Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Main features

  • 7 baby friendly classical melodies
  • Volume Control
  • The colorful and easy to grasp Caterpillar handle ensures that baby can take along tunes anywhere
  • Off, Low and High volume switch
  • Promotes auditory development and music appreciation
  • Award-Winning Bestseller
  • Large button toggles through 7 high quality classical melodies
  • Colorful lights dance across the screen to each song
  • Caterpillar bead chaser handle is easy for little hands to hold and take anywhere
  • Great for On-the-Go
  • Easy Grasp

Verified reviews


Defective? Recall? Discontinued? Totally confused.

Item works fine, but around 5 months the paper-like button you push to play the music started coming apart, and my daughter was eating it! We’d only had it a couple of months, and of course children put the thing in their mouths. everyone else seems to love this thing. did I get a defective one. so i emailed them. This was their response on 1/26/11:———Thank you for contacting Baby Einstein. I am sorry for the inconvenience you experienced with the Takealong Tunes. At the Baby Einstein Company, we make every effort to provide quality baby products by working closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure that the highest standards are achieved.In order to get a response to you as quickly as possible, I have forwarded your contact information to KidsII who is the manufacturer of this item. The Customer Service Team from KidsII will be happy to assist you and will contact you shortly. For your convenience, their contact information is listed below.Kids II555 North Point Center EastSuite 600Alpharetta GA 30022-8234Phone 1-800-230-8190Email at you have additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.Sincerely,DiannThe Baby Einstein Company———-So, I emailed KidsII. This was their response on 2/2/11.————-I am sending you a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of the Take Along Tunes. However, this item has been discontinued and we no longer have stock, so I’ll have to send you something of equal value.Thank you,Gregory CastleberryKids II, Inc.Consumer Service RepresentativeConsumer Servicestel 770.751.0442fax 770.751.0543[…]———–so, I’m still confused. Not sure if this means they’re defective, I got a defective one, or they are no longer making them. But, they are still selling them?!? Can anyone shed any light into this?

Glenna Big Bay, MI


the only thing my little girl has ever done with this toy is throw it… she is completely uninterested in this toy.

Hattie Pomona, IL


my daughter loves this toy, but I am very concerned that this was manufactured with toxic plastics (e.g., BPAs). The appropriate age range given by the manufacturer is 3+ months, and my 5 month old keeps wanting to suck on this toy. Given she’s inevitably going to have her mouth all over this toy, the materials are very important. I’ve tried calling Baby Einstein, and they were very dodgy in response and forwarded me to Kids II. Kids II has yet to respond to my query about what materials went into the manufacture of this product or are being ingested by my daughter. I worry that this is an unsafe toy, but am unclear what to do now that I have it because there is a clear mark to not throw in ordinary garbage on the back of this device – so if it’s not safe for the trash can, how is it safe for my child? Until I get answers, it’s on a shelf where it can’t harm a kid.

Brandi Shongaloo, LA

Not crazy about it

My 8 month old could really care less about this toy. My mom got it for her in a package of Baby Einstein products and she gets a kick out of the musical Turtle but rarely plays with this, the bendy ball or the links it came with.

Chelsey Fresno, CA

Got this for a gift

I agree with another reviewer. Light up toys aren’t that great. Kids need to learn that they don’t need to be entertained continuously. Light up toys teach them to be impatient. Also, the music is electronic. Wouldn’t it be better to just play them the real classical songs? Just play from smart phone.

Marisol Broadway, NJ

just annoying

I just think that the music isn’t so great…kinda gets on my nerves! I have a similar Fisher Price toy that is much more fun and easier for baby to hold onto.

Staci Seville, FL


Too easy and less music, maybe my baby don’t want this. he played for 1-2 hrs and throw it away.

Kelly Libertytown, MD

I hide it and am considering giving it away.

The pros:It does what it is designed to do. It plays the music when you hit the button. The songs are long and the sound is good. There are two volumes. I used this when my baby was learning to roll. I’d push the button and put it on the side of the baby and he would stick his neck out toward it and would flop over and that helped him learn how to roll.The cons:Now that he can actually get to the toy, I don’t want him to have it. If he is holding it, then the sensitive button will get pressed over and over and the lights will blink right in his eyes. He isn’t learning anything about cause and effect because it just races in rapid succession through the songs if he holds it at all. He loves the blinking lights, but he likes lights in general and would stare at a television too if one was on, but I don’t want that and I don’t want him just staring at lights, I want him interacting with his toys.Because of the cons, I hide this thing at the bottom of his toy box. I’ll take it out every now and then thinking maybe it will go differently, but I’m constantly reminded, when I take it out, why I hid it.UPDATE: Now that my son is 13 months old, I like this toy more. He is learning about cause and effect because he will pick it up and walk around the living room with the music play and when it stops, he will look at it, push the button and then keep walking with it playing the next song. I would never ever ever recommend this toy for a child who stares at the lights, but used in this manner, it is educational and not harmful. I’m leaving my review as a 2, however, because the target audience is younger and I believe it deserves a 2 star rating for that age group.

Clare Fairview, KS

Must have toy

I bought this back when my daughter was a month old. She loved anything with flashing lights. She is now 6 months and still loves it. She will hold onto it and look at the lights for a good amount of time. She doesnt push it quite yet to get the music started. But hopefully soon. I like to use it to hold her attention when I take photos of her as well.

Araceli Gilbert, MN

Great toy… when it worked!

Our twin girls loved this little music player and would even fight over it.When it worked.At first I thought it was just a case of low batteries but even after changing them this toy will sometimes stubbornly refuse to play. Turning it on and off, shaking it, banging it would sometimes get it to start but other times it just sits there a single red light shining to show it’s on but making no sounds. After a few more days it was completely dead.One daughter will sometimes walk up to me with it crying and asking me to make it work. It’s just heart breaking.I’m going to think twice before buying anything else from Baby Einstein.

Jeannine Windthorst, TX

Very cute

Baby loves this product, it has two settings depending on how loud you want the volume, baby loves to watch the flashing lights and several different tunes on this cute little toy.

Reyna Modoc, SC

Skeptical? Buy it anyway!

I was somewhat skeptical when I kept reading all the good reviews about this. After all, it’s just another noisy toy, right? We bought this for our daughter when she was about 6 months old and able to push the big button. She’s 15 months now and still plays with it! It’s very well designed to appeal to a large age range of babies. For the smaller baby–there’s classical music, which is VERY pleasing to parent’s ears–and colorful lights. For the older baby/toddler, there’s a big button to push–what toddler doesn’t like pushing buttons?!–and it’s easy to hold, plus beads on the handle to fiddle with. And it’s durable, as this thing has survived countless falls on all sorts of flooring and is still chugging along after 9 months. I look forward to using it with the next baby as well!

Alisha Saint Johns, AZ


My daughter absolutely loves this thing. So much so that I do too. It gives her a real sense of independence and freedom. She is definitely the one in charge of pushing that button. Over and over and over and over again.

Shannon Maquon, IL

Fab toy!

Perfect toy for babies. It plays classical music and the screen display is fun and keeps the baby’s interest. I highly recommend this toy!

Janine Saint Leonard, MD

Buy this for baby!!

This was a gift for my son when he was a newborn. Initially I kept this on his changing table and played the music during diaper changes. It did not take long for me to learn every note of every song which is ok because the quality of the songs is very good. Once I learned the songs I was able to tap, tickle and touch my son with the notes of the music which became a fun game for us. Now that my son is 8 months old we bring this with us in the car too. The button to activate the music is large enough for my son to press (though he does not deliberately turn on the music yet). There are 2 volume levels and neither is what I would consider to be too loud. The beads on the handle move which adds another dimension, albeit a small one, to the fun of this toy. It takes 2 AA batteries which are easy to access. I would give this as a gift without hesitation.

Della Mc Veytown, PA

One of my kids’ favorite toys

All it does it play classical music and flash blinking lights for 30 seconds at a time, but it’s been of the my kids’ top 5 favorite toys for going on 3 years. It manages to be soothing, stimulating, and hypnotically fascinating all at once.

Leola Circleville, KS

My grandson loves it!

This is a great little entertainer for times such as confined in the car seat. It provides both visual and audio responses to the pushed button, and my grandson will often pick it up and walk around playing the lights and music. Excellent small learning toy at a great price.

Merle Sanford, ME

Baby loves it! I love it!

This little “radio” is great. My 8 week old baby loves listening to it, and most of all, following the lights with his eyes. There are various snippets of upbeat classical songs that will calm your baby when s/he is fussy. I sometimes use it when I am nursing as well. At night time, in a darkened room, the lights/music work to soothe and comfort baby, ultimately lulling him to sleep. I love this product. It comes with batteries and is a steal at this price. It is simple, but invaluable. Highly recommended.

Michelle Blakely, GA

Must Have!

We call this the ‘baby hypnotizer’ — it is the only thing that calms our baby when he really gets crying. It is actually wierd; we just turn it on, and he stops crying and stares at the lights. The nice thing is that it is small and portable, has two volume settings, and plays 6 classical songs in a loop (rather than the same thing over and over again) so you don’t get totally sick of hearing it.

Willa Rupert, VT

Not sure I’d recommend

I bought this because of all the good reviews, but I suspected I was falling for a good marketing strategy. I think it’s overrated. The plastic is hard. I don’t feel comfortable leaving my baby alone with the toy. It seems too likely she’ll hit her head with it. The music is okay–but not nearly as good as others seem to believe. The lights attract the baby’s attention, but it doesn’t sustain her interest. She sometimes hits the button, but it’s not a given. The beads on the side are decorative. There’s not much a baby can do with them. They don’t rattle. There’s not enough room for them to move up and down the handle. On the whole, I find the toy rather annoying. The reviewers who say this is great for parents too must be more tolerant than me.

Toni Universal City, CA

Life saver

We bought this for our son when he was only a few weeks old. He has suffered from acid reflux and would cry for hours. Even though he couldnt play with the toy the music often bought us some peace and quiet. combined with the flashing lights we found it would distract him from crying and he would just stare at it. sometime we would just rock him hitting the button over and over for hours. Now he is 4 months old and this is still his favorite toy only now he can push the button himself and chew on it. The volume is great and it has two levels. still have not had to change the batteries either. this toy has gotten us through many dinners and car rides. we even bought the baby einstiens jumper because of this toy which is equally great since it has 2 of the same tunes that my son obviously recognizes.

Janis Mc Intosh, AL

No sound just after a few days of use!

My baby seemed to like this toy, but just after a few days of using it, no sound was coming out anymore! The blinking lights were working, but no more music. Not worth the money for a musical toy with no music.

Polly Croydon, PA

Good Product But Doesn’t Hold Baby’s Attention

We bought this toy for a car trip and our 15 month old played with it for about ten minutes before waving to it and saying “bye bye”. Initially she always seems very interested in this toy, but then quickly gets bored. I would imagine that the blinking lights and soothing music (it is not annoying in the least) would be interesting to a younger baby.

Teri Slaughter, LA

Best toy under $10

A friend recommended this toy, and now I understand why. Babies love this toy!!! She has been playing with it for months and the songs and lights still entertain her. In fact, I took it with us at her 6mth shots and it was the only thing that stopped her crying. I like that the songs aren’t obnoxious, there are two volume choices and you can’t beat the price. Would recommend to anyone with a young baby.

Candace Del Rio, TX

My son’s FAVORITE toy.

After several friends recommended this little toy, I ordered from Amazon. My son is 7 months old and has been enjoying this since he was born. It lights up and plays several tunes. He loves it so much! If he is fussy, we give him this toy and he is immediately quiet. It is also very durable- it has been dropped and thrown on the ground A LOT and is still going. I recommend this toy to ALL of my friends. I am considering buying a second one to keep in my diaper bag.

Elaine Norwalk, IA

baby loves it

Almost perfect! I wish the speaker was on the front so when it’s on the ground you can still hear it. Other than that, I love the music (not annoying) and baby loves the music and the lights. It’s only $8 at Target though- $21 is ridiculous.

Alta Gardiner, ME

Every baby needs one of these toys

Along with Sophie the Giraffe, I noticed a lot of babies had this toy, so, with Amazon being the cheapest, I decided to purchase it. My now 14 month old still loves the music this toy plays. I highly recommend this toy for any 4+ month old!

Alisa Wyocena, WI

Item came in dirty

a lot adhesive residue on the item. seems to be a refurbished unit. Unit works fine. will not consider to purchase this brand again.

Claudine Granite Quarry, NC

Truly is the best!

Always stops my baby’s cries! Love this toy: good volume, visually stimulating with the lights, easy for baby to hold, nice music. I highly recommend!

Avis Cogswell, ND

take-along tunes

A must-have for any trip anywhere. This is a permanent fixture in my baby bag. The songs sound nice and are not too loud. It keeps my baby entertained and we both enjoy the music.

Beulah Daytona Beach, FL