Baby Jogger Adjustable Belly Bar

Baby Jogger Adjustable Belly Bar

The adjustable Belly Bar provides your baby with a soft padded area to hold onto when the stroller is in use. It can be adjusted with the push of a button to suit the height of your child. The Baby Jogger Belly Bar is compatible with the City Micro, City Mini, City Classic, City Elite or Summit 360 single or double models.

Main features

  • Provides a soft padded area to hold onto when the push chair is in use
  • Can be adjusted with the push of a button to suit the height of the child
  • Compatible with Single strollers using the Mounting Bracket (City Mini, City Mini GT, City Elite, Summit XC, FIT)

Verified reviews


We haven’t found this useful.

We have had our City Mini double stroller for 14 months now and love it. A friend with 2-year-old twins mentioned that her boys love pulling themselves up on the belly bar, so I decided to splurge and order it. I find the bar a little bit of a bother to put in and take out (might just be the learning curve since I’ve only used it a few times), and it seems kind of pointless. My boys occasionally pull themselves up on it but with the design of the seats, they are always reclined a bit at the most upright setting so that’s a little difficult/uncomfortable for them. Maybe they will find it more useful when they’re a little taller. (They are 32″ and 33″, respectively, now at 18 months.) I wish Baby Jogger would redesign the stroller to sit fully upright at the least reclined setting; then I think the belly bar (and snack trays, if you buy them) would be easier to use.

Shari Turtletown, TN

DOES NOT WORK ON CITY SELECT MODEL! Make sure you order the right one!

Unfortunately I cannot offer much of a review for this product because it is not compatible with the Baby Jogger City Select model stroller. It seemed well made & sturdy though. It was nice that there was a removable cover as well so you can wash it as needed. There is a belly bar for the City Select model, this is not it however. Make sure you order the right one for your model.

Lesley Craig, IA

Bought the PRIME one, fits my city select!

I was scared to purchase this from all the reviews saying the description was incorrect and it didnt fit their city selects, But i went ahead and did it anyways, i figured if it didnt fit i was using amazon prime so i would just send it back.It just came in the mail today, and its exactly what i want. I have a 2012 City Select in the new Quartz color, and i need a belly bar for my 28m old. I use the stroller as a double, but my other son is only 7 weeks old so he is in a carseat adapter on the top. Just 1 belly bar is all i need, for now.Before i ordered it, i actually called baby jogger and i got the actual part number for a City Select belly bar, which is BJ50919. She said dont be deterred if it says “Single City Select” they all say that because they are sold as singles but can be made into doubles. regardless, the City Select is NOT a side by side stroller anyways. I checked the part number on the description here and it said 50919, so i went with it.I am putting up pictures to show you what i received. I guess if you are worried, just go with the PRIME one under more buying choices. That way you will get the same one i got. (i think if you dont have prime it shows up as “super saver shipping”)Hope i could help! post a comment if you have any questions!!

June Patterson, CA

Adjustable belly bar

Works well and my baby loves to prop her feet on top of it. Also great for safety as you would not want your baby sliding out of the stroller.

Candy Oolitic, IN


Great addition to our City Mini GT. For the price of the stroller, it should really be included. Overall, though, very happy with this accessory.

Jessie Rural Valley, PA

Versatile product.

The bar is a good product to have. You can use it to lean your baby car seat on instead of buying the expensive car seat adapter. Then after that is done you can get the tray. Only down side is that it goes all the way across for this model stroller. A little bit of a pain.

Jana Fairport, NY

Nice addition, but a little pricey

Bought this belly bar so that I could attach a snack tray for the kids. Snack tray attached well, but in the end I haven’t been using it too much. However, belly bar has been good so that I can put kids in and not have to strap them in for short rides. Really like the fact that it’s adjustable. It does make the stroller a little less compact when folded but overall not too bad. The kids love it when they want to look at something because it allows them to prop themselves up. The city mini double seats are pretty reclined even at the highest position so it helps when they want to sit up more and enjoy what’s going on around them. Just wish it wasn’t such an expensive accessory as the stroller itself wasn’t cheap…I don’t regret my decision to buy it though.

Henrietta Texhoma, OK

Fits the Baby Jogger FIT (Adjustable belly bar vs child tray)

I took a risk by purchasing this adjustable belly bar for theBaby Jogger F.I.T. Single Jogging Stroller, Kiwi/Blackas it was not listed as one of the compatible strollers in the description.Well, I made the right decision. It perfectly fits the Baby Jogger FIT.PROS:-Height: the belly bar can be adjusted whereas, the child tray cannot. The child tray is too high for infants and blocks the view.-Washable: the cover can be removed from the bar and it can be washed.-Adjustable: I have it adjusted to one of the lowest positions for my baby so that he can enjoy the view. (You cannot adjust the child tray)-Toy bar: You can hang toys to the belly bar and baby can play without worrying about losing then on the go. (Please see the uploaded picture) You cannot hang toys like that on the child tray.-Size: not as bulky as the child tray and can stay on when folding the stroller.CONS:-No cup holder for the baby. (I put his bottle in the parent tray -Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy)

Camille Owingsville, KY

love this! much better than the console!

I bought the console first and hated it. It is much too high to be practical.This, on the other hand, is perfect. I like that it’s adjustable so I can lower it enough so that my daughter has an unobstructed view. As she gets taller, I can adjust it higher. She often sits holding the bar with her hands or puts her feet up on it. You can also hook toys onto it, which is great. Another great feature is that the cover zips off so you can throw it in the wash although the material is very sturdy and you can clean it easily with a damp cloth, so there’s no need to wash it very often.This is one of the few Baby Jogger accessories I would recommend!

Madeleine Thornburg, IA

Obviously a great product

Just wish it was cheaper lol.But seriously im glad I bought this it should have came standard but it doesnt seem like baby jogger likes to put the obvious accessorys on there products. I like how it is adjustable and it really adds to the stroller lookwise.

Deena Chamisal, NM

does what it is suppoed to do!

It snaps in very easy and is pretty sturdy as my oldest daughter will sit on it occassionally! My youngest does bite on it so I had to wrap a scarf around it as it started to crumble from her biting it. Other than that, its pretty good.

Ashleigh Durant, OK

It’s okay..

Bought this to go with my BJ stroller. We went on a family vacation and I bought it for my 10 month old to sit up and hold onto and it was perfect for him!

Lorna Murphy, ID

The one Baby Jogger accessory we did purchase.

We have the Baby Jogger Summit G3. Love it. BUT the accessories are ridiculously expensive given the high cost of the stroller already!! We purchased the Britax handle bar caddy, Jeep bug and rain covers, and LLBean stroller sleeping bag (as opposed to Baby Joggers waaaaay overpriced footmuff), but we did purchase the belly bar from Baby Jogger (you pretty much have to).We love that it tilts to adjust the height (so our smaller baby can see over it too), and it is great to attach toys too. Our baby uses it as a footrest when we are jogging and of course likes to chew on it when we are just strolling. We like that it is washable. Worth it.We went with this over the snack tray because of the adjustable height and the fact that it wouldn’t block our baby’s view.You DO have to be careful to buy the version that fits the Summit as the City Mini or City Versa models don’t fit.

Jayne Parkton, NC

my daughter loves it

My daughter loves this addition to her stroller. When she was smaller, she would kick her feet up on it as she lay back, but now she likes to sit forward and hold on to the bar so she can see everything! Well constructed and I love that it doesn’t make it hard to fold up and put it in the trunk of the car. And it removes easily should you need to remove it.

Alba Greensboro, IN

Pricey but works well

This belly bar was super easy to install and seems very sturdy. It’s pretty expensive for what it is but every accessory from baby jogger will be. I actually use it to support my chicco car seat on one side. It doesn’t snap in but it works just fine for cruising around the mall or the neighborhood. It’s much more practical for that purpose than the baby jogger car seat adapter which holds the car seat far from the stroller and is very awkward. My 2 year old can use to to pull herself forward too. It makes it harder for her to get in and out of the stroller on her own so I will likely remove it once I am done putting the car seat in there.

Sheree Finland, MN

Necessary, for us anyway

So far so good. I did purchase the bar for baby (10 months), he likes it because he can grab onto it and look around.

Hope Cumberland City, TN

directions could be a bit clearer, but we enjoy it.

We like the belly bar for our 2.5 year old, though the directions were not the clearest, but i figured it out. They love to climb in and close their bar by themselves, but can’t open it themselves yet. We love it to help keep our toddler from climbing out, and on chilly days, I loop a blanket around it and tuck it under to keep it from ending up in the wheels.

Elaine Little Creek, DE

B.J. Belly Bar is good

Does what you’d expect – slipping easily into the stroller (BJ CIty Mini GT) Our 5 month old is more than happy to rest her feet up on it in multiple positions. Nice soft cover. Works for us.

Marcy Sandoval, IL

Question about the installation

I love the City Mini stroller and the belly bar is the same high-quality. I am confused about installation and how/when to adjust. I just got it and I can only attach it by folding the stroller. (Although it slips right in with the stroller upright, it does not click into place and slides right out with barely a one-handed pull.) When I fold the stroller and press it in on both sides, it clicks loudly into place. Once it clicks in place, I unfold it, but then I cannot adjust the height by pressing the big black buttons. Is it supposed to work that way? From the description I thought I could adjust the height with it fully upright and installed. Now, I have to fold the stroller, take the bar off, adjust the setting, and re-install with it folded. It definitely feels secure, but is not as convenient as the product description made it sound. Am I doing something wrong or could I have a defective bar?UPDATE: I contacted BabyJogger and they confirmed it should be able to be adjusted once it is installed. I got a replacement. It fits securely and can be adjusted with the stroller upright. The other one was indeed defective. Also, worth noting, is the bar looks like it can fit the stroller on either side, but if you have it upside down (which you cannot realize just by looking at it), you’ll have problems getting it to stay. If it doesn’t snap securely in, just flip it over and try it the other way (visually there is no difference, but it makes an all-important difference in the fit). It should snap in quickly, easily, and securely, and then be able to be adjusted up or down with the black buttons. Their lack of installation instructions is itself a product flaw, but one you can overcome.

Laurel Felda, FL

It works

I’m still annoyed we even needed to buy this attachment. Strollers should come with everything a normal baby will need. The bar was relatively easy to attach, but like other reviews have mentioned it’s very high up. It doesn’t impede my son’s vision much because he’s tall, but it’s still in an odd place. It will be good to attach toys to at least, and it does give him something to hold onto.

Candy Buffalo Valley, TN

Can’t live without it

I have 2012 city mini double. I always wanted have a tray for boys.This belly bar is great for holding snack tray.Easy to take it off put it back.

Louise Purvis, MS

Wish i had gotten this bar sooner!

My 16 month old loves this bar- give him a great thing to hold on to since he’s never been the type to just lay back and relax- he would lean forward before but now it’s much easier for him to sit up. The bar is not quite as square shapped as it looks in the pics- it’s more rounded. LOVE that it has a cover that zips off for cleaning. A must have for the city mini, makes it look more complete. PS- read lots and lots of review on the bar and the tray and i just saw the tray at a store yesterday- the tray comes up REALLY high, level with my sons face and he’s tall!!! Do not get the tray for a child less that 2 or 3, it’s too high and blocks them. Just my two cents :)OH YEAH- the bar CAN be used as a car seat adaptor/holder!!!! I’m sure it’s not “locked” in there as tight as the $70 on they sell but it works GREAT with my graco snugride- the grooves in the carseat fit right on the bar. It fits best if you take off the hood of the stroller, or just take the hood out of where it clips in and scoot it up an inch.

Sherry Skellytown, TX

a must have for this stroller

Wish you didn’t have to pay extra but I would definitely recommend purchasing. BTW customer service said when stroller is folded, either remove the belly bar or make sure the stroller is not leaning on this so as not to break it. Thought this was a good tip. No instructions as to which direction it goes – note there is an "l" and an "r" for when you are facing the baby.

Jimmie Holliston, MA

My son loves it!!

My son loves this on his stroller. He uses it to pull him self up to look around and it doesn’t block his view since it is adjustable.

Ashlee San Manuel, AZ

Definitely necessary

I love this product so far. I’ve had it for a few weeks and it’s perfect for hanging toys and having my little one pull herself forward. It does get in the way of the amazing fold on the stroller (you have to grab under the bar to get the stroller to fold without awkwardly hindering your hold). And in order to make it easy to fit in the trunk, I have to adjust the bar straight. But all in all, it’s handy.

Kendra Franklin, NE


My daughter loves to use this to pull herself up from the jogger and look around. She also uses it as a foot rest. I like it too because I can use it as a handle when I’m taking down and putting up the stroller. Overall very happy.I thought I read I needed this for the tray attachment. But I was wrong you only need to belly bar for the tray attachment on the double stroller. For now I just have this and haven’t invested in the tray yet.

Edna Brainard, NE

Great accessory

The only thing I don’t like about this belly bar is the price. I wish it came standard with the City Series strollers. But this is a must have for my City Mini. My one year old son loves to sit forward and hold the belly bar. If he’s tired, he will lean back and prop his feet on it. It is also great for linking toys, or using the SippigripBooginhead SippiGrip, Blackto attach his sippy cup or Munchie mugMunchie Mug – The New Spill Resistant Snack Cup for Toddlers. Made in the USA. – BPA Free. FDA compliant materials. – Blue Top. I also love that the bar is adjustable, so it grows with your child. Most belly bars don’t have this feature. I would suggest the belly bar over the snack tray– it’s more versatile. The snack tray also sits too high up for smaller children.

Terri Zephyr, TX

Bought it for one reason, but loved it for another.

Based on other reviews and other’s suggestions, I bought this as an alternative to the car seat attachment from Baby Jogger, which costs more. Yes, my graco car seat clicks in on this, but it’s not a solid click and it doesn’t feel secure enough, even with the clips attached to it too. THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS BAR IS MEANT FOR. Why do I love it nonetheless? It’s something my baby can hold onto, without being as big as the tray attachment (he’s too young for that still). I can also hang fun toys on it for him to entertain himself during walks. I’m glad I got this!Amazon price is the same as Babies R Us for this product. FYI- the 20% off coupon BRU offers is not valid for this brand, so in the end, Amazon was cheaper (no tax for our state). 🙂

Katina Withams, VA

Pricey but it helped keep my toddler in his stroller

I was struggling with getting my 1 year old to stay in his stroller and not fuss to get out. For some reason, once I purchased and installed this belly bar, he was a lot happier and would stay in his stroller longer. I think it’s because he feels more contained in secure? I also like the fact that since the City Mini seat is slightly reclined and can never be completely upright, when he wants to sit up to see something, he can pull himself up on the belly bar. I also love that it’s completely adjustable, so when he was younger I’d adjust it lower towards his thighs, and now I can adjust accordingly since he’s 2 now. Yes, it’s pricey, but I really like it and am glad I purchased this over the tray. I usually just attach a sippy cup velcro tether to the bar when I need to.

Katina Baldwin, GA

Great, and can work as a carseat adaptor for OnBoard 35

I got the belly bar, and it works great as a carseat adapter for the OnBoard 35 carseat and the BJ City Mini. You have to take the BJ canopy off, but if you set the belly bar on the middle height, the OnBoard fits perfectly. It is not strapped in, but it definitely not going anywhere. I would definitely buy this again.

Chrystal Briggsville, WI