Baby Jogger 2013 City Select Single Stroller, Onyx

Baby Jogger 2013 City Select Single Stroller, Onyx

The City Select by Baby Jogger is an award winning, one of a kind multi functional stroller that allows parents to mix and match seats, bassinets, and car seats to customize their stroller. Starting as a single capacity stroller, the City Select expands to a double by using a unique patented attachment method. As your family grows, simply snap on a second seat and you’re ready to take on the town in stylish convenience. The City Select presents 16 unique seating combinations from double tiered car seats to a bassinet and single seat combo. And with a variety of accessory options, the City Select offers premium versatility to suit every family’s comfort and needs.

Main features

  • Patented quick-fold technology
  • Unique multi-functional design allows you to select your seating arrangement, 16 unique seating combinations (with double conversion kit sold separately)
  • Hand operated parking brake
  • 12″ forever-air rear and 8″ lightweight dual front quick-release wheels with front wheel suspension and sealed ball bearings
  • Seat features a multi-position seat recline, multi-position sun canopy with peek-a-boo window, adjustable head height up to four additional inches and a five point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover

Verified reviews


The only stroller you’ll ever need – for one or two kids

The City Select may just be the only stroller you’ll ever need, especially if you are planning on having a second child. With three kids under four, I’ve had my fair share of single and double strollers. This is by far the best one I’ve owned because it is the narrowest, goes anywhere – indoors or out – and folds compactly.PROS:
• It was just named Baby Gizmo’s Top Tandem/ Twin stroller of the year.
• Goes anywhere as a single or double stroller – the reason I got it. I found out the hard way that side-by-sides do not fit between parked cars – the City Select does, with room to spare. No more leaving one child alone in front of the car while I put the other in their car seat. The narrow width (26″) of the City Select is a huge advantage at doctor’s offices, restaurants and stores that have narrower aisles.
• It can be used from birth up. You can configure the City Select with optionalBaby Jogger Car Seat Adaptorfor one or two babies (three types sold, some car seats fit better than others) or with one or two seats (place the heaviest child in the top position); it can have stadium seating facing forward (with a huge storage basket), or you can put both seats facing you so they can recline fully 180 degrees (better for babies 6m+, looks like bunk beds).
• The three-part canopies are excellent and provide far more shade than most Maclaren strollers. A mesh zip-in backing can be zipped in front for additional sun shade when the sun is low (though the instructions don’t say this). A clear peek-a-boo window with built in mesh on top has a flap with quiet magnetic close.
• Total weight load recommended for this stroller is 45 lbs. per seat (combined passenger and baggage weight), so calculate 90 lbs. total max allowance with two seats. Max allowance for the basket is 15 lbs. and for each seat pocket, 2 lbs. My 14 m babies are 22 & 21 lbs., the diaper bag is 8 lbs. = 51 lbs. Still way under the limit.
• Optional carrycot(s) are sold separately.
• The Forever Air wheels with front suspension work on many surfaces. I’ve been able to use the City Select on narrow paths, snow, grass and mud. The City Selects pushes very easily on smooth surfaces, even with my 32 lb son. In comparison, the BOB Revolution Stroller is superior off-road, has 3″ suspension and feels lighter to push, but it’s way too long to use indoors in smaller spaces (especially if you have the Duallie). The Maclaren Techno, Quest and Triumph strollers handle very well on smooth surfaces but are hard to use in uneven terrain and snow.
• Very compact fold. The City Select takes up a quarter of the trunk of my minivan standing up, with all three rows up (half the space with a 2nd seat). If I need more cargo space in back, I simply stash the stroller & seat(s) in the third row of the minivan. As a double, it takes up less space folded than a Bob Duallie or Twin Techno.
• Huge storage basket – with the seats facing forward, the City Select has an enormous basket. I’ve been able to finally go grocery shopping and fit a fair amount of groceries underneath, whether configured as a single or a double (up to 15 lbs but I also use the footwells for heavy items). In addition, if you put one baby facing you in the stroller in the stroller and another in a carrier such as the Ergo, one of the seats can be reclined fully to hold a shopping basket & groceries, up to 45 lbs (about 3-4 bags)- a Stroller Hook can be used to keep the basket secured to the side of the stroller.
• When the seats are rear-facing as a double, storage is more limited but still generous. Zippers on all corners allow you to extend it and put in large items from the front, back or sides.
• With the seats facing away from each other, you can partially recline them and get the full benefit of the huge basket underneath.
• The hand break is very easy to use and with the rubber wheels in back, provides a sure grip.
• The handle extends from 39″ to 42″ for taller parents.
• I’m able to fit two 7 lb.KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat – Pistachioor two 7 lb.BABYBJÖRN BabySitter Balance, Brown/Beigebouncy seats in the storage basket – the diaper bag hanging down from the Munchkin stroller hook keeps them secure. No other single/ double stroller I have can do this – it’s great for playgroups or when I need to take the babies out of the stroller for any reason and am alone.
• Many accessories – you can get many different ones but I found that stroller accessories from other manufacturers also work, at a fraction of the price.
• TheJJ Cole Urban Toddler Bundle Me – Stealthfit the seat(s) perfectly and can be used Spring & Fall – go with the toddler size which you’ll use longer and use along with a blanket in winter. The thick LL Bean winter bunting works great in frigid winter weather. Fully reclined, the seat works like a carrycot – my babies sleep very comfortably in them.
• Baby Jogger just came out with a ride-on board for a 2nd or 3rd child but, if needed, the seats are wide enough (12″) and the canopy extends high enough (24″) for older kids (my child is 41″ and fits fine). Both the canopies and the footrests can be extended. The footrests also adjust to four positions, up or down for babies & toddlers.
• I use aLassig Messenger Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag, Stones Black, which comes with stroller velcro hooks. It works great for one or two kids, for mom or dad, and can be used as a purse or briefcase. 40 colors available on amazon, lots of removable covers to pick from to fit your style anhd mood.
• As a double, it’s superior to the Britax B Ready as the second seat works up to 45 lbs (vs 35 lbs in the Britax) and taller parents will not be bumping their shins against the second seat. It’s also lighter than the iCandy as it weighs 33 lbs as a double, compared to the i Candy’s 44 lbs.
• The “Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Attachment Brackets” are sold separately if needed on mystrollers dot com. You do not have to buy the whole second seat.CONS:
• The City Select can be hard to get up and down curbs if used as a double – if you’re pushing it forward; but if you pull it backwards up or down a curb, it’s no harder that any other stroller (actually a bit easier because of the larger wheels in back).
• The City Select is expensive but worth it for versatility. However, if you plan to use it as a single stroller and not convert it to a double, consider buying a high quality, all-purpose umbrella stroller you can travel with like theInglesina Trip Lightweight Baby Stroller Black Ink : 2010/2011 Model Improved Suspension – Rain Cover Included. It has a huge canopy, four recline positions, waterproof durable fabric, rain cover (included), suspension, 6.5″ wheels that handle smooth surfaces as well as some uneven ones, and a compact fold for storage & travel and a max child weight allowance of 55 lbs.
• Cannot be used as a jogging stroller. However, it does everything else well. If you need a great jogger, consider theBOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black, keeping in mind that this is just for one child and won’t convert to a double.
• The rain cover is not included. You can buy other brands that work though. For example, the universal Jeep rain shield fits each seat well (as a single) or you can get a sngle cover for less fromSashas Kiddies Model BJCS Baby Jogger City Select Series Single Double Strollers Sun Cover(for use as a double). A Munchkin Stroller Hook can be placed on the handle to hold bags up to 8 lbs.
• This stroller is full-sized and not a good pick for use in public transportation unless there is handicapped access. I’ve yet to find a double I can carry down stairs with a baby though.
• The 2010 model costs less than the 2011 model, which has been slightly redesigned with a firmer back, a 1″ deeper seat, more padding. The stitching on the 2010 is horizontal, and on the 2011 is vertical, so make sure to get the same year model to avoid a mismatch.In all, I am thrilled with our City Select and wish I had known about it before. It would have saved me a bundle of money in strollers.

Christina Allegany, OR

Out of alignment

It says not to use on infants under 6 months old. It means it. My twins SWAM in this and I wasn’t even comfortable packing them in with blankets until they could sit on their own. Seems to pull a little.

Alma Lucerne, MO


I will begin with saying that I am usually a pretty conservative shopper & certainly do not buy the best & most expensive of everything, In fact the first jogging stroller travel system I purchased was very middle of the road price wise & it was a Babytrend system. My best friend had this stroller & used it as a double stroller because she had twins. She did a lot of research & decided to splurge on this stroller. In hind sight, I wish I would have too! It is definitely worth the money. Out of all the baby products you buy, your stroller is something you don’t want to be cheap about! I love being able to turn my baby facing out or facing me depending on her mood & where we are going. This stroller is extremely sturdy & well built. I like that the break is simple, one stepped, & hand operated. Almost everything is adjustable, so you can customize it to you & your baby. I love that it folds flat and it’s awkward & bulky to put into the back of my car. The stroller itself is a bit heavy, but that’s because it’s not made out of a bunch of cheap plastic like a lot of the lighter ones. I absolutely love the sun shade. We live in Phoenix, Arizona so it is really important to have a good one. This one has great coverage unlike a lot of other strollers. It makes nice sharp turns. The amethyst color is beautiful & doesn’t show dirt & other gunk. I love how the seat tilts so that I can tilt my baby back almost flat if she is sleeping, or tilt her back just a little while she’s drinking a bottle. We also plan on having another child in the near future so the fact that it converts to a double stroller & even has an attachment so your car seat can attach to the stroller makes it PERFECT! Spend the extra money & order this stroller. You won’t be disappointed!

Brigitte Soulsbyville, CA

Best double stroller ever!

I previously had the red 2010 model, but lost it about 4 months ago. I went through several different less expensive models, but ended up finding a good deal on amazon and was able to reorder this wonderful stroller. I have to admit I do like the 2011 model seat a lot better – it’s deeper and more stable. I ordered the second seat separately from another vendor, and didn’t realise till later I got the 2010 seat by accident. There definitely is a significant difference. The stroller over all is fantastic! There are so many different configurations, and even with my 2 and 1/2 yr old and 19 month old, I get so much use out of using it both as a single and double. The frame is kinda heavy, but the manoeuvrability is so great that I can easily steer the pram with one and even two seats with the kids riding. The handle is wonderful for me as I am tall and very comfortable to push. The wheels move very nicely and smoothly and the basket is fabulous – it’s HUGE and even with the two kids in the pram I can still get a medium amount of groceries in there 🙂 I absolutely LOVE the handle break! So, so much easier than foot designed ones. The canopy’s are quiet large and I love the magnetic peekaboo window! The are not heavy and easy to move around positions on the stroller. The only issue I have is that the second seat canopy tended to separate and fall back into the legs of the rider sitting behind him. I just ended up sewing a button and an elastic on the other side which holds it together more when not being use. It is also very handy how easy the canopy’s can come off which is how I use it a lot when just going to the mall. The one handed button recline is awesome too, especially when you have young children in there and don’t want to wake them to recline them to sleep. The harness straps are OK, but not my favourite..I had a lot of trouble adjusting the length, but thats such a small thing compare to all the other great features. People complain about having to buy the extras for the stroller that don’t come with it, but honestly it’s not a big deal.Folding the stroller is pretty simple, but with both seats it’s not a quick process. I usually take both seats off, fold the frame and then put them in the trunk together, with the seats on top – this ends up being more compact than folding the stroller with the seat attached.To conclude – I have researched tons of double strollers and even tried quiet a few – this is by far the best, especially versatility wise. We bought this one with the intention of using it in a few years with the bassinet connection for the next baby…I really doubt there are many improvements they could make before then. 🙂

Sierra Newry, SC

Love it

We got this stroller for our baby knowing we are going to have another kid. The infant attachment for chicco keyfit 30 is awesome, just make sure you order the correct one. I have been walking a lot on many different terrains and I love this stroller. Even my husband likes to push the stroller!! Lots of storage space on the bottom, and I love all the different attachments you can buy. I would totally recommend this to anyone with one or two kids!!

Beatrice Jackson, PA

Worth every penny

I approached a Dad using this stroller while I was pregnant & on the hunt for a decent stroller that could be used for everything. I am so glad we decided to buy this. It can go everywhere! It moves like a jogging stroller yet has the underneath storage of a jumbo stroller. I can fit a very full diaper bag, books, jackets, blankets, toys, etc all in the basket underneath. I also love the fact that when we decide to have our second, we don’t have to buy a new double stroller. We just need to purchase the additional seat. We used the car seat adapter with the stroller and it worked great! It was sturdy, & super easy to put together. This has been one of the best baby equipment purchases we have made!

Karla Leoti, KS

City select vs Britax b ready

Maybe if you are looking for the best double stroller you would like to know the difference betwen Britax and Baby Jogger. I have both so probably my opinion and experience with both can help you.Britax B ready:Is so easy and soft to push, the design looks so fancy and nice, tires are really nice and easy to drive, the fabric is really strong. Heavy stroller for use as a single, light stroller for a double. The whole set with double seat is cheaper than the City select and the belly bar and cup holder are included.The problem when you want to use it as double is the child in the back is no really happy, the second seat is just up to 35lbs, and is a little bit smaller, the straps are bad quality, the armes is really hard to close it. Some of my friends purchased the stroller and it comes with out the belly bar cover and her kids are biting the belly bar. Britax has just 1 yr of warranty and honestly the bottoms sometimes are stock and many people said they have to replace many parts of the stroller, because the cute system from food rest, recline, handler bar position, etc.. can be damage really easy. B ready has 14 different positions, you can fold it with both seats on.Britax has more recalls on their products. I really like this stroller for the easy way to drive it and the design but my kids hate it.Baby Jogger City select:It’s a little bit heavy to push, it feels heavy but is the same weight than the B ready, the handlebar feels kid of sticky Iand with the time use to have cracks on it, like to use some grip covers the Frame is really strong, the seats are comfy, both seats are the same size, both kids can enjoy the travel, you have 16 different options of configurations, great for twins or different ages, easy to fold but you have to remove the seats. Baby jogger has 1yr of warranty for the seat and the frame lifetime. Tires are big and strong. All the operations bottoms like food rest and recline are really strong. Fabric is more thin than the britax.No cup holder and belly bar included, accessories are a little bit more expensive. Armes and straps are so easy to put on. Baby Jogger brand doesn’t have recalls, just voluntary recalls, their products are great quality.My kids enjoy this one so we decide to keep this one and sell the Britax :(I hope my opinion can help you and sorry for my bad english I really want to help you..

Katie Hingham, MT

By far the BEST double (and single) stroller

We purchased this stroller when we found out we were expecting again. We already have one child and since you can use it as a single stroller or a double, we went ahead and ordered it since we could start using it now as a single, even though our next baby isn’t due for a few months. The basket underneath is huge, much bigger than most strollers, and is even expandable in the back and collapsable in the front. The handle bar extends fairly far, which is great because my husband and I are tall. The canopy is more than generous in size, as well. My favorite feature is that the seat can turn to face you, as opposed to out. We purchased the extra seat and infant seat holder, as well.My only complaint is that you have to buy all the ‘extras’ that normally come standard with other strollers, like the child snack tray or belly bar, an adult cup holder, infant seat holder, etc. Just as an FYI, the only cup holder that really works with this stroller is the one made by Valco. It’s sold here on Amazon. You’d think for $500 it’d come with a cup holder and tray for baby.

Renae Treece, KS

Overall very good stroller.

I bought this stroller last year before having my second child. I used it as a single for about 6 months until my second could hold his head up (he was 4 months when he was able to start riding in this stroller). Stroller pushes like a dream even with my 2 1/2 year old in the front seat. As most doubles it is heavy to get into the back of my vehicle, and the handles to fold the stroller are VERY hard to pull and stick most of the time. You also can’t fold it with the second seat attached which is kind of a pain. The fabric wipes up easily and looks great. Now that my children are both getting bigger I’m noticing its getting very tight on leg room for my 9 month old, I don’t think he’s going to be comfortable too much past 1 year. Overall the quality is fantastic and I love the forever air tires!I think I will probably get a side by side, however because of the quality I will stick with the Baby Jogger brand.

Margaret Mono Hot Springs, CA

Just Perfect!

My son is 6 months old, and I just recently purchased this stroller, and I am in love! I already have a City Mini, which I used with my Britax B-Safe carseat. However, my little potato just got so darn heavy to carry in that thing, we decided to make the switch to the convertible. There lies my issue. I hated him being in the City Mini and not being able to see him. So, my search for a reversible stroller started.Of course, I went straight to the Baby Jogger brand, being that I’m so happy with the quality of my existing Mini. I debated on the Select and the Versa, both of which have reversible seats, but the Select has the Forever Air tires, as well as the option to convert to a double, so it was a no-brainer.I have been absolutely thrilled with this stroller so far. Yes, it’s heavy, but I knew that before I purchased this. I feel like this will be my zoo, long shopping trips, and exploring the city stroller, while the Mini will be perfect for quick errands and when my son gets older for sure.It pushes like a dream, the storage basket is incredible, and the seat options are just the icing on the cake. It also fits in my standard 4 door sedan’s trunk. It’s tight, but it fits, so that’s what counts! I doubt it would fit with 2 seats, however.This stroller, to me, seems unbeatable. I love it, and without a doubt, it’s the best purchase I’ve made (baby-wise)….

Britney Greenbrae, CA

Love this stroller

Compared this with uppa baby vista. I didn’t want to pay more for the bassinet so we bought this one. Easy to fold, rare facing, cheaper price, side break…everything I wanted. There are at least 3 of my neighbors bought this stroller in the past 12 months.

Monika New Glarus, WI

Close age gap

I did SO much research before getting this stroller but like a new car, you don’t know what you like/dislike until you drive it.Here are some of my pros and cons:Pros:1. The basket it HUGE and with zippers on both sides you can access the basket no matter what seat configuration you use.2. The one handed recline is very easy and convenient3. I didn’t mind that you need to take off one or both seats to fold it since I was always putting the seats in different configurations each time anyways.4. I got the glider board so this stroller could be a single, double, single +glider board, or even double + glider board. It really does grow with my family and depending on where I was going I could have all options available.5. The car seat adaptor was great and with a 16 month old and a baby this offered great options.6. great for everyday use and errands where shopping carts are not available (like a shoe store).Cons:1. Now with two toddlers (15 months and 31 months) the younger one is constantly kicking the older one. I often put them facing each other which they love but one starts harassing the other (kicking or pulling off their socks).2. the only way both can fully recline (both napping at amusement park) is having both face me. This was fine for the younger one but the older one took the opportunity to kick the younger one in the back. Obviously this was not okay but the older kid was also overtired and needed to nap.3. It is impossible to change a diaper in this stroller. There has been a few times I have had nowhere to change them and I am better off changing them on the ground than in these seats.4. No parent console but I got a few universal ones that work great.5. every accessory has to be purchased.Overall I still love this stroller but also got a side by side to use and find two toddlers are much happier in that!

Donna Mccomb, MS

Really Love this Stroller

With baby #2 on the way we were looking for an in-line stroller that we could use for both our little ones. We decided we did not want a side by side because they are only useful if you have both kids with you. We looked at 3 different brands and decided that this was the one for us!What we love about it:1. Love that there are 16 different positions that you can create. This will be very helpful when we have a baby and a 3 year old that we want to push around.2. Great manuverability. I like that you have the flexability to lock the front wheels if you want, which is most helpful when running.3. The seat cover comes off and you can throw it in the wash.4. The sun canopy is large! Provides great coverage and has a little window in the top so you gan see what is going on.5. It has a huge storage basket in the bottom! What we like so much about this one is that if you use the second seat, it does not go on the bottom but goes in the front, which leaves the storage basket accesable at all times.6. Very easy to fold up. It also can break down by removing the seat to make it even more compact.7. Handle bar adjusts is great for different height parents.8. Easy to adjust shoulder straps.Our only con for this stroller that it is quite heavy. I will say though, for as heavy as it is, pushing it around is so incredibly smooth. You really don’t realize how heavy it is until you have to lift it into the car.Our almost 3 year old has loved taking walks in this stroller since we bought it! Can’t wait to get the second seat once this little one arrives…will post an updated review then!

Helena Rickreall, OR

A few gripes on an otherwise great stroller

Okay, I agonized over which stroller to get before finally pulling the trigger on this one. I think the easiest way to review is the good ol’ pro/con list.Pros:1. It’s beautiful. Sleek, sexy. Can a stroller be sexy? I don’t know, but this one sure is pretty.2. It’s a very smooth ride. Turns easily and almost feels like it drives itself.3. Extremely adjustable. Adjustable handlebar for the parent (great even for my 6’3″ husband), footrest for the child, three recline positions and a ton of different places/directions to put the seat.4. Large canopy5. Great storage basket underneath! So big, and holds a ton of stuff.6. Little pocket on the back of the seat actually comes in handy.7. Little swivels on the straps make untangling a breeze (though also means they twist easily).8. Folds up easily9. Options for expanding to 2 kids are awesome.10. The wheels are BIG. Bigger than I thought based on the pic. I’m looking forward to this feature come winter time.Cons:1. The recline button is amazingly difficult to compress. Perhaps it’s just a flaw of this individual stroller, but it’s hard to push the button in to recline. My daughter is older and likes to be upright, so this isn’t a huge issue.2. The wonderfully large canopy doesn’t lock at all. So, my daughter will just push and pull it all the time. Kind-of annoying, especially when I’m trying to keep her dry.3. No cup holder. And I’ve heard that the one you can by from Baby Jogger isn’t all that great. So, if you frequent a local coffee shop, you’ll have to hold your coffee while you push. Why, oh why does this stroller not have a parent console? C’mon, Baby Jogger!4. Does not stand on its own when folded. This is my biggest gripe. If you’re planning on storing it in your car or flat somewhere else, you will be totally happy with the folding. But if you live somewhere where you want to store this upright and don’t have space to leave it open, it’s a pain in the tuckus. It will lean against the wall pretty well one way (try flipping it if it keeps rolling away from you) but I’ve had it fall and scare the poop out of me in the middle of the night.5. (Goes along with #4) the clip to keep the stroller shut is not very secure. It is a shallow clip and just doesn’t do a great job. There have been many times I’m carrying a squirmy toddler and a slowly opening stroller downstairs.6. (This is being very picky) When the canopy is in the highest position and the seat is in the highest pegs and the handle is the lowest, unfolding the stroller is tough. It’s hard to grab the handle because it’s behind the canopy and the stroller is trying to unfold itself. Not a huge deal as everything turns out fine in the end, but a little annoying.7. All the accessories will set you back more $$. But that’s basically par for the course anymore.So, overall a great but not perfect stroller. Once it’s unfolded and going down the sidewalk, I forget about all the little gripes I had because the ride is just sooooo smooth. ;)Black looks great, of course, but I kinda wish I had gotten the purple. Of course, the red looks nice too.

Charity La Salle, MI

Love it!

We love this stroller! It turns on a dime making it so easy to maneuver in stores. There’s plenty of storage underneath the seat. I attached mommy hooks which adds even more room to hang bags or purses. The wheels are durable and easily survived a stroll down a rocky road.

Kristi Laurel Hill, NC


We have the City Select and the City Mini. We used the Select the most and just recently bought the mini now that my son is bigger. The select obviously weighs more, but it’s a wonderful stroller and so easy to use. We get SO many compliments and comments on our stroller.+We love that you can move the height of the handle. I am shorter and like to have it lower and my husband is taller and likes to have it higher.+We are able to put a lot of stuff in the basket underneath and it never bothers my son.+The sunshade is the absolute BEST. I am very confident that it’s never in his eyes.+We have used this hiking and it is just a dream to push.+I love that we can change the seat to face us or forward facing.+My son is always comfortable in here and he loves going for walks.+It is heavy, so just beware if you are looking for a lightweight stroller this is not one of them. If you are looking for durability and easy to use then I would highly recommend this stroller.

Sharon Hampton, TN

Smart and light

This pram is very easy to assemble, and easy To use, it is very light, by good for me to use.

Crystal San Martin, CA

Love the city select!

Great sturdy stroller. I was going to get the second seat, but opted for the glider board since my almost 4 year old doesn’t really want to sit anymore. But great storage space underneath and is great on most terrains.

Enid Aurora, CO

Worth every penny

I have been using this stroller for over a month and I’m so pleased. Easy to maneuver, you can drive it with just one hand, plenty of seat positions; I never seen my babies so comfortable and it lays like a bed.This is not a light weight stroller, but it fits perfectly in the trunk of my SUV.I highly recommend this product.

Gwen Pleasant City, OH

So easy so quick

I love it! Out of the package and into a stroller. Quick install and release of seat, changes in orientation and adaptors for second seat, and folding. Light considering and stores pretty flat with single seat still in place. Love it.

Coleen Waterford, MI


I have a nephew that visits often. great because i can attach an additional seat and take my daughter and nephew for a stroll on the same stroller…

Jeanette Fruitland, WA

Great convertible stroller!

Very smooth and sleek and obviously well-built. I like the extra storage on the bottom. We decided on this model because 1) we can add another seat and we hate hate hate double wide strollers; and 2) we got the car seat adaptor as a gift, and it’s been a godsend! The Peg Perego car seat fits just fine, and so we were able to do without purchasing the bassinet.

Kim Maybeury, WV