Baby Essentials Nylon Baby Backpack, Orange and Grey

Baby Essentials Nylon Baby Backpack, Orange and Grey

This baby backpack is great for parent’s on the go. It features padded back and straps for extra comfort, stroller attachments and 3 exterior pockets. Hands free functionality.

Main features

  • Key release clip and pacifier holder
  • Insulated pocket to keep food and drink fresh
  • Stroller attachment
  • Wipe able changer included

Verified reviews


Great Product

I bought this as my son got older and we didn’t need to carry quite as many items when we left the house. This is a great item for the price. It has alot of space to fit things and insulated pockets to keep bottles cold.

Francis Santee, SC

lightweight and roomy

I use this bag instead of our regular huge diaper bag when we take him to his swimming lessons. It’s lightweight but roomy enough for his diapers, towel and cloth and bottle.

Maryanne Pine Brook, NJ

Nice unisex baby backpack

This backpack is unisex, comfortable, lightweight and versatile. The only issue is that it is rather small. Wish it were more roomy

Ericka West Willow, PA

Great for those with toddlers.

I chose this bag because of it’s awesome price, and I needed a backpack type diaper bag.It arrived fast and when I opened it, much to my delight everything was symmetrical. (I tried two fisher price ones, beautiful bags, great size but the straps on both bags were completely off center, by a lot)This bag has so far held together well, and I take it just about everywhere we go. The stroller loops with snaps come in handy especially with shopping carts, not so much with strollers as the weight causes both of my strollers to tip back.It is on the smaller side, but it holds the essentials.The cooler pocket is barely big enough to hold our milk sippy cup, but I use that pocket for other things anyway as the elastic topped pockets on either side of the bag accomodates our sippy cups.I like the changing pad it came with, it’s the best I’ve gotten with any diaper bag because it doesn’t absorb liquid, and the pocket it sits in inside the main compartment also holds our diapers and wipes. There are two pockets on either side in their as well, but I almost never use those.The main compartment gets full fast, but I may just be an over packer. I usually fit a pair of skidders, an extra set of clothes with hoody or jacket (for baby of course), mommys wallet, snack trap, and a toy or two, 5 diapers, wipes and changing pad in the biggest part, then in the front pocket hand sanitizer and boogie wipes. Elastic topped side pockets have a sippy cup in each. Zippered side pockets hold our hair ties, comb, stingeez, medicine, lotion, bug repellant fan and other small things. (There is also a binky pocket, we just don’t use it anymore)No doubt it fits everything I need it to, just it can be a tight fit sometimes, wish it were a little bigger. Would not reccomend to those with newborns or infants.

Bettie Melvern, KS

Love it, but broke in the second month

This backpack would have been great, however the plastic bit that adjusts the strap broke in the second month. It’s a great price-point, and the pockets are wonderful. Too bad I now have to tie the strap together.***Update to my review: I purchased a more expensive diaper backpack and I must say that I like how this backpack is laid out. Lots of space, plus sippy cups fit on both sides of the backpack – perfect for two toddlers.

Betty Austwell, TX

Weird Pockets

I bought this because my son and husband help carry the diaper bag, and it is a little more "manly" than a standard bag. I do like the pockets and compartments of a traditional bag better, but it works fine. We are not rough on it, so we have had no quality issues. Basically you have two small outer pockets, two other side-zip areas, and the inner compartment is more or less built just like a bookbag-one big area. It works for us.

Erin Wheeling, WV

The Perfect “Daddy” Diaper Bag

My son is a new dad and just loves this backpack/diaper bag! He keeps it ready to go in his truck…just in case! It’s well built and is just the right size to fit all the basics…and he doesn’t have to carry a “feminine” looking diaper bag!

Gertrude Granite, CO

We use this one over the $100 one

I got this for my daughter when she had a baby, even though I knew she would be getting a more expensive/fancy one. They love the fancier one, too, but this is the one she always has with her and it has everything she needs. It’s very spacious and durable and has lots of different compartments for organization and storage.

Michaela Hurlburt Field, FL

GREAT bag for the price

i like this backpack…in my opinion it is the best diaper bag we have bought. It comes with a changing pad, and has two stretchy cup holder compartments on the inside in addition to the ones on the outside. the 2 zipper pouches are insulated and kept the bottles warm for over an hour. The stroller attachments are a nice touch, especially when you need to take it to the grocery store and attach it to the shopping cart. I have packed this bag so full the seams have stretched and the zipper barely closed and its still going strong! I couldnt ask for a better bag for the price. If and when this one tears up, I will definitely buy the exact same bag to replace it!

Isabelle Eldridge, IA

Great purchase. Love this diaper backpack

This backpack is a pleasant surprise to use as a diaper bag. When I bought it I thought it was kind of small and not a lot of compartments. First impression was good, but not great. After using it I realized it is a terrific buy. It has plenty of room and its simplicity works to its advantage. It has places to put small items (pens, cough drops, wallet, etc.) on the outside zippered vertical pockets and plenty of room inside for diapers, wipes, changes of clothes and more. It is small enough to cram under the stroller seat when necessary and lightweight. It also doesn’t get my back hot and sweaty like other backpacks. It also has two exterior water bottle pockets which is crucial, and unlike other backpacks I have seen and used. I could go on and on about how I like it. Solid construction, good size, good usability and a great purchase. Highly recommend.

Sophie North Fort Myers, FL