Baby Food Containers- Sprout Cups – Reusable Stackable Storage Cups

Baby Food Containers- Sprout Cups – Reusable Stackable Storage Cups

Baby Food Containers- Sprout Cups – Reusable 2 Oz. Storage Cups (12 Pack) with Tray and Dry-Erase Marker – 100% BPA Free: Sprout Cups are perfect for busy moms and dads. These 2 ounce cups allow you to make your own baby food and freeze them for easy meal prep later on. Measurement markings clearly show portions and the dry erase window allows you to note the contents and date. Sprout Cups are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Screw on lids prevent messes from leaking food. The stacking cups and storage tray provide convenient storage. Most importantly, Sprout Cups are BPA free and safe for baby.

Main features

  • 100% BPA and PVC Free – interlocking cups lock to each other AND to their tray.
  • Dry erase function to easily record contents and date (erase prior to Microwaving)
  • Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe
  • Screw on lids to keep food fresh without popping off
  • Includes twelve stacking 2 ounce cups, tray, and dry erase marker

Verified reviews


Does the job

These containers definitely do the job — I like the screw on lid which is easy to put on, securely closes the container, and because it screws on it prevent spills/leaks. I put these in the freezer and they have been holding up quite well. I also like the fact that the interlocking system (bottom of containers lock into lid of containers below) makes it easy & secure to stack these in the freezer or fridge. Gave it four stars because the white strip on the container (for writing on) does come of if you scrub it too hard, but other than that small flaw, these are good. And I would buy these again -the 2oz size is just right -even as my baby starts to eat more I don’t see myself needing a larger container, I try to give him more than one item at a meal which means that I don’t need a bigger container just more of these so that I can offer different things.

Winifred Buffalo, NY

Not sure

I gave this as a gift, but I have not received any comments or feedback from the giftee, so I don’t know how well they do/don’t work.

Sophie Waverly, KS

Great containers

These are great containers. I have used other baby food containers but these are by far the best and less expensive. They are easy to clean and unfreeze food. I just put a frozen food container in the microwave for a few seconds and it is ready to go.

Lakeisha Mount Pleasant, UT

Easy to use

I make almost all of my granddaughters baby food. These are very easy to use and stack well in the refrigerator or freezer.

Sherrie Breaks, VA

Good containers for baby food.

I purchased these because I make my own baby food and I freeze it. They say they are BPA free. I hope that’s true. They really smell strongly to plastic when I sterilized them. I have the AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer and I could fit all 12 containers at the same time. Pretty convenient and they resisted the sterilization process without melting.They stack up pretty well. I only used the markers on a few, but when you clean the writting the white label peels off.Overall a good purchase for the money. All the others I’ve seen are more expensive.

Hillary La Mesa, CA

Good for homemade baby food

I make my own baby food and these work well for our needs. If you’re buying the cups because of the dry/erase function, don’t bother the white area you can write on started coming off the first time I ran them through the dishwasher. I don’t use that function, I just know what’s in the cups.

Lacey Stollings, WV

I bought these for making my own baby food.

Yet I found that reusing the Gerber baby food containers were a lot easier as long as I wasn’t planning on freezing my baby food. Although when I’m on the go these are a lot better, since the Gerber baby food containers do leak.

Angelina Concordia, KS

Great food storage but dry erase feature peels off

These are great for food storage and I was excited about the dry erase feature, however the white coating for the marker starts to peel off very easily (even when they are only hand washed)

Della Carlile, WY

Not Good For Labeling

I like these a lot for their size and functionality– however– the dry erase and white tab on the cup for labeling is horrendous. When you wash the cups with anything stronger than a wash cloth the white space scratches off in patches and if you wash with only a wash cloth the black marker that is provided to write in the spot refuses to come off. No way to win. In conclusion– get these if you do not care about labeling!

Lillie Racine, WV

Dry Erase how?

Great size, love that they are stackable. The dry erase feature is useless! First, the white area comes off! I actually bought labels so I could put my daughters name on these for daycare. The downside is that we are supposed to label daily with the contents and date. I have to use masking tape because the functionality described doesn’t work. Bummer.

Brenda Chanhassen, MN

Great for Storage, Doesn’t label well

I have been using these containers for my homemade baby food for months and I absolutely love them. They are the perfect size (2 oz) and stores food extremely well…the only problem, the dry erase label doesn’t function well. After about 3 uses, the words no longer erase properly, so you are left labeling the food with your own personal labelling method. For me, the worked well, but if you are purchasing because it has the dry erase label, this is not the product for you.

Lauren Coatsville, MO

Make your own.

These are perfect for making your own baby food and storing it. They’re BPA free and freezer safe so it’s convenient to whip up a batch and divide it up in convenient portions.

Caitlin Richardsville, KY

A Thousand Uses for One Baby

These are such a wonderful must have for anyone making their own baby food. Just bringing a tray of these to daycare is so easy. Plus, they have a place to mark them (what it is and name fits perfect) and they lock together so they travel easy!

Benita Osage Beach, MO


They updated these nicely from the green lid ones; i had those w my older daughter. These have screw on lids which won’t pop off in the freezer if you fill them too full. The label feature is a nice extra too so your not guessing or using tape.

Leanna Alkol, WV

Great Buy!

These are great! They are perfect for one serving of baby cereal/food, they screw on tightly and reduce spilling/leaking. They also "lock" into one another so they are stackable. The dry erase is a nice touch, especially if you have several green veggie foods and want to know which is which.

Cecilia Bland, MO

Wish the lids were better

I like the size, shape and stackable ability. The tops sometimes come loose in the freezer and don’t reattach which makes for messy food portability. Slim design holds 4 oz.

Susanna Oberlin, OH

Leak-proof but are a pain to clean

We’ve used these jars for about 4 months now, and they’ve generally worked well. Washing only in warm water and soap, the white labels are mostly intact though have begun to wear off. The lids seal very well and have never leaked for us. When packing them the fact they they click together is a nice feature.On the other hand: They don’t really snap into the base very well, so we’ve ended up not using it. We just stack them upside down in a little tower with the lids separate. Also, we use the OXO cube tray to freeze our baby food, and you can’t even really fit one cube in these cups without thawing. Each jar can fit 2-3 cubes worth of puree, but you have to thaw them first. For this purpose, we’ve actually had much better luck just using 4oz canning jars. We use the dry erase pen that came with these to label the lids. They are easier to feed out of too. So while there’s nothing terrible about these cups, I would choose the glass canning jars (bonus: they can go in the dishwasher!). My husband has chimed in that these are a pain to wash.

Chelsea Martinsville, IN

Great buy

These jars are great for storing baby food in. The only problem I’ve had is that the dry erase marker doesn’t really rub off well so I’ve quit using it to label.

Genevieve Minooka, IL

Pretty okay.

they were awesome. The only thing I did not like is you had to watch how full they got or they would not close and if you freeze them with baby food you have to make sure you leave a little place at the top.

Kristin East Hickory, PA

Love it.

I Use the containers every day for food that I prepare for my 12 mo old. Very handy as it easily goes and stores in the freezer. Easy to clean. The marker is useless to me and the area to write on the cups too small to make longer notes, plus it washes off with multiple uses. Overall container is great for the price.

Nan Mount Union, IA

perfect size

I love these little cups. I only give 4 stars because the reusable label is very hard to erase. It seems to set with heat and then can only be removed with rubbing alcohol. However, they are the perfect size for baby food and they store very well in the freezer. Good buy.

Lynne Charlotteville, NY

Great product!

I really love these cups…but there are 2 things I don’t like. The dry erase marker is hard to get off and once you microwave it the words are stuck forever. Also, the lids are sometimes hard to get on and off correctly. Overall, these are awesome and I use my all the time.

Darcy Clear Brook, VA

Good purchase overall

I like the containers overall, the only issue I have is that sometimes the tops don’t stay on very well. But very useful for our 5 month old son, good size and easy to take care of.

Andrea Fall Creek, OR

very practical and great for daycare if you are making your own food

I struggled with the many options out there and finally settled on the sprout cups. I made the right decision. The 2 sizes are working great.

Jesse Clovis, CA

Sprout Cups.

Keep baby food microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe with these BPA and PVC free interlocking cups and tray! Must have for those making their own baby food! The lids screw on and include a dry erase marker to label.

Ivy Tasley, VA

Don’t waste your money!

The pen didn’t work (completely dried out) when it arrived and one pot fell off the counter onto the kitchen floor and the lid snapped in two, made from very cheap materials.

Sherry O Fallon, IL

Nice Little Set

For the price as an add on these are not only functional, but cute as well. And they include a marker!!However be careful when you take them out of the freezer it dropped out of my hand fell on the floor and the lid broke.

Kristen Eben Junction, MI

This is pretty nifty

The marker doesn’t stay on the labels well in the freezer and the white labels come off quickly anyway. The lids though fit pretty well unlike my Baby Brezza containers. The containers don’t actually sit on top of each other well. They are always falling off in the freezer.

Leila Hills, MN

Nice product

Good design and easy to use. I like that the lids screw on. Unfortunately we just didn’t use these very much.

Earnestine Seaside, OR

Just buy and reuse jars

These containers have the WORST dry erase system possible. I was able to use that the first time, and then the band either rubbed off or the marker wouldn’t erase so that I could update the contents and date. I tried to contact the company directly and they didn’t even bother to reply, so clearly they are not interested in having customers that are happy or will recommend their product. Honestly, save your money. I ended up just buying some jarred organic food, using it periodically and then reused the glass jars with much greater success.

Katheryn Clemons, NY