Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller, Red

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller, Red

The City Mini GT Double takes compact, all-terrain mobility to the next level. Its easy to use design makes it perfect for all day excursions in the urban jungle and weekend adventures off the beaten path. The City Mini GT features patented Quick-Fold Technology with removable auto-lock to keep stroller closed when folded, accessory mounting bracket, a hand-operated parking brake and an adjustable handlebar to accommodate users of all heights. The 8.5″ quick-release forever-air wheels feature sealed ball bearings, front wheel suspension and the dual front wheel can be locked into place for long distance strolling. The plush padded seats, with additional structure and support, individually recline to a near flat position and feature vented seat tops to increase airflow within the stroller with retractable weather covers. Additionally the City Mini GT Double offers a roomy seat with an extended seat back and foot well to accommodate taller children. Also featured are individually adjustable sun canopies with peek-a-boo windows, adjustable five-point safety harnesses with shoulder pads and buckle cover, large and easy to access under seat basket and seat back storage compartments. The City Mini GT Double is the next generation in all-terrain strolling from Baby Jogger with all the safety and style you’d expect. Maximum weight capacity of the City Mini GT Double is 100 pound. The City Mini GT Double is not intended for jogging.

Main features

  • Baby jogger patented quick fold technology allows you to fold your stroller in one step
  • Adjustable handlebar accommodates users of all heights
  • 85″ forever air tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride over any terrain with front wheel suspension and lockable swivel front wheel for long distance strolling

Verified reviews


I give 4.5 stars!!

I love this stroller! I can push with one hand without rolling side way. My children love it so much and seem to be quite comfortable that one or both will fall asleep during the walk. It allow to lead back very far so and the shade is very large so even during a bright sunny day in California still allow the kid have a good nap. In comparing to most of the double stroller this will go thur most doors expect my house room door. So I cannot use it inside the house. But, going out I never had any problem. Yes some store are crowed with racks of clothes so I cannot push this in those shop. So I have to use my upper baby at the city or in target. The side by side design of this stroller is great so my babies both the view. So no more mame baby is starching or kicking me. The basket below is not small but like everyone said has to reach from the side and it is not very easy to get to it. However, I use it to go to the store often and it allow me to put everything in there. They have listed the max weight for the basket so that is what I have to be careful of. when I go shopping I have to remember not to buy big heavy thing. Other than that a three bags of food fit fine in there. The folding up is super easy but if the safety parts are attach than it won’t allow to fold it down. So I still need to undo a few ones before folding it up. Yes it is heavy stroller and take up quite a bit of our cars back truck room. So it is not a stroller to take for a road trip and or to Costco. But, I have two upper baby strollers before buying this so I got my opinion to pick which one to take to go out. So far I leave this open in my garage. It is an expensive stroller, heavy, bigger size (it is a double!), made in China not US like upper baby. But, I still love it!! Because afterall the research and talking to the stores salesperson I found this is the best stroller to use for my 6 months baby and a 3 yr old boy. Now they are few months older I can still see my taller and bigger size boys can use this for quite a while. After consider the pros and cons I think this is still the best fit for my needs. Again, I never like to spend another few hundred on a stroller that Only need for limited time of my children. But, it does make my life far easier and the boys get to go out with me! Yes!!! I think it is $ well spend! I have called the company and found that 2012, 2013 model are the same only maybe the colors they offer. This year 2014 model they change the shoulder seat belt to be going thur the back of the seat to behind in comparing to those two older model has honk up adj part to connect on the back of the seat.

Ora Hartsville, IN

Rides GREAT! Was torn between City Mini and Bumbleride….

LOVE this stroller. I was torn between the Bumbleride Indie Twin and the City Mini GT. I went back and forth for months and finally decided on the city mini due how easily it folds. This stroller rides so smooth!!! I love how far down the canopies come down as well. My only complaint about this stroller is that it isn’t great for newborns even though it lays flat. The seatbelts are better for bigger children. My babies were very small so we couldn’t use this stroller until they were over 3 months.

Evangelina Pike, NY


This is the best double stroller. After doing lots of research, I choose this stroller. It’s the same stroller that Disney stroller rental companies use. My 1, almost 5 and 7 1/2 year old all fit into the stroller (obviously only two at a time), but it’s nice to have in case someone says, "I’m tired" and wants to ride. I love how the seats can lean back for when the kids want to sleep or if you want to change a diaper quickly. It also moved side to side and all around so nicely. I would definitely recommend this stroller.

Autumn Hasty, AR

I like but don’t love this stroller

I spent a lot of time researching strollers for my twins and based on reviews both online and via friends, I went with the City Mini GT double. I do LIKE this stroller, I just don’t love it.What I like:Smooth rideeasy to steerwonderful sun protectioncomfortable for the babieswe will be able to use this stroller a good long timegood views for both babieseasy to collapsefits through standard doorwaysWhat I don’t like:The storage is hard to access, especially with the seats down and a twin/double sized diaper bag doesn’t fit.While this is easy to collapse and not too heavy to lift alone, the sheer size makes it awkward to load in and out of our SUV on my own (for reference, I am 5’7"). For this reason, I had to buy a smaller umbrella type stroller and the City Mini has become our primary stroller for walks in the neighborhood, etc or for when my husband is around to help me load it in the car.Too big for use in stores..I dare you to try to make it through any children’s store with this stroller without knocking over every rack of clothing you pass.I would not spend the money on this stroller if I had it to do over again. I would probably go with the Joovy Caboose Too or a City Mini Select.

Deidre Thaxton, VA

Love the stroller, hate the price

I researched and agonized for months before finally buying this stroller. I used the double snap n’ go for the first 6 months, until the babies truly got too heavy for the amount of walking I did. What I love about it:-I have TWINS. When you are researching double strollers as a twin parent, you will find that most of them are written by people with a toddler and a baby. My needs as a twin parent are different. This double fits both guys comfortably and is tall enough that I’m confident they can use it for as long as they need to be in a stroller (3 years tops, in my opinion and philosophy).-The wheels are great. The sidewalks and streets in my town are incredibly bumpy; there are massive cracks where the sidewalk rises up 2-3 inches. I don’t have to pop up the front wheels to get over these cracks, and the babies stay asleep when we hit bumpy terrain. I’ve gotten several puncture vine thorns in the tires and just pull them out; no need to refill with air. This was very important to me.-Front wheels have the option to swivel or lock. I keep them on swivel as I fail to see the usefulness in locking.-The weight is great. I walk an hour or more every day. I use this stroller for my exercise–it’s cheaper than a treadmill. I do not jog or run, but walk at a decent clip (3-3.5 mph).-The canopies are great and so are the windows to see the babies.-The adjustable handlebar was a must for us–I’m 5’7" and my husband is 6’4" so I appreciate and need this feature. It’s easy to make the adjustment, too.-The brake is easy to set.-The one-hand fold, really two-hand for a double, is super easy. It folds up pretty small–I fit it in the back of my Hyundai Tucson and there is room on top for groceries and such.-Assembly took about 2 minutes and we were rolling!-I love the color. It’s a small thing, but I live in a hot, sunny area and black strollers don’t work for me; the gray stays cool enough but doesn’t show dirt. It also seems to stay pretty clean by just running a rag over it periodically, and I store it in the garage.-The width. It fits through most doors and turns on a dime, so it is easy to maneuver. I can spin it around 360 degrees in most store aisles I’ve taken it to.What I don’t like or could be improved:-I think it says this is ok for newborns. I did not get it until they were 6 months old, and now at 7 months I still have to put rolled-up receiving blankets on either side of each baby to fit snugly. The first time I took them out in it, one of them fell asleep with his head to the side and it got caught in some sort of pocket in the material–no good. So I’m not sure how newborns could fit comfortably–maybe with a carseat adapter? But my boys are big and it is still a little large for them at 7 months. I don’t think this is too horrible, but I would suggest putting some sort of cushioning in the sides so their little heads don’t get stuck!-The price. Come on, Baby Jogger. yes, I love this stroller, and for me, the adjustable handlebar and forever-air tires were what made me buy the GT instead of the regular. But I fail to see how this adds up to a $130 price increase. Yes, the tires are nice, as is the handlebar. But let’s be real here–there is no way these features cost this much!! They could at least throw in the parent console for free.-The basket on the bottom is basically unreachable and nonfunctional. I plan on this being my only stroller so I guess if I need some things at the store I’ll prop a hand basket on top of it. I have occasionally thrown things under there but it just seems silly. It is plenty roomy but there’s about an inch clearance between the top of the netting and the stroller itself, plus you have to bend down and get yourself kind of underneath it. It could just as well be left off.All that said, I love this stroller. Again, I use it for walking an hour or more a day and have made some other outings with it. Get the Diono Buggy Buddy or another generic stroller organizer to go with it, because the basket isn’t useful for water bottle, keys etc if you need to access them while walking.

Norma Craigville, IN

Best double stroller – kids 2 years apart

I have this stroller and also purchased the compact pram attachment for my newborn. My kids are 2 years apart.I can’t speak highly enough about this stroller. It is extremely easy to assemble. The design is user friendly and intuitive. It turns on a dime and goes over curbs easily. The wheel base is nearly as small as a single stroller so it always fits on sidewalks and paths, and the overall width fits through doors easily. You can easily push this on dirt/unpaved paths. My favorite features are:- The seats will fit your kids for a long time. I really wanted to like the City Select (front-to-back) design, but the seats are just too darn small for a 2 years old.- The seats fully recline. Great for full days out when kids need a nap.- The canopy is fantastic and completely covers the kid when needed.- Love the hand brake.- The compact pram attachment gets so-so reviews, but if you have a newborn it really is wonderful. Shape a thick blanket like a "U" (like a Boppy pillow) to get them really wedged in there so they don’t roll around over the bumps. Note that the pram attachment is NOT the same color gray as the rest of the stroller, which is annoying but obviously just aesthetic.What I don’t like:- The straps are all one piece, so if you pull the shoulder on one side to loosen it, it tightens the other shoulder. Weird, but not a showstopper.One more tip: don’t get the universal console, instead get the Bob Handlebar Console for Duallie strollers. Face the "Bob" logo away from you (so it’s upside down to the person pushing the stroller) and it attaches well.We tried a lot of strollers – this was the winner.

Kathrine Batesburg, SC

Fantastic! Great price

The price we got on this was unmatchable even on Craigslist or eBay! Can’t wait to start using it when number two arrives! My best friend loves her city mini double, but I went with the GT because the wheels and shocks are amazing. Used a friends single GT at a fairgrounds with ease despite gravel and pitted dirt paths.

Gayla Neapolis, OH

THE double stroller to get for tall parents!

I am not even ashamed to call myself a stroller freak. I studied them for months before our first child was born and we ended up with 3 strollers (a travel system, a jogger and an umbrella) and use them ALL! So now that baby #2 is coming, a double stroller was a must to haul our 2 year old and infant around the neighborhood, in the mall, around the zoo and everywhere else our travels take us. I searched and read reviews upon reviews and watched numerous videos on baby gizmo. We live in Ohio and for some reason not a lot of stores carry double strollers or at least not the ones I was interested in ‘test driving’. I finally found a specialty baby store that carried the City Mini GT single stroller and a few others and was able to try them all out. Previously, I was lead so astray from the City Mini because all I heard was, they are truly a mini stroller. For myself (6′) and my 6′ 8″ husband, we did not want anything associated with mini! So I was beyond shocked when I saw the City Mini GT (the GT is key) single in person. It handled well, had an adjustable handle that went very low for those who are shorter to average height, but also so high. Higher than any stroller handlebar I have ever seen. My hubby was thrilled, he said that pushing it was actually comfortable. Because some other strollers change many things when moving from a single to a double, I requested the store order the double for me to see in person before buying. When it came in I went back to check it out. I compared dimensions between the single and double and the only difference is the seat width is narrower which allows the side-by-side double to fit through standard doors. Our almost 2 year old had no issue fitting, and I was most pleased with the seat back height. She had a good 4″ between the top of her head and the canopy. This is not the case on many other strollers.The things I love:-The adjustable (very tall height) handle bar is the absolute #1 best thing about this stroller because it’s so rare to find!-Dual peek-a-boo windows-Extra large canopy to protect baby from sun & other elements (they are removeable, too)-Nicely cushioned seat-Easy method for reclining/raising seats (independent)-Storage pockets on the back of each seat and also a basket below-Very good handling & smooth ride-Compact folding. Easily fit in the back of our SUV laying down. Or could stand up behind the 3rd row of a van. May even fit in a larger trunk.The things that I would improve:-Magnetic closures for peek-a-boo windows vs velcro-Included parent console or drink holder at minimum-The ability to use the single stroller tray/accessories on double (which is difficult when the seat width changes, I realize)-A carry handle to better carry the stroller in the folded positionSo since baby #2 is not here yet, I have not gotten to give it the full test. But from what we have tested in the store, wheeling it out to our car and driving it around our basement, we love it. For someone who uses a stroller daily, I didn’t even think twice about the high price tag. Well worth it!

Ebony Calabasas, CA