Baby Jogger 2010 City Mini Single Stroller, Crimson/Gray

Baby Jogger 2010 City Mini Single Stroller, Crimson/Gray

CLICK HERE FOR THE SUPER COOL VIDEO The City Mini Stroller by Baby Jogger was designed to be one of the most lightweight, easiest folding swivel wheel strollers on the market. Customizable from birth and beyond, the City Mini is the ideal lightweight travel stroller that maintains all the safety standards and style you’d expect from Baby Jogger. Available in both a single and double, the Mini incorporates features such as Baby Jogger’s patented Quick-Fold Technology, ventilated near flat reclining seat with weather cover, universal City Series accessory mounting bracket and more. Perfect for everyday use around town, the City Mini promises a comfortable and smooth ride for your child. Features: Swivel front wheel Padded seat reclines to a near flat position Vented seat recline with retractable weather cover Multi-position “no pinch” sun canopy with clear view windows 8″ lightweight quick-release wheels with sealed ball bearings Seat back storage compartment Under seat storage basket Front wheel suspension Rear parking brake Adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover Single – 50 lb maximum recommended weight capacity Double – 100 lb maximum recommended weight capacity Less than 30″ wide. Fits through standard size doors!

Main features

  • Patented quick-fold technology – simple lift and fold
  • Weighs only 16.8 pounds with a 50 pound weight capacity
  • 3-Panel bubble canopy with clear view windows
  • 8″ wheels with steel ball bearings and front suspension
  • Universal city series accessory mounting bracket

Verified reviews


not my ideal stroller, but great for the price.

We own the City Mini Baby Jogger in Green. It was our first stroller, and we bought it partially because it was compatible with the Graco carseat. We have since purchased the Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame, because the Graco carseat fits much more securely into that. The optional carseat adapter allows you to rest your carseat on the stroller, but it doesn’t snap in and doesn’t feel all that secure. The handling also suffers when the carseat is attached. I would recommend this stroller for older babies who do not need a carseat adapter. Other features for a younger baby that the city mini lacks: it doesn’t have a bassinet replacement for the chair (like the Quinny and the Bugaboo) – not even as an optional accessory. Also, the foot rest is not adjustable – so your younger baby will have his legs dangling.On the other hand, this stroller is one of those that you can use pretty early on, because the straps can be adjusted fairly tight. As soon as your baby can hold his head steady, he can use the stroller itself. My baby used it at 3 and a half months. It also reclines particularly far back.It is not a bad stroller, especially for the price, compared to some of the more expensive brands like Quinny and Bugaboo. It has a lot of style, visually. It has a lot of optional accessories, like a cooler, a drink/snack tray, and a rain cover. It’s good for tall people – my nanny is 5’10” and it was good for her. It also handles pretty well – as long as you don’t have the carseat attached which throws off the balance.One of its best features is that it folds up easily. You just pull one strap and it folds up, like that. However, it doesn’t lock into its folded-up state – and can just as easily unfold. This can make it slightly more annoying if you are carrying it or storing it. Update: Thanks to an Amazon comment, I have learned that you CAN lock it in place.Another favorite feature is the large canopy. The canopy can almost completely cover the baby – so you almost don’t need that wind cover. There are two windows that you can expose to peek in on your baby.There is a variety of storage space – a narrow space on the back of the stroller, and a bigger area underneath. The area underneath isn’t big enough for our diaper bag though – because you really have to squeeze your item into the space. It’s more appropriate for a number of small items than for one big item. For example, I can put my umbrella, purse, and a small diaper caddy down there. I cannot squeeze, as I mentioned, the bulky diaper bag. Nor does the handlebar lend itself to slinging a diaper bag. Although if you had bag clips on your diaper bag, you’d do OK. So, it’s not the best stroller for the farmer’s market.I have compared it with the BOB Revolution Stroller, and the Bob is easier to steer. You cannot steer the city mini one-handed. The Bob does a better job of securing an infant carseat attachment. Also, the Bob is more of a true all-terrain stroller, whereas the City Mini probably needs to stay in the city. I don’t really jog – I do find this stroller a bit difficult to steer. Update: My nanny did say she found it easy to maneuver and liked it quite a bit. I have been criticized for comparing it with the Bob, but I think it’s fair as the Bob Revolution is a very popular stroller in this area and one that people may be comparing the City Mini with. It’s like SUVs – few people take them off-road, but many people buy them. Similarly, “jogging”-type strollers are popular for people who take them on walks on city streets, even if they never jog.Please Note: This stroller is not appropriate for jogging, despite the name. Not a criticism – just a headsup for buyers.I have to admit that I just bought an Uppababy Vista because I really wanted a reversible stroller, a feature not available with any of the Baby Jogger models. If I hadn’t wanted that feature, I would have been happy with my City Mini enough to keep it as our main stroller.

Martina Fairfax, MN

Good but know its limits

I’ve owned this stroller for two years now…Pros: lightweight, amazingly easy fold, good steering, best canopy on the marketCons: We live in the city with lots of cobblestones and uneven pavement and the tires and suspension are just not very smooth as your child gets heavier. Wish I had purchased the City Elite or Bob Revolution with larger inflatable tires and better suspension. If you plan on doing walking other than indoors or perfectly paved surfaces, seriously consider better tires. Also, the seat is only made of fabric and never goes fully upright so baby sits slouchy…some of this was improved by cutting a piece of thick cardboard the shape of the seatback and inserting in between the fabric (there is an opening so just slide in like an envelope). Now seatback has a bit more support—although still not fully upright. Lastly, when our child was much lighter, the stroller would tip over with any amount of weight on the handle bar. Now that she’s heavier, less of an issue but if bag is hanging off the handles and you remove your child, it always falls over—annoying especially when in public.Overall, this stroller is great but it is best suited for those who will use it only indoors or on very smooth surfaces. As a sidenote, BJ customer service has been awesome. When I got the stroller, the seat fabric had a run in it. BJ sent me a brand new one within days.

Willa Lehi, UT

Would recommend from what I saw…

I bought this stroller for my sister-in-law and her expected baby come this March. I was amazed at how she whipped it out of the box and unfolded it with one hand. I hadn’t done any research on it because I own a BOB for my own twin babies, but she said it weighs less than 7lbs and can be assembled and disassembled with one hand, which I now believe after trying it myself! Pretty cool.

Cheryl Winnemucca, NV


Its a great stroller. It is so easy to maneuver, even with one hand. The one hand release is so great as well. The only reason that I have given it five stars, is because of the basket underneath. It is a decent size, but really not easy to get to. Its not a reason to not get it though. The ease of use and lightweight more than make up for it.

Valeria Kahului, HI

Super Easy to Push, Great Shade

I have been through 4 strollers over the past 5 years with my kids, and by far I love this one the best. What does it for me is the ease of turning with one hand, the super ease in which I can put it in my Jeep (one hand fold) and the best part – THE SHADE! If you ever do early morning or late day walks you know what I mean when I say the sun kinda “creeps underneath” the typical stroller shade. Not this one. It comes all the way down and covers my baby. I started using this when my daughter was just weeks old, now at 8 mos she still loves it. You will need the accessory tray from Baby Jogger, it carries your drink, keys, misc toys, snacks, etc. I love this stroller, try to get it on sale though. My recommendation? Just get whatever color they have on sale – it doesn’t matter, just get it, you’ll love it!

Kristie San Quentin, CA

Ideal for the city parent

Okay, I love this stroller! It’s not perfect, but for someone (like me) living in a small apartment in a walk-up building, and using it on all kinds of city streets, it is just about as good as it gets. Let me start by saying that my baby is 16 months old and, for the last year, we have been using a lightweight, full-featured umbrella stroller. That stroller is a great stroller, no question about it, but for our needs . . . the City Mini is just better.It started when I noticed my upstairs neighbor taking her City Mini, and her baby, up and down our stairs with relative ease. Though I had always been happy with our stroller, I couldn’t help but notice that hers seemed easier. I tried it out several times and was impressed. And after a few weeks, I finally splurged and bought the City Mini myself, even though I had sworn to my husband and myself that I’d never buy another stroller. I do not regret it one bit, because:1. The City Mini is really ridiculously easy to fold and unfold. To fold, you literally just pull up with one hand. I can do it easily while holding my baby and then carry both him and the stroller up the stairs. Even though the City Mini, is quite a bit heavier than my 11 lb. umbrella stroller, I find it easier to get up and down – it’s like carrying a heavy shopping bag in one hand. With the umbrella stroller, I had to bend to fold it, and then it was just more awkward/bulky to carry, even with the carry-strap. It ended up taking more energy even though it was lighter. Likewise on public transport, the City Mini is so easy to just fold and get on the bus, subway, whatever.2. The City Mini sunshade canopy is great. It goes from big to bigger and has two peek-a-boo windows, which I love. Protection from sun, wind, and light rain is great.3. It is SO easy to steer and push. Even going slightly uphill, I can literally push it with one finger. I thought my umbrella stroller had a smooth ride (and it does, compared to other umbrellas), but the City Mini blows it out of the water. (This feature is what made my husband, who thought I was insane for buying another stroller, decide that I had been right after all. He couldn’t deny how much smoother the ride was.)4. I’m fairly tall, and I don’t kick the back when I walk. That was a problem with many of the strollers I had tried in the store (though, to its credit, the umbrella stroller I finally bought – the UppaBaby G-Luxe — is also perfect for tall parents).5. It reclines nearly flat. Naptime, anyone?Now, as I said, the City Mini is not perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect stroller. My complaints? The seat back is not as supportive as I would like, and my baby slouches in it more than he did in the other stroller. The one-piece handlebar makes it hard to hang a bag from it; you have to use a bag with really long straps, or buy a separate stroller bag hook. I also find the rubber on the handlebar a little more hot/uncomfortable in the summer than the cool foam handles of my other stroller. The City Mini storage basket is fairly large but a little bit hard to access (not impossible – just not quite as easy as some other strollers). And the stroller does not stand when folded, so you have to prop it up against something or just hold onto it. This is the one feature my umbrella stroller has that I really miss. The first time I took my City Mini on the subway and had to prop it against the wall while I bought a Metrocard, the concrete scuffed the handlebar. Not cool.Nevertheless, when you factor in the wonderful sunshade, the fantastic maneuveribility, and the incredible one-handed fold, the above complaints fade the background — the City Mini still takes the cake.If you are a city-dweller like me and debating between a City Mini and an umbrella stroller (like UppaBaby G-luxe or Maclaren), I hope you find this review particularly useful. I loved my umbrella stroller (so much, in fact, and for so long, that I almost feel like I’m cheating on it). Still, all things considered, I wish I had bought the City Mini first.

Kris Duke, OK

At first look…and Update

Update:Only Cons:1) Stroller is not as smooth to stroll as I had imagined. Very bumpy and shaky even on even pavement.2) Basket is extremely difficult to get to with the metal bars3) Lack of back support is NOT good for baby. You have to buy the PE Board separately for it. (Actually, will be selling ours. Baby not able to sit up straight and 90 degree is problematic. Good support is necessary and so is the ability to view her surroundings!)4) Baby CAN NOT sit up straight in this stroller. There is always going to be some kind of recline5) Harness is NOT a easy to put on. It twirls and tangles a bit so it takes a while.6) I like it but, to me, I think it’s just a tad better than an umbrella stroller. Like the Mac Quest which is lighter and more compact.7) Parent cupholders – you have to buy everything separately. Don’t get fooled by the starting price…——I just received the stroller in Crimson/Gray today. It was a cinch to put together and all the parts in the stroller makes sense. I can tell the manufacturers have really thought thoroughly about this stroller. Everything works well together and there isn’t one thing that is not there for a reason. That being said, I will have to gripe about one thing. That is the lack of support for the back. My baby was completely hunched or curled in her seat. It’s necessary to add a cardboard backing to the seat or purchase the PE Board. The box says stroller is under 17 pounds, and again, well thought out. If they were to add a board or anything solid to the seat back then it would go over 17 pounds hence not able to be the most desired product with addition to the easy fold technology.I haven’t taken it out yet but will do so soon. I’ll post an update then. However, everything including the color looks great! Love it and highly recommend. And I bought it off another site, […]. They offer a $5 return if you are dissatisfied. It’s good insurance for purchasing online.

Eileen Mineral Springs, NC

Best Stroller EVER!!!

When we learned that we were having a baby, we did our research and then some. And I am glad we did. Our little girl is now 15 months old, so we have been using our City Mini for a while. Folding and unfolding is AMAZING!!! Just pick it up with one hand, and have your baby in the other hand, WOW!!! Folds super small. This is the ONLY full sized stoller that will fit in out “other” car, a VW New Beattle. Great option when I pick her up from daycare, and my hubby had dropped her off. And this stroller manuvers like a dream and turns on a dime. We have taken it on airplanes, big and small, and no problem. Even the gate agents were amazed at how easily it folded. We have taken to our dog park through dirt, mud and grass and it is just wonderful. Our daughter is very comfortable in it, and will nap without a problem. I do recommend that you also purchase the parent tray, and I wish that Baby Jogger included it. I guess that is their way of keeping the price down, and it is an amazing buy, as I would compare it to some of the $500+ strollers for quality. I also purchased an JJ Cole Urban BundleMe, that works great. Gee, I wish I had such a nice snuggly ride!

Tami Cantil, CA


Let me start by saying i’ve had a bugaboo frog, quinny buzz, bob rev, mac, and peg p3 and this one is THE best! So light, easy to fold, HUGE shade , cool colors (we had the vibrant orange-love it!), padded flat reclining seat, mesh recline for air/you can see the baby when reclined, BEST push (better than the bug for sure!), two windows in canopy, ability to take belly bar/car seat adaptor, wheels easy to bump up/down curbs, and flat flat fold. This is NOT a jogging stroller, rather more like a peg p3 set up with 3 wheels. some outdoor use is ok but it is more of an errand/mall stroller. If you walk more outside, look at the baby jogger city classic or elite, big air tires but same great fold/canopy. The sunshine kids caddy fits PERFECT on the mini for drinks/keys etc and is sold on amazon too 🙂 Love my mini, makes quick trips with my toddler/ 5 month old great (we are using the car seat adaptor). hth!

Jenifer Alvord, IA

Best Stroller!

We just love this stroller! We live in the city and have to swing around crowds on the sidewalk and get into narrow drugstores etc. and this stroller is a dream! It turns so easily – it’s really easy to push and gives a smooth ride! I can push with one hand with no problem. The fold is ridiculously easy. Great for getting into cabs or cars while by yourself. The sun visor is great also – it fully covers baby. The only downside is that the basket under the stroller is a little small – but most strollers seem to have this problem, even the $800 Bugaboo! Also there is no cup holder but you can just buy one for like $8 and attach it, no problem. You won’t regret getting this stroller.

Mabel Wilburn, AR

The best investment ever!

This is the fourth stroller I own and it will be the last! I wish when I was pregnant I knew someone that had this stroller, as we bought a travel system (first time parents) and thought that was the best purchase. This is perfect! it folds in half, it’s super light too! We do own a Jeep jogger that is great for trips to the beach and big days out where we need the storage. We also purchased the console, the child tray and cooler bag. I think we’ll probably purchase the car seat attachment for our next baby too. I recommend this to all parents!

Lindsey Arthur, NE

Great Stroller!

I researched strollers FOREVER before registering for one. I wanted one that wasn’t as bulky as the travel systems we looked at, is easy to fold and is easy to maneuver. This stroller is all that–although I have to say it is bulkier than I expected it to be, but still not so much as some of my friend’s strollers are. We got this as a gift including the car seat adapter, parent console and the child tray–but it sucks that you have to buy all that separately–I understand not everyone would need the car seat adapter, but I feel that the parent console and the child tray should be included. I take this shopping all the time because, even though the rear wheels are kind of wide and get stuck sometimes, it is easy to whip around in tight spaces and those wide set wheels don’t get stuck anymore often than the ones on my Graco Snugrider do(which I also love). When I take my baby on walks and it’s raining (and we live in Seattle so it’s usually raining) the canopy comes down so far that we don’t even need a rain cover. My only complaint about the canopy is that with the car seat on it, the two canopies don’t line up to protect the baby as much as I’d like–but then the car seat and the stroller are two different brands so I can’t expect it to be perfect. The fold is awesome, people are fascinated when they watch how easy it is! My daughter is only 10 weeks old so I can’t say how durable this is, but it’s rated up to 50 lbs, so I hope it lasts.

Allie Oakland, MS

Not what I had hoped for

When I went shopping for strollers, every single clerk raved about this stroller. I loved the look of this stroller and as a new Mom, had high hopes that this would be perfect. Unfortunately, I should have purchased a travel system combo and then bought this stroller when she was at least 2. Right from the start, I had “issues” with it! When my baby was a newborn, I was so nervous placing her in the car seat and then strapping her car seat onto the adapter bar. It just never seemed sturdy enough and I always worried the car seat would fall off when going over bumps. Now she is older (and pretty big for her age) and she is slouchy in it. She always looks uncomfortable and slumped over. I was also told how wonderful the pull system for folding and storing was. Be aware it is not as easy as it looks and it is quite heavy and awkward when putting into the trunk. I had to return and am thinking of purchasing an Uppa Baby G-Lite or a good old fashioned Graco.Pros: design, smooth ride, large canopy, folds compactlyCons: Have to purchase almost all of the accessories that come standard with most strollers. This included buying an attachment for the car seat, a parent console (which wasn’t much) and a child tray-you’ll be surprised how fast this adds up! Pull system is over-rated and can be awkward to put in the car. Child doesn’t sit comfortably in it either–this reason alone was enough for me to return it. I think this stroller was made for older babies/toddlers.

Meghan Cayce, SC

Love this stroller!

I did months of research trying to find just the right stroller for my daughter. With my 2 older boys, I owned numerous strollers and had problems with all of them. This time around I was determined to buy one stroller to use for all of our needs. And this is it! It’s the easiest stroller to unfold and fold. Baby is 7 months and quite comfortable in the seat. One con: it did take some time and patience to get the harness straps adjusted properly. I love the big adjustable canopy; it does a wonderful job of covering baby’s face adequately. The tires are big and offer a smooth ride. It’s easy to push and maneuver. We got the green and gray model and it is a very pleasing color combination. We also purchased the child tray and parent console separately. The parent console even offers a small insulated compartment; how handy! You won’t be disappointed with this stroller!

Erin Jeffersonville, VT

Perfect for Travel and Rough Weather

I did a TON of research before purchasing this and it’s lived up to my expectations.I needed…- Lightweight for extensive air travel & because I’m only 5ft tall- Easy to fold and carry because I am often by myself with the baby- Fully reclining because my baby sleeps in the stroller- Reinforced back because I hate flimsy backs where the baby slumps down- Excellent coverage for hot weather & rain/freezing weather- Sensitive maneuverabilityThis stroller had it all!The strap used to fold the stroller ends up on top so you don’t have to grab anything else to transport it once you close it. Literally, you just pull the strap with one hand, it flops closed and you carry it away! I’m only 5ft tall and I can maneuver this in an out of the car and through baggage claim with ease all by myself.We travel is very sunny climates so this extra large sunshade is perfect. Other strollers have sun shades, but this one keeps me worry free and covers my baby even when he’s laying down flat. In cold weather, this shade keeps the wind out as well. Everything you can think of to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature has been addressed with this stroller. When the baby is reclined on a hot day, you can keep the back cover rolled tightly up so the screen is exposed and air can vent through. When it’s really cold you can lower it down.There are also many flaps that can be opened to reveal a clear plastic window so you can see the baby when it is upright or lowered.The reinforced back for the 2011 model is much more firm than the previous models.My son is 9 months old and the shoulder straps are on the lowest hook. He will have PLENTY of room to grow into this stroller so for the price, you can’t go wrong knowing you won’t have to buy another one. There are car seat adapters that you can use for most car seats so when I have my next child I will definitely use this to take the newborn around.Hands down best bang for your buck! It looks just as nice as the BOB or Peg Perego but SO much cheaper and lighter.

Lawanda Bristol, NH

Great Stroller

This stroller is great– the biggest items on my list were: *durable *compact enough (can maneuver easily in stores) *lightweight *can turn one-handed. This fits all of them. I have exhasted myself researching strollers, usually you have to choose between comfort and features with weight and portability. This does all of that. I had a Maclaren, which is great for travel (umbrella fold) but it is just too tipsy with not enough storage for everyday use. I also have a Bob Revolution because we are true joggers, but it is just too big and heavy for everyday use.You won’t find a canopy like this anywhere, and it is so stable it would take a lot to tip it over. The price is great for the quality. Look at other stroller that are cheaper– you’ll find quality complaints (things breaking, heavy). And stroller that aren’t nearly as good that are much more expensive.The only major complaint I’ve seen is that the seatback is too soft, causing the child to slouch. This might not bother you or your kid. But I ‘stole’ an easy fix from another reviewer: buy a 3-ring binder (the kind with that is cardboard). Cut one portion of the cardboard off the binder and it slides right in behind the seatback (you’ll see where you can release the velcro in the back to do this). It is a perfect fix.** update:we have had this stroller for about 14 months now. In the summer the large canopy has been great to shade our 11 month old from the sun. We got the belly bar for him to pull up and look out. The only problem so far with this stroller is our boy has to pull himself forward to look to the side of the stroller, which annoys him sometimes. We also have found this stroller to be fabulous for taking naps. We just recline it all the way, put down the shade to ‘turn out the lights’, and rock the stoller a bit and he is off to sleep! Lastly, since we live in Washington– the canopy has been priceless to fend off the rain. Separate plastic covers are annoying– but with the City Mini canopy the coverage is instant. Only my son’s feet stick out some. Perfect for quick runs to the car from the grocery store in the rain– or we live downtown so it is perfect for rainy 10 minute walks to the store.

Katelyn Palm Coast, FL

Very good but posture is an issue

There are a number of positives to this stroller:+ Compact (it fits in the back of my Mini Clubman with the rear wheels popped off)+ Ease of folding (just pull the strap)+ Ease of removing the wheels (one button)+ Big canopy+ Large windows in the canopy+ Tall handle (easier on my back than the Graco we have)+ Good ride (not close to the ride of the old English pram we used when she was young, but better than the Graco)+ Accessories (we haveBaby Jogger Child Tray, there are others available)+ Weight+ Turns on a dime+ Easy reclining (one hand)Some things that are adequate:= Decent storage space (not fantastic, no hanging bags from it)= Wheels size (could be bigger but not a big problem)= Wheel construction (solid EVA, inflatables would be a positive upgrade)= Reclined position (goes almost flat)And only a few negatives- Five point harness is overly restrictive for a walking stroller (and this is definitely a walking stroller not a jogging stroller). The harness also makes it- Hard to sit up inThe reason I am taking one star off is that our nineteen month old daughter (who has exemplary posture in the Graco) just can’t sit up straight in this. We have taken her on long walks in the Graco and she is fine. On long walks in this she fusses after about a mile and a half. Since providing a seat is one of the core attributes of a stroller, it is worth noting. We mostly use the Graco around the neighborhood even though it is clunkier just because she is more comfortable. After receiving comments about a stiffening board to go in the back we tracked it down and got one. It is a slight improvement but the seat is still basically a mini hammock and she still (ten months after I wrote my original review) has bad posture in this stroller.

Kay Clarksburg, WV

City Mini

I love this stroller! I bought this stroller after seeing a video review on here from Baby Gizmo (the link to the City Mini that I had purchased along with all that feedback/reviews is gone off of Amazon now, so if you want to see that video review, just google it). I love the ease of this stroller. I like that it’s lighter weight. I like the smaller footprint that it takes up. I like that you can easily fold it with one hand while holding your child (or anything) in your other hand. It folds up smaller that most “full size” strollers, and I do consider this one to be a full size stroller because it has all the perks of it. I don’t like that you have to purchase any and all accessories separately, but that also makes this stroller customizable. I do recommend getting the belly bar, if nothing else. This is my go-to stroller, and is in fact my only stroller currently and I just purchased the double version to try out. Would definitely recommend it to any one.

Autumn Campbell, MN

Completely satisfied!

We have loved this stroller for the past 2 years! We have used it with our daughter since she was about 4 months old and she still fits very comfortably at 2 years old (she is off the charts for her age…the size of a 3 year old). Nothing but great things to say about this stroller!

Brenda Nallen, WV

Really Durable; Wish We Had Bought This Earlier!

We got our City Mini specifically for a trip to Tokyo with our 38 inch 3 1/2 yr old. We used (or perhaps abused) this stroller 7 days straight, all day, including a trip to Tokyo Disney, and it was just great. We don’t use strollers often at home – have a Combi that we mostly used for flights where stroller was not used much at end destination – but wanted something with a better and more comfortable fit for our child who would likely be napping a lot in the stroller, and something that would be a lot easier to manuver in an urban environment and also for Mom who would be traveling home alone and would need to steer stroller one-handed at all times. We got the stroller, the rain cover, and the carry bag, but none of the other accessories.Our take: This stroller is super easy to manuver and the one-step fold was so convenient when we were nearly constantly going from train to escalator, stairs etc. in the Tokyo subway system. Our child was incredibly comfortable and I think sees this stroller as more of a “big kid” ride than her previous stroller. Canopy coverage is really deluxe – provides excellent shade and also maximum privacy if your child just wants to check out. As one reviewer noted, I love that your child sits recessed so your child is not flush with everyone’s shopping bags, cigarettes, etc. as you walk down the street.As to durability: Our “gate checked” stroller was put into checked bagagge on the Japan end on our return flight to the US and it came out unscathed!!! I cringed as I watched it tumble out of the luggage funnel onto the bagagge carousel along with everyone else’s hard-sided lugagge. Result? The stroller was completely intact!!!! (It was in the Baby Jogger bag, which I can also recommend, but that’s mainly to avoid dirt and to facilitate carrying – it’s definitely a decent bag but certainly *not* intended as protection from international checked-through luggage.)I wish we had bought this stroller much, much earlier. I’m looking forward to using it on more vacations and for neighborhood walks, and I would recommend it without hestitation. I think Dad thought it was a bit extravagant to buy a stroller just for a vacation, but even he was completely sold once we embarked on our trip!

Alba Debary, FL

Best stroller

This is the best stroller, I have had it for almost a year now and it is light weight, easy to fold and my son loves it!

Linda Chelsea, VT

Great stroller – Just a little difficult for 6 month old

This is a great stroller and I know in a few more months everything will work out better. My daughter is 6.5 months old, and the product says it’s made for 6 months and up, however the shoulder straps, even on the bottom setting are far too high for her (she is 95th percentile for height so she definitely isn’t just small). Waist wise I can adjust it fine, but the shoulder straps are too high and it’s slightly dangerous because she could slide her arms easily out of them due to this. I’m sure when she’s older around 9-10 months it’ll fit properly.Now onto the pros and cons of this stroller:PROS:- Sunshade – Full coverage, goes almost down to babies feet. Two bubbles on top so you can look down at baby, you can cover the bubbles with the flaps that are built in too to prevent any sun getting in.- Reclining – Reclines to any angle, from all the way up to flat.- Handling – Turns on a dime, great for walking in the city, indoors, sidewalks, or any other type of smooth surface.- Folding – Folds with one hand just like it says and you can pick it up and put it in your car trunk one handed too. I have the parent and child tray on and it still folds beautifully.- Lightweight – Pick it up with one hand no problem.CONS:- Storage basket – Basket underneath is small and openings are strange. The front and back are covered which is unusual, you have to put items in from the sides and basically *stuff* your things in, which is a real struggle at times. I think this would be better if they could make the basket completely open and not covered the way it is…- Harness size – I don’t feel the shoulder strap height is properly adjustable for 6-7 month olds, or possibly even 8 month olds…There should be 1-2 more options to lower them even further, it’s not currently safe yet for my 6.5 month old…- Comes bare bones – This isn’t a con necessarily, you can buy the parent and child tray, belly bar, and the particle board to place in the seat for more support. I feel the particle board should definitely be included, because why would anyone want LESS support for their child’s backs? The board fixes that area completely but it’s a little odd you have to buy it separate…The parent tray is a necessity I feel, especially if you’re someone who goes out everyday, it gives you somewhere to put your keys, a bottle of water if you have it, anything you feel you’ll need to take out in a pinch…The child tray is optional, it’s a good one as with the push of a button it can swing to the side and allow you to take your child in and out, I just wish this had been included for the price of this stroller…- Handling on bumpy/irregular terrain – Now I certainly don’t take this thing off-roading or anything like that, but this thing doesn’t do well on any type of uneven or rough surface. Gravel, broken/uneven sidewalk or other pavement, etc. it handles really poorly on these. I didn’t expect it to do exceptional or anything on these types of surfaces, but I feel it should be a little better than this…That said, I recommend this stroller for babies that are older (past the manufacturers recommendation) because a 6-8 month old in this is really pushing it in terms of safely and properly fitting in the stroller, the shoulder strap lowest adjustment is just too high still. I would say infants 9+ months would fit best in this, prior to that I would hold off…I can’t use an infant car seat in this thing anymore, my daughter long outgrew hers, so that’s not an option to buy that attachment either, so kind of stuck in between…

Jillian Oklahoma City, OK

Our ONLY stroller

We absolutely love this stroller. I just (on a slow night browsing online) read all the reviews and agree with most of the comments. We chose not to have several strollers to save some money and also to save storage space. We don’t have much! This stroller is excellent. I almost purchased the belly bar after reading the reviews, but our daughter loves climbing in and out of the stroller, so the bar would make that impossible. She gets so excited when we take the stroller out from behind the basement door and immediately climbs in when we open it. I also agree that the basket is hard to get to, but we still can jam 2 light jackets and an umbrella from the sides. I also keep one or two reuseable bags down there for impromptu shopping trips. I read all the reviews after one person said they found out how to truly lock the stroller in the folded position. I can definitely open up again sometimes and can be hard to prop up when folded. I love the canopy too, but still think you need the rain cover in colder wet weather to block the wind/rain from your baby’s legs. There’s so much to say, it’s hard to stop! The snack drink accessory is not that great b/c it slouches a bit now, but that’s because we hang our diaper bag over the handle. It does make the stroller unstable, but we’ve gotten the hang of it and usually hang shopping bags from a mommy clip all the time. Our daughter does slouch in it, so we might try the binder cardboard trick. Thanks for the tip! The only other thing is that it does tend to be longer than some more compact strollers. Still 5 stars for us for holding up as our ONLY stroller. (we don’t use the Graco car seat stroller anymore.) Worth it and so sleek!

Deidra Osmond, NE