I have tried but my daughter just doesn’t find this toy amusing and doesn’t use it to teethe. The toy seems nicely made and easy to pick up but she’s just not crazy about it

Cindy Rio Grande, OH

Perfect for in the car/carseat

We used this in the teething phase (4-8 months) and my daughter loved to shake it and chew on it. Perfect for low price.

Maureen Seminole, FL

Loved it!

My son loved shaking this teether, carrying it around or shaking it. Soft on the top but harder plastic on the bottom when he needed more pressure on his gums.

Simone Clinton, MS

Baby loves it, so I love it!

I personally was attracted to this teether since only 1/2 of it is a water product and the other 1/2 a rattle toy. My son loves to chew on cold toys but his hands get so cold it discourages him and he’s done with it before he’s actually “done” with it. Don’t have the issue with this, thought the caterpillar gets cold, it doesn’t stay cold very long and is easy for little babies to hold, it’s not as heavy as I anticipated and was my son’s favorite cold teether around 3 months.

Dolores Camino, CA


I like the rattle of it, but the teething part is too big to fit in my daughter’s mouth and one of them started leaking a few days after I put it in the freezer! (I bought 2) So the other one I left out and I’m just using them as rattles, though she doesn’t really pay much attention to it.

Cathy Edwardsville, KS

A nice toy for a sweet little boy

We were having trouble deciding what to get our new baby boy for Christmas this year. After all he will only be 3 months old. When we came across this adorable teething rattle we thought it would be just perfect for him. We love the baby einstein toys they are always good quality toys. This little teething rattle was exactly what we expected and we are very pleased with our purchase. This rattle does rattle and it is very colorful, so it will be sure to keep his attention, it also has a top that is made for teething so it will give him something to chew on. We recommend this product to others. It is alot cheaper on Amazon than it is in the store too!

Stella Sierra Blanca, TX

Good quality.

My grandaughter has so much stuff it is hard to judge the sturdiness of things she uses because none of them get everyday use. She does like this teething ring and carries it around in her hand while she crawls. It is colorful and easy to clean. I find all of my Baby Einstein things good quality and they do keep her attention.

Mollie Wathena, KS

love it

my baby is enjoying this toy for 6 months now . Great buy, would recommend, good quality and colors still bright.

Winifred Glenpool, OK


I don’t know what these things are filled with, but they leak the fluid out. I had just got it and put in in the fridge for a while. Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy I wiped it off and shook it again. It leaks fluid. Obviously not going to give to my baby.

Graciela Georgetown, PA

Baby likes it

This is my baby’s favorite teether even though he has a little difficulty managing it. None the less he loves it.

Myrna Haralson, GA

My toddler likes more than my baby

I bought this for my baby who is teething. Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested in it at all. However, my 2-1/2 year old loves to play with it! Ah well. I’m thinking it’s the textures on the teething part of the toy that he wasn’t thrilled about. Maybe if they were smooth.

Charlotte Lane, IL

Cute bug teether

This is another of my granddaughter’s favorites. She loves the different colors and the bug’s face. She smiles and squeals at it. It is pretty easy for her to grasp and she is starting to put it in her mouth. She is just past 4 months. Very happy with this purchase and I would recommend for anyone wanting a cute teether.

Paulette Hudson Falls, NY


Love the cute caterpiller from the baby einstein movies! Also, the caterpiller part is plastic so it doesnt freeze your fingers to hold if for your baby!

Shanna Cornish Flat, NH

This product is meant to be chewed on by a …

This product is meant to be chewed on by a baby, but the shape makes it so that it does not fit well in a little mouth.

Carissa Newcomerstown, OH

It seems have good reviews

from my son and his wife with their first child. At 4 months the baby has really started to take interest and reach out to hold items. We’ll see how well it works once he’s teething!

Nora Seth, WV

The best teether

I purchased this for my first daughter and it was a huge hit. I purchased it again for my second and again a huge hit. The circles are all different sizes so a tiny mouth might be able to fit on at least one of them until they get a bit older. I have no idea what others are talking about regarding a smell, mine did not have an odor to it all. I took it from the package and put it in the dishwasher to sanitize it before giving it to my baby but I did not notice a smell of any kind on the toy or the packaging. The one I received was green which I believe is the original color. You can also get this FINALLY at toys r us which is where I purchased it originally for my first.

Tameka Sylmar, CA