Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

DECENT FEATURES of the Baby Jogger Mini Single Stroller Patented Quick-Fold Technology – allows you to fold your stroller with one hand Swivel front wheel for quick and agile maneuverability can lock into place for long distance strolling 8″ quick-release EVA wheels with sealed ball bearings Padded seat reclines to a near flat position with a vented seat top and retractable weather cover Universal accessory mounting bracket ? accessorize your stroller with ease Large multi-position sun canopy with clear view Rounded handlebar for pushing comfort Front wheel suspension provides a smooth comfortable ride Seat back storage compartment Large, easy to access under seat storage basket Adjustable five-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover Rear parking brake Removable auto-lock to keep stroller folded 50 lb. weight capacity on stroller The SPECS Seat back: 19.5″ Head height: 23″ Shoulder width: 12.5″ Seat to knee: 10″ Knee to footplate: 9″ Width to knee: 14″

Main features

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  • 47% Nylon/43% Polyester/8% Polyurethane Foam/2% TPU
  • Imported
  • Baby jogger patented quick-fold technology allows you to fold your stroller with one hand
  • Large multi-position sun canopy with two peek-a-boo windows
  • Padded seat reclines to a near flat position with mesh seat top and retractable weather cover
  • 8″ quick-release wheels with front wheel suspension and lockable swivel for long distance strolling
  • 2012 Model

Verified reviews


Colors are incorrect, there is no grey/green, it’s green/black

I was anxious to get this stroller because of the ease of folding, but what they’re calling green/grey is actually green/black-so beware. It does fold with one hand which is a major plus. However, the car sear adapter would take a rocket scientist to figure it out. We had to take it into a babies r us to get a tutorial on how to properly attach them.

Kelley Benavides, TX


I was a little irritated to find out, that you MUST attach the 2 safety straps, one on each side, before using the stroller each time, and unstrap them both BEFORE folding, there goes that “one hand fold strap in the seat” everyone loves. A little disturbing also that it is marketed as such. I urge everyone to read the brochure! It is in there TWICE, I just dont want any baby getting hurt because people want to believe it is truly “one hand fold” or dont want to bother w/ the straps, as they really are a pain esp. when you are just wanting to fold it and throw it int he trunk.When it comes to baby products, I would never want to take chances. I did want to buy this, but, once I read the full brochure online and talked to other owners who had become aware of the straps on each side also, I decided not to. I tried the straps in the store, and bending down and unstrapping them on each side, was a pain! No thanks.

Milagros Lochmere, NH

wish it had 5 point harness but the canopy is amazing

the canopy alone would make me buy this. It’s awesome. Two view windows and blocks everything except my daughter’s feet from rain/sun.I wish the harness was a little better for smaller babies.It does have a smell when it comes out of the box so I would air it out before use.The steering is great, haven’t used it yet on “rougher” terrain but am planning to.I like the neutral color.Hate that you have to pay extra for the belly bar but it is a worthwhile purchase for toys and for baby to hold onto.As others mention you can’t really fit a diaper bag in the bottom but it could definitely fit a decent amount of individual items.Customer service was quick to answer the phone when I had questions.Super easy to put together. Done in 10 minutes.EDITED TO ADD – have had this longer now…changed my review grade to a 3 (previously a 4) for a couple reasons. Yes the 1 hand fold works, but it is definitely a two-hand set-up and actually a little unwieldy to do so. We have the belly bar and I was told not to hold the stroller by that so folding it up is actually sort of a pain now. Also, we took it on some gravel, I think the front wheel is now off. When I emailed cust service, they want a VIDEO of what it is doing instead of just replacing the part which seems ridiculous to me. I spent almost $300 just send me the darn wheel – do you think I’m trying to get a “free” wheel out of you for giggles?!?

Tasha Milford, NY

Not the right stroller for us – not comfy, not convenient

I did a ton of research before I purchased this stroller – the problem is, I’d never had a baby! It’s not a bad stroller, but if I could I’d trade it for something else. My daughter is almost a year old, and we’ve used it since she was about 7 or 8 months (used the infant seat with snap-n-go before that.) We have the 2012 model in the sand/stone color.Pros:Very easy to assembleThe canopy is GIANT, that’s easily my favorite feature of the stroller, I can put everything except my daughter’s toes in the shade. The little windows in it are fantastic. All 3 positions are useful.My second favorite feature – the footrest catches toys, books and sippy cups! She tosses stuff out of the stroller often, and we haven’t lost anything permanently yet.Easy to fold (UNTIL YOU INSTALL THE CHILD TRAY), and the fold is fairly compact. I drive a 2013 Hyundai Elantra, and it takes up about half of one side of the trunk, with room vertically.Maneuvers beautifully – this stroller turns on a dime.Cons:The way the seat reclines: I’ll say this, it’s very easy to recline the seat all the way, so naps in this stroller are awesome. BUT – most of the time, my daughter wants to sit up all the way and SEE. In order to do that, there are two velcro straps at the top that have to go around the handlebars but underneath the stroller canvas. If you leave those straps fastened, you can’t fold the stroller up! So I have to reroute those straps every single time, and it drives me nuts. You can sit up most of the way without those straps, but she is constantly pulling herself forward on the tray, and then sitting back when she gets tired of pulling.I hate adjusting the harness straps, I found them very difficult. The whole harness system fits my daughter strangely – it may just be built for older/larger children, but the straps cut across her belly instead of around her hips. I can’t make the crotch strap short enough to fit her properly. She is not unusually small for an 11 month old.With the child tray installed, the stroller is much harder to fold. If you just reach into the seat and pull up, your wrist gets caught on the tray halfway, and you have to readjust. Or, you have to reach under the tray and pull the strap at a weird angle. The front wheel can get in the way of a compact fold too, which is a pain when you’re trying to get it into the trunk. Also, on other strollers the trays seem to detach and swing to the side easily to get the baby out, this one does not, so you have to lift the kid straight up to get them out. And paying for it separately is silly.Being picky now – the color is not as pictured. I thought it was much more gray, it is definitively taupe. Not a huge deal, but I would have gotten a different color.The underbasket is big, but hard to get things in and out of. The openings are definitely not large enough for my diaper bag.I guess the biggest thing is that my daughter just looks uncomfortable. I hope she’ll like it better as she gets older.

Rachel Chesapeake Beach, MD

Awkward seat

My 12 Month old is tiny for her age and the seat looks too small for her, not the width,but forward to back. She doesn’t like it, it is awkward. We have 3 other strollers that she can sit in. We use this stroller for parks & outdoor walks. My main stroller is the maxi cosi mila stroller & I am very happy with it!! This stroller does push nice and is very nice overall but what is a nice stroller if the seat is awkward and your child looks uncomfortable? I can’t imagine a younger baby sitting on it comfortably.UPDATE 5/11/2013Changed from 3 to 2My girl is much taller then before and still fits awkward in the seat… I did not mention this before but I HATE the straps, adjusting them is near impossible and they are not comfortable. I can not adjust the straps myself (make it tighter or looser), my husband has to do it, and that is so inconvenient!BABY JOGGER redesign the entire seat and have the option to parent face like your others!!

Colleen Chevy Chase, MD


When I was a baby, my parents never bought a stroller – they carried me in a backpack or in the soft baby carriers. Apparently, I desperately wanted a stroller, going so far as to try and take babies at the mall out of their strollers so I could climb in. Naturally, when it came time to buy baby gear, I knew I couldn’t deprive my son of the stroller I’d always wanted.I tested out a couple of highly rated strollers at a local baby boutique, and the City Mini was the winner for one big reason: the ease of the fold. Pull the strap, and boom – stroller’s folded. Baby Jogger added an automatic lock for the 2012 version, so it stays folded. The stroller is relatively lightweight, clocking in at just under 17 pounds. I loved the nearly-flat recline; it made taking my six day old baby for a walk a breeze. The super large canopy with two viewing windows is a nice touch, as is the mesh back (and the cover in case it gets too breezy). The harness straps are a bit of a pain to adjust, and they were absolutely huge on my son when he was first born. I added a JJ Cole infant body pillow to the stroller to keep him cozy; he’s now three months and still using it. He is so comfortable in his stroller and will nap in it. The storage basket underneath is not too difficult to get to, as long as my son isn’t actually in the stroller. On the plus side, it does actually hold my modestly sized diaper bag. The stroller steers well on pavement, but it’s not an all-terrain stroller, so I’d avoid gravel and grass. Finally, neither my husband nor I have ever kicked the rear axle; he’s 5’10” and I’m 5’4″, so average height, and it’s not a problem for us.I love this stroller and hope to enjoy it for many years!

Addie Albion, IN

LOVE this stoller – Worth the price!

I absolutely love this stroller. I considered buying it (or the City Select) for a long time but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. I finally broke down and decided I needed a great durable, quality stroller and went with the City Mini. I cannot even tell you how awesome this thing is. I wish I would have just purchased it when I first found it! My son is 18 months and loves this stroller too. He is so comfortable in it (he actually hates coming out of it!) It’s worth every penny and to me, it’s a life changing stroller!! I think my fav part is how it folds down by simply pulling the center strap on the seat.I also bought these hooks (which are great) and this parent console (which fits perfectly) I highly recommend the City Mini if you are in the market for a high quality stroller that your child will LOVE!!!

Dessie Warsaw, IN

Looove it!

I just received my stroller and so far I am in love! I wanted a stroller that was small enough for the mall, etc… but was comfortable for my baby. I also wanted a stroller I could steer with one hand. It’s not a lot of fun waiting at the pedia. office for two hours, carrying a diaper bag, holding baby (after two hours he’s SICK of sitting in a stroller) and having a stroller that you can’t steer one handed around the office!! So far so good. I did purchase the bar for baby (10 months), he likes it because he can grab onto it and look around.

Martina King, NC

Baby Jogger

LOVE THIS! the only thing i would change is an automatic lock & include some something either the child try or the parent tray.. i bought the child tray works greatw/ swing away feature & a sunshine kids universal parent tray works great with this aswell…… great one handed stearing, very light weight.. bought this for a trip from alaska to florida, it folds so easy it was great for gate checking since it folds so easy & quick.. & it was an upgrade from our travel system’s strooler, but was smaller & lighter by far. still held the smae amount of stuff & was very comfortable for our 2yo..

Verna Paducah, KY

Smooth ride, good price.

We tried a ton of strollers, this one was great for the money, and even better than some twice the price. I’d buy another if this one exploded.

Jan Reads Landing, MN

Daily driver vs. ATV

At around 6 months, my sweet boy decided that he wanted to sit up in a carseat so that he could look out, which he couldn’t do in the infant carrier/stroller frame that we had at the time.At first, I purchased the mutsy easyrider, which has since been discontinued (sad!!). It’s a great little umbrella-style stroller that I *love* for quick trips – we live downtown and it’s my go-to for size and maneuverability. But, I found myself wishing for some features: a sunshade (the mutsy is pretty much useless), a more accessible basket, a child tray, etc.Enter the City Mini! I bought it to supplement my mutsy, and it’s exactly what I wanted. I’ve used it for pool/beach days, long days at the outlet mall, etc. It has taken a little getting used to b/c the back tires are wider and the stroller is deeper, but it’s a great size for so many features! I love that it turns with one hand, and it folds compactly. (The mutsy folds "hotdog" style, so not many trunks were long enough to for it to fit straight in; while the mini folds "hamburger," so it’s wider but not as long.)Speaking of fold: this thing is amazing. I know that’s what everyone says, but there’s a reason they say it! I pick it up with one hand, baby on one hip, flop it into the trunk… and then when we’re leaving, I grab the handle with one hand – baby again on my hip – and it unfolds as I lift it up. Going from the mutsy, which is a 3-step fold (although pretty easy to do one-handed once you get it figured out), it’s incredible.Basically, I know people who have this as their primary, day-to-day stroller. If that works for them, great! It works better for me/us to use a smaller, umbrella-style for everyday trips, and use the mini for longer outings. That being said – it’s a great stroller that will hold up well, is incredibly maneuverable, folds amazingly, and is comfortable to use.Oh, and the purple?? Best. Choice. Ever. (even though it took some work trying to convince my husband to go for it, since we have a boy. worth it!!)

Lynnette Crucible, PA

this is the back up stroller

back up stroller i got for our daughters day care – our main stroller is the bugaboo chameleon which i love, but our daycare provider wanted a stroller for our 7 month old to use so i got the city mini for 1. price 2. portability 3.ease of use 4.light weight 5.very compact the canopy is HUGE so it covers and protects our daughter from the sun really well, and great for when our daycare provider takes her out in the morning when its nice and bright out.

Tessa Epping, NH

Pros and cons

I bought this city mini because I’m going to be travelling alone with baby and it seemed really easy to use. And, after a $50 gift certificate from amazon, it only cost me $130. Can’t go wrong for that price! I’m not sure it deserves the ridiculously glowing reviews though. Here are the pros and cons:ProsCan gate check at airplaneSuper easy fold with one handFairly lightweightGood maneuverability – can push 20 lbs baby easily with one handAmazing sun canopy coverageTwo peekaboo windows in sun canopyNice neutral colourEasily adjustable harness strapsEasy to open – can be done with one hand, especially if auto lock didn’t engage when it was closedGreat ventilation feature when seat is reclinedEasy to put togetherConsNot very supportive – my baby can sit up on his own but the seat isn’t supportive and is super wide so he keeps falling sideways. Doesn’t look very comfortable for him. This is the biggest issue and the number 1 reason I took off two stars.Auto lock mechanism doesn’t really catchSeat doesn’t sit upright enough for curious babiesBelly bar has to be purchased separatelyRed safety straps are supposed to be snapped on both sides of frame each and every time stroller is opened which makes the easy fold feature useless. I don’t snap them. It’s a risk I have to take when using this stroller.Seat recline isn’t as easy and smooth as I’d like. Would potentially wake sleeping baby if tried to recline him. Haven’t had a chance to test this out as he’s never fallen asleep in this stroller (another potential con but I haven’t used stroller enough to fairly say)Thought might be an issue but wasn’tThe handle bar isn’t adjustable. I’m 5’4" and my husband is just shy of 6′. It’s comfortable for both of us to push.Basket isn’t very big but it’s bigger than most unbrella strollers and works for us.Wasn’t sure I’d like the three wheel configuration as I’m used to 4 (our other stroller is a bugaboo chameleon) but so far so good.Haven’t yet tried to take it on cobblestone and that’s part of the reason I bought it (travel in Europe) but it’s worked well over some bumpy terrain so it should be fine (fingers crossed). Overall, for the price, it’s a great stroller. Even if I paid $200, I think it would have been worth it for travelling and quick in and out trips when it’s not convenient to carry baby.Hope this was helpful.

Susie Trego, WI

So far so good

Loving this jogger so far. It’s a nice smooth ride. Great comfort grip handle. I had to buy the car seat adapter for it for my Chicco car seat. So it added to the price, but money was well spent. My husbands in the military so being alone a lot doesn’t give me the opportunity to join a gym or anything; so this jogger is the only option for me to lose the pesky baby weight.The basket on the bottom is a little small but going for a jog the only use I get out of it is the mail I pick up… so it’s a non issue for me. There’s a net pocket on the backside of the seat to store stuff too. Since there’s no cup holder or anything that’s where I keep my phone and keys and such.

Debora Nenzel, NE

Like it a lot

Overall, I really like this stroller. We also purchased the infant car seat attachment for when our babe was tiny. With the infant attachment installed, you are unable to use the giant sun shade, which I thought was a big design flaw. We have the Chicco Keyfit so maybe it works with other styles of car seats. Also, the attachment makes collapsing the stroller difficult but not impossible. When we first started using it, I removed the car seat attachment each time, but that was also a pain in the butt because I found it difficult to get it securely installed (you know it’s in when the little buttons pop out on the side, and I found that I had to really jam it hard to make it click). The shape of the handle bar also make maneuvering a bit tricky, especially with the car seat because it is more top heavy.Ok, so now we are using it without the car seat attachment and I like it a lot more, whew! The sun shade is awesome and has two little viewing windows to keep an eye on baby. The seat reclines easily so he can nap on the go. It also has a nice air vent at the back that you can open or close, depending on the weather. I feel like he will have plenty of space to grow into this stroller, as well. One downfall is that this stroller comes with zero accessories. I bought a little cup holder that velcros to the handle but because of the handle shape, it is awkward to access (you can buy one very similar to the baby jogger one for like $10). My final complaint is that the basket underneath is very difficult to access. It’s actually fairly large, but because of the metal bar at the front, and position close to the bottom of the seat, I find myself irritated every single time I need to pull out the diaper bag!This probably sounds like I should have given it fewer stars, but despite the downfalls, for the price I do like this stroller. I recommend going into the stores to physically push around a few strollers and see what feels right before making this big purchase. Hope this review helps!

Josefina Amo, IN

Very lightweight, easy to fold/unfold

I absolutely LOVE this stroller. It is very light. It is so easy to fold and unfold. I have friends who have the strollers that match their infant carriers and those strollers just look like a pain to unfold. I have traveled by air with this stroller and the latch to lock it closed held up great. We have the Chicco Key-fit 30 infant carrier car seat and we just bought the bracket for the stroller so it clips right onto it.My only complaint is since it’s a tri-wheel, I get the front wheel through small areas and then forget how wide the back is and run over things. This more operator error than a design flaw. 🙂

Annabelle Dry Prong, LA

Glad we made this purchase

I knew I wanted this stroller, but I made sure to look around at the other brands too. We currently have the bugaboo frog, but need something that is light, compact and easy to fold up and get in and out of the car.I looked at the BOB and the Britax. If I pay that much for the BOB I want something that sits upright more since that’s what my LO prefers. Otherwise it’s a nice stroller. The Britax fabric doesn’t seem as nice as the city mini.This stroller folds up very compact and very easy. It pushes and steers easy too. This is the perfect stroller for people who drive but have to constantly get the stroller in and out of the car.I also like the low hanging hood that keeps wind out of my LOs face. We use the JJ cole bundler with it and it works great.

Alyce Angle Inlet, MN

A very good stroller, but could still use a few tweaks.

This is a very good stroller as all the reviews will attest to below and above. I’ll focus on the things that should be improved.When compared to other full function strollers like the Chicco Cortina:Pros:- Folds up easily and in a small package (the #1 reason we bought this)- Maneuvers pretty well.- Pretty good sunshade- For a fully functional stroller, pretty lightweight- Rolls smoothly (many of the really lightweight ones didn’t).Cons:- Storage are is still a little hard to access. This is better in the 2012 edition than in the past, but the Cortina is way better.- The handle. it sucks. Period. The curve is too much and isn’t comfortable for your wrists and the material isn’t very nice to hold. it isn’t adjustable either. The Cortina stroller’s handle is superior in every way.- Sunshade doesn’t cover the legs/feet of my child, so I still have to worry about extenders anyway.- Technically to be able to open and close this one handed quickly, you can’t use the safety straps that are required per the instructions. This sort of defeats the purpose. We don’t use them and it has been fine so far, but I don’t know about for a larger child.- No accessories with a very expensive stroller. You can buy them, but for the price, you would think it would have at least a little pouch, cup holder, or something.So, in short, if the size and weight of the Cortina stroller doesn’t bother you, it is the way to go. It rolls smooth, is comfortable for the child, and has lots of features. If you are loading it into your car everyday and/or have a smaller vehicle, this is a nice replacement. It is far more comfortable than the true light weight strollers or umbrella strollers. With a few more tweaks, this really could be the perfect stroller.For those comparing to the Britax, I hated the seat the recline feature on it. It was screwed up in every store I visited. But if you aren’t going to mess with it, it is a good choice too. We got this on sale from Amazon, so the price of this was almost the same as the Britax, so we went this route.

Pam Yerington, NV


originally tried the uppababy gluxe but found the open close awkward and the material to get dirty too easily…. this stroller is such a nicer balance of the features i wanted… really no need for an umbrella stroller as well if you have this… lightweight, easiest open/close you will ever find and durable materials… a great full featured everyday stroller for my child… and cute to boot… baby jogger killed it with this one.

Lindsey Garden City, ID

Great Fold, no easy area to put kid’s stuff

Would love to see this with a cupholder or similar for the kids, as that’s the only thing that’s lacking here – it folds beautifully (even my parents were impressed, which is tough), and compact and relatively light. Just no where for me to put the kid’s bottle by default, will have to see if they have an attachment I can buy for it.

Sheila Trimont, MN

Too big for some things, too small for others

Good quality. Very easy to fold/unfold. The kickbar and high handlebar are a little annoying.My biggest issue is that it doesn’t really seem to meet my needs. For walking around my suburban neighborhood on rough sidewalks, I find I need a jogging stroller. And for quick outings and shopping trips, I find this too big and bulky, both when folded for storage and when maneuvering crowded areas. Wish I had gotten a small umbrella stroller and a jogger instead of one mid-sized stroller that doesn’t really serve either purpose.

Marylou Ligonier, IN

Baby Jogger 2012 City Mini Single Stroller, Purple/Gray

I absolutely LOVE this stroller. I would give it 10 stars if I could. I love the canopy features that drop down low enough to block the sun when we are out for our long walks. The peek through windows on top of the canopy are beneficial to check on your baby. The handle bar is strong and grips very nicely. The compartment under the stroller is large enough to hold a few items. In addition, there is another compartment behind the stroller for more storage. The ability to recline your baby is wonderful, along with the option to drop down a shield to prevent wind from hitting your baby’s face. The ease in which this stroller closes, only requiring one hand, is amazing too. Overall, I am pleased with this purchase and quality of this stroller.

Irma Sweet Valley, PA

Best stroller for us!

We bought this stroller for our granddaughter. Her first stroller was nice but was so big, even when when folded, that it hardly fit in her parents car. So, after reading reviews, I ordered the City Mini 2012. Our granddaughter LOVES it!! She is 7 months old and can see so well since there is no tray or bar to block her view. The folding up is the easiest EVER and the stroller is so small when folded that there is plenty of additional space for other fun baby supplies!

Margarita Duncombe, IA

Great light weight, every day stroller – although NOT all terrain!

I was so excited to get a Baby Jogger City Mini, as I have owned a City Select and currently also have a City Versa. No doubt, this stroller has a fantastic fold, is very light weight and fabulous canopy. I was very happy with all these features and would have been great for a simple shopping and around town stroller….however thats not what I ended up needing, as I realised that my Versa is perfect for all those situations. When deciding on the City Mini I really had a toss up between the regular and the GT. I ended up going with the regular, but have since switched to the GT, mainly for the forever air tires that handle grass and gravel better especially for the area in which I live and like to take walks with bub.I do however highly recommend the City Mini for anyone looking for a everything pram for general use…however if you are after something more all terrain then definitely go with the GT. Both prams are awesome! It just depends on your personal preference and needs 🙂

Karina Turners Falls, MA


I LOVE this stroller. The reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because I have a Britax B-Safe car seat & it’s the only one that won’t fit on the universal adapter bar. My daughter fit good with an infant lounger insert in it even at a month old. I LOVE this stroller though – easy to fold & transport, plenty of room for storage underneath, very attractive, & rolls/turns easy.

Naomi Choccolocco, AL

It’s OK

I used this stroller with a 2,5 year old toddler and fairy quickly found it to be insufficient. Yes, it’s easy to navigate because it’s smaller than a proper jogger. At the same time i totally hated the two front wheels, because using the stroller in light snow, the front wheels kept getting stuck and turn sideways, hence blocking the stroller from moving. And i really mean LIGHT SNOW. Also my toddler kept "leaping out" from the stroller, since there isn’t a 5-point harness, but instead a 3-point one. Because shoulder straps are missing, my toddler figured out fairly fast that she can just jump forward and attempt to get out. It created a lot of dangerous situations when a toddler mid-tantrum decided she is going to "exit the vehicle" while i was speeding towards home. My child generally hated sitting in the City Mini stroller and not before exchanging this stroller for a proper jogger i realized why – it was just too bumpy because City Mini has no suspensions. I gave it up after two weeks of use and bought Baby Jogger Summit x3 instead and i have to say – they are night and day apart!

Judy Vega Alta, PR


this was a replacement stroller for one that was destroyed with water damage during Hurricane Sandy. Love the stroller and highly recommend it for any mom.

Tammie Westboro, WI

Nearly-Perfect Stroller

There’s no such thing as a perfect stroller, but this one comes close. We have a Cybex Aton car seat and we needed a stroller that would work with it — in part to have a nice stroller that would work with our car seat, and in part because we were going to be traveling by train and had a lot of gear (a stroller that could transport the car seat, the baby and a small bag or two with one hand was a win).We were originally considering the Cybex Onyx — which is an umbrella stroller that can work with the car seat if you get the adaptors. However, we didn’t fall in love with it when we saw it. And what’s more, we really loved the maneuverability of a 3-wheel stroller with a single-bar handle (which is what our Kolcraft Contours 3-Wheel stroller is like, except that it doesn’t work with our carseat). We bought this one and the carseat adaptors. Not cheap, but definitely worth it. I always assumed that we’d buy a “full size” stroller and then an umbrella stroller, but the City Mini kinda does the job of both.As far as the downsides, I’d say that the only real ones are:1. It doesn’t have a reversible seat. It’s not like it advertises itself as having one, but it was a feature we had to give up when buying this one. That’s the price of having such a nice lightweight design and a decent pricetag (we’d been looking at the City Versa, but the weight and price dissuaded us).2. The curved handlebar is tall, but the curve makes it a little hard to use. I wish it were flatter. My sister just got the B-Agile and it has a flatter handlebar which seems like it would be a little easier to use. The curve makes the handlebar “higher” on the City Mini, but it’s not really higher because if you are large-breasted like I am, it’s not comfortable to have your arms straight out in front of you — they have to be more to the sides, which means that my hands rest on the sides of the handlebar, not the top, and my arms kind of angle in.3. Even though they “swooped” down the bar on the 2012 model, it’s still hard to get my diaper bag into the storage area. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been on the 2011 model! It’s still hard on the 2012. I don’t know why it has to be so hard on the City Mini models — similar strollers like the B-Agile, the Baby Zee, etc all seem to be able to do the same thing without having that weird bar that makes it so difficult to access the storage area.Other than those things, I love it!

Olivia Chartley, MA

best stroller

We purchased this stroller for our daughter and couldn’t be more pleased. This stroller is very comfortable for the child, made with high quality materials. The umbrella / hood of the stroller has a unique feature because it unfolds quite far covering the child from rain, snow, sun and wind up to his/her knees…if that makes sense. So it not only covers the head but nearly the whole body which saved us many times from rain and sun… not to mention it does give the child privacy while napping in the stroller. Another awesome feature is that the stroller folds very flat and saves a great deal of space in the trunk of a car…and its very easy to unfold it as well. I am recommending this stroller to anyone that is looking for a space saving, durable, comfortable for both the child and the parent stroller. Well worth it for the price.

Lessie Walnut, IA

Great for a mom of 2!

I bought this a few months ago for my 2nd child. I have 4 other strollers in my garage that never get used now. This is by far the best! My sister-in-law recommended it to me. The extra large shade is great here in FL to keep the sun off my LO. The best thing about it is the way it rides. You can easily push it with one hand and navigate it with ease. It’s very smooth. This is great when trying to hold a door open for yourself and attempting to push a stroller through at the same time. It is also great when I need to push the baby while holding my 5 year old’s hand at the same time. It folds and unfolds easier than any other stroller I have ever owned. It also works for a baby OR a larger child. Although I use it mostly for my 8m old baby….my 5 year old fits in it comfortably for the occasional times she is too tired to walk and I need to use the carrier for the baby and let her ride in the stroller (such as at Disney). This product is worth every penny!

Celeste Mead, NE