Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller, Shadow/Orange

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller, Shadow/Orange

The City Mini GT Double takes compact, all terrain mobility to the next level. Its easy to use design makes it perfect for all day excursions in the urban jungle and weekend adventures off the beaten path. The City Mini GT features patented quick fold technology with removable auto lock to keep stroller closed when folded, accessory mounting bracket, a hand operated parking brake and an adjustable handlebar to accommodate users of all heights. The 8.5″ quick release forever air wheels feature sealed ball bearings, front wheel suspension and the dual front wheel can be locked into place for long distance strolling. The plush padded seats, with additional structure and support, individually recline to a near flat position and feature vented seat tops to increase airflow within the stroller with retractable weather covers. Additionally the City Mini GT Double offers a roomy seat with an extended seat back and foot well to accommodate taller children. Also featured are individually adjustable sun canopies with peek a boo windows, adjustable five point safety harnesses with shoulder pads and buckle cover, large and easy to access under seat basket and seat back storage compartments. The City Mini GT Double is the next generation in all terrain strolling from Baby Jogger with all the safety and style you’d expect. Maximum weight capacity of the City Mini GT Double is 100 pounds. The City Mini GT Double is not intended for jogging.

Main features

  • 47% Nylon/43% Polyester/8% Polyurethane Foam/2% TPU
  • Imported
  • Baby jogger patented quick fold technology allows you to fold your stroller with one hand
  • Adjustable handlebar accommodates users of all heights
  • 8.5″ forever air tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride over any terrain with front wheel suspension and lockable swivel front wheel for long distance strolling
  • Padded seat reclines to a near flat position with mesh seat top and retractable weather cover
  • Individually adjustable large multi position sun canopies with peek a boo windows

Verified reviews


Awesome all terrain double stroller!

Just picked up this double stroller and it is awesome! It was available at a local baby superstore. It was very easy to assemble. Basically put the wheels on and the canopies and that’s it. The wheels are the forever air wheels and are great for rolling around on the sidewalk and other uneven surfaces. The handlebar is easily adjustable which is great since my wife is very tall. The brake is a hand release brake on the right hand side and is really easy to use. No more worrying about foot brakes like in our previous double stroller. The canopies are huge with two peek-a-boo windows each. They come down really far just like the pictures. The harness system is well done and easily adjusted. The stroller is easy to push and turns on a dime. Probably the best features are how light this thing is and how easy it is to fold up. This thing is MUCH lighter than our Chicco Cortina double stroller. It’s also MUCH easier to fold. Literally just undo one safety snap and then grab the two handles on the seats and pull up and it folds up super easy. I was actually shocked how easy it was to fold up as our Chicco is a real pain to fold. There is an automatic latch to lock it down in place too which is great. I don’t feel like it’s too large. It fits through most doorways and is easy to transport due to the easy folding and compact size it ends up in after folding. We have 8 month old twins and this stroller meets all our needs and more. Highly recommended!

Helen Deerwood, MN

Exactly what we wanted

The City Mini GT Single and Double Strollers are new additions for 2012 to the Baby Jogger line. The GT versions offer some major improvements over the regular City Minis while carrying over the basic models’ ease of use and simple design.== City Mini Double GT vs. non-GT ==The GT’s main attraction vs. non-GT is roomier seats for your kid. The shoulder room on the City Mini Double is only 11″, which the GT bumps up to 12″. Max height on the GT is 26″ vs. the non-GT’s 23″. Both double strollers offer 100 lbs. capacity. Both models recline to a near-flat position, which we use with our infant instead of a car seat adapter.The GT’s 8.5″ forever-air tires allow the GT to competently handle grass and gravel. While they provide overall better handling without the hassle of filling them with air, they don’t provide the same level of shock absorption as traditional air-filled tires.The handle bar is now adjustable to several angles, making it not only more comfortable for tall and short parents but the GT can better accomodate theBaby Jogger Glider Board For City/Summitbecause it is easier to move the handle bar out of the way. The handlebar on the GT also has a handbrake vs. the non-GT’s foot brake. The handbrake is very convenient since it is easy to see and takes minimal effort to operate.The canopies on the GT have 2 peek-a-boo windows vs. the non-GT’s one window. The canopies also provide better coverage.The GT is roughly 6 lbs. heavier.Dimensions (L x W x H):City Mini Double GT ——- City Mini Double44″ x 29.5″ x 43.5″ ——- 38.5″ x 29.75″ x 41.5″31″ x 29.5″ x 12.5″ (folded)–31″ x 29.75″ x 11.25″ (folded)26″ x 29.5″ x 12.5″ (folded w/ front wheels detached) — n/a== City Mini Double GT vs. The Rest ==There are a dizzying number of great strollers on the market now. The Uppababy Vista, Baby Jogger City Select and BOB Revolution Duallie all seemed to offer their own strengths and weaknesses. While the City Mini GT isn’t quite as wide as the BOB Duallie, it is quite a beast unfolded. My main concern was being able to fit the City Mini Double GT into my very small 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid sedan trunk. My trunk just barely fits my BOB Revolution single stroller with the wheels on. The City Mini GT Double doesn’t fit with the wheels on, but with the two front wheels detached, it is an easy fit. With all four wheels off, I actually have more room in my trunk than with the BOB Revolution single since the height of the stroller decreases by several inches. The wheels attach and detach very easily.Compared to the Vista and City Select, the City Mini GT Double is simpler and less versatile. With the GT (assuming you have a normal trunk) you can just fold it and toss it in, whereas as most other double strollers will require detaching seats etc. While the simple reclining of the GT’s seats works well for us, other strollers offer a dozen or more configurations thanks to those detachable seats. The GT would be great for twins or parents who already own a decent single stroller, but I won’t be lugging it around the times I only have one kid with me. Maneuverability is an issue with all double strollers whether you choose one that’s long (vista, select) or wide (mini, duallie). The GT fits through all standard doorways, but will be problematic in many stores with cramped aisles. The GT is not ideal for shopping malls.== Final Thoughts ==I am very satisfied with the City Mini GT Double stroller. It fulfills my family’s needs thanks to its all-terrain wheels, great canopies, smooth handling, easy folding and relatively compact folding size when needed. We have aBOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black(as mentioned),Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller, Carmine Rose/Coffee, and aGraco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame. Thanks to either poor planning or a priority for accommodating our children we now have four strollers. The SnugRider gets the most use right now as we use it for trips where our 2 year old can walk or be carried and our infant is best left in the car seat to nap. The BOB is great for the beach or jogging with our toddler. The Maclaren would be a good option for taking along with the SnugRider sometimes, but will most likely see more use when our infant is two or three.If you are just getting your first stroller for your first kid. I would certainly recommend checking out on of the other strollers mentioned in this review. Or if you are set on getting one expensive stroller to fulfill all of your needs, then you may want a stroller than can be configured as a single stroller. If you have twins or are in a similar situation to me, then I would enthusiastically recommend the City Mini Double GT.

Kathryn Gober, TX

Very comfortable.

My kids really seem to enjoy sitting on it. The only thing is, this thing is pretty bulky. We only use it for long trips outside. For short trips, we take the regular stroller. I cannot lug this thing around during the regular days.

Olga Maydelle, TX

Must have! Love this!

This is a fantastic stroller for my twins – I absolutely love it!Lightweight, considering it’s a double, it’s unbelievably easy to maneuver – you really can turn it with one hand without struggling – and narrow enough to fit through my hallways and doors. (I stroll them through the house when they’re cranky!)The shades have great coverage, two sets of peekaboo windows, and can be adjusted to 3 different degrees of coverage.The seats recline to an almost flat position, & you can easily adjust the inclines with a strap for each seat.The harness is easily adjustable & padded for comfort.The wheels – fantastic! Curbs, grass, gravel, steps – whatever – nothing has yet impeded this stroller!Love the side hand brake – no awkward bending over – and the adjustable handle for taller parents nailed it for me.Some complained about the under basket – I just snapped it under the bar rather than over it & have no problem accessing the storage. There are also net storage compartments behind each seat. I purchased the JL Childess parent console which fits this perfectly & gives you all the compartments you need, including an insulated pouch for bottles.I love the ease, utility, & great look of this stroller – I researched side by sides and am so happy I went with this one!It’s worth the cost as it will certainly be able to hold the twins for the next few years, having lots of leg & head room, but still adjustable enough to have started use on my twins at about 5 months.

Yolanda Richland Springs, TX

Great for two under two

Pros:Lightweight for a doubleEasy to open/closeFits through doorsHandles all types of terrainVery sturdy/stableAdjustable height handle barCons:Basket under stroller is smallDifficult to get things in/out of basketNo accessories come with the strollerThis is a great stroller for two under two, especially if you’re not on sidewalks or pavement (grass, gravel, dirt, sand, etc.). I opted to use a head support insert for the baby rather than a car seat adapter and it works great. Being a side by side stroller, I do not have to worry about the kid in back hitting/kicking the sibling in front, or complaining they cannot see. I really like the two windows on the canopy so I can peek at the kids. The only drawbacks are no accessories come standard with the stroller and the underneath basket is small and difficult to get things in and out of. Having said that, I gladly compromised to have a lightweight, sturdy double stroller that can handle any terrain and get through regular doors without spending more money.

Myrtle Menahga, MN

Excellent Double

We love this double stroller for our toddler and baby. The bigger one says he is very comfortable, and the baby seems perfectly happy. It handles much better than any other double we tested, and all the features make sense.I was comforted by all the reviews on here and elsewhere that said it fit through standard doors easily, and I measured our doors to make sure it would work. And it kind of does, but I guess our back door is a hair nonstandard? It fits through with a certain amount of maneuvering, tugging, cursing, tearing the weather stripping, and…well, unless it’s pouring rain, we keep the stroller folded inside, put it through the door, unfold it, get the kids in. Despite loving everything else, we wouldn’t have gotten this stroller (or probably any side-by-side) if we’d known how tight a fit it would be. I think the published dimensions are slightly understating the maximum width. It also does not even come close to fitting through our back gate, so we have to take it through the garage and out the alley, which isn’t the greatest when there is a lot of ice or snow. It does, however, fit through most retail/commercial doors (and certainly any that are handicapped accessible). I haven’t had to put it in the car yet, but can tell it will easily fit with plenty of room to spare.That said, it is surprisingly easy to maneuver, the shades are great, the recline options work well, and the brake is adequate. It’s annoying to have to remember to do the snaps every time you unfold it, but not the end of the world. I highly recommend it if you are confident your doors are wide enough.

Audra Inola, OK

Quality stroller, good purchase

We are well pleased with this stroller, and I would recommend it to others. The only real problem with this stroller is the lack of cargo space and the difficulty with which the cargo space is accessed. To accommodate for the lack of access to cargo space, I use stroller hooks to affix my diaper bag to the stroller frame, and I use a mommy hook on the handle to attach any odds and ends.I have not purchased a bar or any trays to go in front of kids, and I’m happy about that. I think they’d just be in the way, really, and they’re not necessary. I also didn’t purchase the baby seat adapter, but rather, started laying my infant in this stroller for use when he was about 3 months old. I would have done so earlier if I needed to, but it was winter and I wasn’t really using a double stroller while the baby was that little. I’m glad I saved the expense on those accessories.The stroller does need a parent console. The best option I’ve found for that is the bob duallie console. It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s adequate and functional. I also bought the baby jogger stroller bag for use with airline travel and was much more impressed with the travel bag than I had expected to be.The stroller handles well. It turns on a dime, and there is no problem getting through doors at commercial establishments. I tried it in my house, and it goes through most interior doorframes as well. It’s good for use at the mall, the park, or bumpy city sidewalks. It is not, however, a jogging stroller, but it handles multiple types of terrain very well. It’s got lots of space for our toddler, and the separate recline for the baby is great. The shades are large and I didn’t realize before this stroller how nice it is to have such large sunshades. It’s also great that they operate separately. The stroller folds easily, and folds small. It takes up drastically less trunk space than my single babytrend jogger. It’s also easier to fold and easier to load in and out of my Ford Fusion trunk than the single stroller. On a recent trip we fit this stroller and two large pieces of luggage along with some smaller items in the trunk of our Ford Fusion.The only complaint is the cargo space. It seems to me that the design could be modified with only slight adjustments to allow meaningful access to the cargo space. As it is, the cargo area will hold quite a bit, but nothing that is large. So, you can put lots of small items in–jackets, lunch bags, half filled duffel bags, but you cannot fit in a full diaper bag or anything of the sort.We got a good deal on this stroller, and I would buy it again and recommend it to others.

Terri Cambridge, WI


After having numerous double stroller and issues with each and having recalls i finally broke down and got the new City Mini Double GT, i waited until this new GT came available with the forever air tires because i know there have been alot of complaints about the other tires and we live in Maine, lots of dirt and grass here. This is by far the best double i have ever owned!PROS:Turns on a dime and super smooth ridePerfect for my super tall 3 year old and 1 year oldSeparated seats so no ‘their touching me’ screaming matchingLove the peek-a-boo windowsAdjustable handle my husband lovesThose sun shades are amazing for keeping the sun out of their eyesAlmost flat seats when laid back perfect for when they sleep in the strollerI like you can lock the front wheels too!For a double stroller, it folds pretty flat and super easy, just pull the 2 handles and each seat and it folds right in half!Out of every double stroller i have owned, this one gives me the most room in my trunk, i still have lots of room in my trunk for groceries or for a weekend trip. I have a Subaru Forrester to give you an idea on my trunk, fits in a compact car trunk as well.CONS:I think my top con is even thought they re-did the design so the basket is more accessible, when the kids are in the stroller, there is def no room for a diaper bag, maybe a small purse or empty the diaper and put the contents in it would be fine, that is the only con, not sure they will ever get the design correct but i have 2 of the Mommy Hooks and hook my diaper bag on those and it’s no issues, the quality, ride and features of this stroller makes up for that in my opinion, i should have gotten this a long time ago!Only other con is adjusting the straps, i seem to have the hardest time with adjusting them smaller. Other than that im super happy with it! those are liveable cons for me though.I wish Amazon would be the belly bar for this stroller, they don’t have one for this model yet. I would recommend this stroller to anyone!

Etta West Milton, PA