Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter Single, City Select/City Versa

Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter Single, City Select/City Versa

The Car Seat Adapter for the City Select allows you to use your Car Seat with your City Select stroller. It is designed to fit several popular car seat models including those by Maxi Cosi, Peg Perego, Britax, Graco, Chicco and Evenflo. (To configure for two car seats, the second seat for the stroller must be purchased in advance as the second seat mounting brackets are required to support the second car seat.)

Main features

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Compatible with the City Select Single and City Versa stroller
  • Adapter Brackets included in box
  • Two adapters can be used to make your City Select a double stroller (Second seat attachment bracke required)

Verified reviews


Works great

Wanted this for a Graco car seat, though it has many different configurations for other car seat brands. Excellent product- works great. Very stable and feels secure with my car seat.

Cindy Bethel, CT

Meh, I’ve had better.

After using the Bugaboo Adaptor, the City Select is cumbersome. From putting it together to actually using it, I was not a fan. It’s such a hassle to use, I barely take it out.

Heather Berlin, MD

Poor design, not that safe

This item is kind of pointless. I thought the car seat (Chicco Keyfit 30) would snap onto the frame like it does the carseat base. But no, this just creates a platform that the car seat can balance on. Then you are supposed to "secure" it with the strap which doesn’t really secure it. The car seat still can tip forward.Save your money. We found it much easier to just incline the seat horizontally and then put the car seat on top. The seat itself creates a little "bucket" to hold the bottom of the car seat. It feels much more secure and we already have the seat since we’ll need it after anyway.

Dorthy Maywood, NE

do not buy if u use britax car seat

ok so the only one it does not work with is BRITAX which is the car seat I own. so I buy the britax adapter and it does not work with this car seat adapter. it works with the other citi mini adapter only. if you own a britax car seat and need a converting double stroller like I do, this will not work for you.

Cleo Story City, IA

It BREAKS! Very unsafe! (and their customer service is nonexistent)

Was attempting to assemble this I while attending a funeral over the weekend and part of this cheaply made part just broke off. As you can imagine it is very scary to think about what could have happened as well as to be stranded with an infant and no stroller!This is the last baby Jogger product I ever purchase. After buying a stroller and this adapter we are out over $300 and stranded without a stroller to use as their customer service department is unavailable on weekends.After waiting two days for a call back or response to my email, I was told by someone named “Shoneen B” that I could use the stroller without this $60 part if I “purchase a head and neck support for $5-7”. (except as I had just explained to her, I don’t have a working stroller to get to the store!) and that the replacement parts would arrive in “5-7 business days from when your claim is reviewed, unless you pay for expedited shipping” and finally, that her supervisor had stepped away from her desk because it was lunchtime and would not be able to call me back today.It is one thing to sell a cheap part that could harm a child, but to have such inattentive, sloppy customer service on top of that is just terrible.

Marla New Richmond, IN

maxi cosi easy installation

Easy to install on stroller. Using for maxi cosi. It clicks in and no Need to use the other bar included..

Olivia Sod, WV

Good enough

The first time I ordered it they sent the wrong parts but amazon customer service fixed it for me in 48 hours! Super happy about that. It was easy to assemble and holds my graco car seat pretty securely. It’s not as smooth as the other baby jogger products but it works efficiently.

Veronica Nordland, WA

Cheap plastic buckle breaks easily

The cheap plastic buckle on the strap snapped on the second use. I still use it carefully. It does fit my Graco Snugride.

Juana Hinckley, OH

Works well with Chicco Keyfit 30

I bought this to use with my Chicco keyfit 30. It works great! The carseat clicks in securely. You can wiggle it around a little bit but it seems pretty secure so far. I’ve been using it for 3 months now, since my son was a newborn, on the City Select with a second seat for my 2 year old in the lower seat position. I can still use the canopy on the lower seat with the carseat attached. I can also use the parent console with the carseat attached though it does fit better when the stroller handle is pulled all the way out. I read some reviews about the keyfit being inclined too much with this adaptor but when my carseat is attached, the line on the carseat is parallel to the ground, as it is supposed to be in a car. So based on that, the incline is perfect. My son never had a problem with it, even when he was just a few days old. I wish this wasn’t so expensive, but it does the job and turns my city select into the perfect double stroller for an infant and toddler.

Tameka Laurel Fork, VA

Five Stars

works amazing with my City Select stroller and my Chicco car seat.

Mattie Hyannis, MA

Adapter is good… but paying for 5 when I need 1 is not good.

What a waste of money… This thing has like 5 different car seat adapters and all I needed was 1! Luckily I found that the adapter for the Maxi Cosi alone is soon to be released, so I returned this one and purchased the single. So if your considering purchasing this, before you do, make sure that the single adapter for your specific car seat is not available.Now regarding the product itself, for the Maxi Cosi adapter, it seemed to work just fine. I don’t like the little belt attachment, I find it useless and flimsy, I honestly don’t see its purpose. The adapter holds the car seat just fine, it works the same way the attachment for the stroller seat does.

Terra Cedarville, WV

Great for newborn and toddler or twins

For my first baby I used a Snap N’ Go type of light stroller for the car seat but now I have a newborn and 2 yr old, so this has been very useful. Since I don’t always put my 2 yr old in the stroller, I can leave the car seat adapter attached all the time (the stroller can fold with it, but if the seat is also attached you need to remove it to fold), and I just add the seat when I need to. My Graco Snugride 30 fits fine and feels secure. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, but I’m definitely getting a lot of use out of it. I expect to use this until my newborn is about 6 months or so and I stop dragging his carseat everywhere we go.

Francis Cortlandt Manor, NY