Baby Jogger City Select HyChair

Baby Jogger City Select HyChair

The City Select HyChair allows you to use the seat of your Baby Jogger City Select stroller as a high chair. The HyChair securely fits to most table tops and folds compactly to fit in your under seat basket when not in use. Also, carry bag is included.

Main features

  • Folds compactly for on the go convenience
  • Secure fit to table tops ranging from .75″ to 2.75″ thick
  • Carry bag included
  • Holds up to 45 pounds

Verified reviews


Good product but Returned it

It is very strong hold on tables, so not concerned about safety while my son was in it. It is small and compact and comes in its own bag. I returned it because practically, it’s one more baby thing I would have to lug around with me that I won’t use that often. Most places have their own high chair for you to use. If you are at someone’s house, you can just hold the baby on your lap to feed. I got a high chair cover too so I can use that. Or I would just push the stroller to the table and feed him.

Juanita Superior, IA

excellent quality, lot of potential use, but it does not fit many tables

Love the concept and I hope to get lots of use out of it. Unfortunately this product does not fit my main dining room table. Because of the limit on the leg adjustment (the middle piece that goes up and down to tighten to a table) this seat will not fit tables that have a lip (i.e., any wood or other barrier that sticks down from the table).

Ebony German Valley, IL

Love this product!

Awesome idea and it works great! I have the city versa and the seat snaps on so quick. I bought the child tray too and avoided needing a high chair at all (which is awesome in this tiny apartment). It’s very easy to attach and on the lowest setting the seat can still fully recline so if baby falls asleep at the restaurant he can nap comfortably while we finish dinner. It’s also 90% of the reason I bought the baby jogger city stroller.

Tessa Atlanta, NE

Works amazingly!

I was extremely skeptical with this- however, it is super easy to use! It goes on extremely fast and holds great! It comes with it’s own storage bag, and folds up so easily. Only problem, it will not fit on our dining room table. The lip underneath is too big. It works great on our bar though and that was our main use for it!

Marissa Grover Beach, CA

Overall great

Best perk: when we are out later than expected or traveling at a place that doesn’t have room for strollers, we can attach this to the table and recline it a bit. Keep the canopy on and cover with a blanket. We pop in the sound machine and voila! Instant bed.Another perk: due to the common location of kid seats- at the end of the table, near the server…I have become so sick of servers passing food, including sizzling plates and coffee over our kid. No joke. We have even made a point of saying our concerns before the food comes and they still do it. Not cool. So this seat helps us in that we can attach it near the back of the table or between some adults. We use it in booths where she is too small for bumper seats.Cons: it doesn’t work with all tables and restaurant workers have actually brought out managers to check it out for safety. Which we gladly comply, but I am a bit tired and embarrassed of the attention it receives. It is also heavy so we tend to leave it in the car if we are unsure.

Rosario Dunkirk, OH

Great purchase!!

I’m so glad that we made this purchase, this is much easier then getting a dirty high chair, pulling a cover over it, buckling my son in and making sure he doesn’t slide out. We used this at a wine bar this past weekend, on a pub table, in which I was convinced was going to be too small for the hychair to attach on properly, but to our surprise it fit perfectly and was very sturdy! We snapped our son into it and he just kept playing without missing a beat. Everyone around us thought it was the greatest thing! It comes with a great carrying case and folds up with just two easy clicks! We are using it as a high chair at home as well. Why buy a high chair when we know we won’t get that much use out of it and we already have the city select! This truly pays for it’s self and it makes me feel so much better that my son is not touching some dirty chair. I highly recommend it!

Laurel Alvord, TX