Baby Jogger Britax B-Safe CS/CV Car Seat Adaptor

Baby Jogger Britax B-Safe CS/CV Car Seat Adaptor

The Baby Jogger Car Seat Adaptor allows you to turn your City Select or City Versa stroller into a travel system by providing a place to securely attach your car seat to the stroller until your baby can sit in the upright seat. It is designed to fit the Britax B-Safe Car Seat. Compatible only with the City Select and City Versa. (City Select Users: To configure for two car seats, the second seat for the stroller or a set of second seat adaptor brackets must be purchased in advance as these brackets are required to support the second car seat.)

Main features

  • Custom designed to fit the Britax B Safe Car seat
  • For use with the City Select and the City Versa models
  • Snaps in for a secure fit

Verified reviews


Great add on for Baby Jogger

We have the B-Sage car seat and was looking for a simple solution to work with our baby jogger stroller. There is a universal adapter that you can buy from baby jogger but this solution is perfect for the combination. Take no time to put together.Pros – Small / inexpensive/ well built/ easy to assembleCons – None that I can see!

Celina Van Etten, NY

Perfect Newborn Accessory

We have the Baby Jogger Versa and the Birtax B-Safe car seat. This arrangement has been perfect for our newborn. The adapters make it very easy to snap the car seat in and out. When I initially had my baby, I swore I was going to "wear" her as much as possible, but she LOVES riding in her car seat so much that the car seat/stroller combo has become our go-to option when out and about.

Luella Oakland, AR

Easy to use

This adapter is very easy to use. It clips in and clips out of the baby jogger in one step. This makes transport very simple.

Cornelia Neopit, WI

Excellent Car Seat Adapter

So, in an effort to negate the brain trust who reviewed this when she didn’t own it, I’ll review it as an actual owner.We were one of first adopters of this adapter and it was a real pain in the butt to get it directly from Baby Jogger. However, it does seem that they’re fairly well stocked on Amazon and BuyBuy baby. I would say, that if you need one and find it available for sale, buy it immediately.The adapter installed very easily into the car seat (2 3″ screws on each side) and snapped into one of the accessory ports on the stroller. You can use the sunshade with the car seat in, however it looks a little funky. Baby doesn’t care though, right?Putting the car seat into the bracket on the stroller yields a very satisfying click that is easily heard and felt through the car seat. The fit is snug and secure with very little wiggle room.The one thing that is a little confusing is removing the car seat from the stroller. There’s no easy way to explain it, but within the bracket, there is a little spring loaded lever that you have to push up in order for the bracket to release the seat. It confused the hell out of me at first, so I’d definitely make sure to understand it before having baby in the seat/stroller combination. It could be that I was just dumb as well.Fitment into car seat bases is no problem, the adapter does not interfere with that operation.Overall, I highly recommend this product IF you have a Britax B-safe car seat and a Baby jogger stroller.

Hazel Bighill, KY

I use it with my Baby Jogger City Versa and Britax Chaperone and Britax Bassinet

My son was a month old and we were already using the Britax Chaperone car seat, when I decided on purchasing the Baby Jogger City Versa. I was intrigued when I read an Amazon review saying that this car seat adaptor would work with the Britax Chaperone car seat. So I contacted Baby Jogger and they confirmed that this is an approved adaptor for the Chaperone. It is much less expensive than the universal adaptor and it is a simpler attachment. You just need these plastic adaptors and the included stroller adaptors that come with your Britax car seat. It clicks together smoothly and securely.I was at BRU and found a Britax B-Ready Bassinet on clearance, and it clicked into these adaptors perfectly! The price couldn’t be beat, and I actually preferred the solid shell of the Britax Bassinet’s construction. I am able to keep these adaptors attached to my Versa and interchange the Chaperone and Britax Bassinet easily. It’s a win-win in my book 🙂

Gladys Keene, OH

Compact and easy to use

I love this adaptor. Part of why I went with a britax seat over a chicco was because I wanted this adaptor. It’s much smaller than the usual car seat adapters. I use it on my city versa with my britax car seat and it also works with the britax bassinet. If you want a bassinet for the versa definitely get this adaptor and the britax bassinet instead of the baby jogger bassinet and save yourself some money!!

Joanna New Harmony, IN

Great adaptor

This is a great adaptor and very stable once in place. I like that it has a very low profile and doesn’t stick out like others. I also like that this snaps in the britax-b-safe onto my baby jogger city select rather then a safety strap that goes over my baby’s lap. it’s easy to install and remove. I highly recommend this for anyone that needs an adaptor for the britax infant seat.

Rose Beverly Hills, CA