Baby Einstein Touch and Explore Discovery Book

Baby Einstein Touch and Explore Discovery Book

Baby Einstein Touch & Explore Discovery Book Baby Einstein Touch & Explore Discovery Book encourages children to learn the fun way. This book is an ideal companion for kids with colorful illustrations, shapes, textures and animal sounds. Its interactive nature helps children playfully learn and discover the magic of words, music and sounds. Containing real life imagery and bright looking characters, kids can really get into this book. Why You’ll Love It: Its an engaging way to introduce important lessons. Age: 3 months and up Features Attractive and colorful illustrations that encourages exploration and learning Interactive book Displays lights and plays music Comes in English, Spanish and French

Main features

  • Electronic interactive book with lights, melodies and language discovery in English, French and Spanish
  • Inviting, colorful characters and real-life imagery
  • Pages activate different classical masterpieces and are easy and fun for baby to flip through
  • Encourage baby’s understanding of action and reaction discovery with electronic button
  • Perfect size for on-the-go fun

Verified reviews


There are better versions of this book.

I have bought the vtech and fisher price versions of this book along with this. I love reading to my son and thought it would be nice to have these type of books so he can also play and chew and do as he pleases with a more sturdy book. I have to say the baby Einstein book is my least favorite out of all the others. The pictures are already starting to fad after only playing with the books for a weeks. Also I dislike the fact that the book talks in three different languages and you can not choose it to stick with just one language. If your looking for books like this I would go with either the Vtech one or fisher price.

Latoya Stateline, NV

Could have more

This is a good product but could have a more interactive activity to it like when touching the piano it makes the music like a piano which it doesn’t do this. I I like it good for 4 month old. I you have to push the same button to make it talk which isn’t much fun for bigger children.. Fast shipping

Savannah Lindsey, OH

Mildly entertaining

My daughter has had this for several months now. She got it as a Christmas gift and she was 6 months old. She wasn’t very interested in it and I can’t blame her. For the price i would really expect it to do a lot more. Now at 9 months she might play with it for a few minutes but moves on to something more fun very quickly. If it had only been 10 or so dollars i would have been satisfied but since it is much pricier i really don’t feel it was a worthwhile purchase for us.

Charity Purmela, TX

It didn’t do much.

We bought this book for our 8 month old son. He loves interactive books, so we thought that this would be a great toy. Except it didn’t do much. I think there was only one button to push. It did have different plastic textures, which was cute, I guess. But it wasn’t worth the $10 we paid for it, so we returned it.

Deanne Avila Beach, CA

Page Shorter Than I Thought

I would like to see something very similar but with more pages. I had assumed that the 3 tab would open to another page but does not. I bought this for my grand daughter who will be 1 year on the 25th of Oct. – a few days away. She enjoyed it for the first few minutes but lost interest quickly. I think it is the kind of toy you introduce and when the baby loses interest just put it away for a week or two and reintroduce it as something new. I believe she will get more enjoyment out of it when she can follow the instructions such as touch the guitar or touch the piano etc. On the plus side it is nearly indestructable and inexpensive as well as something that can easily be packed as a take-a-long toy.

Robin Dunnell, MN

it’s okay but that’s it.

It’s not very loud. My daugther could live without it. I thought it would be a little better. I’m not really complaining. It’s really soft noise. It wouldnz’t distract or annoy you. I just don’t think she can hear it over all the fans we use in our house.

Jami Mountain Home, TN