Baby Jogger Stroller Carry Bag City Mini/Micro, Single

Baby Jogger Stroller Carry Bag City Mini/Micro, Single

FEATURES of the Carry Bag by Baby Jogger Stores and protects a Baby Jogger stroller for travel Allows for more space-saving stroller storage at home Specialized storage compartments protect wheels Durable fabric construction with a sturdy carrying strap Model specific custom design fits select models of Baby Jogger strollers

Main features

  • Custom designed for the city micro and city mini single
  • Interior pockets provide wheel protection
  • Available in black

Verified reviews


Protects Stroller but not the easiest to handle

I have a love/hate relationship with this stroller bag. It does an amazing job of protecting my Baby Jogger stroller but it is time consuming to place the storller in the bag and it makes the stroller kind of awkard to carry around. To fit in the bag, you have to take off all of the wheels and place them in their respective compartments and then place the stroller on top. It is not a difficult or a long process but it is harder than just placing the storller as a whole in a bag. The upside is that the stroller is extremely protected and we have never had any damages to it from the airline (the bag has been marked up but that’s the point).Caution – One piece of advice I would have is to cleary mark the bag as “Gate Check”. We have traveled with this bag 6 times and 4 of these times the bag went to baggage claim instead of us being able to pick it up at the gate. The black bag looks nothing like the general stroller bag and is often mistaken for regular luggage. You can mark it with bright tape with “Gate Check” written on it to help identify it to the ground personnel or make sure the flight attendents know about it.

Tara Iredell, TX

Works well…description is misleading…

From other reviews, I knew this bag would require me to remove the wheels in order to pack the stroller. However, if you read the manufacturer’s description, this is not stated ANYWHERE. That’s quite misleading. In fact, the language they use leads one to believe you would fold the stroller and zip this bag closed around it.That said, I do like the idea of the bag even if the execution is a little un-user-friendly.Honestly, we’re two adults with one infant, carrying a diaper bag and other needed items for a flight PLUS pushing the stroller PLUS carrying the bag for the stroller.Not exactly convenient.I know I don’t sound thrilled, but here are the reasons I bought the bag:1) I don’t want to own more than one stroller…so if this stroller is to travel with us, I want it protected. Most travel stroller fold inward so as to protect the seat, etc. The City Mini does not.2) Since the City Mini does fold inward, the belly bar I have on it for my son would be exposed to god knows what…he chews on that thing all the time and I want it covered when we travel.3) This is a pricey stroller and I don’t want it damaged when we travel. This bag allows for peace-of-mind gate check OR counter check if we don’t want to bother with the stroller in the airport and sometimes we don’t.So there are good reasons to buy this bag, especially if this is your only stroller and you travel a decent amount.

Frankie Wilkinson, IN

Performs as expected but some confusion at the gate

I have travelled extensively internationally and domestically with this bag and the City Mini single.PROS:-Strap is adjustable which makes for ease of carrying-3 wheels and stroller fit snugly inside so nothing flops around-Heavy duty material so there are no worries about ripping-Inside compartments are sturdy enough that the wheels won’t rip or rub onto other parts of the stroller inside-Taking the wheels off at the gate can be a hassle but there is great peace of mind knowing your stroller won’t get broken or dirty when handled by airport staff/in trunks, etc.CONS:-If you check this at the gate as you board the plane, it does not look obviously like a stroller or stroller bag. Multiple times we have left it at the gate and it was checked under the plane with the rest of the luggage, meaning it did not come out when we disembarked. We had to pick it up with the rest of our suitcases and thus didn’t have it to stroll through the airport. This was the case both internationally and domestically. A large tag or tape clearly labeled “GATE CHECK” or “STROLLER” would be helpful, especially in a bright color.-Having to take the wheels off the stroller while carrying a baby at the gate can be a hassle.-Everything fits so perfectly snug inside that it takes some tweaking to zip it up. If you put any of the parts in the wrong way then the bag won’t zip. The zipper is strong and seems to be adequate but I worry that the amount of pulling will eventually take it’s toll.Overall, if you have the Baby Jogger stroller and you want a safe way to carry and cover it, this is definitely worth buying. There are other bags on the market that the City Mini will fit in but don’t offer nearly as much protection and aren’t designed specifically for your stroller.Hope this is helpful!

Maryann Clarion, PA

Life saver at the airport

This bag is great i see under this seller its sold out and im glad i got it at the cheapest price because its going for a higher price now. I traveled with my 4 month old son at the airport by myself and everyone watched as i folded my stroller in the bag and told me it looked fancy lol. Honestly you do have to take all the wheels off but I tried keeping the side 2 wheels on and it worked fine. This bag is roomy and it has a double zipper on the outside to make the bag bigger. I dont know if the old baby jogger bags had that but this one did so you really dont have to take all 3 wheels off just the front one. It did its job im happy.

Kellie Seaside Park, NJ

So far, so good – 4 plane rides later

We were hesitate to buy this after the bad reviews but I am glad we did. We used this bag for our City Mini stroller on vacation to Hawaii and it lasted through all the flight transfers we had. ORD-YVR-HNL-YVR-ORD – not bad!taking the stroller apart isn’t a big deal if you have two adults I guess. we didn’t find it to be a hassle at all since the wheels of our stroller snap on and off easily.I think I read somewhere that the manufacturer improved the designs. the bag is still entact. Hope to use it for many more vacations in the future.

Deidra Malo, WA