Baby Einstein Seek & Discover Activity Gym

Baby Einstein Seek & Discover Activity Gym

Sights, sounds and textures-the Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Gym gets Baby started on the road to learning. Padded floor mat features bright colors, animal friends and a helpful prop-up bar to assist Baby with upper-body strength. Baby will love the Activity Star, a pillow mobile that has flashing lights and music by Bach and Beethoven. Other interactive toys that attach to the removable padded bars include a vinyl picture book, plush characters including a cardinal, ladybug and Baby Vivaldi duck, a baby-safe mirror, a soft photo frame (holds 4×6″ photo), a ring rattle with colorful beads, 10 fun links and more. Polyester. Machine wash. Imported. Mat: 18Hx31Wx31D”.

Main features

  • Large 32″ play mat with sewn-in mat loops to add toys for tummy time play also includes 8 links to reposition toys
  • Includes Lights & Melodies Star with 9 classical melodies: two modes for baby motion activation or 10 minutes of continuous play
  • Includes baby-safe mirror, plastic discovery cards featuring real-life images, plush sun with colorful rattle ball
  • Includes water-filled apple shaped teether, plush duck with squeaker and plush red bird with bead chaser

Verified reviews


For the most part a good product

My daughter began playing with this toy at about 6 weeks. I play with my daughter often and most of her toys provide her with entertainment for a good period of time, and for a little while this one did too. However she seemed to grow bored of it sooner than I thought she would. I would wind up changing the toys around in an effort to hold her attention and if that didn’t work, she’d roll over and peruse the mat for a bit but that wouldn’t last long because she would get frustrated. I’m not sure why there is a picture of a rabbit by the almost seems like an after-thought. I gave it four stars because there were plenty of times where she genuinely enjoyed this playmat, but it is unfortunate that she grew bored fairly quickly and frankly, the rabbit is useless.

Lee Burlingame, CA

wonderful playmat

My son was 4 month old when he received this as a Christmas gift. He loved it. He loved the star best of all. He would lay there and stare at it..when it stopped he would kick it again. It was great to keep him occupied. I put the play mat away when he became more mobile. At 11 months he plays with the star and the book. The only negative thing is that my son used to chew on the book, and constantly has be cleaned. I’ve actually had to hide teh book from him for a while

Leticia Elkhorn City, KY

Great mat

I started using this mat when our daughter was about 2 months old. She immediatley noticed the flashing lights above her head and smiled so big at it. Now at 3 months she starts smiling as soon as the music starts, I guess she knows the lights are fixing to flash. She doesn’t play with the other toys yet but it has been worth it to have already even if she doesn’t.

Katie West Groton, MA

We liked it

My son really enjoys spending time on his activity mat. The star on top with the lights and music were a big hit when he was only a few weeks old. His grandparents actually “stole” it and put it on his pack and play. Now that he’s 5 months he can reach out and play with the hanging toys. The only negative was as a newborn I thought the the material was rough and scratchy. So, I always put a blanket down, to make it more comfortable . . . and warm. (he was a fall/winter baby)I wish I could find out if you can buy individual pieces for it. (more hanging toys and another star!) After reading one of the other reviews I realize that I really have nothing to compare it to, since this is the ONE we got. But, overall we are happy with it.

Lori Page, ND


I bought this based on all the reviews but am very disappointed with the musical motion sensor. It doesn’t work most of the time so either I have to turn it on all the time or not at all. The colors are great and it does keep him interested for a while. But all babies only last a while!

Alison Southington, OH

Baby loved it already at just 6 weeks!

My now 8-week old loves to look at the star’s flashing lights and she kicks her legs, smiling and and cooing like crazy while she watches it. The downside is that there are only three melodies that the star plays (but they’re definitely tolerable and not too loud), and when it is set on the continuous setting, it still stops after 2 1/2 cycles of the music. That means that if baby is still interested, you have to keep resetting it manually every time it stops.She’s not really interested in the other toys yet, but the mat itself provides a great place to practice tummy time. I do agree that the mat isn’t very large – her feet already hang past the edge when I lay her with her head under the star so I’m sure she’ll outgrow this quickly. However, for now, this is one of her favorite toys and a safe place to let her play while I do chores in the room.PS – The rabbit “picture” that a lot of reviewers commented was a waste is actually meant to be taken out and replaced with your own photo. A great idea in my opinion, as babies love to look at pictures of faces and loved ones.

Dolly Simla, CO


This is my daughter’s favorite thing to do! She loves it!! At first, she noticed the flashing smiling sun toy, then she began to notice the hanging rattles, the mirror, and she even loves the bunny picture! This is the ultimate play gym, and I highly recommend it! Plus, it travels very easily – we’ve taken it out of town several times. It was a Godsend, and takes up very little space! That counts for a lot when you are traveling with an infant! My daughter also loves the bright colors. Get it, get it, get it!!!!

Aline Gladys, VA

Keeps baby’s attention

We bought this for my son when he was about 2 months old. He would just lay in it and would be entertained for a long time, which bought me time to do housework around him, etc. You can take the hanging pieces down and hang up other objects so that there’s always variety. I’d say he lost interest in it though at about 7 months when he learned to crawl. I bought mine used on ebay and it was worth the $35 I spent. I wouldn’t spend much more than that.

Rocio Cambridge, IA

Music too loud

My son LOVES the star, and even has conversations with it. But when I turn the star on, it seems to irritate him, and I can see why. The music is WAY too loud for how close it is. There should be a volume control, because the first two songs are great. There’s no where else to put the star so it can be further. I bought a foam pad to put underneath because he seemed to all of a sudden not like it. Since the pad he loves to lay on it again.

Gretchen Mingo, OH

Ok, mat could be better

I received this as a gift but I would like to have seen what other mats out there have something more substantial for baby’s tummy time. Some crinkly bits or different textures would have been nice since my daughter was very into touch. The overhead hanging things are ok, the musical star is the best feature but the movement sensor isn’t that sensitive – I usually have to get up and turn it off & on again to get it to go. My baby liked me gently shaking the frame to make the toys move. I think there are better things out there for the money.

Katina Howard, OH

(…)to get this for your baby

My baby started loving this activity gym at about 3 weeks old. Now 7 weeks old, she truly loves it! The mirror, the hanging plush toys that are brightly colored, the music she makes when she plays with these items, all keep her occupied and definitely entertained for several minutes at a time. Changing the positions of the hanging items is very easy and very stimulating for the baby. She quite often smiles and coos when she’s playing with this gym. Strongly Recommend.

Nicole Paynes Creek, CA

best baby gift

Baby Einstein rocks! This activity mat was the best baby gift I received. From a few weeks old through about 6 months old, this was my baby’s favorite toy. In the beginning she’s stare lovingly at the ladybug. Then she discovered the star and she fell in love! Once she discovered how to kick the mat to make the star play music, she was in heaven. As soon as the music stopped, she would kick the mat again. She would do this over and over again. For months, the only way I could escape to take a shower was to put her on this mat. When she got older, she loved playing with all of the hanging toys. I got this as a gift, but if I had bought it, it would have been well worth the money! I highly recommend this product.

Rena Pierz, MN

Baby likes it more than I do.

Our daughter loves this playmat! She likes the different animals and enjoys “talking” to the baby in the mirror. The toys easily remove, so you can also attach them to a carseat or crib. She seems to also enjoy the musical star, but I find it to be a bit annoying. I wish that it played a few more songs. I have also noticed that the colors on the mat have faded a bit in the wash even though we use a mild detergent and have a front-loading machine. I don’t mind too much since our daughter has so much fun, and that’s what really matters!

Loraine Benton, KS

Baby loved this toy!

We received this and a gymini as shower gifts for our newborn. After much deliberation, we returned the gymini and kept this one and were never disappointed. It had a relatively short life in our household because our baby started rolling over at just 3 months, so he rapidly was able to get off the mat and into other things. But, for the time he used it, he loved it. He particularly loved staring at the blinking lights and listening to the music on top. Some of the toys (like the picture) never got much use, but he loved to play with the birds. Extra rings really come in handy to add other toys to the gym, and to make the ones that come with the gym hang low enough for baby to reach.

Penny Center Point, WV

Cute Play Gym and Baby Likes It!

My baby likes the Baby Einstein Play Gym. Like the other reviewers I have noticed that she loves the twinkling musical star at the top. When my daughter is in play mode, she really gets into looking at all of the different pieces, the rabbit picture, the mirror, the birds and she is just riveted by that star. Honestly, I don’t think this gym is better than any of the others out on the market because we also have the Fisher Price Barn Yard play gym and she likes it just as well. I would say the advantage to this one is that it folds down to a more compact size and there are no bulky plastic stand pieces in the structure of it like there are in the FP Barnyard toy.I purchased it at a local retailer when they had the price marked down-I don’t think I would have bought it otherwise. It is a little pricey for what it is and how long my daughter will actually be playing with it.If you don’t already have a play gym, I would recommend this one. You will get lots of fun mileage out of it-I would just advise you to watch your local box store for it to go on sale instead of paying full price. Also, I notice the original list price on this site is twenty over what the local stores are asking as the regular price.

Willie Milford, NH

Great Toy!

I have a hard to entertain baby and this toy is great. In the beginning the musical star startled him and we left it off. He loved the mirror the best. Now, at 4 months, the star is his all time favorite. We have added pictures of smiling babies and cute animals to the picture holder and I change the picture everyday. It helps to rearrange everything often. He loves the teather ring. We’ve also added some chimes (from another gym) that he thinks are great. I don’t know how long he’ll be entertained by this now that he is crawling around some, but so far it’s his favorite toy and allows me a good 20 minutes of free time – which for him is amazing!

Lourdes Rupert, GA

2 Month Old Loves It!!!

My daughter loves this gym! She laughs out loud at the musical star! All of our videos of her are on this mat. I like it because everything is detchable and I sometimes take the birdies and attach them to her car seat. She just loves all of the goodies associated with the mat. I would say that this item is definately worth the money!

Abigail Benavides, TX

Pillow useful

My daughter enjoyed this gym for several months, and it is now being enjoyed by a neighbor. It comes with a pillow somewhat similar to a small Boppy. It is great for tummy time. I did not purchase this gym, it was a gift. It is quite pricey for what it is. Most babies I would think would be as happy with a less expensive alternative.

Teri Wiggins, MS

Cute, but not what I really needed

I got this for tummy time. But the baby has to be on his back to play with the toys arranged as they are in the picture. So it’s pretty much used as a blanket with a bunch of toys on it. The many hooks are useful as the toys can be attached to hooks on the corners of he mat and not just on the bars above.For what it is, I think it’s a fine product. But if you need tummy time for your little one, I really don’t see how this is very useful. But I have to give it credit for the fun colors/design and the variety of toys. The musical star is adorable and my son’s favorite feature. He’s 5 months old now and I think he’ll be playing with this for quite a while yet.

Myrtle Wellsville, OH

Best toy we’ve got!

My baby has loved this gym since she was about 2 weeks old! At first, she just liked to look at the red toys – the bird and the ladybug. As she got older, she was more interested in the rest of the toys, and started batting at them. She became very interested in the star with the music and lights at around 6 weeks old, and she’s recently become fascinated by the mirror. And I think she’s just figuring out that she can get the music and lights started by batting at the toys or kicking the bars. It keeps her entertained for a pretty long time, so my husband and I can eat dinner together again!

Zelma Atwood, CO

Still playing with it at 7 months

Our son loves this play mat, and plays with it almost every day. The toys that it comes with are fine, though I was glad I had extra rings to dangle them down further as they really were up to high. the picture of a rabbit is kind of a dumb “toy” he doesn’t show any interest in it at all. The musical blinking star is fun and once he learned that he could start it by pulling a toy hard enough, he played it all the time. One note, because the supports don’t cross the way some others do, he has been able to hook his legs around a support and fold himself up inside the mat – it didn’t hurt or even scare him, but it would be a risk if he’d been unsupervised. Once he started sitting up, he still likes laying down and playing in it, as well as sitting on the mat and playing with the toys. We never used the prop pillow.

Minerva Pecos, TX

Great first toy

This is a great gym. Baby loves the music and dangling toys. Great for development as well. This toy actually helped my daughter progress quickly through developmental stages. Love it!

Sara Rising Star, TX

Baby Loves it . . . Cats love it too!

My son loves this gym. He is eight weeks old and just starting to reach for the hanging toys. It is nice that you can add extra rings to the hanging toys to make them lower. I have laid him on the mat since he was about three weeks old and it is great for tummy time. We have hardwood floors and the padding is sufficient. He loves to watch the sun toy that plays music/flashes lights and especially loves the mirror. I like that the toys are detachable. When he was younger we would place the sun and the mirror on the mat next to him. We have also hung the toys from his bouncer chair toy bar. The mat is easy to fold up and fits nicely in his closet. A previous reviewer complained about the rabbit picture. I like that the “frame” of that picture is a pocket and I have replace the rabbit with a picture of daddy.The only bummer about this toy is that our cats love it and think it is their toy. I have to kick them out of it all of the time and have caught them batting at the toys more than a few times. The mat is big enough for the baby and one of the cats, but not all three at the same time!

Alexandria Sikes, LA

A great early toy

I got this for my son when he was about 2 months old. Instantly he was entranced by the star’s lights and music. Now, at 3.5 months, he loves hitting and grabbing the hanging toys. The really nice thing about it is that you can remove the star and attach it to the car seat or stroller for entertainment while out and about. It’s been a great toy for him to play with independently. He can spend over 30 mins at a time playing by himself. The loops also let you change the toys frequently to prevent boredom. I would recommend this product to anyone having a baby. We’ve already gotten our money’s worth out of it.

Cora Mascot, VA

Wonderful entertainment

My 4 month old absolutely loves this play gym. She has been under it for about 2 months now and has a great time. It is her favorite activity. She also enjoys tummy time on the mat, where she loves to look at the large pictures. The only problem is that we use it so much that we go through batteries like there’s no tomorrow.

James Blytheville, AR



May Oxon Hill, MD

Great play gym!

My daughter loves this gym!! She is always smiling and kicking her legs in excitement when I put her under the star. We call it “The Happy Star”. She loves the star and the toys. She is always reaching up to grab them. It’s machine washable and easy to fold in half. This is a great buy!

Dollie Elrod, AL

Her First Smile

A relative purchased the Baby Einstein Play Gym for my daughter when she was one month old. Being a sleep-deprived first time mother, I was not sure she would even need such an item. Two weeks after receiving the gym I opened it, put batteries in the musical star, and arranged all the toys on the bar according to the directions.I placed my daughter on the colorful mat with her feet on the bar. She sat there for a moment, kicked the bar, activing the musical star. Then, in a moment I will remember for the rest of my life, she smiled for the first time.It did not take her long to figure out that kicking the bar would make the star play a song for her. She loved this toy for many months (until she learned to crawl).This is a wonderful toy for young babies. Some of the toys rattle, and the bright primary colors easily attract a baby’s attention. My daughter especially enjoyed looking at the ladybug. The star is detatachable and made many trips to Grandma’s house with us to place in her pack and play. I washed the mat in the washing machine and dried it on gentle many time without any problems.I hope this information is helpful to anyone deciding which play gym to chose for thier baby. You can purchase this item without any fear of buyer’s remorse.

Chrystal Mountain Grove, MO

Buy this mat!

My son is 14 weeks and has been playing on this mat since he was about 4 weeks old. Now he can bat at the toys and he kicks the arches which makes the music and lights go on. He gets so excited when he sees the lights and hears the music. I hestitated about registering for this mat, but I’m so glad we got it. It’s his favorite toy!

Jasmin Menasha, WI

The best play gym on the market

My daughter has only been using it for 2 weeks so far (she’s 7 weeks old now) and it’s her favorite thing we have. She can amuse herself for up to 40 minutes sometimes! We’ve had to wash it almost daily since we started using it, since she spits up quite a bit, but even after so many washings, the colors haven’t faded a bit. It’s durable, she loves the little toys hanging down, and she’ll sit and just smile and coo at the toys and the smiley-face star. The lights and music are great, and she loves it when she can turn on the music by herself by batting at the toys or kicking the plush bars. This is perfect – not just for giving me a few minutes to rest my arms every day, but for stimulating her and encouraging active play time while she’s awake. I love it!

Toni Belews Creek, NC