Baby Jogger City Select Single Child Tray, Black

Baby Jogger City Select Single Child Tray, Black

The Baby Jogger child tray for the city select features a convenient cup holder and a durable easy to clean surface. Compatible only with the city select.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Single child tray for the city select
  • Has a convenient cup holder
  • Durable easy to clean surface

Verified reviews


What I expected

Love everything but the price! I wish baby jogger accessories were cheaper! Make sure to check which stroller this is for (the city select) because I accidently bought the wrong ones first. We take this piece off every time we put it into the car and it pops on and off great!

Margot Saulsbury, TN

Only opens on bottom seat

I got this for our second seat. My daughter (almost 4) has the belly bar and I was going to get them both the tray, as these days it helps to have snacks when they’re contained and the tray has a place for food and drink. My daughter was satisfied with the bar and the ‘Brica Deluxe Snack Pod’ setup and didn’t want the tray (she doesn’t like change) so I only ordered one. Good thing, because when in tandem, and both seats facing the same way only one will allow the tray to open. This is because the tray swings outward, while the bar swings upward. When they are both facing forward, the tray won’t open on the top seat (hits the front seat), when both facing backward, the bottom seat becomes difficult. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase because my son does like it and it’s easier for him than the pod would be, but the design is limiting and I’m glad I only needed one.

Leticia Piedmont, AL

Great accessory!

Works as intended… the tray release button to make it swing open is a bit sticky, but I manage! Wish it was cheaper though!

Maribel Bellingham, WA

Easy to install

This is easy to install and my daughter loves the tray for her sippy cup and snacks. Very usefully and works well.

Gail Calera, AL

Invest in this.

Works great. I use on a city select. If you plan in using that stroller for a while I would definitely invest in this.

Kathy Dallas, IA

Hesitant to buy but happy I did.

I originally had the Baby Jogger City Micro (basically the cheaper Mini) and had the tray with that stroller. It was great but awkward because it really wasn’t easy to get on/off. This tray is 100% different.Many of the reviews I read stated that the tray pops off easily and wasn’t worth it. I disagree completely.PROS:- The drink holder is wide enough to hold the kid’s Nalgene and deep enough to hold slimmer bottles without them falling out.- The tray is in a great position. With the Micro/Mini tray it was seemingly eye-level with my infant, so awkward. My 18 month old can use the tray and still see everything that is happening. It also seems an appropriate distance from his belly so as not to be too far or too close. I can get him in/out without having to swing it open.- Easy to clean. The hard plastic is quick and easy to clean when snack mess gets all over.- Locking/Unlocking. With a one-handing button push on the side the tray can swing open to put child in/out (although not necessary).CONS:- As with all Baby Jogger accessories I have two complaints: (1) I wish some/all of the accessories were included with the purchase of the stroller or at least a bit cheaper (especially the child and parent trays) – however, you should know this isn’t the case if you research Baby Jogger at all; and (2) the instructions are always horrible. Putting items together is my "thing" – I have a sick love for assembling new items, but the black and white photos included in all Baby Jogger products lacks something to be desired (I always have to read/look at the instructions numerous times before completing each step).OVERALL:- When my second child starts to use the second seat (as opposed to being in the car seat with the car seat adapter) I will absolutely be buying a second tray.- I have not had any issues and find that this product is well made and serves its function perfectly.

Carissa Albion, PA


This is a must for a toddler wanting to snack on the go, its got a cup holder and it says on place.

Ernestine Max, NE

Great little tray but the logo was stuck upside down

Glad I got this tray because my son can reach it, in our britax- agile he could not. So he seemed pretty happy to have easy reach to his snacks and drinks. However, I realized that the baby jogger logo on the front of the tray was installed upside down.

Ursula Greenwell Springs, LA

easy to attached and open

bought a second for my second seat and this new design is much better than the old style, when you open the whole thing densest pop off.

Beatriz Tangerine, FL

Great for front seat

I bought 2 trays because i have double seats, its working fine for front seat but the special feature(open on one side) is completely useless for rear seat when both seats facing forward. BJ should produce a different model, perhaps a full removable version. Its not practical to remove the front seat just to open the tray. In terms of quality, no complain and it is a quality product.

Carlene Lumber Bridge, NC

Easy to use, son loves it.

Super easy to install and remove from the stroller — the cup holder is nice and deep for holding cups with straws and prevent our 2 year old from immediately throwing cups on the ground.

Alisha Keenes, IL