Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Single Stroller, Black/Black

Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Single Stroller, Black/Black

FEATURES of the City Mini Stroller by Baby Jogger Patented Quick-Fold Technology – allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step Patented universal accessory mounting bracket ? accessorize your stroller with ease Padded seat reclines to a near flat position with a vented seat top and retractable weather cover Vented seat recline with retractable weather cover Swivel front wheel for precise maneuverability can lock into place for long distance strolling 8″ lightweight, quick-release EVA wheels with sealed ball bearings Adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover Multi-position “no pinch” sun canopy with peek-a-boo windows Under seat storage basket (Now 30% larger) Seat back storage compartment Rear parking brake Secure fold strap to keep stroller folded for transportation or storage Rounded handlebar for pushing comfort Front wheel suspension provides a smooth comfortable ride 50 lb. weight capacity on stroller SPECIFICATIONS: Single Capacity 8″ Wheels Assembled (L x W x H): 40″ x 24″ x 41.5″ Folded with Wheels (L x W x H): 30.5″ x 24.25″ x 9.5″ Folded without Wheels (L x W x H): 29.25″ x 20″ x 6.5″ Weight: 16.8 lbs Recommended Weight Capacity: 50 lbs SEAT DIMENSIONS: Maximum Head Height: 22.5″ Seat Back: 19.75″ Seat to Knee: 9.25″ Shoulder Width: 13″ Knee to Footplate: 9″ Width of Knee: 13.75″ OVERSIZE ITEM: We cannot ship this product by any expedited shipping method (3-Day, 2-Day or Next Day). Even if you pick that option, it will still go Ground Shipping. Sorry for being so mean. This product can only be shipped within the United States. Please don’t hate us.

Main features

  • Patented one-hand Quick-Fold Technology – allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step
  • 8″ lightweight quick-release EVA wheels with sealed ball bearings and front wheel suspension, lockable swivel front wheel for long distance strolling
  • Patented universal accessory mounting bracket – accessorize your stroller with ease
  • One-step reclining seat to a near flat position with mesh back and retractable weather cover
  • Multi-position sun canopy with peek-a-boo window

Verified reviews


really needs a fix for the basket

I bought this stroller because of the weight, large canopy, single front wheel, easy fold and other features. I knew that the accessibility of the basket was an issue, but I thought, “How bad could it be?” Well, it’s pretty bad. I can’t fit a bag of groceries underneath, and I can just barely squeeze a gallon of milk in through the side opening if I load items one-by-one. It’s strange to me that the stroller designers have not yet figured out a way to solve this problem, and it’s a downer because the rest of the stroller is so satisfactory. The only other negative I’ve encountered is the strap system. I haven’t quite figured out how to buckle my 6-month-old in so that the top straps aren’t 6 inches above her ears and coming around her rib cage. I can tighten the crotch strap to boost her up, but then she’s basically riding while straddling the narrow strap, which can’t be comfortable. But she doesn’t seem to mind either way; maybe it’s just one of those things that looks uncomfortable from an adult perspective.

Marina Gilford, MI

Highly recommended

I liken buying a stroller to buying a car….actually I think my husband and I spent less time looking for new cars than new baby strollers! Crazy but true! I relied heavily on reviews before we bought our City Mini stroller so I thought I’d return the favor. My criteria (same criteria as almost everybody else) was a lightweight stroller (< 25 lbs) with a somewhat simple folding mechanism that I could do one handed, was comfortable for my baby, handled well, and would stand the test of time for a second child. I wanted to be able to have the stroller recline to flat or almost flat for napping, and have a decent basket. The baby jogger city mini handles almost all of these features perfectly. We purchased this stroller 7 months ago and have used it every day since then with our now 10 month old daughter.PROs:-excellent fold (pretty much legendary)-great handling and ride-seems to be very comfortable for my daughter. She likes to sit completely upright and the new 2010 model has these little velcro straps that prop the seat up to an almost 90 degree angle. She loves it and likes to hang on to the belly bar (sold separately).-Nice, almost flat recline. Changed her diaper in this many times to avoid gross public restroom changing areas. She can nap in this stroller, and she usually hates napping anywhere but her crib.-sturdy foot break. I thought I would want a footbreak I could operate in open toe shoes. After trying a few strollers with a lightweight breaking bar I felt they were rickity and cheap. This is just my impression. Baby Jogger’s foot break is stout and I feel confident walking away for a second and don’t feel like it’s going to roll down the hill!-AWESOME CANOPY. Very necessary in Alabama where we live for our 110 degree humid summers. A Canopy can make or break it and this one is big and nice. Peekaboo windows are also nicely located and plentiful.-One handle bar as opposed to two handles. I can’t emphasize this enough….two handles on a previous stroller were really annoying for me. Strollers with two handles seem much harder to push one handed than the one handle bar, in my opinion.-I’m 5’6 and my husband is 6’4 and we both feel comfortable with this stroller.-Others have complained about the size of the basket, but I think it’s fine. It’s not enormous, but I’ve taken this stroller to Disney world loaded for the day with no problems. There is a also a nice size mesh pocket on the seat back that can handle a good bit of gear like diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and all kinds of things. I purchased a Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy for a cupholder and have been very pleased with the whole package now.CONs:-doesn’t stand when folded. I didn’t realize I would want this until I was folding and loading it into a car with muddy ground. Not a deal breaker but worth mentioning.-foam tires. Air tires…especially the forever air tires of the Baby Jogger City Elite are awesome. They make for a significantly better ride and I almost upgraded to that stroller. The price is twice as much for the Elite and so in the end it wasn’t worth it for me. I haven’t been disappointed in the tires, but the air would be nice.-No elevated foot rest for smaller babies or napping. This was also almost a deal breaker for me that the Elite has. When my daughter was asleep it just seemed like her dangling feet made her uncomfortable. I seriously almost upgraded my stroller for this reason alone. But I found a way to sidestep this problem very easily. Now keep in mind, this is only a problem when napping in the stroller is completely necessary (like Disney world or an all day trip to the zoo). I normally never even think about it on our daily walks. When I do need her feet to be elevated, you can stuff a blanket through the bottom basket and up into the cloth of the foot rest. This fills up the cloth of the footrest and makes it stick straight out. For the three times I’ve actually had to do this, it was not worth the two hundred extra for the City Elite.BOTTOM LINE: This stroller is aweosome and I have no regrets. If you have plenty of money, go ahead and get the City Elite model and get all the pros plus cooler peek-a-boo windows, forever air tires, and an elevated footrest. But if you’re on a budget, like us, this City Mini is wonderful!

Jodi Hoffman Estates, IL

it’s o’k

We ended up with 3 strollers: Bumbleride Flyer, Baby Jogger City Elite and Baby Jogger City Mini. FIrst we had ELite and while we absolutely loved it, it is heavy and bulky, so for the upcoming travel we got City Mini. It is a decent stroller, reliable and with a very deep canopy. However it has few maybe minor issues, but they were annoying for me. THe handle is too short and I constantly bump my feet on the stroller (I’m 5’6″); I can NOT drive it with one hand, I mean I can but not easily – I have to help with the elbow to maneuver the stroller (I have to use elbow as the hand is holding phone or cup or something else); there is NO reclining foor rest for the baby (Elite has it), so her feet hanging down and since she is only 10 m.o. it’s uncomfortable for her. So we ended up buying Flyer that doesn’t have any of these issues and has a better recline. Flyer is more expensive, but it made such a huge difference in how I and baby feel that it totally worth it. Also we got a very good deal.

Estelle Rochester, MI

Very light and fits every where

This stroller is very light and fits in a small trunk for sure, leaving enought space for more stuff. I have used it to travel and it is great! It reclines very well so the baby can sleep. There are only 2 issues I found. The back of the seat doesnt come straight 90 degrees so if your baby wants to sit up straight it is not possible and if your baby is too small and doesnt weight enought he/she might not be able to lying down completely because of the missing weight.

Ginger Palm Desert, CA

Very Agile, and Best Sunshade Ever!

There has been lots written about this stroller, I want to chime in as someone who has been using this for 4 years. I bought in orange/grey and I have loved it from the beginning.PROS:1. Beyond fantastic sun coverage. No, you won’t get the legs covered, but what stroller will?2. Almost flat recline. That meant I could use this with an infant, and never used the car seat attachment. This was my preference so my kids could stretch their legs a bit.3. Two see through windows on top. They are not mesh, but they do allow you to see the child.4. Amazing turning ability with one hand. If it’s really loaded down, this is not as easy to do, but still much better than most.5. You can fold with one hand and pop in your trunk, all with a baby on your hip..this is amazing!CONS:1. Material gets dirty if you let them eat in their stroller. Not removable, so you have to spot clean. Not as effective.2. When you fold it up, everything needs to be emptied out or else it all spills out. Wish it had more zippered mesh instead of so open (on back and underneath). This does force me not to overfill it though, so maybe that’s a good thing.3. Should come standard with a parent console. It’s the foldable kind and really should come standard here.I have had 3 kids in this stroller and even my older ones still love getting in this. It’s super comfy and takes bumps well. A great idea for a long lasting stroller.

Magdalena Concord, AR

Great Stroller.

As a busy mom, this stroller has turned to be perfect and super convenient. No hassle to put it in and out of the trunk of the car. I also walk a lot, super easy to push around. Must get the bar though. It doesn’t look complete without it.

Irma Geneva, IA

another winner by baby jogger

I also previously owned a City Classic (City Elite with fewer features), and currently own a Summit XC, and a Switchback – addicted to Baby Jogger products I guess! I did “test jog” several BOB’s in the course of accumulating all these Baby Joggers, and just couldnt bring myself to buy one. The Baby Joggers are just better. #1 to me is the one handed fold.I own a 2009 model City Mini. It is the lightest of the ones I own, and is great for shopping etc, best for “quick throw it in the back of the car”… But I have to say, after jogging with all 3 of my other Baby Joggers, and 2 other brands of jogging strollers, I took the Mini on vacation and was able to jog with it and not have to trust my beloved Summit to airline gate check (who really banged up my poor City Classic).The canopy is HUGE on the mini and can go in many different positions and with two peek windows you can always see your baby. The basket is a fine size – it fits a reasonable amount of stuff. It is a tad hard to get to from directly behind it but it doesnt bother me. I usually have a rain cover and small-med diaper bag (food, binkies, 3 cloth diapers, wipes) in mine, or some loose stuff (shoes, snacks, a little insulated bag for a sippy, my wallet). But I keep a lot of stuff in the back storage too (puffy jackets for me and bubs, hats, gloves, my cell phone) – so between the 2 there is plenty of room. I also sometimes hang my small/med diaper bag from hooks at the base of the handlebar. Effortless push and steer one handed, travels thru grass and over sidewalk bumps much better than you’d expect for a foam wheel tire (nice suspension helps). The stone beige color does get a little dirty but its not as light a color as it seems, and the seat and footwell are black; mine still looks nice after two years of use. As for the “hammock effect” of the seat, honestly I had never heard that about Baby Jogger, and I dont find it true with any of mine. I had heard it about the BOBs. But regardless, if you do want more support (and I havent felt it necessary), you can now find the PE board as an accessory to add to your older model, if you’re not buying the 2011 that now has it standard. My little guy has been squealing with joy and happily napping in his variety of Baby Joggers since he was a newborn.

Lindsay Earlville, NY

Highly Recommended

My husband and I love this stroller.We purchased the infant car seat converter, and have used this stroller from day one. Once the converter was installed, it was easy to transfer the carrier from the car to the stroller and back again.Now that baby is 7 months old, we strap her in without the infant seat. It is easy to strap her in and she sits comfortably. The full recline is great; she has napped in there easily on long trips, especially because we can also move the large canopy to almost completely cover her while she’s in there.As a small-framed woman, it is also easy for me to remove and set up the stroller. The one strap fold is genius! This is like a light BOB, but an extra-souped up umbrella stroller at the same time. We don’t foresee needing another stroller for a long time.The only cons are that the storage is lacking (and inaccessible when baby is in full recline) and that it doesn’t come with any “extras” (cup holder, etc.). We have done fine without them so far, but will probably need to splurge on them soon (when we take baby on trips to theme parks, the zoo, etc.).Caveat: this is our first baby and the only stroller we’ve purchased, but for first-time, inexperienced parents, it has been a lifesaver.

Lindsey Madison, AR


We’ve had the single version of this stroller for about 18 months now and LOVE IT! It became our primary stroller the day we got it because it’s so compact and light and has the best fold technology I’ve ever seen. We’re expecting baby #2 and the first thing we bought was the double city mini stroller. That’s hoe mcuh we stand by this stroller!

Erna Ashley, IN

Great Stroller

Well made, quality stroller. Assembly was a snap and the individual parts are all sturdy. Operation is a dream, handles well on the side walks here in DC, reclines easily and the weather/sun shade is amazing. It is truly a single hand effort to close the stroller (grabbing the seat strap and pulling up). When collapsed it still takes up some real estate, but less than the other stroller (car seat all in one type stroller).I would highly recommend for those wanting to walk the baby around outside. I’m not to sure how it would handle inside a small store (city stores – easy as pie in the large box retailers, but a hassle to get up steps and through narrow row house store isles – bottom line collapse it and put in behind the counter while you shop).

Jeannie Westville, OH

Great stroller!

Over all I love the city mini. I give it 4 stars for two reasons. 1) the storage area is really hard to use. I read other peoples reviews about it and figured it was an over reaction, but now I realize that it really is very hard to get any sort of bag into it. 2) the handle doesn’t adjust and that can be a little annoying. When the seat is flat my legs will hit it if I’m not careful. Otherwise I love it! It is light, very easy to fold up, and has a huge sun shade. The straps are easy to adjust, the steering is fantastic (easy to push even one handed), and it is a good size. I don’t find the stroller overly bulky which I was afraid of. The color is nice (green/grey). The ride is really smooth and I really like the way the recline on the seat adjusts. It is easy to do even with the baby in the seat (sometimes if she falls asleep I like to lower it to lay flat). I recommend this stroller even though there are a few things I don’t like. The good out weighs the bad!

Janette Henryetta, OK

Nice stroller but wish the storage basket was more accessible

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2011 is the first and only stroller I have ever owned. I got it almost four months ago for my then 1 1/2 month old after browsing the in-store selection at Buy Buy Baby. I was looking for a stroller that could be used from birth without a car seat carrier (most strollers I saw are not recommended for children under 6 months), was lightweight, was compact and capable of fitting in the trunk of my Toyota Corolla, and would be easy to set up/stow away. The other stroller I was considering in the store was the Chicco Liteway stroller, which costs about half the price of the City Mini. I chose the City Mini over the Liteway because of the more expansive sunshade, it is super easy to fold, it can be used up to 50 pounds instead of the 40 pound limit for the Liteway, and it doesn’t weight more than the Liteway despite looking more substantial. The City Mini folds in half whereas the Liteway is a true umbrella stroller that collapses lengthwise, so the City Mini is much shorter but wider when folded than the Liteway.The City Mini has five positions for attaching the shoulder straps to the backrest. My daughter is 50% for height at 5 months and is still far from graduating past level 1, but I feel she has been secure in the 5-point harness since I first put her in the stroller at 1 1/2 months. The incline of the seat is adjusted easily by tightening the straps that support the backrest and therefor there are infinite levels of recline between the fully upright (45 degree angle?) and fully reclined (10 degree angle?) positions. I can adjust the recline while my daughter is in the seat. The wheels can be easily removed (not sure if I have any reason to remove the wheels, but with the wheels removed I might be able to fit the stroller in my large suitcase) yet still feel secure when attached. There is a storage pocket on the back of the backrest and a larger basket under the seat. Other than that there are no “bells and whistles” attached to the stroller, but cup holders, baby play bar, baby food tray, and more baby jogger accessories can be purchased extra to add onto the stroller.My complaints about the City Mini after using it are:-(**MAIN COMPLAINT**) The storage basket under the unit does not allow somewhat bulky items to be deposited. I often walk to the store and I usually have to take my purchases out of the shopping bags and put them one by one into the basket. You would not be able to easily put a full diaper bag in this basket. The basket is actually a decent size. However, it is placed further forward on this stroller than many other baskets I have seen and a support bar goes right across the opening from the back. As a result, the only easy way to access the basket is from the side of the stroller. I measured the side opening to be about 5 inches by 9 inches at the WIDEST points (it is not a square opening, but more of a trapezoid).-Even though this is one of the largest sun canopies I looked at in the store, my babies legs (and, to a lesser extent, her arms) often end up in the sun. I suppose if the sun is straight above at high noon, my baby would be completely protected, but if the sun is at an angle (like for a 4pm walk) I need to cover the baby with a blanket to keep the sun off of her.-When folded this stroller does not stand upright on its own.But what I like about my stroller after more than 4 months and 100 miles of use are:-It was easy to assemble out of the box. My only complaint here is that I did not notice the red safety straps at first (you should use them when you have a child in the stroller) and the first few times I tried to get them snapped in place they were so tight I could barely get them on.-Great steering, turns well and can be steered with one hand.-Feels well made and durable.Features that would be nice to have:-The larger air inflated rubber tires that come on jogging strollers would make this stroller a smoother ride, but I don’t know if it is possible to have this feature and keep a stroller light in weight-A way to drape a curtain/shade in the front of the stroller for extra shade when the sun is at an angleThis stroller cost more than I was planning to spend on a stroller (so I didn’t really look at more expensive options) but I don’t regret this choice. However you do need to consider how much it will cost you to get all the accessories you want (like a cup holder, snack tray, etc.) when you are looking at a Baby Jogger. Also, do not be confused by the name, as I was before talking to a store clerk, this is not designed to be a jogging stroller. “Baby Jogger” is the brand name.

Joan Whitefield, NH

Great Stroller!

This stroller is convenient, sturdy, and comfortable to push! The tall nature of the handle means that my husband doesn’t have to crouch to push it. I am 5’3″, and it is very comfortable for me as well. It is very easy to fold and unfold, in fact I have had people waiting on me for parking spaces that are visibly impressed. 🙂 The reason I didn’t give it 4 stars is because the base is a little wide when trying to navigate around things in the mall. (The back wheels are a little wide). Also, it is a little large and cumbersome when folded in my car – it takes up a lot of room. Otherwise, it is a great product!

Ronda La Grande, WA

Great stroller, lightweight, easy fold, great features overall

Initially we bought a Maclaren Quest Sport for our little one since we wanted something low key, easy to fold, and lightweight (and practically everyone we know owns one). The more we used it, the more we became aware of its limitations. In researching other choices, our friend showed us her Baby Jogger City Mini and we loved it!Pros:- Easy fold: this is by far the easiest stroller to fold!- Full recline and fully adjustable: it doesn’t have preset recline settings, you basically have the freedom to adjust it as you’d like from most upright to full recline- Handling: smooth and easy. Though it’s not as smooth as a full jogging stroller, this mini stroller does great.- Weight: For the features it offers, it’s actually surprisingly light. In between an umbrella stroller and a full-size stroller.- Compact: once folded, it takes little space in the trunk- Full sunshade: we overlooked this with the first stroller. The three-setting sunshade + peeping windows are great.- Easy to adjust straps: it’s a breeze. No need to push straps through tiny holes to be able to change the levels.- Colors: great color combinations, it was hard to choose just one!Cons:- Accessories: expensive- Basket: a little hard to reachOverall, we’re very happy with our City Mini. We still use our Maclaren, mostly when we travel through air, but our first choice is the City Mini.

Susie Rose, NE

Hard to go wrong

We’ve used this stroller since the day our son came home from the hospital 17 months ago and it has served us well. Great around the neighborhood, great for travel, great in the car. This pairs well with the Snuzzler for little babies but accommodates a toddler just as nicely. Check out the Diono Buggy Buddy for a great stroller caddy that works with the City Mini.The true test? Two weeks traveling in Europe. The City Mini was comfortable enough to serve as transportation, a portable bed and a high chair during endless walking through crowded cities and cobblestone villages… yet light and easy enough to hop on and off trains or fold up and tuck in the corner of a crowded tapas bar.And did I mention that the basket is big enough to hold almost a week’s worth of groceries when we walk to the store? I do wish basket access was easier, but I understand that this has been remedied in the 2012 version. We just unsnap the back corners of the basket to load it up with bulky things and then re-snap before walking.The more substantial wheels of the new GT version would probably be better on our tree root infested sidewalks, but I’m not sure it’s worth adding the extra weight (to me).We did not buy the stroller on Amazon. We got it for 25% off from a store in NYC.

Ladonna Elkton, FL

Only stroller you’ll need!

I’m a first time mom and have only used this stroller for about 5 weeks. I use it with the adapter for the Chicco Keyfit30. The City Mini is easy to maneuver because of the 3 wheels. It’s a good size for me…smaller than the travel systems (although there’s less storage space) but more comfortable and durable than an umbrella stroller. I feel that it’s a relatively lightweight stroller. You pull the handle in the seat area for easy folding and then to open it just snaps open.I cannot review the actual stroller seat part because I still only use the adapter with my car seat. However, I love the fact that the seat fully reclines and the 50lb weight limit means that this is the only stroller I’ll need.It’s definitely a nice stroller and I have already heard a few passerby’s comment about it.This is a great buy and I highly recommend it. I chose it after reading reviews in the Baby Bargains book, amazon and also the Consumer Reports ratings. I’m convinced the City Mini stroller is the best value for the money.

Alicia Silver Point, TN

Best stroller ever

When I first had my son I planned on getting this stroller but money said otherwise. I decided to get a combo stroller (with the car seat). I regretted that decision since day one. My son hated the uncomfortable car seat and the stroller was too big to fit in my tiny car. I constantly told my husband and myself I should have listened to my gut. We ended up getting a new more comfortable car seat and bought a couple of cheaper strollers at a mom to mom sale but still was unhappy. Once day we sat down and said we should just bite the bullet and buy the stroller we really wanted. Since we had it we absolutely love it. Its the best stroller and plus it fits in my tiny car with still room to spare. It folds down so small. My son loves this stroller – its very comfortable for him and it has a nice canopy that basically covers the whole top of his body. There are also two little windows in the canopy so you can see your child. I also like how quickly you can fold it you just grab a strap and pull up. I have the stroller in the car in a minute. I can’t say enough about this stroller and wish I didn’t waste all my money on one of those combo strollers. Listen to your instincts – get the stroller you want.

Silvia Glen, MS

Now THIS is a Stroller! !!!!

I literally do not have enough good things to say about this stroller.If I have one teensy tiny complaint, it’s that it’s really only good on pavement/sidewalks. . .don’t try and take it on even a dirt bike path. We’re looking for a deal on their joggers for this very reason so that we can have both, haha!After a failed experience with the equally compact and chic Quinny Zapp, I gave up and went looking for something that was still compact and easy to use but also had great features and quality.Enter the City Mini. I could walk ALL day with this thing, and our little boy loves it! We bring the Ergo carrier for babywearing and between the two we could be out for hours on end.a. This thing folds up SO easy. It’s almost ridiculous. It goes from big stroller to a stroller taco in one swoop, you don’t even have to think about it. ‘Pull handle to fold’. Done. Throw in car. It folds up relatively small too! Unfolding is equally as simple. Pull the handle and it pops out like a page in a pop up book!b. You can push and turn this thing on a dime with ONE FINGER. I cannot tell you how clean and easy it is to maneuver this stroller.c. The basket underneath has plenty of room in my opinion! I’ve stuffed a LOT of crap in there, and I’m a pack rat when it comes to going out for the day with our 5 month old.d. The seat reclines almost flat. Beautiful :)e. Did I say you can recline the seat almost flat?f. The canopy on this stroller is INCREDIBLE. Every other stroller we have tried required a blanket over the front to truly block out sun. This canopy is LARGE and makes a perfect, sun-free, cozy little room for your little one when the need arises. The top of the canopy has two viewing windows and our baby LOVES to play games looking through those at us while we are strolling!g. Love love love that you can customize by adding a belly bar, cup holders, etc. So some people say ‘ugh, I HATE how this becomes a $400 stroller after you add all the stuff you want! ! !’. They are looking at it the wrong way 🙂 Truthfully, what they are offering is a $400 stroller at an affordable price and then giving you the opportunity to feature it up as you see fit, instead of tossing it out there with every feature in the book that you may or may not want and then charging accordingly.We bought ours for $160. Added a $30 belly bar and a $7.00 Sunshine Kids snack console. Someday we will add the parent console ($30 I think). We’re still under $200 for a FANTASTIC high quality stroller!I cannot recommend this stroller enough. Seriously. Get one!

Louella Bonanza, OR

lightweight and quick fold is excellent

i love this carriage especially bec its weight and folds quick that makes it very easy to travel and store,i did have a problem with the wheel locking, but solved it. i just removed the locking system with a pliers and now its perfect for me, as i anyhow never used it.

Georgina Martin, SC

Where Have You Been All My Son’s Life?!?!

The second I pulled this stroller out of the box (which I did all by myself and very pregnant), I was in love. I can literally put one finger on the the push bar and spin it in circles with my son strapped in and shouting “faster! faster!”He loves it. I love it (I’m 5’3”). My very tall DH loves it. It rolls like a dream, doesn’t take up as much room as other 3 wheel strollers (has a shorter turning radius), wipes clean easily…I could go on and on. However, what you really need to know is that my 2 year old hates to be confined. He won’t do more than 15 minutes in any shopping cart, stroller, carseat… and yet he ASKS for this stroller. He always wants to go on a stroller ride. If I could click “Add To Cart” for you, I would reach through this computer, grab your mouse and help you make the best decision ever![IMG][…][/IMG]If I uploaded this pic right, it’s my son trying to figure out how to give the stroller a Thumbs Up.

Sue Red Jacket, WV

Great Stroller for walkers!

I love this stroller! Like any stroller there are trade-offs.Pros:-great for walking, especially on sidewalks (easy to navigate curbs)-three wheel design and narrow width also make navigation in stores, restaurants easy!-easy, truly one-handed fold. My condo has 5 steps up to our front door and I can hold my son on one hip and easily collapse and carry the stroller with the other.-Compact when folded. It is fairly compact and flat when folded which makes it easy to store in the back of my car-Sun shade is like no other stroller I have seen. It’s huge!!Cons:-basket underneath is on the smaller side (this hasn’t been an issue for me, but if you’re a big shopper probably not the best stroller)-everything is extra (child tray, parent console, etc.) Factor this in when comparing to other strollers.

Aida Blountstown, FL

New and improved 2011 version….

The product description here on Amazon does not state this, but the stroller I received is the new and improved 2011 model which was just released in October 2010. There are several buying choices for various vendors, but I purchased mine directly from Amazon even though it was a couple of extra dollars. The new strollers will have a large blue sticker on the box stating that it is a 2011 model.Previous model years of the Baby Jogger City Mini had a “slouchy” seat, that many people described as hammock-like for the child sitting in it. The 2011 version of the stroller has a PE board inserted in the seat back, which corrects this problem. The seat back is now firm and doesn’t sink in. It seems very comfortable for my 6 month old baby. If you have an older model of the stroller, you can purchase a PE board directly from the Baby Jogger company for approximately $10 or $15. It slides into the seat back, and you can not see it once it is installed.Another improvement in the 2011 model is the addition of velcro straps that enable you to make the seat slightly more upright if you choose to do so. When attached, they pull the seat back about 2 inches forward which enables the child to sit up straighter. Personally, I am not impressed with this new feature. The straps are a bit of a pain to fasten, and you have to detach them before folding the stroller.I really like the features of this stroller. The best thing is the easy fold. It is simple to do with one hand, while holding your child in the other arm. Basically, you grab a fabric handle on the seat and give it a slight tug. The stroller collapses very easily, and with no hassle. There are some good videos on YouTube that show the folding process. The folding mechanism is something you need to see to fully appreciate. I previously had a Maclaren Quest stroller, which had a much more complicated fold that I needed both hands to do.The unfold is almost as easy. I can hold my child in one arm, and pull the stroller out of the back of my SUV and unfold it with the other arm.The sunshade on this stroller is enormous. You can choose to pull it out either 1/3, 2/3, or the full way out. There are also 2 clear viewing windows on the sunshade which enable you to see your child. When not in use, there is a fabric flap that has velcro to hold it in place.The storage basket underneath is a decent size, but because of the structure of the stroller, it is difficult to fit a diaper bag in. You can easily tuck in smaller items like blankets, toys, a jacket, small bags, etc though. Even though the manufacturer does not recommend it, I hang my large diaper bag from the handle. The stroller is VERY stable, and it does not tip backward. With the Maclaren Quest that I previously owned, a small diaper bag made it tip over.On the back of the seat, there is a large mesh pocket that runs almost the full length of the seat. It has elastic on top, so things don’t easily fall out. You can put jackets or blankets in this pocket, as long as you fold or roll them first. Small toys fit well too.My only complaint with this stroller is that it does not have a drink holder. Baby Jogger sells a parent console for the handle, but it is rather pricey. I purchased aSunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddyfor less than $10 here on Amazon, which solves that problem for a nominal cost. Baby Jogger sells accessories for the stroller such as a child snack tray, or a bumper bar. There is also a car seat adapter available for purchase.Update: We have had this stroller for about 3 months now, and I like it better than ever. We recently took a 9 day cruise with our baby, and brought the stroller along. The large sunshade in the tropical sun was invaluable. My daughter was able to easily nap with the almost flat recline. The easy fold/unfold came in especially handy with getting on and off trolleys, tour buses, water taxis, etc. It definitely is not a good stroller to try to push on a sandy beach, but I wasn’t expecting it to be. :)I also purchased theBaby Jogger Adjustable Belly Barto attach to the front of the stroller. My baby likes to sit up and hold onto the belly bar. I also attach small toys to the bar using these simple toy straps,Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy, Black/White.

Terra Van Nuys, CA

Love this stroller!

We originally had purchased the Chicco Cortina travel system. Great infant car seat but awful cheap stroller. I used it as long as possible as it was convenient have when baby fell asleep in the car seat. As soon as our son outgrew the constant napping, we upgraded to the City Mini and it was a life changer. Easy easy easy to open and close, compact so it doesn’t take over the trunk in our car, and super smooth handling. Big sun/rain canopy and good size storage basket are also a plus. Assembly was a snap as well. The only downside is that you have to buy the extra components (parent console, baby tray) separately but that seems minor compared to having such an easy stroller for walks around town.

Leta Walland, TN

Love this stroller!

This is a great stroller! It maneuvers over bumps with ease, folds like a dream with onehanded fold. That is my husband favorite thing about the stroller. I like you can add a solid snack tray on to the stroller when the child is older. The cons to the stroller is that it doesn’t come with parent console. You can buy one but I think it should come standard. Also storage basket is small and hard to get a diaper bag in and out of. If you are looking for a well made stroller that will be great for city streets or out at the mall this stroller will fit those needs.

Bridgett North Andover, MA

Baby Jogger vs Britax B Agile

Debated between this and the Britax B Agile. But glad we got the Baby Jogger. Britax basket was easier to get to, headrest was more padded but the folding process was a 2 hand job and the color choices were black or red.Prosvery smootheasy to steer1 hand open and closenice color selectionsturdychild sits comfortable (15 months)fully reclinessunshade is FANTASTIC!!!Consmight not work so well for shorter people since the handle bar sits highthe tray (sold separately) is almost face level for a 15 month old. tray will not fold away when the stroller is folded.comes with no accessories (buggy buddy was a quick fix and works great)Advantages of the Britaxbottom basket easier to accesssunshade is ventedtaller people will not kick the lower cross barOverall glad we got the Baby Jogger though.

Joy Cressey, CA

2011 Version Rocks!

The stroller I have is the 2011 model which was just released in October 2010. I have it in the orange color.Before 2011 the complaints were the stroller had a slouchy seat base. I called Baby Jogger about this and they told me the 2011 version has been updated.I really like the features of this stroller. The best thing is the easy fold. It is simple to do with one hand. Basically, you grab a fabric handle on the seat and give it a slight tug. The stroller collapses very easily, and with no hassle. I can do it myself without anybody’s help and run errands by myself too. Unfolding it is literally a snap. It literally just snaps out! The seat reclines almost fully. The sunshade is enormous and has 3 different levels of shade. I have the car seat adapter to it, but I don’t really recommend buying it.The sunshade on this stroller is enormous. The storage basket underneath is just ok. I wished they could make it a litte bigger, but because it is a mini stroller, they can’t make it that big I’m guessing? I use the Skip and Hop diaper bag. It’s impossible to fit it under the stroller, but I have no problems putting it around the handle. No, it does NOT tip the stroller over like other reviewers complained about. Maybe other people are putting too many heavy things in their bag?On the back of the seat, there is a large mesh storage pocket that runs almost the full length of the seat.We have had this stroller for 6 months now, and it is the best stroller on the market! It was well-worth the almost $300! Smooth and goes on all surfaces well. I’m a petite person at 5’2 and I manage the stroller fine by myself! My friend recommended this to me and it’s lovely!

Shawn Perham, MN