Baby Jogger Rain Canopy for City Select Seat

Baby Jogger Rain Canopy for City Select Seat

Baby Jogger’s City Select Seat Rain Canopy is custom designed to fit the City Select Seat. It completely encloses the front and side of the seat while providing ventilation in inclement weather. It is made from a BPA and PVC-Free non-toxic material.

Main features

  • Custom designed to fit the city select seat
  • BPA and PVC-free non-toxic material
  • Attaches directly to the stroller

Verified reviews


Fits but not worth the price

I bought this rain cover because the previous cheaper one I purchased from a retail store did not fit at all. I previously had a quinny buzz stroller and the quinny raincover was very durable, had great venting and a zippered access all for $20. This one was much more expensively, seems cheaper quality wise and does not have zippered access….but…it serves its function.

Jeannine Fishers, NY


very easy to put on, stays on well and is compact when not in use. great for both rain and cold. Just survived the polar vortex in chicago – this was a must any time we actually left the house. It is definitely worth having even if you use it just a couple of times.

Erica Golva, ND

Pretty good.

Works well with the stroller. Does not fog up. Easy to store and carry. Overall, happy with this product. Not a good value, however.

Pearlie Haviland, KS

Fits very tightly… maybe too tightly?

It fits the stroller perfectly, but I sometimes feel like I’m saran-wrapping my baby. Other covers seem to have a more free-flowing plastic that’s open on the bottom, which would allow for more air flow.

Myrna Steele, KY

Great fit

Works as designed, does its job very well.Way too expensive though. Baby jogger really decided to fleece their customers on this product.

Terry Utica, NY