Baby Jogger Car Seat Adaptor For Chicco, Single

Baby Jogger Car Seat Adaptor For Chicco, Single

FEATURES of the Car Seat Adaptor by Baby Jogger Coordinates with a variety of Baby Jogger stroller models Designed to fit several popular car seats on the market today Locks infant car seat in place onto a Baby Jogger stroller Double adaptor positioned on a locking slide to prevent tipping when only the car seat is in use Allows you to use a high-performance Baby Jogger stroller throughout a child’s development Works with brands including most Peg Perego, Chicco, Britax, Maxi Cosi, Graco and Evenflo models This product can only be shipped within the United States. Please don’t hate us.

Main features

  • Custom designed to accommodate the chicco brand of car seats
  • Compatible with single baby jogger strollers equipped with the universal mounting bracket
  • Adaptor brackets and chicco support bars included in box

Verified reviews


great and easy to install

I love my City Mini because it’s light weight and so easy to fold. I was so happy they had an adapter so we could use our Chicco Keyfit with it. The adapter is very easy to install and can stay on the stroller while it’s folded.

Shawna Georgetown, SC

Even the sales person at Baby R Us couldn’t get it to snap in

We were going to buy the city mini and this conversion bar for the car seat but couldn’t get it to work in the store. We even had a store sales person come over (Babies R Us) and try it and even he couldn’t get it to snap. That’s when he showed us the “belt” which was less than impressive. There is no way in the world that a flimsy belt across the lap portion/baby’s legs of a car seat (not where the majority of weight is balanced) is going to keep it secure with a baby! We were BUMMED because we loved the City Mini stroller. We ended up biting the bullet and going for a BOB because the car seat (Chicco Keyfit 30) snapped in absolutely perfectly and I was planning to get a BOB after he was old enough to take him running (I know not to take him running until he’s ~6 months). I may buy the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller after he is a few months old because it is lightweight, is a perfect size and folds up like a dream… a shame they didn’t make a better conversion bar. Someone else wrote that you can use the City Mini Jogger with him laying down fully as a newborn but that just frightens me as it does not seem safe.

Randi Wytheville, VA

very sturdy

I purchased this adapter for use with my Baby Jogger City Mini stroller and the Chicco KeyFit30 car seat, and it works very well, once I figured it out.The item is not the one pictured above, and the instructions are not very good. To clarify, both brackets should be facing up, and the one that says “foot” is closer to the back of the stroller- it refers to the foot of the car seat (not the stroller), and the child will face you. The customer picture above is correct.The adapter will not work with the canopy in place, so it must be removed. You must also move the elastic from the seat fabric covering the holes aside in order to snap the adapter into place. And in order to snap the car seat in, I just rest the curved indentation on the back of the car seat on the bracket that says “head” and push it down towards the “foot” bracket until I hear 2 clicks. It says to use the belt across the top for added security, but I don’t bother- once the car seat clicks in, it’s so sturdy, the car seat isn’t going anywhere. A downside is that the adapter has to be removed in order to fold the stroller completely.It’s the same price as a snap n go, but I like how the car seat sits up higher, and it is much smaller to store away.

Cynthia Tyngsboro, MA

Glaring design flaw….

I have the City Select and got the adapter for the Chicco Key fit30 all together. I read the reviews here before hand, tried them in a store and the two products seemed to be the best for us. (I bought them in the brick and mortar that helped us because the service was fantastic.) Individually I like the usability of both. The adapter kit is very poor though, and it is really irritating that they sell it at all with this design, never mind at the price. Even more frustrating is when you read the reviews for other adapters for the Chicco, for example on the Uppababy system, and find that with a little care they could have made a great fitting adapter that doesn’t even use the straps to be secured.I looked it over and the design flaw is fairly obvious when you take a minute. The bar that holds the head of the car seat is too low, so when the seat is settled into it the grey “tabs” that lock and release the seat in both the adapter and the car seat base are partially depressed by the structure cross pieces below. If the angle of the head side bar held the seat higher it would not allow the tabs to get half pressed in. So it does click into a very secure locked position, then gets half unlocked because it goes past where it should. This is why it is loose, and also why if you pull upward on the head of the car seat after it is “locked” it will slip right out. This too is why they added the ridiculous strap to the system when other Chicco stroller adapters get by fine without it.If you look at the box there is a sticker that says it was designed for use with Chicco brand car seats. Under that sticker, if you peel it back, it says it was designed for “several popular brands of car seat” and lists a bunch of brands, and not Chicco. This was clearly made to be as universal as possible with a cure all strap added for when it’s design counter-acts the locking mechanism as it does in the case of the Keyfit.Like others here, we are going to keep it because the stroller is the best one for my wife to fold and lift into the trunk, and the Chicco has the best safety rating, but I am super disappointed in the adapter. It will work, it is safe, but I feel scammed for both the price and care of design. Even more frustrating when you see how easy it would be to address this issue. If i knew I could bend the bar to the proper angle it myself without weakening the structure I would, but I guess we’ll stick with the cheesy straps and a safe ride for the baby.Long story short? Works. Safe. Necessary if you want the travel system with these two devices. Feels like a slap in the face, though.

Candy New Germany, MN

2-1/2 stars at the moment…

**EDIT**I just learned of, & tried out, the NEW adapter for 2012. It’s awesome & totally secures the Chicco Key Fit 30 to the City Mini, with a “Click”. I was even able to lift the whole stroller by the infant car seat once clicked into the base adapter…that’s how secure it is.The 2012+ adapter works with the original City Mini (which I still have) and the new City Mini GT version that came out in 2012.I was told the MFG did a redesign on the adapter because there were so many complaints about the security of the original design & parent comfort. (no recall to my knowledge)You still cannot use the City Mini stroller canopy with the Car Seat, but you are no longer instructed to remove all the fabric from the stroller.**Original**Not sure what that picture with the Red stroller is showing, but it isn’t this adapter or at least it isn’t attached correctly.I’m on the fence about this adapter. I was hoping it would be the perfect bridge for my 2 favorite baby gear items – the City Mini (CM) & the Chicco KF30 (CKF30). I had gone to a store a few months ago that had a car seat adapter attached to a Baby Jogger stroller, 2010 model stroller & possibly an older adapter. It all fit together nicer, although maybe it was a different model altogether(?).I have the 2011 CM stroller & the newest car seat adapter (item 51308) for the CKF30.-No instructions were included in the box, dwnld from the MFG site.-The instructions say to take off the canopy and ‘all the fabric’, a bit extreme.-Canopy off I put the assembly together & notice right away that it tilts toward the front of the car seat (handle of the stroller)… what happened to that 45 degree angle?-with car seat on the adapter only the seat bottom rests on the metal bars at the front & back, the side crescents are for another model car seat.- strap goes around cars seat ‘over’ the baby, there isn’t much clearance for the little guy. Like other reviewers have remarked – it’s only a strap that holds it in place. metal bars just provide an ‘un-even’ platform for the seat to rest.-Whole thing wiggles & wobbles easily, and worried about the face forward tilt.-Parent console doesn’t fit with this assembly in place either.The real kicker… you can’t use the canopy AT ALL with the car seat on the stroller. So, when my baby is born in the SF bay area, in December, in the middle of our months of rain, what am I to do? the rain guard for BJogger uses the canopy… Plastic Bag?Not a well thought out system. Has the feel of an afterthought product that was made to ‘give us something’ while not really giving us parents what we will ‘really’ need.I’m giving 2-1/2 to 3 stars because I haven’t used it yet & I may come up with a resourceful work around when we try to utilize it. Or maybe I’ll get a snap & go for a few months. A lot of money invested into this system…Pics posted too.

Judy Polk, MO

Make sure you get the right one

Just make sure you are selecting the right adapter. I have a Baby Jogger City Mini and Chicco Keyfit 30. At first I ended up buying the adapter for the City Select and had to exchange it (which Amazon did with no problems). This adapter does work for me. And although there are straps to hold the car seat in place I don’t like that it can actually be maneuvered out without needing to be released. Also the instructions aren’t too great.

Corina New Cambria, MO

I would not buy this again

While I use this, I don’t really care for it. I love the City Mini and I have both the single and double City Mini strollers with the corresponding car seat adapters for each. The strollers are great, but the adapter on the single sits WAY too high making the stroller prone to tipping. It doesn’t take much to send it off balance and that makes me exceedingly nervous using it. I make sure to keep two hands on the stroller at all times. If it sat lower it would be much more stable. The adapter for the double stroller sits just as high but is not as unstable because of the wider base (although when using it for only one baby you are supposed to slide the car seat to the center of the double stroller to maintain even weight distribution).On the up side, even when leaving the adapter attached, the stroller is easy to fold and doesn’t take up much more space than just the stroller itself. This is something that cannot be said for the double stroller attachment, which I always must detach in order for it to fit in my trunk.

Leanne Dexter, NY