Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Kit, Ruby

Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Kit, Ruby

The city select bassinet kit converts your city select seat & canopy into a bassinet with just a few simple steps. Padded carrying handles, machine washable mattress cover and a foot apron to protect your newborn from the sun make this a very popular accessory with city select owners.

Main features

  • Converts your single city select seat and canopy into a bassinet
  • Padded carrying handles make it easy to move baby while in bassinet
  • Foot apron protects your newborn from the sun
  • Machine washable mattress cover and foot apron
  • Newborn to 6 months, maximum weight capacity 25 lb.
  • Plush padded mattress
  • Bassinet apron to protect baby from the elements
  • Bassinet usage requires the frame from a single seat, second seat must be purchased in advance to use stroller as double capacity

Verified reviews


Bought 2 for twins and LOVING it!

After a lot of research (so I knew you had to use existing seat frames and hoods for these), I purchased the stroller with 2 seats and then bought 2 bassinet kits for my newborn twins. i LOVE it! I hate having them in their carseats for anything but riding in the car and they are so comfortable laying in their bassinets in this stroller. We live in Florida so sitting in carseats in strollers was not an option since I did not want them squished up and hot. The kits went onto the seat frames with no problem and while the stroller is long with 2 bassinets, it is so easy to maneuver. I put the babies to sleep and roll the stroller into my office while I’m working or even into the bathroom while I’m getting ready for the day. When the boys were really little I could fit them into one bassinet, which was really cute but now they like to each have their own. I put in head positioners that are used in carseats since the babies are still small but a rolled up blanket works too to keep the heads centered. I have a generic mosquito net that is big enough to fit over both bassinets at once since I can’t find the ones that zip into the bassinets. I love how big the sunshades are too and I pull them all the way forward in stores so the babies can sleep and people won’t try to touch the babies. I would recommend these to anybody with newborns. I hate seeing floppy babies in carseats all day, I wish more people thought about their babies instead of just convenience. And it takes about 2 seconds to snap into the stroller and then lay baby into it. And the boys go right to sleep as soon as I lay them in the bassinets so don’t worry that taking them out of the carseats will wake them up and be a hassle, it isn’t and your baby’s comfort is important! I will be very sad when the boys outgrow these! I really look forward to using these in the winter with the snap on covers to keep the babies snug and warm 🙂

Mercedes Mount Pleasant Mills, PA

Great Addition

We have used this bassinet nearly every day of the month since we brought our daughter home from the hospital. It makes a great 2nd bed downstairs during her afternoon naps, and is perfect for strolls into town or naps in the yard while we are gardening. As other reviews mention you do have to use parts of the frame and the canopy from the child seat that comes with the stroller to create the bassinet seen in the picture. But presumably you aren’t going to use both the child seat and bassinet with the same child. If you have two children you will have to purchase a second child seat anyway. So far we have loved this stroller and all it’s accessories! We would definitely recommend it. (Our one wish would be that the bottom/base of this bassinet folded in 1/2 for easier storage and travel.)

Charlene Mount Holly, AR

Very happy with this bassinet

I absolutely love this bassinet, and can’t wait to use it. My son will be born in about 7 weeks. I don’t see why people complain that you have to have the second seat kit in order to put this together – you’re going to be putting them in a seat anyway when they are old enough and it seems like at that time they would probably have out grown this anyway. It’s pretty easy to figure out and put together. Pretty nifty. I love that I’ll be able to pick him up in there and just put the bassinet on the stroller and go for a walk with him and my 18 month old daughter. So excited to use this and I love the city select stroller. It’s the best double stroller out there in my opinion.

Ava Fairview, OK

A must have!

The Bassinet kit is a must have! Walking puts the kids (yes twins) to sleep. When we get home, the baby jogger design allows us to just un-click and place the bassinets inside without waking up the babies.Another plus, and things we did not realize until we started using it:Easy to change diapers on a long walk with the flat surface and space inside the bassinetPacifiers don’t fall to the groundhead support pillows fit easilyoverall they babies seemed more comfortable lying down than in a car sear for the first several weeks.All in all – I would highly recommend the bassinet kit to anyone….

Courtney Fort Howard, MD

Works great

I used this with great success on my city select double until my son was five months old. He is big (90-95 percentile for height and weight) and the bassinet was definitely snug, but it still worked well for us. If the bassinet was any bigger, you would be unable to use this as a double.The exterior is a beautiful grey/white color, but the interior is black so staining is not an issue. There is a thin foam bassinet pad inside with a removable cover.As other reviewers noted, this only works with a seat frame. It cannot be used by itself. It was easy to assemble.

Kathie Anderson, TX

One month and loving it

We’ve had this for about a month and have really enjoyed it for walks with the older children during the baby’s nap or for times when we’ll be out shopping or meeting someone and she can nap in it…

Briana Trout Lake, MI

Great bassinet

The fabric was hard to put on and it took my husband about 10 mins effort to assemble it. Once it’s assembled it is a very decent yet not heavy bassinet for my daughter traveling in town.

Maude Pollock Pines, CA