Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter for City Mini / City Elite

Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter for City Mini / City Elite

J7180 Stroller Size: Single Stroller Available Separately Compatible with the City Elite, Mini and Classic Strollers from Baby Jogger, the Car Seat Adapter lets you use you as soon as you and baby come home from the hospital! This essential car seat and stroller accessory installs easily and accommodates the Graco Snugride, Graco Safe Seat (Step 1), Maxo Cosi Mico, Britax Companion, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio and most Evenflo car seats. Features: -Accommodates Graco Snugride, Graco Safe Seat (Step 1), Maxo Cosi Mico, Britax Companion, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio and most Evenflo car seats -Works with most infant car seats for infants up to 20 lbs. and less than 26” tall -Select appropriate option to accomodate a single or double Baby Jogger City and Summit Series strollers -Stroller can be folded with adapter attached -Compatible with 2008 Baby Jogger City Elite, Mini and Classic Strollers as well as the Summit Sereis Strollers

Main features

  • Allows you to use your car seat with your stroller until your baby is strong enough to be placed in a stroller seat
  • Designed to fit several popular car seats including, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, Britax Companion, Maxi Cosi and most Graco and Evenflo car seat models
  • Hold infants up to 20 lbs. and less than 26″ tall
  • Compatible with any Mini, Elite and Classic single strollers and works with car seats

Verified reviews


for the same price, buy a cheap stroller frame for your carseat.

We have been using this with our Graco Snugride 32.I have several beefs with this product. First, the instructions are not easy to follow. It is not evident how to adjust the stroller adapter for different carseats, and I actually had it set up wrong initially. Secondly, it isn’t all that secure. Thank goodness for the strap to hold on the seat, because the carseat doesn’t click into place with this adapter (as it does, for example, in the Graco Snugrider). It merely rests on top of the metal bar. Finally, it irks me to pay this much for a simple metal bar.If you want to save money, spend the same dough on aGraco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame(if you have a Graco carseat, as most people do). You will then have a very functional stroller that will do you until you’re ready to use the Baby Jogger when your kid is old enough to face forward.

Lenora Macon, TN

Yes it’s overpriced, but it does what it’s supposed to do with the City mini/Chicco Keyfit 30

I read a ton of these reviews and was scared I would never figure this thing out and/or would hate it. Neither turned out to be true. Took me about 5 minutes to put together. Somewhere in the reviews a very nice man posted a short youtube instructional video–watch it. I did that first and it looked so easy that I no longer felt intimidated by the contraption and I didn’t even have to read the directions (he has the city select but you install the exact same way with the city mini). Just make sure you: a) use the lower of the two sets of connector holes on the side of the city mini (ie NOT the holes that held the canopy, which you remove); b) don’t mix up left and right, and c) know that “head” refers to the head of the car seat (which faces backwards), not the stroller. I do hear a loud click when the car seat is set in the right spot. That said, you can still remove the car seat if you haven’t put the red safety latches down. As long as the red safety toggle latch things are down, even though the car seat can move around and wobble a bit it will NOT come out. If you click the safety belt closed (which I really don’t think is that big a deal to do) that car seat ain’t going anywhere.So all in all, yes this thing is overpriced but I’m glad I can use the stroller with the car seat for the first couple months. I thought about getting a snap n go but for me it’s worthwhile to just not have so many confounded large items sitting around. At least this item is small and when it’s no longer necessary I will just put it away in the closet somewhere and it won’t take up too much space.Oh, also, yes, I do wish the canopy could be used. That needs to be fixed somehow.Addendum 12/13/12: I used this once. I definitely could have used it more but I just didn’t like how bulky and heavy it made the stroller with the carseat on it. I ended up purchasing a chicco snap and go for the carseat and have been using that until I start using the city mini on its own. I still stand by what I wrote before, this adaptor does work, and it’s easy to use. But I have liked the convenience of the snap and go, it’s smaller in the trunk of the car, it has a nice sized storage compartment underneath, and the carseat snaps into it so easily and firmly. For about 30 bucks more I think I would do the snap and go over this adaptor.

Elsie West Haverstraw, NY


I have a 2 year old AND a 5 month old so taking baby out for quick trips can be too much if she’s happy (or asleep!) so i can leave her in her car seat and pop here in her city mini…so great! adaptor pops into the side holes in a minute then you just add the adaptor bar (we have a graco snugride- best car seat imo). Some say that the car seat is not held in securly- this is not the case with ours-maybe they are not puting it in correctly. The car seat actually clicks on just like the snugrider snap n go- you can try to lift it off while on the bar and it will NOT come out unless you press the release lever on the back of the car seat (just as if it was installed on the base in the car!) Does not add any weight to our mini, just makes the fold a bit longer but not that bad. It is a bit of a pain to take the adaptor on and off so plan on keeping it on for the most part (which is ok as my toddler can still use the stroller with the adaptor on it). This is a must have as it is SO much easier keeping baby in seat for errands…you can just lay baby flat for longer outings in your mini/classic/elite as the seat goes flat 🙂 hth!

Cleo Flintstone, MD

Not Needed

Thanks to previous reviews regarding this product, we saved a lot of money. An adaptor is not needed with this stroller. We used this with our 4-week-old with the stroller reclined a few inches with a head support (bought from Amazon: and it worked GREAT! Our baby was secure and comfortable. At least give it a try before spending money that could go towards something else.

Mia White Cloud, MI

WONDERFUL company to do business with – they know the meaning of Customer Service!

The product arrived as described but unfortunately it did not fit for my Chicco carseat. I had read into the comments that this would work so I ordered it back in July. My little one arrived in Sept and that is when we set up the adaptor only to find that no matter which way we configured it, it would not hold the car seat. I contacted the company to return or exchange the adaptor and they responded immediately. They helped troubleshoot my problem and then they contacted Baby Jogger on my behalf and had another, brand new model, adaptor sent to my house that did fit my Chicco perfectly! I was so blown away by their fast response time and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure I had the right product that was SAFE and SECURE for my baby. That means a lot to me, especially in this day and age of wayward customer service. They are an honest and reputable company and I would not hesitate to business with them again!

Leta Moyie Springs, ID

Great addition to my stroller. LOOOVE the stroller.

This carseat adapter is a perfect addition to my stroller. It was very useful when my son was using his infant car seat. Once you get it adjusted to the perfect setting you need it at, it is simple to click and secure in the car seat. Its also nice that it can accommodate so many different brands of carseats. The only odd thing about it is the strap. Once you click in the carseat you have to pull a strap around the front of the carseat and snap and secure it in. Overall though, I’m happy with my purchase and it was extremely useful. I love love love the stroller so it was worth the $$$. 🙂

Gwendolyn Melfa, VA


Works with our Baby Jogger citi mini stroller and Chico key fit 30 car seat. Although it is a bit unstable as the car seat just sits on top of the adaptor. There is a seat belt which you have to fasten over the car seat. Anyway, ok product, does the work!

Ronda Anamosa, IA

wrong items 3 times

I have tried to order a car seat adaptor bar 3 times for my city eliete , everytime it says it fits the Britax companion and when I get it the box says NOT FOR BRITAX COMPANION. I feel like a crazy woman. Is it only me ????? I am sure the item is very good if it were advertised properly.

Lauren Mackville, KY

Does the job!

This attached to the Baby Jogger F.I.T. pretty easily and it feels like the car seat is securely resting in it the whole time I am jogging (even if I push the stroller down my 4 front steps!) The car seat is supposed to “snap” into place but I can never seem to get it to really snap in. It still feels secure though because the car seat sits low in the frame and has a strap that holds it in place, too. I have never felt like the car seat was even close to falling off.

Christa Paradise Valley, AZ

Baby Jogger City Mini Car Seat Adaptor

I purchased the car seat adaptor with the intentions of the Baby Jogger City Mini (BJCM) being my one and only stroller. While I do think that using this adaptor makes it definitely worthwhile to be able to use this stroller (BJCM) for anything and everything, it made it to where it wasn’t a quick “snap the carseat on and go” type of adaptor. I used this with a Graco Snugride car seat. What you do when you get the “kit” is slide the bar into the two black adaptors (that connect to the seat) with the bar pointing up or down depending on the type of car seat you are going to be using. Then you will connect the black pieces to the stroller and using your car seat, adjust how far out the bar needs to be for it to attach your car seat to it. Pretty simple overall, but I found that I did need to adjust our bar a handfull of times in the 7 months that we used it. You do have to fasten a strap around (over) the car seat for safety reasons because otherwise the car seat could essentially tip over and fall off the stroller. This is where the convienance of being able to “snap the car seat on and go” lacked. In order to get the car seat on properly, you often had to get down to eye level and see if the car seat was sitting on the black “nesting” areas, and then check the bar length followed by securing the car seat with the strap. If your child isn’t already in the car seat when you secure it, it can be a pain to then properly put your child in. So while this is definitely great to have, just know that you won’t have the “snap and go” convienance of other strollers while using a car seat with it. Also I did not have to remove the stroller fabric to use our City Mini with the car seat adaptor. I had read that it was recommended to to, but felt it was not in my best interest to do if it was necessary, and for me it wasn’t necessary.

Shauna Woodman, WI

Pretty good but not perfect

The car seat adapter works well with our Graco Snugride, but doesn’t completely snap into the stroller. It seems like the adapter might pop out at any second and send our little bundle tumbling on the ground. We ran the safety strap around the back of the stroller for added security and that solved the problem. If you do this, just be sure the strap is out of the way when you go to open the stroller. We’ve used this probably 50 times so far with no problems.

Dollie Manokotak, AK

Works just as it should!

Attaches easily and securely and alleviates the need to buy another stroller just for infants. Don’t hesitate to buy one!

Valeria Creighton, MO

My carseat was a “Safety First” and it fit just fine.: )

Essential to turn this stroller into a baby one too! My carseat was a "Safety First" and it fit just fine. 🙂

Bessie Washington, VT

prefer the snap n go

We were given the city jogger and car seat adapter as a gift. Found the stroller too cumbersome with the adapter attached–in particular, difficult to transport in our compact car. We returned the adapter and bought the caddy/snap n go for the early months. Very happy with that purchase.

Barbara Ashland, IL

Great for traveling in the city.

For anyone that’s every traveled in Chicago you know you have to have your carseat to transport your infant but you need your stroller so you don’t pull your shoulder out of socket. The Baby Jogger City Elite is my everyday stroller in the burbs. This makes it easy to take your baby in a cab and catch a Metra train while bringing your stroller along for a long day at the museum. You’re both legal and comfortable. It was easy to install for our Grace Snugride. I purchased it somewhere else at half off because someone returned it. This fits Britax, Evenflo, Graco and Peg Perego. I assume the person that returned it had a Chicco or some other odd model. Assembly was easy and the Graco fit perfectly on the bar. It’s not a piece I’ll use daily but it makes it easier for taking a mix of public transportation for a weekend in the city.

Juliana Andersonville, GA

Works with my city mini great

Easy to put together and use. It does make the stroller a little unbalanced if you hit a bump or turn a corner too fast but I’m satisfied with the product overall and would recommend it.

Renee Greenwood, NE

Useful for its short purpose

First I love my city select and this adapter makes it easy to attach my car seat. Second, the only thing about it is that it doesn’t fold with the stroller but it still gets 4 starts since it easy to remove and throw in the trunk. Actually think of the stroller as a sort of snap and go.

Kathryn Rock Creek, MN

Baby jogger makes some great stuff, not too impressed with this though.

We love our Baby Jogger stroller and have had good customer support for a broken swivel on the front wheel. This however does not really function as well as I would like. I understand it is adjustable for all the different models of seats out there, but the fit when adjusted properly is not confidence inspiring, I have just gotten used to bending over every time we place the seat in this holder to make sure it’s in straight (which it never is). Then I readjust. We are almost out of this phase of car seat so it won;t be an issue much longer. I just think there should be a better design. We used ours with a Graco seat.

Ines East Stroudsburg, PA

Works well for Chicco Keyfit 30!

Works well for Chicco Keyfit 30! It goes with the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. I gave it 4 stars only because it’s a little difficult to snap on to the stroller sometimes. I wished they designed it, so that taking it on and off would be a breeze. It’s useful for newborns, but once my son was able to sit up and support his neck I stopped using it because it made it such a hassle to take on and off the stroller. The stroller in itself is such a breeze to use though.

Wilda Iron Springs, AZ