Baby Jogger City Versa Stroller, Black

Baby Jogger City Versa Stroller, Black

The award winning Baby Jogger City Versa is a lightweight, easy to maneuver four wheel stroller that offers parents the versatility to stroll with their baby facing them or facing the world. Baby Jogger’s patented quick fold technology has been incorporated so that parents can fold the stroller with one hand no matter what direction the seat is facing, to a compact 8.5″ width. Additionally, the City Versa offers a plush padded seat that reclines no matter what direction the seat is facing, adjustable foot well tilt to support smaller legs, large adjustable sun canopy with peek a boo windows and an adjustable handlebar to accommodate users of all heights. The 8″ quick release wheels are made from durable EVA, feature an all wheel suspension system and the dual front wheels can lock into place for long distance strolling. Also featured are a hand operated parking brake, large under seat basket and seat back storage compartment. The City Versa changes the view of compact strolling while maintaining all the style and safety features you’d expect from Baby Jogger. Maximum weight of child should not exceed 50 pounds. The City Versa is not intended for jogging.

Main features

  • Reversible seat so baby can face the parent
  • Patented quick fold technology allows you to fold your stroller with one hand no matter which direction the seat is facing
  • Patented feature folds the seat within the stroller frame for an ultra compact size when folded
  • All wheel suspension system absorbs road bumps
  • Adjustable handlebar to accommodate users of all heights

Verified reviews


Baby Jogger City Versa Stroller, Black

I am not a fan of this stroller. It is really heavy, the wheels are hard plastic material and do not offer a smooth ride. The stroller feels very large and clunky when opened and pushed. I would not recommend.

Courtney Fairfield, VT

The best stroller

I can’t believe I don’t see more of these around, this is such an amazing stroller. I have this stroller in black. I spent hours and hours researching. My requirements were a large parent basket, a generously adjustable handlebar (I’m 5’1 and my husband is 6’1), a reclining feature, a good sun shade and a folded size that would fit reasonably well into my car (aka wheels that aren’t as large as those on the Bob or Uppababy strollers). My “nice to have’s” were a reversible seat, ease of folding, aesthetics, child weight limit and a magnetic peekaboo window. This stroller has everything.What I love about this stroller:-The size of the parent basket is unlike almost all other strollers. This is my favorite part.-The adjustable handlebar goes really low for me (5’1) and high for my husband (6’1). I also looked at the Uppababy Cruz and the lowest handlebar height was still too high for me.-I love reclining the seat with a handle instead of having the pull cords that other strollers have.-The hood size is generous.-Reversible seat to watch/interact with my baby while we’re walking or face him forward and let him look around.-Two peekaboo windows…and they’re magnetic!-5 point harness-Folding this stroller is amazing. I don’t have to put it on the ground. It took ~ a week to get used to, but you become a pro quickly. And not to mention the fact that you can fold the stroller with the seat facing either way — this really sold me!-Mesh parent pocket in the back is very handy.-Shocks on wheels.Here are the things I don’t love about it:-Heavy-Straps are always getting twisted and therefore difficult to use.-My son’s head rests on the buckle-thing at the top of the straps. In a year from now his head may be above the buckle-thing and it won’t be a problem, but right now it’s on the lowest setting for my 10 month old (and he’s actually tall for his age).-The handle to recline the seat is really sticky (but not a big deal, you just get used to how it operates).-I wish the mesh pocket on the back had a zipper or some sort of closure because things that I keep in there fall out if I fold the stroller with them in the mesh pocket (for instance I always like to keep a tube of sunscreen in the mesh pocket).-While the shade is generous, it could use an extra pull out, if even just a fabric piece that is tucked under the last fold (like there is on my Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat).Overall, this is the most amazing stroller.

Gwendolyn Hammond, WI

Wonderful Stroller, Awesome Value

I am a soon-to-be second time mom. When my son was born, we were limited with space and chose a Baby Jogger City Mini, which was perfect at the time because it folded up so easily and fit in a corner inconspicuously. However, I always wanted a full-size stroller with a reversible seat and a bassinet option, so this time around (now that we’ve moved and have more space), we started hunting for a full-feature stroller. I will qualify this review with the fact that we were NOT looking for a double stroller because my son barely rides in a stroller anymore, and we were not looking for a light-weight/travel/umbrella stroller. All of the strollers we looked at ranged in the $300-$900 price range and weighed in at 23-28 lbs.These were the features that were really important to us: reversible seat, easy fold, bassinet option, large easily-accessible basket, suspension and wheels that can handle grass and some smooth trails, well-made seat that can handle a tall child, good canopy coverage, ability to add a glider board.Seat: The seat on the City Versa is made with an attractive, high-quality, durable fabric, which also snaps on and off of the frame easily for cleaning (I believe it’s machine washable). The seat is well-structured, with an adjustable footrest, three recline positions, and a huge canopy with two magnetic-closure windows. The seat is also incredibly easy to reverse and the seat back is 21.5″ high, which will accommodate tall children. My only minor complaint is that the seat recline mechanism is somewhat “sticky” and takes some practice to master, but Baby Jogger’s customer service told me that the mechanism needs some time to “break in” and that it should get easier to use over time.Fold: This is what Baby Jogger is truly known for. The fold is FANTASTIC, as it is on all Baby Joggers. You just squeeze a trigger on the back of the seat, fold the seat in half (facing either direction!!!), tug the fold strap and lift up, and “voila!” the stroller is folded and locked! The only slight drawback is that the stroller does not stand up on its end when it’s folded. However, you can easily stand it on it’s side. The other awesome thing is that Baby Jogger’s glider board also folds up and allows the stroller to fold normally with it attached!Bassinet: The bassinet is not included, but it’s really nice and clips onto the stroller very easily in either direction. We were able to purchase the bassinet with the stroller (2013 models on sale now) for less than the cost of any other stroller/bassinet combo we looked at.Basket: The basket is HUGE! It’s also very easy to access, which was really important to me, since I relied on my old Snap N Go’s big basket whenever I went grocery shopping when my son was an infant.Wheels & Suspension: While the wheels that come with the stroller are foam rubber wheels, I know from experience with my old City Mini that they will be fine on cracked sidewalks and moderate grassy surfaces and well-groomed trails. The stroller has a great 4-wheel suspension, and the push on the stroller is incredibly smooth and easy to maneuver. PLUS, Baby Jogger is releasing a “GT” forever-air wheel replacement kit this spring/summer for the stroller that will provide even more cushion to the ride (supposedly the wheel kit will be around $50).Glider Board: I’m going to do a separate review for this, but I’ll just say that the Baby Jogger glider board is a REALLY nice glider board. It is so much more robust than I was expecting, and has a lot of ways to adjust it. Plus, it easily folds up and clips out of the way, while still allowing the stroller to fold normally. It’s a little awkward to fit my tall son on it when the seat is facing forwards, but it works, and everything works perfectly when the seat is facing backwards.For sake of comparison, I also thoroughly tested out all of the following competing models in person: Britax B-Ready, UppaBaby Vista, Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan, Phil & Ted’s Promenade, UppaBaby Cruz, and the Bugaboo Chameleon. For the price point, there was simply no comparison – the Baby Jogger City Versa won hands-down for features and price. These were the drawbacks to the other models that I came across compared to the Baby Jogger City Versa:Britax B-Ready: Simply too big and bulky – it was hard to get this stroller through the aisles at the baby store, let alone aisles in stores that are not made to be stroller-friendly. This would’ve been a big contender if we had wanted a double stroller, though.UppaBaby Vista: The fold was difficult (and only works with the seat facing forward), it was just as wide as the B-Ready, and it’s expensive. Yes, it comes with a lot of extras, including the bassinet, but I’d rather have the ability to opt out of the extras and buy them a la carte, rather than pay for all of it upfront. While the Vista also offers a huge basket, it has a big bar running right through the middle of it.Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan: I REALLY wanted to love this stroller, but the handle bar was non-adjustable and too short for my tall husband, and the seat was WAY too short for our tall family (17″ compared to 21.5″ on the City Versa). I also didn’t like the fabric in the seat, and I was worried about the long-term durability of this stroller – the floor model was very loose and wobbly and seemed like it hadn’t held up well.Phil & Ted’s Promenade: This stroller just wasn’t practical as a single-child stroller. It was REALLY long, difficult to maneuver, and felt awkward as a single.UppaBaby Cruz: This stroller is not nearly as high-quality as the Baby Jogger City Versa or it’s own sister, the UppaBaby Vista. The frame feels flimsy and the wheels would not handle grass or trails well at all. This stroller really competes with the Bugaboo Bee, not with the other strollers on this list.Bugaboo Chameleon: First off, it’s just way too expensive. Bugaboo needs to lower it’s prices because there are plenty of other strollers offering the same features for a lot less these days. The frame feels wobbly and flimsy, and the seat has to be removed before you can fold it.All that being said, we are extremely happy with our decision, and I’m glad I put in the effort to thoroughly research my options. I still have yet to find a truly “perfect” stroller, but the Baby Jogger City Versa is very close! The only minor complaints I have are truly minor and don’t outweigh the negatives I found in every other stroller. I’m not surprised I ended up with yet another Baby Jogger stroller (this is my third!); I also own a 2010 City Mini and a 2011 Summit XC jogger, both of which have been excellent and have held up wonderfully. They make great, high-quality products, and their customer service is absolutely top-notch!

Tamra Immaculata, PA

Finally a perfect stroller!

I don’t even want to tell you how much I’ve spent trying to find a stroller that worked for our baby and our lifestyle. I researched hours and hours online, read every review, and tested strollers in person. I originally purchased a Baby Jogger City Mini GT because our neighborhood is rural and the road is very bumpy. The all-terrain aspect of the GT is great, and for walks and hikes I think it’s wonderful. However, I found it cumbersome when shopping. I had a difficult time judging its length in narrow aisles and since I couldn’t see the third wheel out front, I was forever running it into things. The basket was pitifully small and almost useless. And hanging my diapers bag on the handle resulted in the entire thing tipping backward when I took my baby out. NOT a good errands or shopping stroller. Plus my baby wanted to see me, and she couldn’t in the GT.We also have a Chicco snap n go that I love love loved (huge basket! Great console! No tipping!), but our baby hated her bucket seat and we scrapped it for a converetible seat at 3 months. So that ended up at grandmas house as an extra in emergencies.What I needed was something that combined the easy handling and fold of the GT, with the functionality of the snap n go. Initially I looked at the Uppababy Cruz, and after a TON of research, I had decided. Then at the last minute I came across the Versa. There weren’t many reviews, and a recent recall made me wary. So I went to a retailer to compare them in person. Side by side, the Cruz and the Versa were almost identical. The only differences were that the uppababy seat was maybe an inch higher, and it was a tad lighter. But the Versa had a lot going for it. A better warranty, better wheels, could fold while parent facing (no other stroller does this!!), could fold with one hand, and was a good $60 cheaper. Sold!My last decision was color. The retailer only had the silver, but I was hoping for something more colorful. The manufacturer photos didn’t do the green justice, but I ordered it anyway knowing that if I hated it, I could return it for free. Surprise! It was a great color. Not a forest green like the pictures show, but really more of a classic spring sage green. Love it! And I haven’t seen other strollers in this color so it will stand out in the crowd. I highly recommend the City Versa!!Edit: after only one week of ownership, I managed to lose one of the clips that attach the harness strap to the stroller seat. I called BabyJogger and they are sending me a replacement – for free! So easy and helpful. Great customer service!Edit 2: after I received the straps from the company, I called back because they appeared to be wrong. Apparently my stroller had since been redesigned and the straps were no longer available…so they are shipping me a brand new SEAT FABRIC AND STRAPS, completely free! I’ve never in my life experienced such great customer service from a product. Now I’m not kicking myself so much over the price of this stroller, knowing that if I have issues the company has my back.

Malinda Strawberry, AR


At $259 + tax, this was a steal for a stroller with reversible seats. I also ordered the GT wheels so I can use them for walks. This is not my keep-in-car stroller. I have a compact stroller for that purpose. The regular wheels are actually good enough because of the all wheel suspension but the GT wheels are better. For only $60 it’s a cheap upgrade. I wish all strollers offered upgradeable wheels.I have a 2010 BJ City Elite so I will compare the versa to the elite. These are the things I don’t like about the Versa. The other strollers I considered were the bugaboo bee and mamas and papas urbo2. I also returned the Contours Bliss. See my separate review of it. The Uppabay handle was too high for me.FABRICNot a fan of the fabric on the versa. It’s a thick woven fabric. I like the slick nylon-like fabric on my city elite.WHEELSTurns out the plastic wheels provide a pretty smooth ride. However I ordered the GT wheels before I received the stroller. I do like the option of being able to upgrade the wheels.RECLINEThe seat reclines only 3 different angles. The city elite has one of those rope reclines so I can recline the seat to any angle. My 5 month old fussed the first day in the Versa but got use to it the next day. He took two naps in it.HEIGHTI would like the seat to be higher up. Also the entire stroller feels low. The handles adjust but the pivot point is very low compared to the city elite. I’m only 5’2.FOLDLove the one hand fold but once folded it does not stand on its own. At least the seat folds inward so the seat doesn’t get dirty I have to lean the stroller against a wall when folded. It’s not convenient so we often end up just leaving the stroller in the hall unfolded.CONCLUSIONIf it wasn’t for the great price and the GT wheels, I would have gone with the Urbo2 which is $600. Thanks Amazon for the low price. I’m happy with the stroller but I will keep drolling at the urbo2 in navy.

Cecile Fayette, IA

Great All-Around Stroller

We purchased this stroller after seriously considering a number of stroller options, including the Baby Jogger City Mini, Uppa Baby models, and a few others. We ultimately chose this stroller because it was the only one that adjusted low enough for users that are 5 feet tall (like my partner and I). Many of the other strollers we looked at seemed really high and were uncomfortable for us to push. We seriously considered the City Mini, but ultimately went with the Versa because of the larger basket on the bottom. The Versa is heavier than the Mini, but we really wanted that larger basket, and it comes in handy when one of our dogs wants to ride in the bottom and during shopping trips.The seat that the Versa comes with is NOT suitable for newborns. We are using the Britax B-Safe car seat and purchased the adapters that allow the Britax seat to be snapped into the Versa frame. This arrangement has worked really well for us.The Versa folds up very easily and I can fit it (folded) in the back of my very small Honda Fit without any issues. The ride is smooth and the stroller is very easy to maneuver. Overall, it has a pretty low profile, which makes it nice for taking out in public.

Flora Round Pond, ME

This is the stroller.

I don’t know if this quite feels like a $400 stroller, but I’m pretty sure it’s the best “all-around” stroller you will find for $400. I have been using it for my baby since 2 months of age, it does need a bit of padding to get the correct angle in the seat for younger babies, or you can use the Uppa Baby newborn seat insert if you’d like to keep things legit. A small downside is that the loops that hold the top of the harnesses can be irritating to the back of the baby’s head/neck/shoulders, so some kind of stroller liner is recommended. The Balboa ones shown here are very cuteBalboa Baby Stroller Liner, Red PoppyThe suspension, steering/maneuverability, and stability of this stroller are very, very good. It’s not quite a jogging or all-terrain stroller, but I would rate it for athletic walking– it does a respectable job on bumpy sidewalks, and it does okay on grass as long as you take it slow. I don’t think I could have done better for the price. My one regret possibly will be not holding out for the Versa GT whenever that should hit the states. I just could not wait for a new stroller any longer.

Rose Bardolph, IL

Great Stroller – Love Baby Jogger products

I used to own a baby jogger city select, which I loved, however I decided that I wanted to downsize to a more compact version. When the City Versa was released I was super excited as it has all the features that I love about the select, but also the awesome options of the city mini. The frame is sturdy, but thin enough to fit through any isle at the shops. The basket is large like the select and the seat roomy and comfy. The seat being reversible is fantastic, although I kind wish it had just one more recline back. The hand break and handle are great also. One of the most awesome features is the fold, especially being that the stroller can be folded with the seat facing either way. It can get a little sticky at times, but otherwise folds so thin. I know that there is a version of the versa in England that has the GT wheels, however, I am not fussed with the hard rubber tires. They over a really smooth ride and the stroller is a dream to push – you can literally do it with two fingers.Overall, I am super excited about this product. It is a stroller I will have all through my babies years. Littlefolks delivered quickly and without any damage.Update – 2 months of use:I wanted to update my review after a few months of using the Versa. Overall this is still a great stroller – very sturdy, pushes nicely, great basket etc. However, it is also extremely heavy and awkward to get in and out of the car. The fold is very clever however, because you are picking the entire stroller up with one hand as you fold it the 26 pounds of weight can feel VERY heavy and has actually started to hurt my back. It may sound silly, but if I was to fold it down and pick it up with two hands the weight would not feel as bad. I recently decided to purchase a Baby Jogger City Mini as an every day, around town pram as that is only 16.8 pounds and much easier to put in and out of the car. I will still keep our versa and use it for longer days out, or times when I need to do more shopping as the basket is great compared to the City Mini. There are also times, especially while baby is young, that having the seat facing me is a must.

Tami Leavittsburg, OH

This is got many of the great features of the Uppababy Vista but in a smaller package

We have had the Uppababy Vista for about 4 years and love the fact that you can attach a glider board, rotate the seat and push with ease. Unfortunately it takes up a ton of space and is really awkward and hard to fold. So I went in search of a better option for our second child. I think the Versa has many of the good things of the Vista (for about $400 less!) It pushes pretty easily but you can tell a notable difference when the basket is very full. The easy fold is amazing when running errands. While it is pretty heavy folding, its not unbearable. Good quality and amazing value at this sale price. I’ve recommended it to a couple friends. It’s a great stroller if you want quality and some good features, but not a luxury stroller price. Don’t hesitate

Wilda Connersville, IN

Like this better than the City Mini GT

Like many mamas out there, I researched strollers obsessively. Baby Jogger makes quality strollers at an affordable price, so I decided early on I would go with one of their models. However, I waffled between the City Mini GT and City Versa for a very long time. In fact, I ended up ordering booth and returning the City Mini GT. Both are beautiful strollers, it just depends on what you want.I knocked a star off my rating because of the extra weight of the Versa and the fact that it doesn’t have all terrain wheels. Those all terrains make for a buttery smooth ride. I did decide to splurge and purchase the $60 Versa GT wheel kit from Baby Jogger’s website. The City Mini is lighter by about 6 lbs, and you really do notice the difference. However, the City Mini is not so light weight that you’d want to take it on the subway or travel through an airport with it. At the end of the day, it’s still a full-size travel system. So, to me the extra weight of the Versa wasn’t a big deal. I’ll use a cheap-o umbrella when I really need light weight. This is my stroller for long city walks over bumpy pavement.Both strollers fold equally well. Both seats are nice, but obviously different. The City Mini seems more suited for a toddler. The Versa seems to cradle the baby more and appears more comfortable to me. I think my child would sleep equally well in either, but the positioning of the Versa allows me a better view of him. When the City Mini is reclined, the baby’s face is kind of hidden in the back. I also found the recline feature on the City Mini kind of annoying. If you’re kid falls asleep while sitting up, it’s just more disruptive to recline the seat. In the Versa you kind of just gently lean it back in one motion.Neither stroller will disappoint, but I went with the Versa for two big reasons. (1) I wanted to be able to have my baby face me. I know everyone says that older babies like to face out anyway, but you have the option for him to face either way with the Versa. It just annoyed me to not be able to see him without stopping the stroller and walking around to the front. The reverse facing option was the main selling point for me. And (2) the basket! OMG the Versa is SOOO much bigger than the City Mini. When you’re over-analyzing strollers in the store these might sound like minor details, but even walking around my house with the City Mini I was irritated that I couldn’t see my son’s face and annoyed that I couldn’t even fit his (smallish) diaper bag in the basket.After much obsessing and over-analyzing, I’m very very happy with the Versa. Also, for those out there equally obsessing over color – I ended up going with the red, which is a really beautiful rich color and looks gender neutral. My thinking was the same as it is with purchasing luggage. Everyone thinks they want a classic black suitcase, but when you’re standing in the baggage claim area and they all look alike, it’s nice yours is different enough to stand out.

Pam Tilly, AR

this stroller is totally worth the money.

well, i don’t know how good the uppababby vista one is.(city versa is almost same model as uppababy vista)i’ve been use this stroller for over 3 months. I’m pretty sure this stroller is as good as the other one.(i’ve looked at the youtube video)this stroller maneuver so nice and easy even though the roads around my house aren’t that great.i can go in and out of the door without help.i have the red one. it looks luxurious way more than it cost. when we’re out in the public, almost all the time, people asks me about the stroller.(i live in small city, so i only saw graco, chicco, baby trend)folding is way easier than the handle turning thingy.i had a graco stroller that my friend gave me.that thing was so hard to close and open. finally, i gave up on that stroller cause it wouldn’t turn anymore.Lucky me. i had a great deal with Amazon, too.only down part is…it’s not compact stroller. if you have a small car, you will have only stroller in the car.

Germaine Hobbs, NM

Great stroller

I had a really hard time deciding on a stroller and considered this as well as the select and the uppa baby vista.Pros:Folds easilyEasy to maneuverGreat canopy and magnetic windows to see babySeat can face in either directionHuge basketCons:It’s big – which I guess is good and badIt’s heavyDoesn’t come with a bassinet which is an added cost – I highly recommend buying the britax bassinet for this since you can’t use the seat til baby is close to 6 mos otherwise. The britax is cheaper than the baby jogger bassinet and you can easily snap it in using the britax car seat adaptorI don’t care for the handle – firstly I wish it wasn’t curved. It makes it impossible to find a stroller organizer to work with it. I bought the baby jogger organizer and the britax organizer and both didn’t fit comfortably. There isn’t enough room between the organizer and the seat. It was barely useable with the seat facing the parent but with the seat facing out it hit the canopy. The curve of the handle and also it only tilting rather than pulling out to adjust makes it impossible to get a good fit on the organizer. This is my biggest complaint by far about the stroller.

Leslie Heflin, AL