Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double Stroller, Black/Black

Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double Stroller, Black/Black

DECENT FEATURES of the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller Padded seat reclines to a near flat position Vented seat recline with retractable weather cover Locking swivel front wheel with suspension 8″ lightweight quick-release wheels with sealed ball bearings Adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover Multi-position ?no pinch? sun canopy with peek-a-boo windows Under seat storage basket Seat back storage compartment Rear parking brake Secure storage strap to keep stroller folded for transportation or storage The SPECS 8″ wheels Assembled Dimension: 38.5″ x 29.75″ x 41.5″ Folded with Wheels Dimension: 31″ x 29.75″ x 11.25 Folded without Wheels Dimension: 31″ x 29.75″ x 7″ Weight: 26.6 lbs Recommended Weight Capacity: 100 lbs (Maximum recommended weight capactiy equals combined wieght of passenger, storage and accessory options) Seat Dimensions Max. head height: 23″ Seat back: 19.25″ Seat to knee: 9.25″ Shoulder width: 11″ Knee to footplate: 8.75″ Width of knee: 12.5″ OVERSIZE ITEM: We cannot ship this product by any expedited shipping method (3-Day, 2-Day or Next Day). Even if you pick that option, it will still go Ground Shipping. Sorry for being so mean. This product can only be shipped within the United States. Please don’t hate us.

Main features

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  • Patented one-hand Quick-Fold Technology – allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step
  • 8″ lightweight quick-release EVA wheels with sealed ball bearings and front wheel suspension, dual lockable swivel front wheels for long distance strolling
  • Patented universal accessory mounting bracket – accessorize your stroller with ease
  • One-step individually adjustable reclining seats to a near flat position with mesh back and retractable weather covers
  • Individually adjustable multi-position sun canopies with peek-a-boo windows

Verified reviews


just ok

This stroller is just ok. I think it is overpriced. Don’t get me wrong it seems like a nice stroller but for $400 I was expecting something more. It is easy to push, has nice fabric, and turns well. It also fits in the trunk of my honda civic hybrid 2008 if you get creative. However there is no more room in the trunk once you get it in.It opens and closes easily. This stroller is heavy even though it is one of the lighter double strollers. I find it kinda hard but doable to take it to the mall with 2 children by myself. It does not fit through small spaces well. It just seems bulky to me. It also does not come with many added features. For instance, it does not have a cupholder. For $400 it really should have one. I have only used this stroller twice. The only use I can see for it is a walking outside stroller. But I don’t even use it for that anymore because I got a kinderwagon hop. It is great! I got the hop to take to the mall and on vacation. But it is also great for taking walks too. So really it was the only stroller I needed. I wish I knew about it before purchasing this stroller. That is why Im writing this review. The hop has everything I was looking for in a double stroller but is about the same size as a single stroller. It only weighs 21 lbs. It fits in the backseat of my honda civic with 2 car seats already in there. That frees up my trunk. It comes with a cupholder, bag, and raincover for free. It also cost me less at 299 dollars. Really think about it before buying this stroller. I just don’t see anything special about it.

Patty Dale, IL

LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller

I had my baby boy when my daughter was 20 months. It was summertime and I wanted to be able to go for nice walks with both of them — I love using a baby carrier for the little one, but it’s too hot for long walks in the heat! So, I got this stroller and absolutely LOVE it. It’s very smooth, good quality, and perfect for my long walks in the neighborhood. We don’t have sidewalks, so there is some rough terrain, but nothing terrible. It also folds very small – even fits in the trunk of my tiny Prius C!!!I also got the compact pram for the baby, which was an excellent accessory.

Amy Lamoille, NV

Happy owner for over a year

I have owned this double stroller for a little over a year now. I got it when my girls were age 2 months old and 22 months old. They are now 16 months and 3 years old, and we are STILL using this stroller at least 4-5 days a week and it’s going strong! I love everything about this stroller. I use it for 2 purposes: brisk walks/jogs around our neighborhood and around-the-town shopping and errand running. Yes, yes I know it is not a jogging stroller, but on smooth pavement at a light jogging pace, this thing still glides and moves well (even fully loaded with 70+ pounds of kids).For shopping/library/doctor’s office trips, it is amazing. This is what the City Mini brand was created for, and it is clear that the engineers of this stroller took every parent’s needs and wants into consideration. My older daughter, now just 3, used to be a stroller hater. Seriously, we could not get her to sit in one, let alone happily. But magically, she not only sits comfortably and willingly in it, she actually requests to go for walks in it!The basket is difficult to access, but I have always kept essentials stored in the mesh pockets in the seat back and my diaper bag, which straps to the handlebar. The structure of the stroller is so sound that it has never tipped with too much weight on the bars, even when both my kids have gotten out. I don’t use the under basket much at all, so its inconvenience is minor to me, but perhaps I would use it more if it were a better access? Not sure, but I can say I don’t feel deprived without it. We are able fit a small cooler in the underbasket for long daytrips, so the size is not an issue.The recline is so great, both my girls (mostly the baby) have napped in it, the sunshade is amazing. Love that they have separate shades, so if one is sleeping she can be in her own cave, and sister can still enjoy a view.Most of the positive features have already been well discusses by other reviewers, so I debated whether to add yet another glowing review of my own. But I just wanted to say that after owning and using this stroller for over a year, I can definitely say it was worth its price in quality design and how much easier it has made my life as a mom with 2 small kids that doesn’t want to go crazy with a meltdown toddler running away from me in a parking lot. This stroller has saved my sanity and given me freedom to go places on my own with the kids. My husband was reluctant to spend so much money on a stroller at first, but now even he wants to bring it everywhere we go! Just another note on its compact fold: for long road trips, we have been able to stand it upright in the trunk of our Hyundai Santa Fe and fit lots of luggage and a pack and play next to it just fine. Granted, my husband’s a very organized car packer– he’s got it down to a science– but even still I believe the compact fold of the stroller made a difference. I keep it in my trunk all the time, and have no issues whatsoever with fitting groceries, shopping bags, etc. on top or around it.So no regrets on this stroller. Plan on keeping it for a lot longer!

Bernadette Ilfeld, NM


Bought this stroller for my 17 month old and 1 month old because this is the only double stroller that would fit in the trunk of my car- absolutely love it!! Have been using this for several months now…Pros-Easy to foldFits through standard size doorscomfortable (my 17 month old is 36″ tall and she is content)sturdylightweightfolds very small (i have a 2009 chevy malibu and fits no problem)Cons-Attachments are expensive (FYI- car seat attachment is not necessary- seat reclines enough for baby >6 months to be secure)rocks get stuck in the wheelsoverally definetly recommend!

Rosalyn Red Devil, AK

Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double Stroller

Before I bought less expensive running stroller and was very disappointed. It was a little difficult to unfold and had some sharp edges and finger pinching hazards on some of the parts. Worst of all it pulled very hard to the right when jogging and despite a badly-designed front-wheel alignment adjustment, it could not be corrected. After having it veer into bicycle and car traffic a couple times, I returned it for a refund.My only reservation in buying the Ironman was that I’d read that the handlebar could not be adjusted for height. I’m 6′ 3″ so I thought this would be an important feature. I bought it anyway, and it’s been amazing:”
• > The handlebar height is fine for both me and my wife (she’s much shorter than I am)”
• > The front wheel alignment adjustment is very effective – it was very easy to get it rolling perfectly straight”
• > I can unfold it easily with one arm.”
• > Lightweight – we live in a 2nd floor walk-up in Brooklyn and i can carry it upstairs easily”
• > Comfortable for my son – He’s tall and weighs 35lb”
• > Didn’t think we really needed the shock-absorbers, but they are very nice – particularly when going over curbs, steps, etc.”
• > It has a bicycle-type brake on the handlebar – this took a bit of adjustment to get it to work the way I wanted, but is a very nice feature when going down steep hills (out of breath)”
• > All of the parts /construction feel very high qualityLarge wheel size makes a big difference, it almost feels like it’s rolling itself along”
• > Sun shade / cover is very effective and easy to retract fully.Can be a little challenging to get around the grocery store but the storage layer under the seat is very useful and holds a lotVery easy to steer, well balanced so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to redirect it”
• > Two twin baby can be comfortable and have ‘enough free space. ‘
• > Comfortable running either behind or along-side

Juliet Lincolnville Center, ME

Best double stroller at this price point (but basket could be better)

When it comes to strollers, there are several things I look for. The maneuverability, the canopy size, the basket size, and the weight of the stroller. This one wins in most of those categories (the basket is flimsy and hard to access from the back of the stroller).I did get the stone/sand color which is in my opinion the best looking one but they don’t offer that color in the newer models. The canopy has two peekaboo windows on top so you can see your kids regardless of how far the canopy is opened. The recline is good although your kids will never really get to sit fully upright.If you want a full stroller shopping guide visit the website Just look under baby gear essentials and you’ll find a full baby registry suggestion list (what you really need versus what you don’t), a baby carrier shopping guide, and even what to expect postpartum, in the delivery room, and how to sleep train your child. It’s written by a researcher and perfectionist mom who provides honest and down to earth reviews of products.

Elvia Mountain Home, AR

Perfect double stroller.

The search is over for the perfect double stroller. After a ton of research and test driving, we bought the 2011 City Mini Double and couldn’t be happier.Best features:- super quick fold- folds nice and flat- full-coverage canopies- great brake mechanism- really lightweight- easy to maneuver- good handlebar height (I’m 5’5″ and my husband is 6’5″ and we’re both happy)- fully reclining seats- fits through ANY doorway we’ve triedI know that people complain about the storage but if you use mommy hooks and the behind-the-seat storage, there’s really no problem. Similarly, with the accessories coming separately, we’ve been able to purchase what we want and we just knew ahead of time there’d be some added cost there. We constantly get stopped and asked about our stroller – people can’t believe how nicely it maneuvers. We are 100% happy!

Michelle Mereta, TX

Love It

I love this double stroller. It is so easy to push and to get in and out of the vehicles. We own a 2011 Nissan Armada and it fits great in the back and doesn’t take up nearly as much room as our single stroller did. And this stroller is so easy to take out and put back up. At first I was taking off the front wheels for a better fit in the suv and even doing this, it still was easy and fast to take out and put up. Yesterday, I figured out to turn the front wheels to the side and I didn’t have to take em off to get it in the suv. My children are 2 years old and 7 months old and they love riding in their stroller. The 2 year old loves sitting next to the baby. There are so many things I love about this stroller. Actually there is nothing negative I could possibly say about this stroller. It fits through every door, I’ve tried it in. It fits through most aisles. I can’t complain about the stroller not fitting through some clothing racks in some stores because it’s the stores that put stuff so close together, that it’d be hard to get a single stroller through. I guess my only complaint would be that all the accessories have to be bought separately. I’m gonna have to get a cupholder for myself. I like the belly bar and so does my 2 year old. I do leave the belly bar on all the time. I keep the child trays in my car, in their boxes and use em as needed, which is hardly ever. Even though it’s pricey, especially with having to buy the accessories separate, I’d still buy it again. I love it!

Natalia Lynx, OH


UPDATE 08/08/2013: I absolutely fell in love with this stroller and wanted it to last a long time. I gave it 4 stars when I first wrote my review. But after just one month of having this stroller, I’m having major issues with it. I’ve honestly used it maybe 7 or 8 times. About a week ago, one of the back wheels started clicking constantly. It is a loud clicking/screeching sound that drives me up the wall. It gets so bad that my 3 year old asks what that noise is. Then a few days ago, the front wheels started locking on their own. I have to unlock them every few minutes. Yesterday at the mall, I got so tired of bending down to unlock the wheels that I just started pushing the bar down to lift the front wheels every time I needed the stroller to turn. I am beyond disappointed and annoyed by this. I’ve emailed Baby Jogger and they have responded by saying that they’d like to see proof of purchase and the problems captured on video. Really??? Okay, but this isn’t the response I expected nor is this the type of quality I expected from a $450 stroller. I will provide them with a video and proof of purchase but I expected them to send me new wheels without all this hassle. And even after I provide them all the information they need, they will “review the material and determine if it needs to be submitted for a warranty claim”. This stroller is only a month old!07/08/2013: After doing months and months of research on double strollers, I decided to get one of those sit ‘n stand strollers when my second baby was born. The citi mini double was my second choice but I just didn’t want to spend that much money. I struggled with the bulky sit ‘n stand for one year before I took the plunge and purchased this. I am beyond impressed! My kids are one and 3, both are not big fans of being strapped into anything but I’ve been able to keep them content in this stroller for about 15/20 minutes before taking them out and giving them a break. I should have bought this from day one! It steers like a dream! I am so in love with this stroller that I want to use it instead of the single stroller even when only one of the kids is with me. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it does need improvement and maybe the newer models have made these changes, mine is 2011. Here are my problems with it:1. As I mentioned, my kids don’t like staying in the stroller for too long so I usually keep them settled by giving them snacks. Well, this stroller doesn’t come with a snack tray. I’d have to spend close to $100 to purchase the double belly bar and snack tray.2. It doesn’t come with any accessories at all. I bought a cheap parent console/cup holder and attached it to the stroller. So far it’s working out.3. The underneath basket is totally useless. Forget about getting anything in or out if any one of the seats are reclined.4. You have to turn the wheels and flatten them if you want the stroller to fold completely flat. Kind of a pain in the rear.5. I don’t know why but I have a hard time with the lock pedal. First of all it is way too small for the size of the stroller frame and secondly, I have to bend down and unlock with my hand. It’s difficult doing it with foot.Other than the above, this stroller is truly amazing. It’s light, compact and steers so smoothly. I absolutely love it, just wish I had bought it much sooner.

Marquita Peridot, AZ

LOVE this double stroller!

Before I purchased this stroller, my husband and I discussed a lot about what kind of stroller we want (side by side, front/back, sit and stand, etc.). We had decided on a sit and stand stroller. Our kids are 17 months apart and is 1 years old and 2.5 years old. We ended up returning the sit and stand because a few times the older one fell asleep while he was on the back of the sit and stand. The front of the sit and stand didn’t allow for much comfort either because the seat could not recline all the way back. We ended up returning the sit and stand. After more research, we decided to get this baby jogger double stroller. Oh my gosh, I have not regretted the decision. It’s way more pricey than the sit and stand, but works SOOOO much better. Both kids have the same unobstructed view when we go to the zoo and it’s narrow enough to fit through standard doorways. It drives very smoothly and you can make sharp turns very easily. It’s very lightweight and easy to push and it’s made of very sturdy material. One of the seat belts were shredding (just a tiny run) and I called baby jogger and they sent out a whole new seat to pop in. Now we have a good backup seat in case something goes terribly wrong with one of them. Also, I love how the seats recline almost ALL the way back to sleeping position. I can even change their diapers on the seat. My younger one will take his nap in it because of the nice recline. There’s a big basket on the bottom, which is a little hard to access, but we put a ton of things under there and we make good use of the nice size pockets behind the seat as well. It is super easy to fold up. It’s a one fold move and it sits all the way flat once you fold it. That means it doesn’t take up much trunk space at all! The only negative I see with this stroller is that everything else comes at a price. It doesn’t have a drink holder or a parent organizer so all those are extras you have to add on and pay for. There are enough pockets and basket space for everything, but I had to buy something to hold my drink. You can get the sunshine kids drink holder/parent organizer that works perfectly with this stroller at a fraction of the cost of the baby jogger brand. I love it. I absolutely can’t say enough good things about this stroller! It was worth the money.

Elvia Trent, TX

Good and bad — wheel broke on first use

I was somewhat disappointed in the overall quality of this stroller. I expected more from Baby Jogger, especially given the price. The stroller felt very flimsy and the front wheel actually broke during the first use. There are some nice features about this stroller — it’s really quick and easy to fold, it’s lightweight for a double stroller, the fabric is very durable and has a nice water resistant quality to it, and the umbrellas are a decent size. I like that my kids can sit close enough together, but there is still a divider so that they can’t pull each others hair or bother each other too much. I wish the wheels were more rubbery and durable. They started to show some serious wear even after the first week of use.

Heidi Petrolia, CA


I absolutely LOVE this stroller. I was looking for a versatile lightweight double stroller that could fit into the trunk of my Explorer with the 3rd row seat in use. I guess I should clarify that with the 3rd row seats in use my trunk is 10 inches deep, and guess what, guys, this thing fits!! The fold is so amazingly compact! We have taken this thing all over the place, to the farm, to the park, shopping in the mall, long walks around the neighborhood, and it is really an amazing stroller for every environment. I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old and they both ride (and sleep) comfortably in this stroller. The ride is so smooth. The fold could not be any easier, you just grab the two straps in the bottom of the seat and pull the whole thing up and it collapses on itself. (I highly recommend looking up the baby gizmo video review on you tube) The huge sunshades were a really big deal to me as we live in a tropical climate where it reaches triple digit temperatures for most of the summer, so being able to fully shade my kids is great. The ONLY gripe I have about this stroller is that because of the T bar in the back, the basket is very difficult to access, however, Baby Jogger has resolved this issue for the 2012 model which should be available in Sept. (of 2012). The basket access issue is not a big enough drawback to make me not love this stroller, but if you can wait out the release of the 2012 model, you’d have a stroller as near perfect as you can get!

Carissa Superior, MT

Absolutely Fabulous!

We’ve owned a lot of strollers….and I mean A LOT. We finally settled on the Chicco Stroller but when our daughter was born we needed a double. I did a LOT of research, and looked around for a long time before we finally bought one. What really sold me on this one was the weight of it: when it’s folded and I’m putting it into the back of our Routan I don’t have to kill myself to get it in there. PLUS, it folds UP, not FLAT (WHOEVER DESIGNED THEM TO GO FLAT WAS AN IDIOT!). This is a GREAT stroller. It handles EXTREMELY well, and both our kids love it! We have a 3 year old and a 11 month old and they both love to sit in it. The shades are big, and fold down really far so the sun isn’t in my daughter’s eyes (unless the sun is REALLY low). She’s only 11 months old so she tends to slide down and that means I needed something that would keep her in the shade as long as possible. We get tons of compliments on it, especially when we go through normal doorways and people are amazed that it fits without the slightest hassle. It turns and handles like a dream, even with 2 kids in it and a basket full of stuff.It’s pricey, I know. But I’ll say that after the first week with it, and with lots of heavy use since then, we would’t go back.There are a few drawbacks: there’s no cup holder or console for either the kids or the parents. I think they did this because some people simply don’t want one! I know I’ve seen friends who don’t want use it when their kids are in the stroller, so I think they left that option open to parents. I rather like that. It’s a bit more expensive but I like that I can choose what goes on our stroller. I mean after all, if you’re going to use it to death you might as well be able to customize it. Our Chicco stroller had a cupholder/snack tray and either it was on or off: and when it was off there was no belly bar or anything for them to hang on to. I’d rather be able to choose it or not choose it. Sorta nice. The other drawback is they recommend not to hang anything from the handle bar. I’m assuming that’s because they’re worried we’ll hang 35 pounds of shopping bags from the belly bar and it’ll tip backward when you take the child out (or when you have a very light child in it, which would be bad). I hang my purse and diaper bag from it, but I’d still be careful. It is a very light stroller for a double (but heavy enough to be durable) so be careful with that.I recommend it. You won’t be sorry!

Bonita Mill Hall, PA

Great for non-newborns

I wish this stroller had better compatibility with infant carseats. Buying one of the adapter things is an option, but it’s costly and according to the reviews, isn’t too sturdy possibly. And really, the stroller is heavy enough so pushing the extra weight of a carseat isn’t the most ideal.I have a newborn who is a little over a month and we’ve used this stroller with him a lot – fully reclined and with one of those snuzzler things. It works well and he seems comfy enough but it would be nice to have the ease of snapping in the carseat without hassle.The seats aren’t huge and my 18 month old doesn’t have tons of room to grow. He’s big for his age but I wouldn’t recommend this stroller for older kids.The maneuverability of this stroller is great. Easy to push one handed while texting/sipping water, etc.It’s wide but not too wide. No problem going through doorways. Fits down aisles of supermarkets. Not good for tight squeezes but pretty compact overall.The underneath basket is hard to access but can hold A LOT. Two gallons of milk? Easy. Two bottles of wine and a six pack of beer? No problem. It says not to hang stuff from the handle but I have a mommy hook and can hang more groceries from there. Also, it holds the diaper bag with no problem when hung on the handle.The stroller is heavy, as are most doubles (so I hear). It’s bulky and takes up a ton of room in my car (2012 Highlander). I can’t imagine it fitting in a car’s trunk with groceries (or anything).And the price of this thing is ridiculous. I bought it half price on Craigslist. It’s great for the price I paid but I don’t think it’s worth full price.

Lora Marston, MO

Excellent double stroller

This thing is deceiving. It is constantly surprising people with the narrow doorways it can squeeze through all while I push it with one hand and hold the door open with the other. Easy with this thing. It loses a star though, because with the Chicco car seat adapter attached, it nearly doubles the width which means it no longer fit in the trunk of my Geo. Luckily we got a new car (because 2 little kids in a Geo is tough) so the problem for us is now remedied, but it still takes up quite a bit of space with that car seat adapter. Otherwise, this thing is perfect!

Stacey Yuma, CO

great for travel, folds quick

I have this carriage for 2 yrs already for my two kids a year apart. i love the fact thats its lightweight and folds quick because i do fold it every time i use the carrisge, the only issue i had was front wheel locking o its own, the company wanted proof of purchase but i did not have.anyhow i solved it, i took out the wheel and just removed the locking system with pliers and now its perfect for me as i anyhow never used that feature.

Tamera Gretna, FL

As the owner of over 10 strollers over time, this is our favorite and gets the most use

We have four kids so we have been through our fair share of strollers including single/double offerings from the following brands.- Valco- Graco- UppaBaby- BOB- Baby TrendThe baby jogger City-Mini is by far our favorite and most used stroller.Whats so great:- folds flat in one motion- lightweight- easy to control, even with larger kids in it- fits through doorways no problemMy general recommendation for strollers would be to get a Snap N Go for when your child is in a car seat and then a city-mini single/double for after that.

Kristy Bristow, IN

Best Purchase EVER

This is without a doubt the best purchase I have ever made. I use this stroller for my 4 year old and 8 month old. They both love it! It pushes like a dream. A lot of people will complain about the storage basket being blocked by a bar, but I haven’t had any issues with it. That part of the basket is stretchy and you can simply pull the basket down and put in whatever you need. I’ve never had an issue fitting through any door way either. I am just in love with this stroller and have been since I bought it in May 2012.

Isabelle Clarksville, FL

Absolutely Great Stroller!

I just received this stroller in the purple and am in love. I sold my UppaBaby Vista with the additional Ruble seat to buy this stroller. Although I loved my UppaBaby, I didn’t like that the child in the Rumble Seat couldn’t recline and she could never face out. I was looking for an easy to maneuver, lightweight, easy to fold stroller and I got it.First it is so easy to assemble, just had to snap the wheels on and the canopies and thats it. The canopies are a great size and provide great coverage. I have two small kids, 21 mos and 9 mos. Both fit really well. The seats are wide and tall. The basket is really large, but yeas it is hard to get too, so I will be accessing it through the sides. I was a bit hesitant about the fact that the recline which is a drawstring type system, however, I tried the Maclaren Twin Techno first in the store and found that it was very difficult to get it to recline at all. With the Maclaren you have to pull up and back two levers on either side of the seat which believe me after trying several times in the store I found to be quite annoying. After trying this system at home, I found it to be really easy and I like that I can pick any position that I want. As for the fold. THIS IS TOP NOTCH!!! I have never seen any stroller fold this easy!! Again I tried to fold and unfold the Maclaren several times in the store and I could never get it without assistance. This by far is the easiest folding stroller I have ever seen. It lays flat and has a handle to carry it. It doesn’t lock, so that’s a recommendation I would make to the company.Unfortunately, it does not come with any of the accessories that the Maclaren does which is why I only gave it a four star rating, believe me it was not for the performance!. No rain cover and no cup holder. You can buy them separately, the rain cover is 60 and the cup holder is 30. I bought the cup holder as it also has storage for keys and cell phone which is a must for me. I will probably look into a less expensive rain cover. I would rather have great folding and maneuvering stroller with no accessories than a less great stroller with more accessories. Also there is not adjustable footrest, but what toddler really needs that feature?All in all I am in love and can’t wait to get my babies out on a walk!

Amie Panama City Beach, FL

A perfect fit!

I LOVE this stroller. My son is 3 (35 lbs) and my daughter is 12 weeks. I bought the carseat adapter and they both love it. It is very stable even with the weight discrepancy between the two sides. The car seat is very securely attached and can be slid over to the middle of the stroller when the baby is riding solo (my son usually walks the first part of any trip ten moves to the stroller when his little legs get tired). I also have the city mini single and use the universal cup holder for both. The canopies are huge and both kids are very comfortable. I am very impressed with their quality.

Briana Westernville, NY