Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Ruby

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Ruby

The City Select comes together with the 2nd Seat.

Main features

  • Patented Quick-Fold Technology – allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step
  • Innovative multi-functional design allows you to select your seating arrangement up to 16 unique combinations
  • 12″ forever-air rear and 8″ lightweight front wheels with front wheel suspension and sealed ball bearings
  • Multi-position seat recline for passenger comfort

Verified reviews


Nice Stroller, I wish they had more colors and more appealing fabrics

I just tried this stroller out at our local Buy Buy Baby. I think this is probably the most versatile and intelligently designed in-line double stroller with a decent/good suspension/ capable of handling rougher terrain and providing a smooth ride for your little ones. The versatility in “arranging” your two kids is astonishing and unlike any other stroller out there. What was a deal breaker for me at this time: the textiles/ fabrics and the colors. I am only planning my second baby and hoping that when s/he is born sometime in the future — Baby Jogger will have improved their fabrics and colors. For now, for my first baby, I am using the Xplory 2012 which keeps my baby away from pets, everyone’s feet and the dust and saves my back from having to constantly bend down to look at her. Having her look me in the face instead of facing everyone’s and my knees is invaluable and awesome with Xplory. But Xplory is bulky, a complex fold, and it is not able to handle rougher terrain smoothly (it has no suspension for this) so I just bought the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan — it can handle rougher terrain from what I read and see in video reviews, providing a smooth ride and has soft cotton fabrics on the inside! How great is that? I just dislike the drab looking, dull and coarse polyester textiles on the Baby Jogger. It just looks so drab and boring. Yeah, I like my baby stuff to look cute and aesthetically at least somewhat pleasing (although if I had the second baby right now, I would buy the City Select and “correct” their fabrics with a colorful and washable cotton stroller liner most likely). Another thing I think City Select might improve is the foot-well — it’s fully fabric-covered, and I thought it would show all the dirt and collect the soil from the little shoes. I like that the Mountain Buggy has a rubberized foot-well that I can wipe down and another one that can also be just wiped down. Overall, I am planning to buy the City Select when I have the second baby, I just hope they will make it look sharper and cuter and use more healthy fabrics on the inside.

Barbara Buckner, MO

Way too cumbersome

This was the first double stroller I got. I loved the idea that it had a million different configurations and a large basket. However, it is ridiculously difficult to maneuver. With the baby facing me and the toddler facing out, the weight would drag it down the slightest slope. It was extremely heavy. Any bump, even a curb, was hard to deal with. With the two boys facing each other it was not quite as heavy feeling, but was a huge line that was still hard to take around turns. With the big kid facing out and the baby on the bottom it was easier to use, but then why bother having this instead of a Phil and Ted? Fortunately it held up in value and I sold it used for almost the same amount I bought it for. FYI – I found the Phil and Teds to be the best from an adult point of view and my sons like the Joovy Caboose best.

Luz Mineral, CA

City select tandem stroller

Durable well made frameA bit on the costlier side.Not light weight but still lighter than any tandem stroller I researchedMy one year old and 2.5 year old enjoy facing each other and both facing forward. (I ‘ve also had them facing away from each other and both facing backward toward me while pushing the stroller)My 2.5 year old’s head seems to almost reach the underside of the canopy and when facing each other one seat is higher than the other which places the feet of one child at face level of the other.The placement of the seats are a bit close together but the overall length is shorter, making it easier to rotate or turn the stroller.Large wheels make it easy to pushTandem side by sides are difficult to park between cars In a parking lot, but this stroller fits between cars easily.Besides the compactness of the seat size, cost and close placementof seats, I would definitely recommend this stroller for a parent who needs to transport two kids by him or herself.

Crystal Paragonah, UT

Couldn’t live without it!

I have had this stroller from the beginning with my first child. We actually had to wait a month and we ordered it in advance before it even hit the shelves.It’s been 3 years now since I have owned this stroller. I have a 3 and 1 year old. I could not have lived without this stroller.We planned on having 2 kids, so this was a great stroller.We knew nothing about stollers, so here are some things about it that I love:It has a huge basket. I laughed at the sales person when he pointed this out. You will be surprised at how much stuff you need for babies and outings.I have fit tons of groceries in that basket and going shopping, or food/diaper bag/jackets/etc. for our day excursions in the city. Again, I could not have lived without that basket. It’s easily accessible, and fits so much in it. I have a skip hop bag that I attach to the handlebar or wear so that I can fit more in the basket.I love that you can use it for one or 2 children.The way you can position the seats differently is neat, but mostly I have the 2nd seat positioned facing me, as well as the 1st seat. It gives the 2nd seat child much more room, and you can recline the 1st and 2nd seat only in this way, just so that you know. You do sacrifice some storage in the basket area, though, but not too much.Having the bassinet option was important to us, so it was great that this was an option.As a stay at home mom with no family in the area, this stroller has saved me. I have been able to go shopping for groceries and clothes without a problem. I can fit through clothing racks no problem.I like that you can take it apart to make it smaller to fit in smaller cars, like take the wheels off.What I don’t like about it:When using the bassinet, there is little room for the 2nd seat. The best way for this is to have the bassinet on the bottom.It is really heavy with 2 kids in the stroller, very difficult to push and maneuver. You definitely need 2 hands to maneuver this.You cannot use this on slanted, uneven sidewalks. Well, you can, but again, it is hard to push. I think it is okay when you straighten the wheels, but it really hurts my wrists. For this reason, I got a Bob Double stroller( I have edited my review, I had earlier a City Mini Double, I loved it at first, but my older child complained about the bumps on the sidewalk constantly…I needed something with shocks, and the Bob revolution double isn’t as wide as I thought, I definitely would not get the other sport utility, though, just too big.)I thought I would like it for travelling, but this is really awful for travelling.We took it on a trip to Hawaii, and the airlines broke the front wheel. Thank goodness it was on the way back from our trip. So we had to buy a travel bag (+$70). The travel bag barely fits the 2 seats, and it takes alot of time to pack it in there. You have to take off all of the wheels and zip them into an individual compartment, and then squeeze the stroller and seats in there. Then with your child and carry on luggage you have to carry this 50 pound thing on your shoulder to the gate. This is way too time consuming and difficult to manage with a husband and one child to take care of…I’d love to have another stroller for travelling, but I don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of this stroller, so we continue to lug it in the travel bag to the gate.I didn’t want to be the person with the fleet of strollers, but with 2 kids and an active lifestyle, no help, your stroller is your best friend. I love these 2 strollers for different reasons.I think the GT would be really nice, it is kind of a best of both worlds kind of thing. I probably wouldn’t like the GT nor the City Mini Double for shopping, though, since my City Select alot of times will just squeeze through narrow isles, much less something a little wider.For people who say, who needs a stroller to go shopping? Well lucky you to have a nanny or daycare or husband who is at home more to watch your kids while you go shopping. You need alot more food and wipes and diapers and clothes and everything else once you start adding family members.Overall if I had it to do over again, I’d buy the City Select. For a tandem, it’s awesome.One thing they don’t tell you:Only the Maxi Cosi and 1 other brand car seat will fit so that you can put the 2nd seat facing forward and recline the 2nd seat with the car seat in. So we had to buy another car seat for the 2nd baby to fit the stroller. The Graco Snugride would not have allowed the 2nd seat to face forward and recline, it just didn’t fit.I wish that you could raise the first seat a little more slightly with some extenders so that you have just a little more room for both kids. That would be ideal.The snack trays are awesome and a must. Depending on the configuration, they are sometimes a little hard to put on. The foot muff only lasts till age 2. It slips off in the back, but I snapped it into the seat portion so that it stays up.

Lolita Orestes, IN

The best stroller for twins

This is a fantastic product. I have this for a few months now, and I am very happy. Is not heavy a all and it not as big as other double strollers. I very much recommend this product.

Hannah North Bend, WA

Best stroller for twins, after much trial and error

The City Select may just be the only stroller you’ll ever need, especially if you are planning on having a second child or have twins. With three kids under four, I’ve had my fair share of single and double strollers. This is by far the best one I’ve owned because it is the narrowest, goes anywhere – indoors or out, folds compactly and works for all my kids.PROS:
• It was just named Baby Gizmo’s Top Tandem/ Twin stroller of the year.
• I’m able to use it with my 20 lb twins & my 41″ preschooler. No stroller is perfect, but of the four doubles I’ve had (Maclaren Twin Tecno, Maclaren Triumph, Bob Duallie), this is my go-to everyday stroller because it’s the narrowest, goes anywhere and folds compactly. If I had to do it over, this probably would have been my only stroller – I just wish I had known about it before buying the others!
• Goes anywhere as a single or double stroller – the reason I got it. I found out the hard way that side-by-sides do not fit between parked cars – the City Select does, with room to spare. No more leaving one child alone in front of the car while I put the other in their car seat. The narrow width (26″) of the City Select is a huge advantage at doctor’s offices, restaurants and stores that have narrower aisles.
• It can be used from birth up. You can configure the City Select with optionalBaby Jogger Car Seat Adaptorfor one or two babies (three types sold, some car seats fit better than others) or with one or two seats (place the heaviest child in the top position); it can have stadium seating facing forward (with a huge storage basket), or you can put both seats facing you so they can recline fully 180 degrees (better for babies 6m+, looks like bunk beds).
• The three-part canopies are excellent and provide far more shade than most Maclaren strollers. A mesh zip-in backing can be zipped in front for additional sun shade when the sun is low (though the instructions don’t say this). A clear peek-a-boo window with built in mesh on top has a flap with quiet magnetic close.
• Total weight load recommended for this stroller is 45 lbs. per seat (combined passenger and baggage weight), so calculate 90 lbs. total max allowance with two seats. Max allowance for the basket is 15 lbs. and for each seat pocket, 2 lbs. My 14 m babies are 22 & 21 lbs., the diaper bag is 8 lbs. = 51 lbs. Still way under the limit.
• Optional carrycot(s) are sold separately.
• The Forever Air wheels with front suspension work on many surfaces. I’ve been able to use the City Select on narrow paths, snow, grass and mud. The City Selects pushes very easily on smooth surfaces, even with my 32 lb son. In comparison, the BOB Revolution Stroller is superior off-road, has 3″ suspension and feels lighter to push, but it’s way too long to use indoors in smaller spaces (especially if you have the Duallie). The Maclaren Techno, Quest and Triumph strollers handle very well on smooth surfaces but are hard to use in uneven terrain and snow.
• Very compact fold. The City Select takes up a quarter of the trunk of my minivan standing up, with all three rows up (half the space with a 2nd seat). If I need more cargo space in back, I simply stash the stroller & seat(s) in the third row of the minivan. As a double, it takes up less space folded than a Bob Duallie or Twin Techno.
• Huge storage basket – with the seats facing forward, the City Select has an enormous basket. I’ve been able to finally go grocery shopping and fit a fair amount of groceries underneath, whether configured as a single or a double (up to 15 lbs but I also use the footwells for heavy items). In addition, if you put one baby facing you in the stroller in the stroller and another in a carrier such as the Ergo, one of the seats can be reclined fully to hold a shopping basket & groceries, up to 45 lbs (about 3-4 bags)- a Stroller Hook can be used to keep the basket secured to the side of the stroller.
• When the seats are rear-facing as a double, storage is more limited but still generous. Zippers on all corners allow you to extend it and put in large items from the front, back or sides.
• With the seats facing away from each other, you can partially recline them and get the full benefit of the huge basket underneath.
• The hand break is very easy to use and with the rubber wheels in back, provides a sure grip.
• The handle extends from 39″ to 42″ for taller parents.
• I’m able to fit two 7 lb.KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat – Pistachioor two 7 lb.BABYBJÖRN BabySitter Balance, Brown/Beigebouncy seats in the storage basket – the diaper bag hanging down from the Munchkin stroller hook keeps them secure. No other single/ double stroller I have can do this – it’s great for playgroups or when I need to take the babies out of the stroller for any reason and am alone.
• Many accessories – you can get many different ones but I found that stroller accessories from other manufacturers also work, at a fraction of the price.
• TheJJ Cole Urban Toddler Bundle Me – Stealthfit the seat(s) perfectly and can be used Spring & Fall – go with the toddler size which you’ll use longer and use along with a blanket in winter. The thick LL Bean winter bunting works great in frigid winter weather. Fully reclined, the seat works like a carrycot – my babies sleep very comfortably in them.
• Baby Jogger just came out with a ride-on board for a 2nd or 3rd child but, if needed, the seats are wide enough (12″) and the canopy extends high enough (24″) for older kids (my child is 41″ and fits fine). Both the canopies and the footrests can be extended. The footrests also adjust to four positions, up or down for babies & toddlers.
• I use aLassig Messenger Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag, Stones Black, which comes with stroller velcro hooks. It works great for one or two kids, for mom or dad, and can be used as a purse or briefcase. 40 colors available on amazon, lots of removable covers to pick from to fit your style anhd mood.
• As a double, it’s superior to the Britax B Ready as the second seat works up to 45 lbs (vs 35 lbs in the Britax) and taller parents will not be bumping their shins against the second seat. It’s also lighter than the iCandy as it weighs 33 lbs as a double, compared to the i Candy’s 44 lbs.
• The “Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Attachment Brackets” are sold separately if needed on mystrollers dot com (for example, if you lose one). You do not have to buy the whole second seat.CONS:
• The City Select can be hard to get up and down curbs if used as a double – if you’re pushing it forward; but if you pull it backwards up or down a curb, it’s no harder that any other stroller (actually a bit easier because of the larger wheels in back).
• The City Select is expensive but worth it for versatility. However, if you plan to use it as a single stroller and not convert it to a double, consider buying a high quality, all-purpose umbrella stroller you can travel with like theInglesina Trip Lightweight Baby Stroller Black Ink : 2010/2011 Model Improved Suspension – Rain Cover Included. It has a huge canopy, four recline positions, waterproof durable fabric, rain cover (included), suspension, 6.5″ wheels that handle smooth surfaces as well as some uneven ones, and a compact fold for storage & travel and a max child weight allowance of 55 lbs.
• Cannot be used as a jogging stroller. However, it does everything else well. If you need a great jogger, consider theBOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black, keeping in mind that this is just for one child and won’t convert to a double.
• The rain cover is not included. You can buy other brands that work though. For example, the universal Jeep rain shield fits each seat well (as a single). A Munchkin Stroller Hook can be placed on the handle to hold bags up to 8 lbs.
• This stroller is full-sized and not a good pick for use in public transportation unless there is handicapped access. I’ve yet to find a double I can carry down stairs with a baby though.
• The 2010 model costs less than the 2011 model, which has been slightly redesigned with a firmer back, a 1″ deeper seat, more padding. The stitching on the 2010 is horizontal, and on the 2011 is vertical, so make sure to get the same year model to avoid a mismatch.In all, I am thrilled with our City Select and wish I had known about it before. It would have saved me a bundle of money in strollers.

Casey Chittenden, VT