Baby Jogger 2014 Vue Stroller, Red

Baby Jogger 2014 Vue Stroller, Red

View larger Vue Measurements View larger The revolutionary reversible umbrella stroller Sometimes your child wants to see the world, sometimes they want to see the person who is their world. With the Vue they can see both. An evolution in umbrella strollers, the Vue can switch from parent facing to forward facing in an instant. Welcome to the Fold Just press your foot up then down on the release levers and the Vue folds down in a snap. The carrying handle makes lifting and carrying your folded stroller a breeze. Reversible Seat Parent facing or forward facing, you can stroll both ways! The seat of the Vue reverses direction in a simple one-hand motion. Face your child toward you to keep an eye on each other when they are little, then flip the seat forward so they can explore the world as they get bigger. The seat offers multiple recline positions in either direction and comes with a removable padded neck support to make sure that your child is comfortable. With a 55 lb. weight capacity and multi-position footwell on both sides, your little one will be good to go. Canopy Our UV 50+ multi-position canopy will throw a lot of shade on a sunny day. It reverses in one easy step to protect baby from the sun’s rays while facing you or facing the world. Available Accessories (sold separately): Car Seat Adapter Weather Shield Soft Pram Foot Muff (includes mittens) Carry Bag Wheels and travel system You can set your 5.5” lightweight front wheels to swivel for your daily obstacle course or lock for long distance strolling. The Vue can become a travel system in a heartbeat using a Car Seat Adapter. Simply attach the brackets and you’ve got a customized travel system for your infant. You can also add a soft pram for all season comfort to handle even the littlest of passengers. (Car seat, car seat adapter and Soft Pram sold separately). Compare Products Vue City Lite City Mini City Mini GT City Versa Umbrella fold ✓ Reversible seat ✓ ✓ UV 50+ multi-position sun canopy ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Full seat recline with multiple positions ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ One-hand fold ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ All terrain wheels ✓ Can become a travel system ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Lifetime frame warranty ✓ ✓ ✓

Main features

  • Revolutionary first reversible umbrella stroller to face parent or face the world
  • Becomes a travel system with your infant car seat (car seat adapter sold separately)
  • 1-hand action to recline the seat or switch seat direction without removing the seat
  • 5.5″ rear and dual 5.5″ swivel front wheels
  • 5 point adjustable safety harness, rear parking brake

Verified reviews


Unique and Substantial

The Baby Jogger Vue’s most unique aspect is the ability to move its seat position from backward to forward-facing. This is achieved with little hassle, without sacrificing safety or style.This is a well built stroller. Both the seat and five-point harness are comfortable for baby (includes infant head support). The handles are seriously padded (nice and high for me at 5ft.5in., though non-adjusting) and fixed slightly inwards for a more natural feel.I love the solid lever used to raise and lower the seat for both sides/directions. You can also strip the ENTIRE fabric seat/sides from the frame and throw it in the wash!The canopy is huge and sturdy. It easily adjusts without having to be removed in order to switch positions (it was difficult to initially lock the canopy into place-best way is from the FRONT for leverage).The wheels are smooth, lightweight hard rubber, but the ride is generally quiet with little vibration. I can easily maneuver around tight corners with only one hand (having front wheels UNlocked). With front wheels locked, I am able to run fast on a straightaway without any wobbles. Also, back wheel brakes lock at the same time instead of independently (limits accidental rolling).The Baby Jogger Vue is extremely easy to set up once you flip open the the side lock (it automatically locks when you fold the stroller down) and step on the back middle lever. Folding down the stroller is just as easy if you ALWAYS do this: 1.Step on the small side lever once. 2. Step on the big middle lever. 3. Step on that first small side lever again.Though this doesn’t fold as compact as your typical umbrella stroller (this seems about 35 degrees), a bolted strap makes this very easy to carry. I like not having to remove the canopy to fold down the stroller, and that you have the option of easily removing the front wheels. A detachable cup holder is also included.The basket is small (zippers and snaps are used to try make it accessible). I’d have trouble fitting the typical diaper bag, but it will accommodate my necessities.As a serious traveler, I am disappointed that the carry bag and weather shield are not included with this stroller (necessary accessories for me). However, I see they’ll both be available on Amazon in mid-June. Currently, I am unable to locate the car seat adapter that is also available for this model.

Juana Holly Springs, NC

Nice upgrade!

Obviously this would be my first impressions. My husband liked the looks of the red and black so we got that one.Out of the box: you got your front wheels and a cup holder. It smelled aweful so try not to smell the inside, ha! I get the stroller out and discovered the canopy. You might want a knife or scissors to cut off the manual and… oh yeah, the canopy.Assembly: canopy and front wheels. You unfold the stroller, pop on the wheels, easy peasy. The canopy, took me a while. I couldn’t in the manual. It’s there, page 13. But I figured it out on my own. You might want to play with the stroller for a bit. Of course, with a curious toddler… that’s another thing!Now I gotta say, I live on a farm. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to use it at home. Think gravel driveway, uneven ground, sandy ditch. I never bothered with my little pink, doll looking umbrella stroller. Which I got comments that it looked dollish or even better, ” oh I thought you had a doll in there…” yeah. That’s why I NEEDED to replace that pink little thing. Then I heard about the vue and I’m like yes! That’s the one! And $200! Can’t beat that! Right?!Height is great. I’m 5’2 and I feel it’s a little high for me but it’s still comfy and my husband is about 6′ and he’s not home yet but I have feeling he’ll like this more than my BOB, which is even a little short for me.Fold: I love it! Push up on the lever, push down on the one the side. Fold it up and it locks for you. Woohoo! My first automatic locking stroller by the way. Unfolding is just as easy. So much better than pink little hand me down one.Some cons. I’m afraid to get it dirty. I already got the wheels dirty and the canopy could touch them but at least I can wipe them down. Not sure if I can wash the canopy. So might need wipes on you just for the wheels. Also, there will be an adapter but only for maxi cosi, cybex and nuna car seats. I have a chicco, so I’m sad about that.Overall, I’m in love. My almost 4 year old likes it but it’s mostly for my 18 month old. So if you start from birth this should last you in height. If you need it for a 5 year old for some reason, it’s likely tall enough.I do love the higher weight limit. Might not need it, I’m sure it will be great for the heavier kids. I’ll update once we see how it fits in our chevy cruze (tiny space) and get more use.

Odessa Scottown, OH

Baby Jogger Vue Stroller

First of all don’t be confused by the name of the stroller – the brand name is Baby Jogger but this is NOT a jogging stroller, it’s a fancy umbrella stroller.Straight out of the box there is a slight chemical smell that fades pretty quickly once the stroller has been sitting out for a bit. The instructions are fairly easy to follow – I had to ask my husband for help with snapping the canopy into place, for some reason one side just didn’t want to go in and he had to use quite a bit of muscle to get it snapped it. I really love the reversible seat allowing baby to be forward-facing or outward facing- up until the baby is old enough to sit up well on their own I absolutely prefer the baby to be facing me. I’ve also found this feature very nice when we’re out for walks on windy days and the wind was blowing head-on, it took just a few moments to take the baby out and flip the seat (one-handed!), and have baby facing towards me so there was no worry about the baby being exposed to wind. The canopy is nice and large and provides really good coverage from both sides.I also really like that the seat fully reclines both ways – perfect for when baby falls asleep, and the foot rest is adjustable as well to help keep baby even more comfortable and asleep longer. The stroller folds very easily and has a snap-lock, then you just grab the handle and you’re good to go – it’s very easy to transport and not too heavy. The swiveling wheels can be locked so that they only go forwards and backwards which is a nice feature to have depending on the terrain, and the ride is very smooth.A few things I didn’t care for: Aside from a small padded head-cradle and shoulder pads for infants on the parent-facing side, there is not much padding to this thing. I can imagine that for a long ride it might get uncomfortable, especially if the terrain is bumpy. I also wish there was a peek-a-boo window for when baby is in the forward-facing position – that was one feature I really loved and used on our old stroller.Overall I really like the stroller and feel it’s well made, but I feel it’s a bit over-priced for what it offers.

Janine Nixon, TX

Easy to push and very maneuverable, just a bit pricy

This is a simple, easy-to-use stroller. You can turn it around so baby is facing you instead of facing out, which is what we did with our son. The stroller was easy to put together. The straps are also simple enough to adjust. We found this to be more maneuverable than our Graco double stroller. It’s very easy to push, even our 2 year old can push her brother with this.Another thing we do like about this is that the harness system is very secure. Instead of the usual across the waist straps, this actually goes over the shoulder so baby feels more safe and secure.The only gripe is that it is pretty expensive for a stroller, considering there aren’t too many features in it and it only holds one child. If the price was lower, this stroller would be a lot more worth it.

Lessie Limeport, PA

Versatile umbrella stroller

The Vue stroller from Baby Jogger is built for versatility and maneuverability for trips to the grocery store or when travelling. It is relatively light-weight and collapses easily for storage or to go in the backseat or trunk and is easy to push when folded up.The seat is easily reversible in just a few seconds, and it can even lay flat for naptime. The canopy provides good protection from the elements but is open so that baby can sight-see. The padded harness provides good protection against accidents but is easy to apply and remove.The frame is sturdy with reinforcing struts. Four sets of eight slightly-oversized wheels keep it steady going over bumps and make it easy to steer. The hand grips are large and comfortable. The stroller can be pushed with one hand and maintains balance even with a diaper bag hanging from it.Overall, a good choice for a portable stroller.

Katheryn Mather, WI