Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller Red One Size

Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller Red One Size

DECENT FEATURES of the Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller Patented Quick-Fold Technology – allows you to fold your stroller with one hand Swivel front wheel for quick and agile maneuverability can lock into place for long distance strolling 12″ forever-air quick-release tires navigate smoothly over any terrain Raised kicker accommodates smaller children and provides easy access to the under seat basket Multi-position sun canopy with clear view windows and side ventilation panels that secure with magnets Plush padded seat reclines to a near flat position with a vented seat top and retractable weather cover Universal accessory mounting bracket Adjustable handlebar to accommodate individual users Soft handlebar console with multiple storage compartments Front wheel suspension provides a smooth comfortable ride Seat back storage compartment and large under seat basket Adjustable padded five-point safety harnesses Hand operated parking brake Removable auto-lock to keep stroller closed when folded 75 lb. weight capacity on stroller The SPECS Seat back: 19.5″ Head height: 23″ Shoulder width: 12/5″ Seat to knee: 10″ Knee to footplate: 9″ Width to Knee: 14″

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Good, but not much room for storage

We do have an 8 months old baby and this stroller is offering pretty big space for playing, sleeping (for this age). Very well done, pretty strong stroller, nice canopy, easy to take out all 3 wheels, easy to fold, nice to use it a big city (Chicago)2 stars for small storage space, not that easy to unfold, takes a lot of space in my trunk, with wheels on… hard for my wife co carry it, I did not found a space in my house to put it, since is not staying unsupported (like to a wall).

Robert Toronto, KS

Fantastic Stroller – smooth ride

We loved this stroller, though we didn’t end up keeping it. Here is why: We actually had trouble finding this stroller in a store, therefore we ordered this, the BOB Revolution CE, and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. After setting up all three, it turned out that this one was the largest – both in length and width. The features were incredible – including the foot lift, the pockets up by the push bar, and air vents on the side of the canopy. However, it was just too wide for what we were wanting. We wanted to be able to wheel through stores and the city with ease. We also wanted to have the folded stroller take up less space. If we had a larger car and a larger storage spot in our home, we would have kept this stroller. By the way, the wheels are SO easy to remove!Just so you know, the BOB Revolution CE was smaller once set up, but it was the most bulky of the three when folded up. Plus, the wheels need more maintenance and are more difficult to remove (not bad, but no where near as easy as the Baby Jogger wheels). Also, the BOB push bar was not adjustable – and since I’m only 5 feet, it was uncomfortably high!The Baby Jogger City Mini GT was the stroller we kept. It was smaller than the Elite and the BOB, but still had reasonable wheels for a good ride. It doesn’t have all the features of the Elite, but still has the easy fold, the great large canopy, the easy recline and easy to remove wheels.All three had fairly small storage baskets – but they all had pockets in the back of the seat back. All had very smooth rides, though the BOB was probably the best.Okay, this was disorganized, but I hope it helped!

Nanette Marietta, OK

4 strollers later then I meet Baby Jogger City!!!!

PROS(Love it!)Adjustable & Rugged sporty handle bar2 peek a boo windows on huge canopy2 side ventilation vent on huge canopySecurity run away strapLarge mesh back storagesecure zip pocket6 handle bar divider compartment with magnetic closureWell padded comfy seat5 point harnessone second easy fold handlegreat wipe off nylon durable materialeasy top find switch for lock or swivel front wheelone foot access bar brakeair filled tires for smooth rideGreat suspension and shocks in rear & frontStroller color creates calm sleep environmentEffortless steeringFlat fold with secure side latch, takes up half of my Hyundai Sonata’s trunk ( I had the baby jogger, my quick smart stroller and my joovy kooper stroller in the trunk at the time of purchase : ) so it fit in a sedan well!All removable wheelsSlim line bodyCONS(All these not a deal breaker)Small mesh under storageStroller does not stand closeMust purchase snack tray separatelyMust purchase car seat adapter separately

Beryl Pamplin, VA


Very good quality, so easy to push. And it folds with just one hand!I was able to take off all of the fabric, and attach my car seat or bassinet for a new born – made stroller even lighter, and looked really good

Barbara Deepwater, NJ

Love this stroller

I did extensive review and testing of several strollers before I decided to buy this one. We received a hand-me-down Jeep Expedition jogging stroller from a friend and it just didn’t have the features I was looking for. We brought that stroller with us, on vacation, without really having the chance to test it out. With the difficulties we had we ordered the BJCE Single Stroller in Sand (ordered on Sunday, received on Tuesday). It arrived at the end of the day and my husband had it set up and ready to go in less than 20 minutes.The pluses:1. I love the large canopy (with window and side vents, with magnets)2. Love the option to lock/unlock the front wheel (very easy to do, even my son (at 7 months) could do it3. Easy to fold and locking feature so that you don’t accidentally fold it4. Easy to clean material5. Reclining option with drop cover (over netting at back) when using reclining feature6. Smooth ride (even on the boardwalk at the beach)7. Locking feature is very quick and easy8. Extended footrest (and access to basket underneath)9. Basket underneath is roomy enough for a diaper bag (Vera Bradley) and a few other items10. Sturdy materials (the frame and the cloth)11. Love the “sand” color (color that shows the least amount of dirt)12. Easy to assemble13. Fun to drive/push (according to my husband, which I agree with)The minuses1. There’s only one window (as I have discovered), but this is not a deal breaker for me2. The cover for the window does not have a magnet, like the side vents, to keep it in a particular spot and when it’s windy it doesn’t stay in place (we tried rolling it and also attaching it to the frame of the canopy). When the vent covers are open they attach to magnets that are at the right distance.3. The basket underneath is a little difficult to fill, but it’s functional and that’s all that matters, but this could be a deal breaker for some4. It’s heavy, but that’s okay for me, as I’m relatively strong and I want something “indestructible”All in all I love this stroller and would definitely recommend this to friends. I will update this review in a few weeks, when I have used the stroller a little more.p.s. I will be purchasing the tray and cooler and am looking into getting the attachment to carry my purse.

Rocio Bridgeport, PA


I have the 2009 version of this stroller with the air tires… love it. I know they say you are not supposed to run with it… does anyone have any experience jogging with this (I won’t be running fast or doing any marathons). I don’t want to buy a whole new stroller for a slow jog. Thanks!

Olive Sisseton, SD

The perfect stroller, if you only want to buy one.

My wife and I were looking to buy just ONE stroller. Not 15 like they try to sell you. We didn’t want to nor did we have room for 3 or 4 different types of strollers: a travel one, a running one, a trip to Kroger one, etc. We wanted one, all purpose, go virtually anywhere, run/walk/shop/stroll, easy, well made stroller. This is it. Deployment takes 10 seconds, as does stowing. Wife complained about the weight, but it’s lighter than about half the others at the store. Once I had her hold a heavy one, she was fine with the weight.

John Lomita, CA

Only One Flaw!

I have this stroller and the BOB Revolution. I like this one better than the BOB, but here are the pros and cons of the City Elite.PRO:My baby sits better in the City Elite than the BOB. The BOB is very slouchy. In the City Elite, he sits more upright and more comfortably, and the recline is easier and faster to adjust.The harness in the City Elite is better. It is more easily adjustable, lays flatter, doesn’t get tangled.I love the adjustable handle height on the City Elite, especially since I’m on the shorter side.I love the one hand fold. It really is easy.CON:The back wheels of the City Elite stick out way farther from the frame of the stroller than the BOB. They stick out 4-5 inches on either side. This is a pain getting through doorways, and makes it so my 4 year old can’t walk next to the stroller. The back wheel is always catching him. I don’t know why they can’t make the wheels in line with the frame. The BOB is easier to maneuver because of this "back wheels" issue. Also, the BOB might ride a tiny bit smoother (but it’s splitting hairs a little bit). They are both a pretty smooth ride.I don’t jog. I just wanted a stroller that could be used both in a shopping area and on a bumpy sidewalk/trail for walking. I think the CIty Elite will be just fine for this. I really like it and my baby seems very comfortable in it. I just wish those back wheels were more in line with the frame! Then it would be perfect!

Margo Pitkin, LA

Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller, Black

A+++ stroller. I originally had this model which was a 2010. That had air tires and a different brake system as well as less comfy fabric. This is a great improvement. I love the upgrades baby jogger has given the Elite! The fabric is much more plush and soft. The foam wheels are as close as air filled as you can get and I love the fact that I don’t need to fill them!!! The change on the brake system is awesome!! Just pull the lever on the handle, no foot brake. There are no negative at all. I will say that the Elite is best suited for an outdoor stroller, walks, jogs, hikes, etc. It is large. We have the City mini GT for our car stroller.

Betty Sardinia, SC

I love it

I love this stroller. I wish we would have bought this a long time ago!My child has special needs and cannot sit unassisted, but she is way more comfortable in this stroller than she is in her Adaptive stroller. I feel that she is actually more safe in this stroller than her adaptive stroller. It’s light and easy to close. It’s so easy to go up and down our 2 front steps. Maneuverability is awesome. My daughter is comfortable in it, I love that it reclines all the way back for when she is sleepy. My ONLY complaint is that her diaper bag does not fit in the basket on the bottom of the stroller. It was very easy to put together. i did it myself with no tools, no help, and within 10 minutes. The canopy is huge and definitely blocks the sun from hitting her face. The rain cover doesn’t come with the stroller so you have to order that separately. I pushed this though the grass and rocky terrain and imanaged quite well. My daughter didn’t seem bothered by it at all. I just love it. would recommend to any mother.

Marilyn Dickson City, PA


I cant say enuff about this stroller, we upgraded from the city mini which has much smaller wheels and felt tippy with my huge daughter in it. This is just fantastic and I wish I would have found this stroller along time ago. the seat height is perfect for taller kids with a 21" seat back and a 26" height to the top of the canopy which mind you extends so far that the sun will never get into a riders eyes. the buckles are longer than most strollers offer meaning they will secure my 55lb daughter with out being overly tight in the belly/chest area and are not easily removed by toddlers who try to escape. the handle bar is adjustable and comes with its own parent tray. the wheels are large which makes up most of its weight but the push is a dream we’ve taken this to the mall and on hilly park grounds with ease! the hood also has vents on the sides which allow for more air circulation and a window type view for older children who want to see out of the hood with out being blinded by the daughter is 55lbs, 41" tall and fits this stroller with ease, my 10yr old even fits (she had to test it out also).

Tabitha Hamshire, TX