Baby Jogger Compact Pram Bassinet, Gray

Baby Jogger Compact Pram Bassinet, Gray

The Baby Jogger Compact Pram has a sleek design with plush padding, adjustable sun canopy, bassinet apron to cover baby’s legs and carrying handles to easily transport baby to and from the stroller.

Main features

  • Compatible with Baby Jogger single strollers that feature the accessory mounting bracket
  • Compatible with the 2011 City Mini Double
  • When used on the 2011 City Mini Double, either one or two Compact Prams can be used at once
  • 25 pound weight capacity
  • Not suitable for overnight sleeping

Verified reviews


Totally worth getting

I love this bassinet and am sorry I waited until my daughter was 5 weeks old to get it! My daughter loves it because she can really stretch out while she is riding, and of course can fall asleep very easily. She is too small for the seat of the stroller; even reclined all the way she would roll around too much in there with our bumpy sidewalks/roads here. Personally I really dislike the notion of the baby riding in the carseat for long walks in a stroller, so I was looking for something else. This bassinet attachment makes the City Mini into a pram, which really works well for small babies. I agree with other reviewers that it is very easy to attach to the stroller.Also, for those folks with stairs to their front door, I carry my daughter up and down the stairs in this bassinet using the attached handles and it couldn’t be better. The narrowness of the bassinet means I can turn the corner on the stairs without banging her into the walls of the stairwell. The construction seems great, and it has a removable foam mattress which is covered in a washable sheet. The head of the bassinet is slightly inclined – just enough so that baby doesn’t lie entirely flat (good for reflux). A lot of retailers don’t carry this attachment (nor are even aware of its existence), so Amazon was a godsend. I don’t even care how long she uses it; to me it is totally worth the cost.

Hallie Waxhaw, NC

Small and simple BJ bassinet

This bassinet met our needs for newborn transport attached to our BJ city mini GT. The only thing we lacked was an adjustable angle because the bassinet is slightly raised with no adjustment. It’s a sturdy, easy to use bassinet.

Nadine Point Pleasant, PA

Not very nice looking

We returned this because it looks like a coffin. Good idea, just not very appealing to the eyes and too hot in the summer.

Constance Bridgeport, NY

Perfect bassinet for an infant!

I LOVE this bassinet! I have the City Mini Single 2012 and it fits perfectly onto the stroller with the snap in adaptors it comes with. I knew I would be out a lot and did not want to keep my son in the car seat the whole time, so this is the perfect alternative! Here are my thoughts on issues other people have:-Some have commented on how narrow it is. While that is true, it is a rather narrow bassinet, you have to remember that you are purchasing something to fit INSIDE the constraints of your stroller. They designed it to be as wide as possible, given how much room the stroller has to offer. Sure a baby cannot sprawl out, however most infants like to sleep swaddled so I do not really anticipate this being an issue-Others have commented on how long it is. Again, it’s true, it is a very long bassinet. Proportionally, it is too long for how narrow it is, but that does not mean it is a bad thing. Just gives you extra room to store blankets or a camera at the foot of the bassinet.-Lastly, at first I did find that it was a little difficult to pull off the stroller. However, I have since realized that I was pulling incorrectly. It does not slide onto the attachments straight up and down, so you have to pull it off more at an angle. I have found it is easiest to stand to one side of it, put my foot on the bar by the wheel to keep the stroller from moving, and then pull at the angle. Very simple!

Lenore Edelstein, IL

Love the setup on the double stroller – can take your newborn and big kid on walks together right away

This is not huge, it’s very narrow, but presumably your child isn’t rolling anyway. I shape a thick blanket like a "U" (like a Boppy") for walks and my son doesn’t roll around over the bumps. It’s plenty long enough.The "walls" are soft fabric and if you choose to nap your child in it, keep in mind that if their face was buried in the side it would be a suffocation risk. We mostly use it for walks so not an issue.Note that the color gray of the pram is NOT the same as the gray color of the stroller. Weird, but it’s just aesthetics.Also: the pram mounts at an angle slightly head-up, which means that as your walk progresses, baby slips down towards the foot slightly.Having said all that: I couldn’t use this stroller with my newborn if it weren’t for this pram. Apparently the carseat adaptor for the double kind of stinks, so this makes the City Mini GT Double doable from the beginning with a newborn. Also, I think he sleeps better lying down anyway (vs. in his carseat) – so walks can be really restful for him.

Jesse Oliver, GA

Used exclusively for 5 months!

This fit the City Mini GT perfectly. It was very important to me that my baby wouldn’t be in a carseat for long stretches of time. This pram made our long walks enjoyable for him. The cover is great for keeping the baby warm without having to purchase a BundleMe or something (I didn’t need to go out in the dead of winter). I found my son would often slide down but I started to just place a blanket by his feet. I was easily able to remove the pram from the stroller if he would fall asleep and carry him inside. We kept him in the bassinet until 5 months old when he started rolling around all over and I felt it was time for him to be harnessed in.

Bridget Conklin, NY

Well made Baby Jogger product

The Baby Jogger Compact Bassinet is our latest purchase in a growing collection of Baby Jogger products. We previously had a City Mini with a car seat attachment for our first born but always wanted to have a bassinet. We have always been happy with the quality, durability and design of Baby Jogger products and this purchase was no exception.This Compact Bassinet is versatile and fits most of the popular Baby Jogger strollers including City Mini, City Elite and Summit XC. We have the City Elite now and I find that the bassinet was incredibly easy to setup. The adapters are all included and everything snaps into place within a minute of opening the box. The hood is very generous and folds down almost at a 120 degree angle over the top of the bassinet which provided perfect cover. The outer cover is weather proof which I was happy to see after getting caught in a rain storm on our first venture out of the box. The inside has a soft mattress pad and leaves sufficient room for a new born baby both length and width wise. I would imagine that we could probably use this up to the 6 month mark or so at the most.It is slightly heavier than I expected however I wouldn’t imagine that I would need to carry this for long distances, mostly into and out of the stroller. It slides easily into the adapters and I wouldn’t see this being much of an issue.Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and another well made Baby Jogger product.

Angela Arkansaw, WI

so cozy

Perfect for our newborn, since I like to walk lots, but don’t want to keep him in a car seat for extended periods of timeDefinitely worth the money!!!

Lilia Nuiqsut, AK

great for newborn naps around the house or outside

Our newborn naps really well in this much of the day. We use it around the house, attached to the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, like a bassinet on really smooth wheels. Easy to move napping baby from bedroom to living room to kitchen to porch without waking her, and the the bassinet shade combined with the stroller shade can completely cover her if it’s windy or sunny outside. However, it is small (in width, not length) and I can see that she will outgrow it relatively soon. But, she naps so much in it that it has justified the high cost, just glad we purchased it before she was born so we can use it while she still fits in it. I wish it came in some brighter colors rather than just black or gray, and the black interior is kind of dark, would like to see a nicer/lighter interior fabric. That said, baby sure seems to like it and sleeps for hours during the day in this bassinet. It is one of our most used baby items. If it was a bit larger, less expensive, and more aesthetically pleasing I’d give it 5 stars.

Helena Hermiston, OR