Baby Einstein Stack and Discover Blocks

Baby Einstein Stack and Discover Blocks

This set of 3 soft, squishy Baby Einstein Stack and Discover Blocks features textures, sounds, and imagery to keep baby engaged and entertained with stacking and discovery. Great for individual play or for interactive together time fun!Small block features real-life imagery, an apple-shaped teether, and numbersMedium block features crinkle sides for fun sound effects, numbers and colorful imageryLarge block features 3D butterfly wings with crinkle, a chime inside for added sound, real-life imagery, and number learningPolyurethane foam/Cellophane12” H x 5” W x 5”

Main features

  • Green Block features an attached apple teether to soothe Baby’s gum
  • Red Block features crinkle sides
  • Blue Block features 3D crinkle wings on butterfly
  • Each block features a large number to introduce counting

Verified reviews


Cute set

My daughter likes this set, but the blocks with the firmer sides that stack more easily are still our favorites. I like that these crinkle and have different visual effects as she’s starting to explore the world around her, but when she tries to stack them they tumble over or cave in. One of the sides is also fraying just a bit and we’ve only had it for a month or so.

Josie New Baden, IL

Cute blocks for a new baby

My daughter really enjoys looking at these little blocks but she is not coordinated enough to pick them up yet. I am sure that once that happens they will be very interesting to her. At the moment all she wants are things that she can stuff into her mouth. 🙂

Tanya Bivins, TX

My sons favorite

My lil man will eat & play with all of these blocks. He is 10 months now and he especially loves the red block that makes a paper noise.

Maryann Black Creek, NY

My 5 month old twins love these!

My 5 month old babies love the red cube in particular. The fight over it everyday…Okay so they don’t physically fight over it…but when one has it the other tries to get it too. The red one is a “crinkly” material and I wish they were all like this. The images and colors on the red one also keep their interest the most. It has a lot of black/white/red on it that babies love. The other smaller green block has an apple teether on it that they sometimes chew on and the biggest blue one has a butterfly that is the crinkly material, sticking out from the one side. I think these are reasonably priced. I have washed them and they do wash well. I think they are great quality. I am considering getting another set so they both can play with the red one at the same time! That is probably their most loved/played with toy we have right now.

Angelia Marble Rock, IA

Good images and great colors

These blocks were excellent for my son when he first started to grab things on his own. The bright colors and different dimensional opportunities were a favorite of his. It was really nice that they were not too heavy, making it easy for him to handle even the large size. The only downside was that once he was old ehough to start his stacking skills, he had outgrown these. They do not stack nicely since the sides are not rigid and he lost interest in favor of blocks that were more square.

Deloris Deerfield, VA

Soft, Collapsable, Stackable

Wish I could give these 3.5 stars. These blocks are good sized and stack-able. The smallest block (Green) has a textured teething “apple”. The Blue block has a butterfly with crinkle wings that stick out. The Red block is just a basic block. Each block has photos, artwork, and patterns–no repetition on any side or between blocks. Each block is color coordinated and there are themes between the blocks. I imagine some research went into the patterns and themes and it’s designed specifically to stimulate babies, because Baby Einstein Toys are known for that kind of thing. The blocks hold their shape well, but when pressure is applied they collapse on themselves so baby can’t use them to climb out of a playpen. They pop right back up when pressure is released. The stitching forms a nice ridge along several of the edges to help baby grip the blocks. They seem kind of pricy and my 11 month old mostly plays with the teether, but when he’s into stacking, this set will probably get more use.

Claudette Whitharral, TX

red block gets 4 stars!

While I’m giving the product 4 stars, really all you need is one of these blocks to keep my son happy. The red block has the most crinkly fabric in it, so he went after it starting around 4 months. (His cousin evidently was the same and went just crazy for the red block.) I think it was the thing he tried hardest to grasp when he was learning to do so!That being said, these are actually a bit hard to stack, particularly the smallest block, since it has a heavy plastic apple hanging from it. We don’t usually stack these much, but he loves to play with the individual blocks.

Michael North Bend, OR


The image of these block make you think they are more three dimensional then they really are. They are hard to grab for my 5 month old, and are quite boring. They are just pictures for the most part with one teether toy. The black swirls are just a picture. They have nothing to hang them with, so they are just three plain blocks. I have purchased far more better blocks that my daughter can acually learn and play with then these. A waste of money. Dont buy!

Marietta Friday Harbor, WA

Expected more from this toy.

I’m not entirely sure what age group these blocks are for. Most of the panels have colors that are too busy for a small baby and the teething parts are frustrating for a little one to figure out how to get in the mouth, but they’re not exciting enough for an older baby. They seem a little too hit-and-miss; while some panels are attractive to littler ones and other to almost-toddlers, there’s not enough of either to hold interest in this toy for very long.These blocks have had their moments with my daughter throughout her development from 4 months to 14 months — at the latter pointing to the panels and naming the things on them — but they are too expensive for the limited overall use I experienced with them and my child especially in comparison to similar toys.If I could give this 2.5, I would. I round down due to the cost and difficulty in cleaning the rope border on an allegedly “wipe clean” product.

Lauri Dawson, GA