Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier, White, Large

Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier, White, Large

BKBC-WHITE-L-BREEZE Size: Large, Color: White Features: -In the winter, rotate the loops so that the cotton is in front, keeping baby warm and cozy..-In the summer, rotate the loops so that the mesh is in front, keeping baby cool and breezy!.-Material: 50pct breathable mesh & 50pct soft cotton.-Carry babies 5-42 lbs.-8 positions including twins and preemie hold.-Innovative double-sling design.-Holds baby more securely than traditional slings.-Distributes weight on both shoulders.-With adjustable back support band.-Soft, breathable, machine washable and dryer safe.-Easy to use and put on.-No Wrapping Involved- with no hardware. Options: -Available sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

Main features

  • Over 6 positions from preemie to preschool (35 lbs.)
  • Half mesh, half 100% natural cotton, the double Sling design provides breathability and extra security for baby and privacy while nursing, with quick adjustability for maximum comfort
  • No wrapping, no hardware, rests comfortably on both shoulders, and an adjustable back support band makes this carrier easy to use; instructional manual included
  • Recommended by doctors, and comes in hip gender-neutral colors
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • If in-between sizes or if 5’2″ (157 cm) or shorter, choose smaller size, the Baby K’tan is meant to fit snugly, fabric will stretch.

Verified reviews


Nice but not for us

I was looking for an easier baby sling (currently use the Moby) and thought this would be a good option. The material is nice and light, excellent quality, and the baby blue with navy stitching is a lovely color.However, it just doesn’t match up to the Moby. I never felt like my baby was truely secure in his spot while in the Ktan. Though the Moby takes a bit of trial and error to get the wrapping down pat, it has a pannel you can pull over the baby which secures everything in place. The Ktan is missing this last piece. You also have to buy the correct size so if you and your partner are different sizes, you have to buy two. The Moby is one long peice of fabric that both my husband and I can use so we only have to carry one sling with us when we’re out and can EASILY switch it back and forth between us.

Eva Tulsa, OK

Excellent ! Replaces my stroller for now

I bought this from Figure 8 maternity through Amazon.At first, I have some doubts if this is even worth so much, given the cheapest moby wrap is almost half of the price of a Baby Ktan. I did all the research including reviewing all the Youtubes and read whatever reviews I could find. Finally – I purchased this, and also the full cotton version from Amazon as well.Cotton vs Cotton/mesh (breeze) versionI tried both and decided that the full cotton version is just too warm for TX weather. If you stay in the north and will use this mostly in winter – then go for the full cotton version. The full cotton version is more comfortable to wear (for the mother) but I think the mess version is “safer” for the baby – since it’s more breathable and cooler. The mesh version may be more uncomfortable to wear esp when the mesh is at the back – it “crumples” into a knot and there’s added pressure.The pros of the mesh version – it’s lighter and easier to bring around. The cotton one weighs more. If I were to buy for a gift, I will buy the mesh version – I only wish that they sell the mesh version with the extra cotton sash piece. When I contacted Ktan (they were fast in responding emails), they sell it on their website the extra sash for 5.99 and a few more dollars for shipping.Buying the right sizeI was not sure what size fits me . The sizing info suggested by the manufacturer is right – buy the size prior to your pregnancy, or your current size. It might be a little tight initially but it will “season” in, and stretch. If it becomes too “loose” – just throw it into the washing machine and dryer. You need to wear the baby for a few days to actually decide if the size is right. At first, I though M is too small for me even tho I am a 10/12. But it turns out perfect after a week of wearing.There are a few things worth mentioning.Online retailer -1. Figure 8 maternity was great. They were prompt in shipping and even provided return shipping label if you need to exchange or return.2. Amazon is wonderful as usual. I returned the cotton version even though it was cheaper. Amazon was great.3. Before this, I tried getting from CSN stores – they reflected available inventory but in the end, it was out of stock. I won’t recommend them since I had to call them a couple of times to verify their stock status and they were not even sure.Baby loves itIt’s great – he loves it. Loves being in it. Loves the smell of it even when he is not in it – I use it to cover him like a comfort blanket when he is in his car seat.I have been using it daily – carrying him out shopping at malls, putting him to bed, burping him. Although, you can wear the baby handsfree – I normally do not “totally keep my hands off him”. I wear it like a side sling style, and wrap the other piece covering his exposed legs to keep him warm. It’s not one of the 8 styles recommended by the manufacturer – but I find this version of wearing more comfortable than strapping him tightly to my chest using the hugging style. I also use the cradle style when he was much younger. I foresee using this till he turns one. This has replaced our stroller.I read reviews that others were able to nurse discreetly in their babyktan but I just could not and do not know how. I do use it as a sling to cover but not so much as a baby carrier when I nurse.Last comment – get the darker colors … in case it gets dirtied by wet diaper. :).

Connie Birnamwood, WI

Love the regular K’tan, just not the breeze

I love the regular, all-cotton Baby K’tan, but didn’t like the fabric or look of the breeze–the feel, appearance, and reduced stretchability of the mesh fabric that is supposed to make it cooler wasn’t worth the trade-off for me, and I don’t think that it ultimately makes that much difference in terms of temperature. I highly recommend the Baby K’Tan, but didn’t like the breeze version much at all.

Callie Daingerfield, TX

hands down the best baby carrier!!

I have tried a lot of the baby carriers…beco, ergo, mobi, traditional slings, etc….this is hands down the best baby carrier on the market!! It is soft and all cotton so no hard parts to pinch your baby or rough fabric against his/her skin. It can do all the best positions and is totally safe. I am also able to slip it off when my daughter falls asleep without waking her up which is not possible with most other carriers. Buy this carrier! The only comment is that I think that the sizing is incorrect. I am a size 4 dress and according to the company’s sizing I should use a size small. My daughter was quite small when she was born and the size medium works well for us but is tight after washing. I have tried the size small and it squishes her against me in an uncomfortable fashion. I would suggest buying one size bigger than they say to.

Denice Fulton, MI

Great idea but poorly executed

We loved our K’tan when my son was a newborn, but it was borrowed from a friend. We bought the breeze when we had to return the borrowed one. It just didn’t live up to the all cotton one. We had hoped that the K’tan breeze would allow our son to not be as hot in the Texas heat, but it just didn’t feel secure. I’d been using the K’tan for several months before buying the breeze and my son would start to slip out every time because the mesh was so slippery. Love the idea and it would be great in the Texas heat, but it did not feel like my son was safe.

Milagros Harpersfield, NY

A bit tight for me, 5’5″, 140lbs

I love this mesh carrier! I am 140lbs, 5’5″ and the small was a bit tight for me so I ended up buying a medium. I know the website says to wear it tight, and that was fine when my son was 7lbs, but now that he is 16lbs and i wear him facing out he and I both prefer the size medium.

Maricela Rio Dell, CA

Sizes are all off and it feels insecure

First, when you get one of these you really should go to a store to try it on. They run HUGE. We never would have guessed that a 190-pound man wears a small, but after we got a fitting that’s what it turned out. (The store was sold out of smalls, naturally).The baby hasn’t fallen out, but we never feel at ease with this carrier. She never seems to be in the right position. And, even though it’s lightweight and meshy, you still sweat.

Aurelia Franktown, VA

My new go-to wrap for my newborn

I’ve tried most every style of wrap and carrier out there with number one, so I knew I preferred a wrap-style for my newborn. With number 1 I used a Sleepywrap (now marketed at a Bobawrap) and a Moby. My kids tend to spit up a lot, so I need a main wrap and a backup. Living in Southwest Florida, I hated how hot both wraps are. They are also far from portable or “popable” (the ability to quickly put the wrap on and pop the baby in and out of the wrap). The k’tan breeze (I bought white) solves all those problems. It also stuffs very small into a diaper bag, so unlike the other wraps, it is easy to take with you and use when outside with an older child.I was concerned about sizing, so I emailed the company. They responded quickly. When I am nursing, I wear a M to a L t-shirt, but when I am not nursing, or after the baby starts solids, I wear a S-M t-shirt. They told me to get a S. They were right, it fits fine in a S.My one concern is that I have not found it as easy to nurse the baby in as a Sleepywrap. With the Sleepywrap, I could put the baby in on a latched-on position and move around easily, even fixing myself a meal in the kitchen or doing housework. I also stayed so well covered that I didn’t hesitate to nurse while in a restaurant or elsewhere, without exposing myself at all. It’s fairly easy to slide the wrap down to nurse the baby in the k’tan, but I need to remain in a seated position and fully expose the breast.

Kristi Catarina, TX

Great for infants

Love the K’tan! We have the original and the breeze, we bought the breeze because we thought we lost our k-tan and desperately purchased another one, that is how much I love it. Personally I prefer the original fabric, but the breeze is great as well. Our daughter is 6 months old and now we just started using the Ergo because she is getting a bit to heavy for the k-tan. The only con I see is that since I had to purchase my size and hubby could not use it. We have an alternate carrier he used.

Elisha La Marque, TX

Hate it

I don’t know why it is so popular. Doesn’t give support to the back, uncomfortable, difficult to put on….waste of money.

Abigail Springfield, ID

We are a K’tan family!

This is our second K’tan Breeze, bought for my husband. He was getting jealous of mine, I think, and decided he needed his own. Baby loves being in it. When he’s fussy, one of us puts on our K’tan, and he calms right down. When he was a newborn, the only way I got anything done around the house was to wear him in the K’tan. Now that he’s almost 5 months, we use it when we go shopping, to fairs and festivals, to do yard work… just about anything. I’ve also ordered one for my sister, who’s due with her first in a couple of months, but went with the regular instead of the breeze because she’s in a cooler climate. We get lots of comments on it, and it’s seriously one of the easiest carriers I’ve ever dealt with. Don’t know what we’d do without our K’tans!

Alta Standish, MI

Easy once you get the hang of it

I registered for this item and I was torn between whether I should get the small size or the medium size. I ended up with the medium because that way, both my husband and I could use it. If it was just for me, I’m thinking the small would have been a better choice. It does stretch out a little – which is the only reason I am pointing that out…. but because half of it is mesh, I don’t find that it stretches out THAT much – compared to one that is all cotton.My son (who is 3 months old now) likes being in this thing. He does not like the newborn/kangaroo position though…. he prefers the hug position. It says that babies should be 3-4 months to use that position, but he’s always had excellent head and trunk control, and he really enjoys the closeness. I was working from home, and sometimes, putting him in there while I sat at the desk to work was the only way I got anything done. I don’t recommend sitting for long periods with it though – you WILL get sweaty and your back WILL hurt.At first, it was super tricky to figure out…. and my husband had to help me get it on and then get the baby in it, but after you do it a few times, it really is very simple to use and put on by yourself…. much easier than one of those wraps, and much more lightweight than a full on baby carrier. I got this so I could have my hands free around the house and on short walks with the dog, etc. I did not get this so I could go hiking or anything. Because we went for the medium, I don’t feel 100% safe going completely hands free because it is probably slightly looser than it should be (although it says if it’s fitted properly it should be above your belly button and you should be able to kiss the top of the baby’s head – which seems correct when it’s on). Regardless – I always keep at least one hand against the baby while I’m wearing it.Like I said, he’ll fall asleep in this thing and when he’s fussy, all I have to do is put him in and walk back and forth or sway for a few minutes and he’ll usually drift off to sleep.Overall, this product helped me be more productive and keep my sanity when staying at home all day with my son. I wouldn’t wear it to walk around Disney World or anything, but it’s great (and affordable) for around the house or running errands.

Augusta Jamestown, KS


I wear a size 12-14 so I ordered the large and it is ENORMOUS. Baby did not feel at all secure and the carrier just felt way too big. There is no give to the mesh fabric—maybe the regular cotton works better. But now I can’t return it because I washed it before trying it on. Oh well.

Alana Charlotte, TX


And love the mesh. I had the all cotton k’tan for my daughter and loved it. Living in florida it was a little warm. Now with the mesh it is not so hot for me or baby and love how thin it becomes. It comes with a small mesh bag which fits great in the diaper bag.

Audra Findlay, IL

Awesome carrier – adjustable without the headache of a Moby or the buckles (or possible hip dysplasia) of a fastened carrier

I loved this thing! My newborn only wants to sit/lie on people, so a carrier is a must-have to save our frazzled new parent sanity. I wanted my hands free (even though I got pretty good at tapping my iPad with my toe), and this K’tan gave me back my hands while keeping my newborn snug and cozy. I hated the Moby wrap — way too much fabric when you’re trying to adjust around a fussy newborn — but this wrap was perfect! There’s a short learning curve, but I was able to figure this out using the instructions. Be sure to follow the safety rules. It took me a minute to figure out how to position my newborn properly so his chin wasn’t on his chest or his face covered, but once he was in, it was perfect! I like the mesh of the Breeze – very good since I live in Texas. Still, baby can get too warm in this (my baby gets sweaty in it), so stick to just a diaper and t-shirt for baby if it’s hot out. The medium fit me well according to the size chart.EDITED TO ADD, after a month of use: Although I still like this carrier, I have had to temporarily put it aside for now. My newborn was long (22.5 inches at birth), and it didn’t take too long (approximately 2-3 weeks) before he started HATING being put in this carrier in the recommended newborn position. His legs/feet were getting crunched, and he would rebel as soon as I tried putting him in it (read: eye-watering screaming and quiver lip). Now 6-weeks and 23.5 inches long, he is not at all comfortable in the newborn hold. I will have to wait to use the carrier again when he is a little older and can try the other positions that allow his legs to dangle free.

Young Stonewall, LA

Used it a lot, but like other carriers

I used this a lot early on… mainly because cooler in hot Alabama heat. But I still usually had to support his head since this isnt adjustable. My lovelyduds wrap works the best because I can make it really tight. But hot if its warm out, so more for indoor use in the summer. I love my Ergo… but he’s still not big enough for it yet (used insert but he’s not a fan). Anyway, the baby loves this k’tan so guess that’s worth it, even if you don’t use it for long since mostly just for newborn stage. My baby is 3.5 months and he can still work in this… but I try to use the wrap!

Karen Playa Del Rey, CA

Highly Recommended

I absolutely love this item. We’re in Texas and needed a baby carrier for a large newborn (2 months old at the time) in summer, and this has been amazing. So much easier and lighter than the Moby, and more comfortable and lighter than a Bjorn. We also have the Ergo, but have not used it because the infant insert is out of the question in this heat. The k’tan has been fabulous and my baby loves it! I’ve worn him to outdoor street festivals, lunch dates, around the house, on errands, and on walks around the neighborhood, and this carrier has made life so much easier. My son is three months old and BIG, and I would recommend the k’tan for babies in the 2-5 month range; I can’t comment on its usefulness with older or larger babies. As for the “breeze,” aspect, you’ll still sweat some in the heat, but way less than with other carriers.

Freda Plainville, NY

Baby & I LOVE the K’Tan

This K’tan is such a breeze to use! I have this in black and white. I loved the black so much, I also bought the white one. This carrier is light, breathable, and very easy to put on. I wanted a carrier that allowed my son to face forward and this product had so many different carrying options. A HUGE plus. My son loves facing forward because he doesn’t like missing out on anything. It is so comfortable that he falls asleep in it very easily (usually when I have him strapped in facing me). Anytime I’m out running errands, I’ll look down and he is fast asleep. It works well when he’s grouchy and I don’t want to use my arm muscles to hold him, the K’tan is truly comfortable for mama and baby. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase this item sooner.

Carla Leeds, NY

Very nice baby carrier

This is a cute and easy-to-use wrap carrier. I researched wrap carriers and after watching a YouTube video, decided that this one was much easier to wear than the Moby. When I need to walk around the house with my newborn, this is definitely helpful. The mesh makes it a little more lightweight, which helps when you’re carrying around a little hot potato – lol. My only complaint is that it does stretch quite a bit so I usually have to wash it every few days or else it’s too loose, which makes me nervous. I definitely want a safe and secure carrier for my little girl.

Elisha Hyannis, NE

Another baby essential

We LOVE our K’tan breeze even at 6 months. My daughter is almost 16 pounds and we can still easily put her into the K’tan and carry her around. I LOVE that the brochure it comes with shows you several different ways to "wear" your baby at several different stages in their growth. The K’tan solves the problem of causing potential hip dysplasia and hip issues with the kangaroo hold capability at an early age. And living in the heat of Florida, the "breeze" is perfect as it is lightweight and incredibly sturdy. I would not ever want to use a different brand as the K’tan is easy to store, wash and transport. It doesn’t weigh but maybe a couple of pounds at best and I can fit it into my diaper bag easily or into the tiny pouch on the stroller. When my daughter was an infant, we would put her into it in kangaroo hold and vaccuum to soothe her. We LOVE our K’tan. And it has held up great after being washed and used. GREAT buy.

Natalia Kellyville, OK

did not feel secure

This was probably the 5th baby carrier I’ve tried.Initially, I thought it was easy to wear and the mesh/cotton is great for Florida weather since we get extremely hot.After using it a few times while shopping, I did not like it because I constantly feel that my baby was going to fall out of the carrier; it did not feel very secure.

Jacqueline Goodwell, OK

It’s been great to me.

My baby k’tan was so good to me while I had it. I was able to take my son with me everywhere without having to haul around heavy strollers. It fit well. I didn’t have any issues with it.

Cecilia Hale, MO


This is a very nice wrap style carrier. The only downfall is it takes quite a bit of practice to get it right. I suggest looking up baby K’tan on youtube, they have some videos of the different holds.

Erika Elkton, TN


I don’t like this k’tan. I have pretty much lived in my original k’tan for the last four months and was really excited to try this one in hopes that it would keep my child cooler. I ordered the same size that I have in the original and it fit to small. It doesn’t stretch as well and neither me or the baby was comfortable. I’m returning it.

Sheila Saint Donatus, IA

The idea of mesh is great!

But the fit is terrible… I bought the right size… until I wore it straight for a week, then it started stretching. I have a newborn, so I don’t have time to do extra unneeded laundry, and the only way to get this back to its normal size is to wash it. Aside from that, the fabric bunches up on the back (right by my ribs) and causes a lot pf pressure and pain. Although in theory this is like any other wrap (Moby, etc.) in the way is sits on your back, because you can’t open up the fabric as much due to "ring" on the back, it puts a lot of pressure. Also, once the baby is on the leg-out position, the extra fabric you have to put on the front around their back only seemed to add pressure on my back (even more!) and kept falling down, so it didn’t really add much "security" at all. Needless to say, I returned it and will be using my Moby Wrap instead (and suffer through the hot weather!)

Marta Concord, MI

Life saver!

I can not say enough great things about this carrier! It was a life saver with our son who was constantly needing to he held. Even If I needed to lay down and he needed to sleep on me, going out to eat, on an airplane. The best carrier ever!

Christie Julian, NC

Never could get this thing comfortable for baby

My son squirms and doesn’t like feeling constricted in this thing. I love the concept, but we ended up using the baby bjorn and the ergo baby a lot more than this.

Nikki Old Lyme, CT

Wish I got it sooner

I wish I had found this as soon as I found out I was having another summer baby. I didn’t find this product until after my baby was 5 months old. It’s so convenient and easy to pop her in and out when we are out and about. It was especially useful during drop off at daycare. Wearing her freed my hands to carry all the baby paraphernalia. It was the only carrier that didn’t cause her to overheat. We used it until she was almost 9 months old because I just didn’t want to give it up. But she finally got so heavy it was too uncomfortable to carry her in it. Although the instructions say it can go up to 35lbs, I couldn’t use it after she was 20lbs.Although I love the different positions possible wit this carrier, I found it difficult to use facing out. One side would slip and not support her tushy properly. No problems facing in, but facing out was uncomfortable.If we ever have another baby, I’ll be glad to have this from the beginning, especially if it’s another summer baby!

Maricela Kirby, WY

Sizing recommendations are off/not comfortable

Do not go by your pre-pregnancy size, I did that and it was waaaay too small to use. I ended up using a stretchy wrap (Boba) and then switched over to woven wraps (Didymos)

Kathleen Jackson, MT

Easy Breezy!

Perfect for warm climates, and easy to use. Lots of great tutorials on YouTube to help if you can’t figure it out by looking at the sheet. Folds up into it’s own pouch for easy storage and transport. I just leave it in my diaper bag because it’s so small rolled up in the carrier.

Sherry East Andover, ME