Baby in Sight Mega Mirror

Baby in Sight Mega Mirror

See baby while you drive!!

Main features

  • 30% Larger than the original mirror

Verified reviews


Bought it for its ratings

I bought this to fulfill a need of my baby choking when I’m driving so I dont have to turn around and drive in a risky manner. I was unhappy to find that during packaging/shipping it popped in the wrong direction and created some little damage in the middle. Regardless I tried putting it in my 9 civic and the baby’s feet touch it. Which isnt the problem, only it doesnt really fit the way the directions say it should, and allow me to see my baby. I don’t like it very much and think you shouldn’t waste your money on it. It isnt worth $20 I paid for it!

Candace Ansley, NE

Great for driving

Our baby is not old enough to use this mirror to entertain himself. We got it because we constantly turn around to check him while we are driving. This mirror is big enough that we can see him using the vanity mirrors. In addition, it makes it easier to glance back and see what is going on. It does not work if the sun shade is down on the bucket car seat however.

Leticia Hackettstown, NJ

Works great

We got this mirror as a replacement to our original, which my husband broke when moving things around in the back of our SUV. This one is bigger and attaches easily. I haven’t used any other brands of mirrors, but based on the others that I see in stores and online, I would recommend this one over all of the others.

Rachel Oswego, IL

Works well but can do better

It works well and the view of the baby is very clear. How ever i would have preffered that there is some way of adjusting the angle/tilt of the mirror. I had to use paper to adjust to show the baby in the center of the mirror as reflected form the rear view mirror.

Georgette Rosebud, SD

New parents can’t live without this item

This mirror gives me peace of mind so I can check on my baby while I am driving. Easy install and doesn’t take up any visual space in the back window. Literally cant live without it. Be sure you buy the one with the LED light!

Lynne Glen Haven, WI