Baby Jogger City Elite Double Stroller, Black

Baby Jogger City Elite Double Stroller, Black

The Baby Jogger City Elite Double Stroller is awesome for taking the kids for a trek in a grassy park, hike down the trails, or walk on the city sidewalks. This Baby Jogger stroller is engineered and built to offer the entire family great comfort, convenience and safety during long days of activities, and the collapsible design makes it easier to pack up in the vehicle when heading out. FEATURES of the City Elite Double Stroller by Baby Jogger Plush padded seat reclines to a near flat position Vented seat recline with retractable weather cover Raised kicker adds leg support for smaller children and provides easy access to under seat basket Lockable swivel front wheel with front wheel suspension 12″ pneumatic wide-tread comfort ride quick-release tires Large multi-position “no pinch” sun canopy with clear view windows and side ventilation panels that secure with magnets Adjustable handlebar to accommodate users of all heights Soft handlebar console with six storage compartments Seat back storage compartment Large under seat basket Rear parking brake Adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover Secure fold strap to keep stroller folded for transportation or storage Patented Quick-Fold Technology – allows you to fold your double stroller in one simple step Dual swivel front wheels for precise maneuverability can lock into place for long distance strolling Dual raised kickers accommodate smaller children and provide easy access to the under seat basket Multi-position sun canopies with clear view windows and side ventilation panels that secure with magnets Patented universal accessory mounting bracket Front wheel suspension provides a smooth comfortable ride Adjustable padded five-point safety harnesses Hand operated parking brake Fold strap to keep stroller folded for transportation or storage SPECIFICATIONS: Double capacity 12″ wheels Assembled (L x W x H): 37.5″ x 29.5″ x 46″ Folded with Wheels (L x W x H): 33.5″ x 29.5″ x 15″ Folded without W

Main features

  • Baby jogger patented quick fold technology
  • Accessory mounting bracket makes accessorizing your stroller a snap
  • Dual raised kickers add leg support for smaller children and provide easy access to under seat basket
  • 12″ quick release wide tread tires with front suspension and lockable swivel front wheels for all terrain strolling
  • Individually adjustable plush padded reclining seats with vented seat tops and retractable weather covers

Verified reviews


VERY plush but wayyyy to HEAVY!

First i have to say, this thing is HEAVY!!!!! it weighs 46lbs even tho baby jogger claims it’s 38lbs…nightmare to lift into my suv, i actually never put it in there on my own as i was to scared to! Just returned my elite double for mini double- SO much better and ACTUALLY weighs 26lbs! Same great comfy seats, great recline and fold 🙂 The elite is great if you’re never going to take it anywhere and has a smooth ride (although not as smooth as a bob) but the weight was a dealbreaker for me, I only want one double stroller.

Rachel Jacobson, MN

Awesome stroller for twins

I originally had the baby jogger city select and I just really wasn’t happy with it. So I sold it and then spent countless hours doing research for another stroller for my twins. I bought a double Maclaren for shopping but I wanted another stroller that was very versatile, great for walks and a light jog. I ordered this without ever testing it out. I was pretty nervous but I couldn’t be happier. When we first took it out of the box I thought “holy cow this is huge” but really it’s awesome. A short person and a tall person can steer it. And better yet, if I need to steer with one have for a little bit it is super smooth!. I love love love this stroller. I see a lot of negative reviews about the storage underneath. I don’t really agree. I have seen several strollers and storage sucks. Yes it’s not as large as the storage for the city select (had enough room for my yorkie to ride below) but it is perfect. Especially because there are sooooo many other places to put things. It’s awesome becuase it comes with another concole with pocket after pocket. And there are even a few pockets behind each seat. So really, plenty of storage! I was really contemplating a BOB double jogger but this thing is sooo much better. And the quality is by far better! I am soooo happy with my purchase. I bought the green color and it looks exactly like the picture. It is a neat color! So for anyone needing a double stroller that is super versatile, this is your stroller. I don’t advise this for someone who just wants to go shopping (wide) but great for the all around everything else.

Bettie Wysox, PA

Excellent stroller for tall people, great for air travel as well

We have two children – one 2 1/2 and one 1/2. Both are tall – the 2 1/2 year old is 38 inches tall and will not fit comfortably in most double umbrella strollers. I love the Baby Jogger double strollers because they accommodate taller children and are very easy to push. The City Classic and Elite offer an adjustable handle as well – good for my husband at 6 foot 2 inches tall. It is of course heavier and larger than a double umbrella, but I just traveled with it trans-atlantic and had no questions asked when checking it in (at the desk) with either one of the two commercial airlines we flew with. I would recommend getting the bag for it though – makes traveling it a breeze. Well-built, well-designed (with the folding mechanism and quick-release wheels) and very comfortable for both the parents and the children.

Ilene Bluffton, OH

Great Stroller! Sorry to see it discontinued for 2012

Great stroller for twins! I love this stroller. I take long walks with my twin boys and large dog! The seats are very plush and the straps are very easy to use. The boys take naps in the stroller, and are very comfortable. So many great features, I don’t know why Baby Jogger is discontinuing this stroller, it is very easy to go up and down sidewalks and curbs with and goes through door ways with no problem. The turning radius is much better than on a jogging stroller, so I can walk to stores and go down the aisles. I wanted a side by side rather than a tandem strollers for walks otherwise one child is looking at the back of the other on long walks. My only complaint is that everything needs to be bought separately, belly bar, trays, rain bonnet, boards for back of seats, etc. After you buy all the “extras” you have a $1000 stroller. The only other issue is this stroller is not appropriate for taking in the car for running errands. It will fit in my van, but it is very heavy to lift in and out. However, I don’t know any twin parents that only have one stroller, everyone I’ve ever met seems to have at least two strollers, one light weight one for lifting in and out of cars and one large one for exercising. This is not recommended for running but rather power walking. I was walking in a store with it and someone remarked to me that I had the “Cadillac of strollers” that is exactly how I would describe this stroller. If you have twins and like to walk outside and run errands this is the number one stroller. Because the tires are so large and heavily threaded I can even walk on uneven surfaces with no problem.

Alejandra Saint Paul, MN

4th double jogger, the best I’ve found yet

to clarify, I own the 2009 version of this stroller (bought used off CL), the differences are:-air filled pneumatic tires (not sure but I’ve read the foam filled tires can make for a ‘rougher’ ride, thus, I’m ok with these)-velcro fasteners instead of magnetic (wish we had magnetic)-no parent console (I have read that the ‘buggy buddy’ does fine)-slightly lighter due to air filled tires-foot break (as opposed to hand break)we have owned the instep safari, croozer 325, and baby trend double expedition, I do not feel that my expectations of a stroller were that hefty. boy was I wrong. BUT, this stroller has met my expectations, finally! I just had to be willing to pay quite a bit more than I initially wanted to! specifically, my needs that were met are as follows:-adjustable handlebar for my 6’5″ husband, also handlebar extends far enough away from stroller to prevent constantly kicking the wheels, which is super nice-distinct divider between seats so that kids cannot freely and easily mess with each other, but can see each other if they want to (see below)-seats are roomy – large enough for my 2.5 year old who will be riding in it for another year at least and is in the 80th percentile for height (so, tall but not that tall)-moderately comfortable for my toddler (see below)-front wheel swivels or locks-jogging stroller (see below)-decent sunshade (see below)the divider between seats is a solid metal bar, some might not like this, but I do, of course it also adds weight to the stroller, but again, it adds stability between seats and I feel it is necessary.After all of my double jogger experiences it seemed like these joggers were made for babies, the seats were so comfy for my 9 month old, but my 2 year old was constantly moving around trying to get comfortable. we plan to make him ride for a while longer and of course the baby is going to get bigger…finally it seems I found a stroller that makes its seats for TODDLERS not babies! how great. He has another 2-3 inches in head room before he will hit the top of the seat back! he has a place to rest BOTH FEET! he also seems to stay in place more, which might be attributed to the soft seat backs.I realize this is not supposed to be a jogging stroller, however, I have read that it is ok to take for light jogging. We plan to use this for long walks and 1-2 mile jogs. I am not sure if this is ‘light jogging’ or not, but it seems to be holding up just fine. also, at my low speed, I can jog with the wheel still in swivel mode. I like this, I feel it reflects quality as opposed to most cheaper joggers that start to shake when this is done (not recommended, but just a little test I like to do and like to have the option if I want to just bust out and sprint every once in a while) Also along these lines.. can we get baby jogger and BOB to add the remote swivel/lock control feature? how awesome would that be? a small price to pay, however, for quality.I know I might sound crazy, but I’m not terribly impressed with the sunshade. I would like for it to ‘lock out’ stiffly and would also prefer if the windows were a bit bigger to see my kiddos (again I own the 2009 model, not sure if this was improved or not) also, the shade when pulled all the way down still did not cover my infant’s face, he is short, and I’m grateful that the stroller is made for larger kids, don’t get me wrong… but I had to undo the velcro and tilt the somewhat soft sunshade forward to keep him covered. not a big deal but I was surprised by this. I actually think I prefer the 1 large sunshade that locks out stiffly by baby trend (the double expedition) however, it had many other (more crucial) problems.there were a few things not on my list that I got with this purchase, they are as followsEXTRA PERKS:-quick fold. quick fold. quick fold. – the ‘quick fold technology’ by baby jogger is like nothing I’ve seen. (watching a BOB duallie video with a 3-step folding process really made me appreciate this even more!) It’s the easiest thing ever. I could even explain this to my 60 year old parents and they could do it with no problem.-maneuverability and shock absorption – going over bumps and on and off sidewalks is like nothing, nothing shakes in the stroller and nothing seems to ‘hit hard’, it just glides… ahhh. also I can maneuver it into tight spaces in our garage because its just easy to do that.. this wasn’t possible with my other cheaper strollers.-width. – this wasn’t on my list bc I don’t plan on using it indoors too much, however, it is incredibly skinny! the wheels do not ‘stick out’ on the sides, they are actually underneath the frame. Check out a rear shot of the design, its just smart. side note: I have the 2009 that has a foot break, so I know mine is skinnier than the more recent versions.overall:I am finally pleased with a double jogger.

Natalia Roaring River, NC

Love it!

I have been using this stroller for the last 7 months: love it! It’s good from the birth through 5 years (or even longer if your kids are on a small side). Steers like a dream. Fits into standard doors. My older son is 2 y 4 m old, 39″ tall, 35 lbs, fits well and there is room to grow. The basket underneath is not very easy accessible but you get plenty of storage pockets and various holders so I rarely use the basket. I just wish the back of the seats were firm. It’s also heavy and pricy.

Daisy Lincoln Park, NJ