Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Soft lights and 25 plus minutes of classical music will soothe baby to sleep with the Sea Dreams Soother. The unique underwater light effect, motion of the baby Neptune characters, and real life imagery will help calm baby. The unique drift off feature gradually softens music every 10 minutes to help baby fall asleep. There are 4 soothing modes: melodies lights motion, melodies only, ocean sounds lights motion, and ocean sounds only. The universal perfect fit crib attachment allows it to fit most crib rails and the soother can also be used bedside for toddlers.

Main features

  • Features real-life imagery, Baby Einstein characters with motion and light effects, as well as 10 classical melodies and ocean sounds
  • Perfect Fit Universal Crib Attachment fits most crib rails
  • Unique Drift Off feature – lights and melodies gradually soften after each 10 minutes
  • 4 soothing modes with volume control: Melodies with lights and motion, melodies only, ocean sounds with lights and motion and ocean sounds only
  • Extended bedside use for toddlers

Verified reviews


Best soother in theory but unsafe in design

I had a soother I loved with my first son. Unfortunately it stopped working within the first year. So when I had my second child I looked at all the soothers on the market and found this one to be the best…in theory. My son loves the way it shimmers as if it is underwater. He is mesmerized by the lights and the songs are very cute. Compared to other soothers that have only one light and hardly any movement this soother is tops. I do agree with the one mother who said the only 2 sound levels are “loud and louder”. They should have an option to make it very quiet. The soother plays for a very long time before the lights go out and the music then plays a while longer on a very soft setting. I also love that it comes with a remote button so you can turn the soother on from a distance.The reason why I am giving it 2 stars is because of the strap. My old Fisher Price soother had 2 plastic straps that did not fit my crib well. This baby Einstein soother has one nylon strap that fits my crib well but it unlatches at the slightest touch. I put my baby in his crib and turned the soother on while I went to take a shower and when I came back I noticed he was startled because the heavy soother had fallen on top of him!! He was not hurt thank God but I played around with the soother and found that if you even apply the slightest pressure it pops off. My son is almost 6 months old now and likes to touch the soother with his hands and feet. Not good if it can pop off like that so now I cannot use this until I rig it somehow. My son misses his soother and turns to look for it every time I put him in his crib.So until they change the design I would not go with this one even though it is a good product otherwise. But I just feel it is so unsafe. God forbid this heavy toy fall onto your newborn’s head.

Arline Lyman, WY

Soothes Baby

The Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is definitely soothing but it’s also a pain.I love the different play options and that the music gets softer as it plays to help lull my baby to sleep. I also like being able to just cut on the light which helps when I need to find a pacifier in the dark. However, there are way more annoyances than positives with this product. First, the battery life is terrible. Batteries last an average of ten days before it quits. The remote is useless, don’t even bother wasting batteries in it, you literally have to be inches away for the remote to work. The animation on the soother is very subtle and there are no interactive features on it unlike my old Ocean Wonders Aquarium which had little features that taught cause and effect. Lastly, there aren’t many volume control options; it’s either loud or less loud. However, the music does soften on its own while it plays.You definitely don’t want to place your child’s head directly facing the soother. My baby managed to wedge her head between the mattress and bottom of the soother by rolling on to her stomach and scooting forward until she got stuck.While this product does help my daughter fall asleep and sleep more soundly I prefer my old Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium because the battery life is better, I have more control over the volume and my baby can interact with it more.

Tamika Coolidge, KS

Good aquarium BUT…

I’ve heard great things about this aquarium and I’m excited to give it a try. My biggest complaint so far is that it doesn’t fit onto the railing of our crib. Our crib is a pretty standard size (made by Pali) so I’m very frustrated and disappointed to see that it doesn’t fit. We still want to give it a try as our baby really seems to like it so we’re going to find a way to make it work. My sister- and brother-in-law had the same problem with it and their crib. Another few inches of strap and this would fit perfectly. It’s a HUGE oversight on the part of Baby Einstein!

Mona Lively, VA

Safety Hazard

My first son LOVED the Baby Einstein aquarium, but it stopped working even with new batteries. The fish wouldn’t move and the lights wouldn’t work. I contacted the manufacturer, and they sent this model as a replacement. I dislike it for many reasons. 1) They changed the design and the strap to secure it to the crib is very short and only one instead of two. It was difficult to get it fastened to the crib due to how short the strap is. 2) It’s much louder and brighter than the old one. The first design was quiet and soothing–sounded like an actual fish tank. This one wakes the baby up and keeps him up. 3) Most importantly, when my second son began to pull up in the crib at age seven months, he grabbed this toy and it popped off the side and fell on his face. It busted his lip! I thought maybe we had not fastened it securely enough, and stupidly I reinstalled it. The very next day, he grabbed it to pull up and the same thing happened. It is not safe for babies big enough to pull on it. I let the company know they should recall it. Save your money and skip this one.

Elva Winn, MI

Love but possibly dangerous

My newborn couldn’t get enough of this. He would stare at it and it really looked like water. When he started sitting up he was able to push the button himself to turn it on. As any baby does, he would also pull on it and when I found it in his crib, I took it away. Turns out the latch does not hold well with any pressure. Even the pressure a 5 month old can apply. This is great until your baby can reach it.

Hillary Myers Flat, CA

Cute and does the trick.

This thing works great. Has nice tunes and is soothing and entertaining to the baby. Babies are so individual in what they do and don’t like. My baby likes it, but I wouldn’t say she’s mesmerized by it. She watches it for a bit then looks at other things. I do like that you can just turn on the ocean sounds for white noise. She does fall off to sleep well with it. As for those saying its loud, it starts off kind of loud but the speaker is pointed out the back of it so it a not as loud to the baby as it is to you. It does get quieter as it goes on. I like that it slowly gets softer before shutting off. I haven’t used the remote as my baby is usually asleep by the time it shuts off. As of now the music and fish don’t soothe her to sleep as much as they just keep her entertained in her crib while I do something else. I like that you can turn off the light and just have the sounds. Overall I like it and I’d buy it again. It’s not some miracle baby soother, but it’s cute and does the trick.Update 6/5/2014STILL love this soother. My baby is now 1 year old and loves this even more now that she’s older. She can now turn it on and off by herself and she falls asleep to it every night. When she takes naps, sometimes she’ll wake up, turn it on, then go back to sleep all on her own. She loves to watch the fishes and listen to the music. I’ve still never bothered with the remote. She pretty much tunrs it on and off herself so I don’t need it. Still works great and for as much as I use it (every day) the batteries last a pretty decent amount of time. I’ve never had an issue with it falling off or coming undone. The latch is very secure. She bumps it constantly, hold onto it while standing up in her crib, and hits it. Never once has it come loose or fallen off. It’s very sturdy. I’d say of all the gadgets I’ve baught for my daughter, this is on the top 5 list. Definitely worth the money.

Kate Duncans Mills, CA

Pecera Baby Einstein

Linda pecera con canciones incluidas, entre ellas la de Beethoven.Efusivos colores que llaman la atención del bebé.Posee control remoto.Recomendado, muy bueno.

Veronica Traer, IA

Not impressed

My husband wanted to get one of these for our newborns crib. We had a different kind, Ocean Wonders, for our first kids and they no longer make it. I figured this would be similar. It was SO LOUD even on the "quiet" setting it was more disturbing to the baby than anything. Also some of the music just sounded like static!!! I don’t know how any baby could be soothed by this awful machine.It even got on my nerves! Not to mention it cost $40+ !!! Let’s just say it isn’t worth it and I returned it and bought a $20 white noise/spa machine that my baby loves!!! They just don’t make baby items like they used to it seems.

Kaitlyn Old Harbor, AK

Get it!

This put both my baby and toddler to sleep. This really helps to calm babies and children down so they can get ready for bed. My toddler used to need to be rocked and sung to sleep but he also can fall asleep with this soother when there is a lot going on. Having two little ones needing help with bedtime can be stressful but this helps a lot. This is great when weaning from breastfeeding because it can help replace the quiet time and relaxation that nursing provided. I wish it could be plugged into the wall as well as batteries as an option but it uses batteries quite fast.

Michell Merritt, NC

My Daughter Loves IT!!

She thinks its hilarious. It definitely doesn’t put her to sleep because she is enthralled with watching it but there are 4 different options light and movement with ocean noises, just the ocean noise no light, light and movement with music, or just music no light so there are options. The remote really doesnt work you have to be so close to the crib you may as well just reach over and turn it off though it shuts its self off my slowly dimming both light and music so I’ve never actually needed to get up to shut it off. overall we’re very happy

Jordan Oakdale, PA

It Works!

My grandson was not napping well until we put this on his crib. I use only the ocean sound and turn on a fan in the hallway for more "white" noise–and, it works. As a side note, he has one at home and will turn it on and off himself.

Dana Wilbur, OR

So pleasant, not annoying at all.

This machine is great! It has very sweet little melodies that are very pleasant, sweet, and soothing not annoying like most other toys, even others made by the same company. It has a remote control as well which is convenient if he falls asleep while its still playing. I also love the sea scene and the twinkling lights, also very calm and soothing. This one, to ,me is the best.

Abigail Waupun, WI

Perfect for the car, not the crib

We purchased this with hopes of helping our nine month old sleep through the night. We expected to use it as a tool to help her soothe herself back to sleep. Unfortunately, that is not the case. This "soother" is a stimulator! There is no way our daughter would find this toy soothing at 2am. Fortunately for us, it’s perfect for the car! We attached it to the backseat headrest and she loves it! Car rides have significantly improved now that she has this to watch.

Paula Mondovi, WI

Too Bright; Too Loud

I bought this item hoping to have a gentle light and soft music or ambient noise, what I got looked like I brought a 60" TV into my son’s crib. The light is extremely bright and the music is far too loud. This item did not soothe my baby, it stimulated him. Instead of having something soft to listen to and relax, but instead the bright lights and loud sound stimulated my baby into waking up, standing up in his crib, and just playing with the soother. It clearly is too stimulating for a soother product. This is the first amazon item I’ve purchased that I’m returning.

Amanda Saint John, WA

Mystical Baby Aquarium

I purchased this to attach to my baby boys Delta 4 in 1 Crib. It has a piece that straps on to the crib and the aquarium part attaches to that. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because I have yet to figure out how to un-attach the item if you want to. Keep in mind that you must un-attach it in order to change the batteries out so that is kind of important. It may just be very difficult to do and requires a lot of force. Anyway, on to the function of it. It is pretty neat in that you can choose to have it play music or nature sounds with or without the light and the fish actually moving around so if the light is distracting but the noises are soothing, you have the option of operating it either way. The fish and turtle really don’t do a whole lot except move in a circular motion up and down. I thought it was some sort of screen that displayed the scene and it would do more. It is great for a baby in that it does enough to keep them entertained for long periods of time. It also includes a remote control that you can use to activate it while in the other room instead of getting up to do it. It has two volume levels to choose from. Finally, the price. Like I said, it is a neat little toy for baby but nearly $50. It wouldn’t value it more than $30 tops but what I’ve learned is baby Einstein brand can be pricey. I would recommend this item if you are not on a budget. Also know that if you do get this and your baby loves it, keep batteries in stock and plan on needing to buy a new one if it ever breaks because your baby will be lost without it if he becomes accustomed to it. Hope this helps.

Darcy Sulphur Bluff, TX


I’m surprised how many people are unhappy with this. I consider this to be one of the best crib soothers.My son loves it; He loves watching the animals move around.The music is classical; more soothing and not obnoxious. It plays lots of different songs.Plus, it slowly gets quieter so that there isn’t an abrupt stop that might wake up baby.If the attachment provided doesn’t fit your crib properly – there are 4 built in holes so you can connect your own tie down.Totally worth the money.

Kathi Clay Center, NE

Don’t purchase this unless you are 100% certain that you will keep it!

I reveived this product as a gift. It seems very cute – although I am less than impressed with the sounds/lights/movement that the "Try Me" button displays. In addition I already have a crib mobile and a Baby Einstein activity mat with a similar soother. I tried to return this item through Amazon’s gift returns, but it is apparently "non-returnable". When I called Amazon to find out why, they didn’t know and couldn’t do anything to help me.Make sure that you (or your gift recipient) really wants this before you order it or you will be stuck with it.Goodwill, here I come!

Ella Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Great crib soother

We wanted to get the old fisher price aquarium (which my 5 year old still loves as a nightlight) but they are not available anymore. But this crib soother has been perfect. I like that it plays several different songs in succession rather than having to choose one and hearing it over and over. The remote works fine for us from the bedroom door to his crib. Our five month old seems to like the lights and music and falls asleep quickly and happily. The light turns off before the music does which is perfect because he’s usually out in just a few minutes. I love the way you attach it to the crib. Very easy to take it off and change batteries. Much easier than with the old fisher price model. All in all, very happy with this!

Elnora Green Valley, IL

Must Have Baby Item at Our House

Both my children (25 month old and 9 month old) have these on their cribs and LOVE them. It’s a great "sleep que" for your routinue with new babies (on just white noise) and then my kids from about 7m on loved being able to turn the white noise/night light on themselves. My daughter was a terrible sleeper so we bought this and I think it really helped her self soothe in the middle of the night and put herself back to sleep. She got so she would hit the star button to turn on the music/light and roll over back to sleep without crying. Even now that she is two, she turns this on as she falls asleep and on first thing in the morning – it’s still a big comfort. We plan to put it on her big girl bed when we move her to help with the transition.We do go through a ton of C batteries, but as all parents who have struggled with a bad sleeper can understand, it’s worth it! Maybe buy some rechargable C batteries now 🙂

Marcella Crawfordsville, IA


My now 8 month old LOVES this item!!!! I would have given this a 5 star rating but opted to give 4 only because the music ends very quickly. it should play continuously with optional cut off time selections such as, auto turn off after 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hr. etc. Other than that, it was easy to set up on his crib which has arched framing.

Daisy South Pomfret, VT

So worth the money!

Bought this for my daughter for Christmas when she was 3 weeks old. We use it everyday, multiple times a day. We love it!!! It really helps her sleep. It’s especially great when she wakes in the middle of the night. I prefer the ocean sounds to the music, but my daughter enjoys both. It seems really loud, but everyone in the house sleeps through it no problem. My daughter is still in our room and the soother puts my husband to sleep. Stock up on c batteries, because when the batteries run out, you will miss it. FYI batteries last about 6 weeks.

Kitty Woodstock, IL

Mandatory Soother in our Home

Purchased this when our son was only 3 months old based on other reviews on Amazon. It did not and has not disappointed. He loves it and around 7-8 months learned to hit the large orange button to turn it on himself. He’s now 13 months and turns it off and on when he needs it to soothe himself to sleep. He doesn’t use it every night any longer but at times when he wakes in the middle of the night I look on the video monitor and find him turning it on to soothe himself.The sounds are very soothing – I’d like to have one of my own :-)Only downside is that we use a lot of batteries for this thing! Also the remote they provide doesn’t work unless you are super close so we couldn’t use it from his door to turn it on for him prior to him having the ability to do so.Even with the small flaws we would highly recommend trying this as a soothing device starting as young as 3 months.

Doretha Palo Verde, AZ


We bought a few mobiles and were so disappointed!! Then we found this and we are so satisfied! It stays on long enough to put baby to sleep, it has a few different sound options, and a night light. Also it comes with a remote! Love this product and highly recommend, :))

Ollie Sandy Ridge, PA

Love this

I love all the music Baby Einstein products play, and this is no different. The colors and lights are great too.

Antionette South Pasadena, CA

my baby adores it

My 5 month old baby loves this! He goes to sleep with it every night and I use it as a nightlight for nightime feeds. I find it very soothing to listen to as I rock with him at night. It’s one of my best buys for my baby and he cries if it turns off when he’s still awake. I feel it has helped him become a better self soother at night, I can usually put him down at night still awake, he will watch the animals and suck on his fingers and drift off to sleep.

Renee Hinckley, NY


I love this and my little girl dose also. Every night she knows i will turn it on for her to go to sleep with. Sometimes she wakes up and kicks the star to turn it on herself.

Nan Dixon, NE

It’s like having an aquarium in the crib!

My 7 month old loves aquariums and so I purchased this for her crib. She absolutely loves it! It is as soothing as an aquarium without the care & mess of an aquarium.

Adrian Graettinger, IA

Puts baby to sleep in under 30 minutes!

We are temporarily using a pack and play in our room as our little one’s bed; therefore, I had to do a lot of shopping around for a mobile or alternate "crib entertainment" since most mobiles do not attach to pack and plays. I am so happy I bought this soother! After a particularly difficult, sleepless night I stopped looking and decided to just purchase this one hoping it would do at least half of what is described. The first night we used it she was out like a light 🙂 I love the gradual quieting of the music and dimming of the light. I have stood and watched her eyes droop at the exact moment the music softens. Granted, for an adult, the songs do get a little old hearing them over and over again, but if they are putting her to sleep I don’t care if they play the ABC’s for 30 minutes. My daughter is only 2 months old and she enjoys staring at the lamps in the living room, but really the aquarium characters are very cute and they keep her attention. She will lay in her crib and watch the soother during the day when she’s active and also allow it to lull her to sleep before the 30 minute timer is up. I only wish I would have bought this thing a week or two earlier and saved myself some tearful nights 🙂

Annmarie Hines, IL

and they loved it, my nephew just stares at it when …

Bought this for a gift, and they loved it, my nephew just stares at it when he is at the crib and the music really soothes him !!

Emily Verda, LA

Baby must have!

We have two of these, one for our 2 year old who still uses it and one for our newborn. It calms them both down, and I love that the light goes off after a while and music still plays. The remote works good too, it is nice not having to sneak in their room to turn it on if you need to.

Carmen Lower Kalskag, AK