Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter Single, Mounting Bracket

Baby Jogger Car Seat Adapter Single, Mounting Bracket

The Car Seat Adapter is the easiest way to turn your stroller into a customized travel system. Attaching your car seat to a Baby Jogger stroller has never been easier. You can even fold the stroller with the brackets attached, giving you the most versatile travel system available. Designed to work with select car seat models by Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Chicco, Peg Perego and more. Compatible with single Baby Jogger strollers featuring the accessory mounting bracket. Compatible Models: Baby Trend: Flex Loc Chicco: KeyFit & KeyFit 30 Cybex: Aton Nuna: Pipa Evenflo: Discovery & Serenade Graco: SnugRide Classic Connect 22,30,32 & 35 Maxi-Cosi: Cabrio, Mico, Mico AP Peg Perego: Primo Viaggio SIP & SIP 30/30

Main features

  • Uses Baby Jogger Accessory Mounting Bracket
  • NOT compatible with the City Select
  • It is only compatible with strollers with the mounting bracket attachment (City Mini Single, City Mini GT Single, City Elite, Summit X3 Single)

Verified reviews


Works with Chicco Key Fit 30

Likes:- Works perfect with the Chicco Key Fit 30. :o)- When the infant car seat is attached to my Baby Jogger via the Car Seat Adaptor, it feels secure.- Lightweight and easy to remove/attach/store.Dislikes/Concerns:- When the car seat is attached to the stroller, there’s a higher center of gravity so you have to make sure the stroller doesn’t tip over when you make turns.- It’s somewhat hard to insert the car seat into the adaptor. I have to try several times to make sure I hear the click and the car seat is inserted properly. However, I do appreciate the clicking sound because that at least tells me when I’ve inserted the car seat properly.- If you leave the adaptor attached to the stroller, when you put your stroller in the car trunk, the adaptor sticks up and makes it somewhat hard to store other things.

Britney Brookdale, CA


So happy I found this for our jogging stroller. It turns the stroller into a travel system that is much more versatile than the normal ones on the market. I highly recommend this stroller and adaptor!!!

Ruby Shiloh, NJ

Works – but not for Graco Snugride 35 Click Connect

We purchased this to use with our Citi Mini stroller. We have a Graco Snugride 35 Click Connect and the product details (including instruction booklet) says it works with all Graco car seats … except it doesn’t work with the 35 click connect. After messing around with trying to install this for an over an hour, we searched the internet and found many other people had the same issue and eventually that the adaptor DOES NOT work with the Snugride 35 Click Connect. A little frustrating but it does work with other car seats. It is easy enough to use once installed properly with a car seat that works with the adaptor.

Elva Reidville, SC

It’s functional but not idea for me.

I have a chicco keyfit 30 carseat. I feel this adaptor doesn’t work all that well on my city elite baby jogger. You have to wrestle getting the carseat in and out of the attachment. You have to tip the carseat up and wiggle it around alot for it to settle and click in. Difficult when you have a heavy baby in a carseat.

Dolores Scottdale, GA

Can’t be used with the stroller’s umbrella!

I like that I can turn the Baby Jogger into a travel system but it is a bit bulky to have this piece attached when the stroller is folded and makes it hard if you are traveling and trying to efficiently pack a trunk. Also with the Chicco Key Fit carseat you have to detach the stroller’s umbrella so that the car seat can fit in. I thought I would be able to use it to protect the baby from the sun from one direction while the carseat umbrella covered from the other like most travel systems but this is not possible. That being said I don’t think I would trade the quality of the stroller for an all in one travel system. I plan to put the baby directly in the stroller when he is a bit bigger so it is a pretty pricey for something you aren’t going to use very long and the baby actually could go straight into the stroller but I like to look at him while he is still so small.

Jessica Labarre, LA

Easy to install just follow directions

This car seat adapter fits perfectly with Peg Perego 30/30 car seat. Easy to install just follow directions. There is one piece you need to leave out but again, read instruction manual, all parts are marked with letters. This is all you would need to make it work.

Morgan Smithfield, OH

Works but no shade

This worked for our Chicco Keyfit when the old adapter wouldn’t fit. I just don’t like the fact that there is no umbrella shade when the baby seat is on the City Mini.

Katelyn Amenia, ND

Great for Baby! Great for Mommy and Daddy!

We have the Baby Jogger City Mini and the Chicco Keyfit 30. We loved this product. This allows us to use our stroller like the traditional, cluckier, and heavier car seat stroller travel systems. This was very easy to assemble and disassemble. I loved how high the car seat is compared to traditional travel systems. You don’t have to bend over very much or at all to talk to your baby or take care of his needs, which is great for someone with back problems. Additionally, your baby has a higher vantage point to look around, and we felt made him seem more included in what we were doing.As other reviewers have noted:You can fold up your baby jogger as normal (just go under the attachment to reach the pull), but it will be a bit bulkier with the attachment sticking up. However, this was never really much of an issue for us. Without the car seat, it is just the bars sticking up.We did have issues with the seat not automatically clicking into place when placed in the adaptor. Most times, one side would click and the other would still be loose. A simple check we did was pull up slightly on each side, if the seat moved up then we knew we would have to try again. We would just have to release the seat and attach again. Granted, we would usually have to do this a few times before both sides would be secure (sometimes, it would work on the first try!). However, the benefits of the adaptor far outweighed the inconvenience!

Ericka Kellogg, IA