Baby Jogger Carry Bag

Baby Jogger Carry Bag

FEATURES of the Carry Bag by Baby Jogger Stores and protects a Baby Jogger stroller for travel Allows for more space-saving stroller storage at home Specialized storage compartments protect wheels Durable fabric construction with a sturdy carrying strap Model specific custom design fits select models of Baby Jogger strollers This product can only be shipped within the United States. Please don’t hate us.

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Yay! Double Baby Jogger Bag Fits Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

We’re leaving for Disney World soon and I wanted a bag to protect my Britax B-Agile Double StrollerBritax 2013 B-Agile Double Stroller, Red. I first ordered the b-agile stroller bagBritax B-Agile Stroller Travel Bag, which when it arrived is clearly meant for the single version of the b-agile stroller. I returned the b-agile bag and ordered this baby jogger double bag. THE DOUBLE BABY JOGGER BAG FITS THE B-AGILE DOUBLE! So happy! You will need to remove the rear wheels, put the stroller in the bag, take the rear wheels stack them, put the rods of the wheels in the triangle of the handle, and zip shut! Hope the bag holds up during our travels!

Winnie Blackstock, SC


I guess I should have expected this to be huge based on the size of the double stroller, but I just thought it would fold up to be more compact. It is the size of your double stroller when the stroller is folded up (you have to take off the wheels), so great for storing at home, not so great if you purchased it to protect your stroller while gate checking it. You have to lug this huge bag through the airport. It is really nice, though, and definitely protects the stroller. Just wish it would fold smaller when not in use.

Germaine Snoqualmie, WA

Great for packing up Summit XC

I flew for the first time with my Baby Jogger Summit XC and wanted a carry case to protect the stroller. Overall, the product works great. It is a very durable bag and I (and I’m momma) can break down the stroller and pack it in the bag with ease.Some good things to know if you are looking to purchase this bag:- It’s heavy!: Once the stroller is packed up in here, it is very heavy. And you obviously can’t roll it at that point. To get to the gate, we actually bungee corded the car seat into the stroller so that we were rolling everything to gate (baby was in our Ergo). Then I packed stroller up at the gate.- It’s not obvious it’s a stroller: When it’s in a big black bag, it looks like pretty much any other big black bag. And that is not a good thing at an airport. We checked it at the gate and getting off the plane had to wait because they put it with the rest of the luggage not realizing it was a stroller. (This is even with the hot pink gate tag we put on the bag.) I think I may purchase hot pink duck tape and write “STROLLER” across it and stick it to the bag. Maybe that will help.- I put the wheels in plastic bags to try to keep the baby jogger bag clean from all the dirt on the wheels.

Grace Bena, MN

Useful but not ideal

We bought this for our city select and while it does protect the stroller it is not an ideal bag. You have to put the stroller in very particular in order for it to all fit.

Ashley Sherburn, MN

Great for travel: car or plane

We have a Baby Jogger City Mini GT and we love this bag. There is only one con, but the pros far outweigh the one issue.The pros are:Once you remove the wheels (which is super easy on these strollers), the stroller fits easily into this bag. I’m not sure why others said it only fits one way. I haven’t found that to be true, and I just toss it in (after putting the wheels into the pockets). The bag also has an expander zipper. In our recent travel, we also fit in a crib wedge along with the stroller, for example.The bag is slightly padded so that your stroller is protected. This was great – especially after seeing the other gate check items come back wet and roughed up…When packing the car full of stuff for a vacation, this bag packs the stroller flat and small. Once the stroller is in the bag, it is much easier to pack things around, under, and on the bag vs. the awkward stroller alone.There is a removable shoulder strap for this bag that helps with carrying. Which brings me to the only con:The con:The bag does not collapse. So, when not in use, though it is flat, it is not small. We were still able to hang it on our stroller handlebar, and others said they forced it to fold, but it is not small. We could have just used a gate check canvas bag, but we wanted to protect the stroller more – and this bag did that.Still, this one issue is not a big deal compared with the benefits!

Annmarie Gradyville, KY

Summit xc model

We have a baby jogger summit xc. It’s a huge stroller, but we love it and my toddler falls asleep in it. We travel a lot, and we had to decide between taking the small and simple Maclaren stroller in which she had to sit up in, or the jogger in which she could catch a nap before the flight ( saving us from a cranky, tired baby on the flight). We were skeptical on taking the jogger for the fear of it getting damaged on the flight as it was not exactly cheap.. I did not believe that the jogger would fit in this bag, but it does, and we have used it so many times without trouble. The stroller disassembles so easily and quickly, and every part of the stroller fits nicely if positioned correctly.The only headache about this has been that it doesn’t look like a stroller, so sometimes we have to wait for them to bring it to the airplane door even with the tag on. But even with that, this has been a great buy.

Terry Avon, SD

Great protection, but kept getting sent with regular luggage

This product worked great for us on a recent trip. We had 4 flights altogether since we didn’t have a direct flight to our destination. It was easy to use, just pop the wheels off, zip it up and go. We even had a gate attendant say that in all of her years this was the most protected gate check stroller bag she had seen, so we took that as a good sign! There was no damage to our City Mini after all the flights. The only reason I give 4 stars is that since the bag is an understated black bag it got sent with the regular baggage on 2 of the flights. Thank GOODNESS it was both times at our final destination. We had short layovers so would NOT have been able to go to baggage claim and get back through security to get to our destination. I’m guessing that’s the main purpose of this bag, so wish that it somewhere had a slot to insert a red gate check sign or something or was red itself or something to make it more likely to actually be at the gate.

Valeria Paint Rock, TX

Fits my City Elite!

I ordered this for our first flight with our City Elite. I read reviews of this bag everywhere and I didn’t come across anyone confirming the Elite fits in the bag. It does! The bag appears of great quality. Its padded and the material seems thick. I can’t speak to how it will hold up to a gate check, but I’m hopeful there won’t be any problems. I do plan on clearly marking it gate check b/c I could see how it would get confused for regular luggage.

Joan Candor, NY

big bag, easily fits the city mini single

Used this for an airplane trip, protected our stroller well. We did take off the wheels of the stroller when placing it in the bag, but that took all of 30 seconds so it wasn’t a huge problem for us.

Leticia Royalton, WI

Great quality and nice design

I used this bag to check my City Mini on a trip from Hawaii to the East coast. I am really impressed with the quality of the bag. The fabric is tough like a standard piece of luggage would be. The zippers are high quality too, tough. They added some convenient features to the bag such as an extender zipper to make the bag larger, a very nice shoulder strap and some roomy interior pockets too. I was able to fit in my Peg Perego infant car seat adapter and a whole pack of diapers into the bag as well as the stroller. The stroller was in perfect shape when I arrived. I’d highly recommend this bag! I only wish I could find one like this for my BOB Revolution duallie.

Sharron Ipswich, MA

Great if you Have Help at the Airport

I bought this to use when traveling with my then 1 year old son. I didn’t want our nice stroller getting banged up or dirty when checking it at the gate. That being said, traveling ALONE with a young child made using this impractical. I kept him in the stroller as long as possible before boarding, and there was no way I could get this thing into the bag (have to take off the wheels) while holding him AND all of his stuff. I think if my husband had been there it would have been much easier.

Yvonne Raleigh, MS

Does what it is supposed to do.

I only have this for the airplane gate check. Putting my City Mini (non GT) in was easy. There was room for a toy bar, parent console & I probably could have gotten some other things in there too. That’s the great part. The not so great part is trying to walk around the airport with this wind sail of a bag. It doesn’t fold down to fit under the stroller, and it can’t even hang off hooks or the handle. It rubs the wheels. I don’t feel it is padded enough to check with normal luggage. I have it, it works, I’ll continue to use it.

Betsy North Haverhill, NH

Fits Britax B Agile Double!

Luckily someone reviewed that this bag would work my B-Agile Double so I took a chance. It fits surprisingly well! Takes less than 3 minutes to take off the back wheels as well as adjusting the handlebar all the way towards the canopies to make it as short as possible. Looks neat and the material seems pretty sturdy. I’ll update after my trip to see how durable it is.

Annabelle Holy City, CA

Thick, quality bag that fits the city mini GT double

I read LOTS of reviews before I bought this bag. Most of the criticism indicates that the bag is of poor quality, or that it’s too small. This bag is thick and well cushioned, and the outer fabric is thick and seems to be of high quality.As for fit, we took off the rear wheels to slide them into the pockets, and then the bag went in fine. There isn’t extra space, but it fits in adequately and well.The bag, when not in use, is a bit large. I used a bungee strap to secure the bag into a folded shape and carried the bag on the stroller handle using a mommy hook.I’ve only used this bag on one trip, but it still looks well. I think it was a worthwhile investment in the protection of an expensive stroller. I would buy it again, and I recommend it to anyone who needs a travel bag for your baby jogger city mini gt double.

Jasmin Erwinna, PA

True to description and great coverage

I have the City Mini and have taken my child all over the world with it. It is by far my favorite stroller on earth and I needed a bag that would help protect it when being handled in the airport.*Please note that this is the 2010-2011 version of the bag. Some reviews of this same-named bag have mentioned that there is NO place for the wheels to come off which could mean that the newer versions are different from mine. Please be aware when looking up this bag that the features MAY have changed.PROS:- The bag is a thick coated canvas and has not torn or shredded in all of my trips.- Shoulder strap can be removed if you don’t want to use it- Inside of the bag has clearly labeled pockets for the wheels you must take off in order to stow. The pockets zip around each wheel so they don’t move. Very easy to do.- Black which is nondescript and doesn’t obviously look like it’s carrying a nice stroller- Once everything is zipped up the stroller is securely snug inside, no wiggling or moving around in thereCONS:- If you’re okay with taking the wheels off to store the stroller then disregard, HOWEVER, taking the wheels off can be a hassle with a little one at the gate.- You must place the stroller facing a very specific direction (not marked inside unlike the wheels) so it still takes some fiddling to figure out which way to lie the stroller down in order for the bag to zip fully. Because the wheels are inside and it’s a perfect fit you have to do it correctly or the bag won’t zip.- The bag is nondescript, as mentioned in PROS, thus the baggage handlers often think it’s checked luggage rather than “gate check” and twice they’ve moved it back down under the plane to be picked up at regular baggage. A clearly marked tag saying “GATE CHECK/STROLLER” does the trick. NO confusions after this.- The shoulder strap isn’t very thick or well padded so a long walk with this hanging over your arm can be a bit uncomfortable.OVERALL:-Well worth the money to keep your stroller tight and secure. Other generic bags allow for more movement inside (in order to accommodate many different stroller sizes), but this one is made perfectly for the Baby JOgger.

Kay Suplee, PA

Works great!

We’ve used this twice in the month since we ordered it to gate check a Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. It is well made, durable, protects the stroller perfectly, still looks brand new — often not the case with anything handled by the airlines — and is easy to use. Don’t hesitate to order it!

Earnestine Panola, TX