Baby Jogger 2014 City Lite Stroller, Black

Baby Jogger 2014 City Lite Stroller, Black

View larger City Lite Measurements View larger Basic is Beautiful Lightweight with simple functionality, this stroller can navigate your urban setting with ease while the all-wheel suspension lets your baby ride comfortably. Welcome to the Fold With the push of a button and the lift a strap the City Lite can fold using one hand: simply and compactly. It really is as easy as it sounds. And the auto-lock will keep it closed for transportation or storage. Recline Our seat reclines to a near flat position with vents and a retractable weather cover to make sure that your child is comfortable and safe as they watch the world go by or kick back and relax. Canopy Our large sun canopy can open to multiple positions. It even has two peek-a-boo windows so you can keep an eye on your precious cargo. Available Accessories (sold separately): Accessory Bundle – Child tray, parent tray, weather shield Liquid holster Parent console Foot Muff Cooler Bag Hand Muff Carry Bag Wheels The 10” rear and 7” front wheels let you push the City Lite with ease while the all-wheel suspension provides a smooth ride along the way. The lightweight front wheel can swivel for your daily obstacle course or lock for long distance strolling. Compare Strollers City Lite City Mini City Mini GT Vue Summit X3 One-hand fold ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ UV 50+ sun canopy ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ All terrain wheels ✓ ✓ Full, multi-position reclining seat ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Can be a travel system ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Lifetime frame warranty ✓ ✓ ✓ Umbrella-style fold ✓ Jogging stroller with runner’s brake ✓

Main features

  • Features a one-hand, quick fold design with an automatic chassis lock when folded
  • Recommended use: for a child up to 55 lb.
  • Features 10″ rear and 7″ front quick-release eva wheels with front wheel suspension and the swivel front wheel

Verified reviews


Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to fold

So far I have been very impressed with the performance of this stroller. It is not a jogging stroller – rather, it is more appropriate for use in the city (as the name would suggest). I have not had any trouble steering in parks, but it definitely steers most easily on sidewalks or roads. The best part, though, has been the one-handed steering, which is essential since I also have a preschool age child walking with me much of the time. Also, since I usually need two or three more hands than I have, the fact that it folds very easily makes outings that much better. My younger child can face in either direction and the sun shade is large enough to provide good coverage over his face pretty much all the time. I do feel that this is a bit overpriced compared to other similar models on the market, but it definitely is a high-quality and well constructed stroller.

Ericka Winesburg, OH

Very Nice Stroller

This is a beautiful stroller. It’s sleek and designed well. It’s super light, way lighter than my other stroller, and yes I can open and close it with one hand. Makes me feel like I won the rodeo!I have the Graco Modes Click Connect stroller and a Jeep Sport Stroller to compare it to, and I also test drove the Britax B but decided it was far too expensive.This Baby Jogger City Light is by far the quietest stroller of my three. The Graco wheels are LOUD and janky. This is a huge deal when your baby is trying to sleep in it. I am impressed with the baby jogger wheel rotation effortlessly on the pavement, sidewalk and I’ve taken it onto dirt trail (hard packed, nothing that would be considered off roading).My Graco is able to turn the seat toward me so baby is facing me, or I can switch it so baby faces out. This is a wonderful feature as I live on a steep hill and didn’t want my baby toppiling out. While the Baby Jogger and Jeep do not have this feature, the baby jogger does recline nicely for baby’s comfort.I also like the harness and seat straps best on the Baby Jogger. They’re padded and of better quality than the Graco.Both have nice sun shade, which we use daily. And both have nice amounts of storage under the stroller.I’m not thrilled that the Baby Jogger doesn’t come with drink holders. It’s such a little thing, but I find it annoying. Who doesn’t take water with them on a walk? The graco has two drink holders for me and a compartment to hold my cell phone and keys. AND a drink snack tray for baby. Surely this is an inexpensive accessory that Baby Jogger charges additionally for, but since I’m reviewing the stroller only I’m not taking off a star for that. It’s a very nice, easy to maneuver, nice looking stroller. Love it!

Christian Roswell, GA

FANTASTIC stroller!!! The last one you will ever need.

AMAZING stroller! It took me about 2 minutes to put together once out of the box.Very smooth ride. My little one LOOOOVED riding in this stroller. Not having a tray in front actually makes it much easier to get them in and out without getting stuck, but they are very securely fastened inside. And the canopy, I can’t rave about it enough. It is definitely extra large, but it doesn’t obstruct your view or your child’s. The canopy is very roomy at the top and not claustrophobic feeling even though it curves down, in fact one of my favorite features is how it curves down towards your little one just a bit. I’ve found that I no longer have to have a sunhat, or baby sunglasses (neither of which stayed on for long) to shield the sun from eyes. In other strollers my little one is often squinting (because she won’t keep the hats or glasses on), but with this stroller she is shaded perfectly to the point that those things are necessary any more. Doesn’t seem to matter what angle the sun is in. Another benefit is that I don’t have to put sunscreen on her face as it’s completely shaded.One of the things that they don’t really mention in their product description is that it’s surprisingly compact when closed. Unlike my previous stroller which took up the entire back of my SUV because it would only fit horizontally in the space, this one fits vertically in the back so that I have half of my "trunk" space for other things. I can take this stroller just about anywhere because I know I will have storage room to spare even with it in the back. I no longer have had those moments when shopping, opening the back only to realize that I forgot to take the stroller out of the back before leaving the house. That is so frustrating! I don’t have to worry about that anymore 🙂 If you have a minivan, then you can probably stand it up on end and have even more "trunk" space.Even with all of the other things I love about this stroller, the thing I love the most is how easily you can open, close and carry this stroller one handed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one hand open and close feature. This works like a dream and is so lightweight you can easily handle this with one arm (especially nice if you are disabled or only have one arm)If you are tall, then this stroller will be a godsend as the handle seems to come up higher than others. An older Chicco stroller we had did have an adjustable handle that you could tilt to a higher position but this handle is even better. My sister is tall (5’10"-5’11") I’m around 5’5"-5’6" and it fits us both very comfortably without any adjustment.One thing that is kind of misleading from the name of the stroller is that it is a "Baby Jogger City Lite", but is not intended for running. The name of the brand is "Baby Jogger" and the model is "City Lite". I didn’t get it for the jogging capability, but for the one handed closing /opening feature, and that it was lightweight, yet could carry up to 55 lb child, and had LOTS of storage. Not being a jogging stroller that wasn’t a big deal for me, but it is something that you will want to note especially considering the style and maker.I know there are other strollers out there that cost more, that are supposed to be better, but I just can’t imagine how that could be, nor that it would be necessary to pay more. This stroller is perfect for me. I would buy this stroller again and again and HIGHLY recommend it. I’ve had three previous strollers in the past 5 years, and this one is by far the best one I’ve had. BY FAR. I wish I would have had this one to begin with because I would have saved myself so much money it’s not even funny. It has everything that I want in a stroller (once I bought a couple of the accessories) so I firmly believe this will be the last one I ever get. I liked it so much that I gave one to my sister who needs a stroller that she can manipulate one handed, and she loves it just as much as I do.

Martina Valmeyer, IL

City lite baby jogger compared to the BOB revolution stroller

I have a 3 month old child, and here are my 2 cents on both strollers. The baby jogger city lite stroller is a wonderful alternative to the BOB Revolution stroller.Pros of choosing baby jogger city lite:Way lighter/easier to pick up and load in your car which makes it easier on your backEasier to fold up than the BOBMore affordableCons to choosing the baby jogger over the BOB:The BOB is engineered with shocks for smoother ride when you hit bumpsThe BOB Can adapt to most infant seatsCity lite sits lower To the ground –( Remember to always carry pepper spray or some kind of defense with you. I was recently charged by a pit bull while walking. Luckily my baby was in his infant car seat in the BOB. If he was in the City stroller which is lower to the ground, he may have been seriously injured because he would have been without his car seat that sits up higher.)Bob has More accessories to fit strollerBob has Air filled tires which helps have a smoother rideOverall, if I had to choose between the two, I would probably choose the BOB because of the smooth ride and my infant is safer in his britax car seat which adapts into the BOB.For a more economical choice, I would choose the baby jogger city lite. Also, because it’s way easier to lift, fold up and fit in your trunk.Both BOB and City lite strollers have their advantages. Both strollers are equipped to:Keep your baby safeAdjust to your baby’s growthAllow for a great workout – jogging or walkingBoth take up around the same amount of space when engaged or folded upBoth have adequate shade and cover to protect baby’s skinAllow for baby to see scenery once out of their car seat.Have storage space to put your belongings.Both are just as easy to snap your child in and out.Whatever jogger you choose, get a car seat adapter because it keeps your infant way safer!! .. From dogs, accidents, etc!

Irma Ledyard, CT

Why oh why didn’t I get one of these before….

I’m a nana. So because I don’t have my grandchildren all the time I have “invested” over the years in cheap umbrella strollers. I am also tall. So short handled umbrella strollers equal hunched back and uncomfortable neck, back and body positions.I got this as a review product and I can’t believe the difference it has made in my life during our excursions. I’ve used it three times since it was delivered. My first use was a test run and the other two uses were longer. My grandson is three and most of the time we walk “to” whatever we are doing with me pushing the stroller and then after he tires he gets to stroll back. With an umbrella by the time we got back I was ready for a chiropractor. With this no more need for ibuprofen after a long walk!During my son’s toddler years and the other grandchildren’s toddler years I never had a baby jogger. I can’t believe what I was missing. The ride is smooth and the stroller navigates much easier than a four wheeled stroller. It also adjusts to a slow to fast pace much more quickly. The back wheels are spread far enough apart that I don’t hit them with my foot when we are walking/jogging and I’m not paying attention. Plus the position of handle means no more back ache.I can’t compare this to any other jogging stroller since this is my first one, but I absolutely love it. The hood on it is wide and long enough to provide the child with good sun coverage and I imagine with a blanket it would also protect from a light rain or the hail we’ve been having here in Colorado. The basket underneath the stroller is roomy enough to hold snacks, lunches, drinks and light sweatshirts for three children and myself.I cannot emphasize enough the absolute change this has made in my life in terms of my back. I have the kids three days a week this summer and we have lots of adventures planned…and believe me this stroller is going to be a wonderful addition to many of these adventures. Carrying a 35 lb tired toddler is not something this grandmother can easily do and the umbrella stroller was more trouble than it was worth. So now freedom. And the umbrella stroller is going to Goodwill.EDIT and UPDATE July 17, 2014: After coming back from a trail ride with the stroller I couldn’t get it to close. My son looked at it and said one of the metal tabs on the side (underneath the stroller) had become unhooked and needed rehooked. I was thankful that this hadn’t happened when I needed to get the stroller in the car. A small screwdriver was used to reattach the whatever to the whatever!

May Sayreville, NJ

Perfect Balance Between Rugged and Portable. Not for Jogging; Great for Walking.

We were happy to try the Baby Jogger City Lite Stroller on a recent trip to Southern California including time at Sea World, multiple hotels, and walks on the boardwalk and around town. For the last few years, our main strollers have included the Bugaboo Cameleon and the Britax Blink. The Bugaboo is incredible but too substantial and not portable enough to road trips; it simply takes up too much space in the car. The Britax Blink is very compressible, but isn’t tough enough to handle uneven landscape, feeling like a tough version of an umbrella stroller.We wanted something that would be tough enough to handle a wide variety of surfaces well and portable enough to go on quick trips to the zoo or cross-country road trips. This Baby Jogger City Lite is it. It is very portable, very easy to collapse, and as long as you are on hard surfaces, it will handle well. We appreciated how stable and sturdy it was, easily able to be pushed and steered with one hand and not the occupant doesn’t feel every rock or crack in the road. The seat is comfortable and secure.Our main complaint is the method with which you secure the child into the seat. Instead of simple clasps, securing the shoulder/lap harness is more like getting a zipper started on a jacket. It is cumbersome and confusing at first. But after a couple, days it becomes easy to use. So if you are frustrated with this, just give it a few days; it gets easier.The Jogger title is potentially misleading. This is not a jogging stroller. When you push it too fast, the front wheel gets very turbulent, causing the whole thing to shake. The “City” description is more like it. It is not an off-road stroller; it will handle dirt paths fine, but gets stuck pretty quickly in sand or soft dirt.So if you are looking for a portable, easily collapsible, upper-low-end stroller, you should definitely consider the Baby Jogger City. If you are looking for a high-end, end, bugaboo-like stroller; this isn’t it. Neither is this a jogging stroller.This is a great second stroller for being tossed into the back of your car and being ready for use around the city (errands) or vacation when storage space is at a premium.

Frankie Trinity, TX

Wouldn’t be my first pick

I’m one of those people who are super picky about strollers. I prefer strollers to be lightweight, easy to fold and easy to maneuver. A couple of years ago I found that the Britax B-Agile was the closest to being my dream stroller than any other stroller I’ve ever had before it (and I’ve gone through a lot of strollers in my quest for the elusive "perfect stroller"). Two and a half years after getting a B-Agile it’s still my favorite hands down, followed by the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller which is a very close second. That said, I fully expected the Baby Jogger City Lite to be just as good as the City Mini, but it’s not.At the time I’m writing this review I have no idea what the price point for this stroller is since Amazon doesn’t have a price listed. I would assume that it must cost less than the Citi Mini based on a side by side comparison of the two stroller. The Citi Mini is clearly the nicer stroller. I has nicer fabrics, a canopy with SPF protection, nicer harness straps, and a better handle grip material. The Citi Lite seems cheap by comparison on all counts. The only feature that I like better on the Citi Lite is the folding mechanism. Instead of having to snap the safety feature on to the stroller to ensure the stroller doesn’t accidentally fold, this feature is automatic like the Britax B-Agile where releasing it prior to folding is as simple as pushing a button before pulling the strap that folds the stroller. That is the one and only feature on this stroller that I feel is better than the Citi Mini. Had I never had any other experience with Baby Jogger strollers prior to evaluating the City Lite I would tell you that they are cheap feeling strollers with fabrics that aren’t even as nice as a cheap Graco stroller.The stroller feels like a bad hack version of the Citi Mini or Britax B-Agile. It has a generous canopy, which is nice, but the fabric seems like it will not have any water resistance should you get caught out in the rain, and it has no SPF protection like some other Baby Jogger Stollers have. The canopy itself also offers two peek a boo windows for viewing baby. The stroller folds up with a simple push of a button and the pull of a strap and self latches making fold up a snap. Handling for this stroller is just as good as the B-Agile and Citi Mini which means you can easliy open a door and slip your stroller through with zero difficulty unlike most other strollers. The ride is nice for your little one and while it’s not a jogging stroller, it does handle reasonably well on grass which is great if you’re a soccer mom, like me. The basket underneath the stroller is a nice size. I actually prefer the basket on the B-Agile which I feel is a bit easier to access, but it’s still better than many other strollers we have. The fabric upholstery for this stroller is rough and feels cheap compared to the B-Agile and Citi Mini. Because of the texture of the fabric, it will not be easily spot cleaned if you have little messes here and there and that is a big part of why I dislike this stroller. The fabric choice is not practical for toddlers who tend to make messes when eating snacks in the stroller. The harness straps are not difficult to adjust, but the straps don’t adjust as easily as the Citi Mini harness. While I like the way you can adjust the straps on the Baby Jogger strollers, I do prefer the sliding height adjustibility of the B-Agile harness. With the City Lite you need to rethread the harness to adjust the strap height. The recline on this stroller goes back far enough that you can put a very young baby in it.When compared with the B-Agile and Citi Mini, the City Lite is a few pounds heavier than both of them. It’s still pretty light and easy to manage but it’s not as light. The seating area also appears to be a bit wider than the Citi Mini and B-Agile, but both of those strollers are plenty roomy so I’m not sold on the bit of extra room this stroller offers. Years ago I had my then six year old sit in the Britax B-Agile and she fit even though she had long outgrown the need to ride in a stroller years before. So even a bigger three or four year old would fit comfortably in the Citi Mini or B-Agile.As with the B-Agile, if you want a snack tray, parent console or an adaptor to hold an infant car seat, you’ll have to purchase add on accessories.Overall, the City Lite is an ok stroller. I suppose if I had never had any experience with the Britax B-Agile or the Citi Mini I might have a better opinion of this stroller but as it is, I like it considerably less than the B-Agile and Citi Mini. Both of them are excellent options if you are looking for a lightweight full size stroller and I urge you to check them out before making your final decision on a stroller.

Kaye Pemberton, NJ

Sporty, but not really a “sports” stroller. A few shortcomings, but makes up for it in innovation

First off, this is not a "jogging" stroller. It’s sporty, but not really a sports or jogging stroller.Rugged strollers for outdoor activity or jogging need a stronger frame, a brake, larger wheels (for terrain, stability), and a front wheel that can lock/unlock on the fly. This doesn’t have any of those features – though the Baby Jogger Summit X3 comes close (but is way overpriced at $429).I would call this an "active" stroller – it’s light weight and perfect for the city market, day at the zoo, etc. I almost always prefer 3 wheel strollers, they are much more maneuverable, but most do not fold up well. This one does.The frame and some of the parts are a bit chintzy on this, I wouldn’t really call it a high end stroller. But they make up for it in innovation. It’s got so many little extras, the storage pocket, the quick release front wheels, etc. And there’s lots of little extras you can find for these models (I was drooling over the storage bag for the stroller).I would add that this is not for newborns – in my opinion there’s not enough support in the seat back if your child cannot yet hold up their head. But otherwise, it’s versatile – probably 6 months all the way up to 55 pounds!The MSRP is about $175, which is a bit high (I think comparable strollers go for $119-$139 at Buy Buy Baby). But I think it’s a smart design, versatile, and fun.

Alyce New Rumley, OH

Could be a little sturdier, but overall, it’s a great stroller

To begin, I am a HUGE Baby Jogger fan. I am currently an owner of the 2012 City Mini as well as the 2013 City Select. These are my two main strollers that I use every day. So, when the opportunity came to test out the new Baby Jogger City Lite, I was very excited at the chance to see what new things Baby Jogger was bringing to the US Market.I believe the City Lite has been available in the UK for a few months now. I also believe that this model will be replacing the US version of the City Micro. Because this stroller is more in line with the City Mini and is closer in price range, I’m mostly comparing the City Lite to the City Mini, instead of the Select (which, I don’t believe the City Lite has any comparison to)…The Good:- It’s lightweight! It’s about pound lighter than the City Mini- Roomy! My son, at 8 months old and already 25 pounds, will be a big boy! I need a stroller that will hold a LOT of baby! The City Lite has a 55 pound weight limit.- Recline – It reclines nearly flat – just like the City Mini- Ease of Use – this stroller is just as maneuverable as the City Mini- Canopy – If anyone has owned or researched any of the Baby Jogger brand strollers, you will know that their sun canopies just can’t be beat. It’s large and shields your baby from the sun at all times – although, it doesn’t appear like it’s lined like the City Mini’s canopy is.- Fast fold – This is another incredible feature of the City Mini that Baby Jogger brought to the City Lite. However, there is one extra step. There is a small red button in the back of the stroller. You must first press that button and then pull up on the folding strap. Still a one-handed fold, just a button to press first. This is not an issue at all, nor is it cumbersome.The Bad:- The Fabric – I feel like the fabric is a little bit cheaper than the City Mini. It doesn’t feel as thick or “wipe-able” as the City Mini and Select fabrics.- Car seat attachment – Now, I don’t know this for a fact, but it really doesn’t appear like there is an available car seat adapter for this stroller. I don’t see where any adapters would be inserted in order for a car seat to be attached and use this stroller as a travel system. I could be wrong, but I don’t see it and there isn’t enough information on this stroller at the time of this review for me to research this answer.- Overall “feel” – The City Lite feels a little flimsy. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a good stroller, it’s just not as “solid” feeling as the City MiniOverall, I would say that the City Lite is an excellent stroller for those looking for a lightweight, easily maneuverable, and easy-folding stroller. If price is not an object, I would say that the City Mini is the better route to go – with the ability to convert to a travel system and the available accessories. The City Lite is small and can fit in the trunk of any compact car. It’s lightweight and just overall a great stroller option for those looking for an affordable entry in to the Baby Jogger brand.

Karina Halifax, MA