Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Onyx

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Onyx

The City Select comes together with the 2nd Seat.

Main features

  • In order to turn the stroller into a double simlpy attach the included second seat kit. There are 16 unique seating combinations from double tiered car seats to a bassinet and a single seat. The only seating combo it doesn't do is a double bassinet option.
  • 12 inch forever-air rear and 8 inch lightweight front wheels with front wheel suspension and sealed ball bearings.
  • The included Second seat kit will allow you to transform the baby jogger city select stroller into a double stroller without having a wide double stroller. Please note: You can use your stroller for a single child in the upper position but, if you decide to use it for a second child (twins or two close in age) in the lower position you must purchase the second seat. The second seat comes with the mounting bracket needed to convert your stroller from a single to a double.
  • The City Select features Baby Jogger's famous Quick-Fold Technology making it the only in-line stroller to fold flat in one simple step. With a 45 lb per seat weight capacity, the City Select will last you through your stroller years.
  • Bundle includes 2013 Baby Jogger City Select Stroller and 2nd Seat in Onyx

Verified reviews


Okay, but awful OFFROAD and also came defective. It would be a near PERFECT stroller if all wheels were 12″ and air filled.

I realize this isn’t supposed to be a jogger, but it has been classified as "all terrain". I took my baby on a gravel path, and he couldn’t nap because it was such a rough ride of shaking, bumping and rattling. Why don’t they make a stroller like this with an optional 12" front wheels on front, just like they have on the back. Also, going over the smallest and slightest curb is not doable, the stroller literally will not go over. There was an area on the pavement that was about 3 inches taller that the area we were traveling on, I thought since it was such a small rise to get up it would be fine, WRONG. The wheels hit and all the pushing would not get it over and even 3 inch rise, so forget going up any curbs, which are at least 5-9 inches high!!! It even got stuck trying to go over a small branch laying over the path. I was really hoping for a bit better, but between the horrible bumpy and shaky ride on mere gravel and the total inability to get over even so much as something 2-3 inches tall, it gets one star What is the point of having 2 12" wheels, but teeny, tiny front wheels? If all wheels were 12", this stroller would be near perfect. Also, the recile is very limited with 2 seats, most of the positions give you zero recline, or minimal recline.Pros:Smooth and nice ride on concrete or fully flat and smooth terrain.Stylish and nice look to it.A lot of different seat position options.Seat size is decent sized. My very LARGE almost 4 year old fits pretty well in the seat seeing as he is almost at the weight limit. At his 4 year check he was in the upper percentile for height and weight, 43 inches and 42lbs. While it was not the most spacious, it was good enough and not super cramped. Especially with leg room. In a Phil&Ted; Navigator we tried at the store, his legs just could not fit and the seat was very small and shallow for him and he just could not fit or ride in it, it wouldn’t work. Bit this seat fits him a little better.It feels sturdy, like it will hold up well over time.ConsAWFUL on anything but smooth/flat terrain. Will be awful on even so much as gravel ad impossible to get over any bumps or curbs.Limited recline in most seat positions, as well as limited space for the child sitting behind the front seat.Mine had a defect, and for $650, you should not get something with a defect!Over priced for what you get, this company is making a KILLING.Very long and kind of a beast to steer. Also difficult to make turns and does not turn easily.When you have them in different seat positions, it takes up your basket space.Sun hoods could be a bit better. I wish the sun hoods were a bit better, they are okay, but could be better.All in all I liked it more than the Phil&Teds; Navigator, I just wish they made a few improvements. I am sending the defective thing back.

Angel Frost, TX


I spent the last 3 months researching strollers before buying this one. I went back and forth with buying this stroller because i felt it was a unnecessary expense. I couldn’t justify the cost for a long time. But after all the research i kept coming back to this one. So after approval from my less than understanding husband i made the purchase. It took me very little time to put the stroller together. I played with it in the living room for 30 minutes to get a FULL understanding of what i was in forThis is NOT an unnecessary purchase when you are having twins. Its a must! I had lots of requirements and tandem stroller was a must. Which limited me to very few. Than i needed to make sure the second seat did not sit UNDER the first seat. I didn’t want to deal with the arguing later in life on who gets stuck on the bottom (example: Phil and Ted). Next i needed it to be VERY EASY to fold it up. This is very simple. I also needed my stroller to carry TWO infant car seats. With the right adapters it fit perfectly. Contrary to some reviews my Chicco seats DO snap in and i am able to just use one stroller. I am elated! I wanted a stroller that was easy to maneuver around. This stroller is amazing for handling. I can easily turn and push with one hand.I wil continue to update my review as things change for us. But as of right now. This is by far the best stroller i could have ever got for my personal requirements.

Luella Peaster, TX

Best stroller for twins, after much trial and error

I have the Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat and I love it, as I’m able to use it with my 20 lb twins & my 41″ tall preschooler. No stroller is perfect, but of the four doubles I’ve had (Maclaren Twin Tecno, Maclaren Triumph, Bob Duallie), this is my go-to everyday stroller because it’s the narrowest, goes anywhere and folds compactly.** UPDATE: Please note the weight listed above of 100 lbs is wrong – the stroller weighs far less, 28.3 lbs for the stroller with one seat and 5 lbs for the second seat. Measurements of the seats have been added **PROS:* The City Select was recently selected as Baby Gizmo’s 2010 Top Tandem Stroller.* Goes anywhere. I found out the hard way that side-by-sides do not fit between parked cars – the City Select does, with room to spare. This is the most important consideration when you’re out and about with twins, so that you’re not forced to leave one child alone in front of or behind your car while putting your other one in their car seat. The narrow width of the City Select has also been a huge advantage at doctor’s offices, restaurants and stores that have narrower aisles. If I had to do it over, this probably would have been my only stroller – I wish I had known about it before buying the other doubles!* Can be used from birth up. You can configure the City Select with optionalBaby Jogger Car Seat Adaptor City Select, Singlefor one or two babies (some car seats fit better than others) or with one or two seats (for babies 6m+, place the heaviest child in the top position); it can have stadium seating facing forward (with a huge storage basket), or you can put both seats facing you so they can recline fully @ 180 degrees (better for babies, looks like bunk beds).* Total weight load recommended for this stroller is 45 lbs. per seat (combined passenger and baggage weight), so calculate 90 lbs. total max allowance with two seats. Max allowance for the basket is 15 lbs. and for each seat pocket, 2 lbs. My 14 m babies are 22 & 21 lbs., the diaper bag is 8 lbs. = 51 lbs. Still way under the limit. Much better for twins than the Britax B-ready stroller which has a child max weight capacity of only 35 lbs on its second seat.* The three-part canopies are excellent and provide far more shade than the Maclaren twin strollers. A peek-a-boo window in the middle has a magnetic flap that covers it quietly – no noisy velcro. The canopies can also be raised 2″, allowing airflow thru the back mesh panel for hot weather and/or room for taller children.* Optional carrycots are sold separately.* The wheels work on many surfaces. I’ve been able to use the City Select on narrow paths, snow and grass. The City Selects pushes very easily on smooth surfaces, even with my 30 lb toddler. In comparison, the BOB Duallie is superior off-road and feels lighter, but is way too long to use indoors in smaller spaces. The Techno Twin handles very well on smooth surfaces but it’s impossible to use in snow.* Very compact fold. The City Select takes up half the trunk of my minivan, standing up, with all three rows up. If I need more space in back, I simply stash the stroller & seats in the second row of the minivan. In comparison, the Bob Duallie takes up 3/4 of the cargo area in the minivan. The Maclaren Techno, the whole width of cargo area, lying flat – it’s too tall to place upright without it hitting the heads of people in the third row.* Huge storage basket – with the seats facing forward, the City Select has a huge basket. I’ve been able to finally go grocery shopping with the twins and fit a fair amount of groceries underneath (up to 15 lbs, plus I use the footwells for heavier items). When the seats rear facing, storage is more limited but still better than the Techno’s. Zippers on all four corners allow you to fit large or long items in the basket, even with the seats reclined.* I’m able to fit two 7 lb.KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat – Pistachioor two 7 lb. bouncersBABYBJÖRN BabySitter Balance, Brown/Beigein the storage basket – the diaper bag hanging down from the mommy hook keeps them secure. No other double I have can do this – great for playgroups or when I need to take the babies out of the stroller for any reason and am alone.* Many accessories – you can get many different ones but I found that stroller accessories from other manufacturers also work, at a fraction of the price. For example, the universal Jeep rain shield fits each seat well or you can get a sngle cover for less,Baby Jogger City Select Double Rain Cover – Stroller Not Included. AMommy Hook Stoller Hangeror Munchkin mommy hook can be placed on the handle to hold bags up to 8 lbs.*JJ Cole Urban Toddler Bundle Me – Stealthfit these seats perfectly – go with the toddler size which you’ll use longer. Fully reclined, the seats work like carrycots – my babies sleep very comfortably in them.* Hand brake provides quick and secure locking of wheels.* Baby Jogger is coming out with a ride-on board for a third child in March 2010 but, if needed, the seats are wide enough (12 inches) and the canopy high enough for my 41″ oldest child.* I attach a Lassig Messenger Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag which is larger than a regular bag and can be used on tandem/ side by side strollers. There are more than 40 colors on amazon and the covers can be changed for mom or dad and it’s wide strap lets you use it with an Ergo carrier. Please note this is not recommended by the manufacturer.CONS:* The City Select can be hard to get up and down curbs – if you’re pushing it forward; but if you pull it backwards up or down a curb, it’s no harder that any other stroller (actually a bit easier because of the larger wheels in back). I’ve even brought it up and down stairs (empty of course).* It takes about a minute to fold and put away, as you have to take each seat off.STROLLER COMPARISON* There are two postions on the Select for the canopies, so headroom is 22″-24″. The Bob Duallie’s is 21″ and the Maclarens can be adjusted to whatever height you need.* Seat back on the City Select is 18.5 inches – longer than a Maclaren Techno’s (18″) or Triumph’s (17.5″). The Bob Duallie has 21″ seatback but the canopy is flush so headroom is less, at 21″ (unless the child leans forward).* Seat width for the City Select is 12.5″, wider than Maclaren twin strollers (11.5″) and the same as the Bob Duallie (12.5″).* Seat depth on the City Select 2010 is 8″ and on the 2011 it’s 9″. This is on par with the Maclaren’s 9″ deep seats. The Bob Duallie has 10″ deep seats.* Footrests on the City Select can be extended from 8.5″ to 10.5″ below the seat. In comparison the other strollers’ are shorter, the Triumph’s is 7″, the Techno 8.5″ and the Duallie, 7.5″.As a side note, the 2010 model costs much less than the 2011 model, which has been slightly redesigned with a more padded back and a deeper, firmer seat.

Lorie Finksburg, MD


I have been drooling over this stroller since the moment I saw a mom of 3 in the mall with it. With my second being born and wanting to get out more, I HAD to have it. My husband just doesn’t understand all the ways this stroller is a life saver. Well worth the money!

Geri Cash, AR

Love my baby jogger! But pretty heavy (which is probably a good thing!)

I love this stroller! The best part about a double stroller, that is tandem is that you can fit anywhere! No double wides in this family! Everytime you go somewhere, how do they expect you to fit through the door with a double wide?? I love how easy this stroller interchanges. Right now, i’m using with a britax adapter for the infant seat on the top. And my son sits in the bottom seat. This is such an easy stroller to push with both kids, a diaper bag and whatever else you can throw in there. The hardest part is that no cup holder. However, i think once you have both seats (without an infant car seat) you can add one on. This stroller is a bit heavy, however, i think i like that it doesn’t feel cheap. Overall, spendy, but it’s good quality.

Janette Glen Carbon, IL

This is a must

If you have two small children this is a must, I bought it for my daughter for Christmas and she said it is worth it’s weight in gold. They Love it!!!

Lorna Copiague, NY

Great Stroller.

Stroller is pretty easy to assemble. Great for neighbor hood walks and "light" off roading. It’s a little hard to maneuver in a mall or store (even with one seat). The stroller is easy to walk behind, the wheel base is nice and wide and the handle adjusts, so you don’t kick the back of the stroller when you walk. My now 2 year old still loves it, and the stroller provides a very smooth ride! 5 point harness system keeps the little one secure and stable. The basket on the bottom holds quite a bit of gear (purse, diaper bag, shopping bags). The handle has a warning not to hang things from the handle (it would be nice if you could). This stroller is easy to use and put up and break down and stow.With 2 seats, the stroller disassembles into 3 pieces (2- seats, 1 base) for storage. It does take up some spaces in car or garage, I would not call this stroller "compact", but it does break down quite compactly in comparison to other double strollers.There are a lot of "add-on" accessories you can purchase separately, such as a cup holder and belly bar for the child that would be nice if it was standard equipment. (hence the 4 stars)Highly recommend this product.

Erma Virginia Beach, VA