Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier, Black, X-Large

Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier, Black, X-Large

The award winning Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier is a wrap-style carrier without all of the wrapping. Our patented double-loop design is an innovative blend of a sling, wrap and carrier all in one, providing the positions and benefits of all three. Individually sized to fit either mom or dad (refer to sizing chart to select correct size), the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier slips on easily like a t-shirt to comfortably carry baby from newborn to toddlerhood (8-35 lbs.). It is lightweight and compact like a sling, yet supportive like a structured carrier. Made of 100% soft natural cotton, the Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier is free of harmful chemicals, formaldehydes and azo dyes, and contains no hardware, plastic or metal. Offering multiple positions without the need for wrapping or buckling, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier provides added security when wearing baby and privacy for mom while nursing. Available in multiple fabrics and colors, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is machine washable, dryer safe, and comes with a matching sash that converts to a carrying bag. The award winning Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier is a wrap-style carrier without all of the wrapping. Our patented double-loop design is an innovative blend of a sling, wrap and carrier all in one, providing the positions and benefits of all three. Individually sized to fit either mom or dad (refer to sizing chart to select correct size), the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier slips on easily like a t-shirt to comfortably carry baby from newborn to toddlerhood (8-35 lbs.). It is lightweight and compact like a sling, yet supportive like a structured carrier. Made of 100% soft natural cotton, the Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier is free of harmful chemicals, formaldehydes and azo dyes, and contains no hardware, plastic or metal. Offering multiple positions without the need for wrapping or buckling, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier provides added security when wearing baby and privacy for mom while nursing. Available in multiple fabrics and colors, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is machine washable, dryer safe, and comes with a matching sash that converts to a carrying bag.

Main features

  • 100% natural soft cotton
  • Imported
  • Wrap-style baby carrier, no wrapping required
  • Individually sized for mom or dad (refer to sizing chart)
  • Patented double-loop design is easy to put on, and change positions
  • Multiple wearing positions from newborn to toddler 8-35lbs. (consult physician for preemies)
  • Machine washable, dryer safe–no buckles, snaps or hardware

Verified reviews


Same as Moby…

I got this because I have a Moby and was tired of tying it when I was out in places like parking lots of grocery stores and the airport. I was hoping this would be a lot faster. I’m disappointed. THe material is very similar to the moby only it has a little less stretch – which means it’s still HOT. You DO still have to wrap it, it’s just that it starts you off by having two loops instead of one long piece of fabric. You still have to use the sash to get it secure whatsoever and that’s a pain to drag around. All in all, it’s way too similar to the Moby and I wasted my money by getting a second. Buy this OR Moby, but don’t expect it to be a second type of carrier like I did.

Lola Crawfordville, FL

Pretty Convenient

Let me start out by saying that when I ordered the Baby K’tan carrier I already owned a Boba wrap and Boba carrier which I love. The reason I ordered this carrier is because I was intrigued by the idea of not having to wrap miles of fabric around myself every time I wanted to carry my baby in it. I do still really like my Boba wrap, but I have to say that this carrier is much easier to put on. It still fits your baby up against your body snugly, just like the Moby and the Boba, but you don’t have all the hassle of the wrap.After having read numerous reviews on this carrier I have to admit that I was a little confused about which size to get. I am 5’2″ and 130lbs. Shirt size medium, dress size somewhere around a 7 or 8, but that is mostly due to my hips and lower body. I was a size small/6 before I had my baby, and had a much smaller chest then. I say all of this just to show my hesitation on choosing a size. I wasn’t sure if I should get a small or an extra small. Initially, I chose the extra small, but it was out of stock so I ended up with a small. After the carrier arrived and I tried it for the first time, I’m still not sure what size I need. My baby is 3 months and a little over 7lbs, and I have a feeling that maybe I should have gotten the extra small. She seems a little loose in it to me once I have her in there. Maybe I’m not clear on how snug it is supposed to fit. I guess that this would be one reason I didn’t give this carrier five stars. At least with my Boba wrap I didn’t have to choose a size, it just fits no matter what, and I control how snug it is.I have the eggplant color and it is a very nice heathery purple color, I am pleased with that aspect of my purchase. The idea of this carrier is genius, and I do still use it, especially when I’m out and about and don’t want to wrap my wee one up in the parking lot and drag all that material all over the ground. I just wish I wasn’t so unsure about whether I have the right size and fit, especially since I am using it…you’d think that would make things obvious by now, but it hasn’t. I would suggest that if there is any doubt as to what size you need a call to costumer service might be in order. I wish I had done that before placing my order, just for my own peace of mind.Update–I ended up ordering the extra small carrier after all just to see if it would fit better than the small, and it does. I recommend that if you are petite and are trying to decide which size is best for you, go with the smaller size. I was also please that I don’t have to pay return shipping for the small carrier that I’m returning! Love this carrier and love the size now, it fits my 5’2″, 130lbs perfectly!

Iris Brighton, TN

Almost perfect!

I just received the carrier and simply love it! I wish I had it from day one as it is very helpful in carrying baby at home. My son is 5 weeks old and Baby K’tan works great.Some pros:- very easy to use (I saw demos online while waiting for delivery and got the hug, cradle and kangaroo positions right away), I can use it much faster than buckle carriers,- the sizing is correct, right now I’m 5’6” and around 145 lb, but my pre pregnancy size is between 6 and 8 (130-135 lb), and size Small is perfect. Although after washing and drying it shrunk and it was to small for me, it stretched out. next time I will air dry, because baby cried and it was squished. The sizing seems correct but I keep thinking if will fit when the baby will grow, but K’tan website ensures that will be ok, especially with different positions,- the material is very soft and keeps my 1 month old snuggle to me. Cradle position seems to cramp the baby but he doesn’t mind, so far because of no neck control yet we both love the hug position. He is very curious and loves to see the world, and at the same time when falls asleep can be hold tight,- carrier feels very comfortable and truly hands free; it feels the most natural from all the carriers I’ve tried,- the sash is also a storage tote at the same time so it is easy to carry the whole thing in a diaper bag, matching hat is cute but doesn’t fit my 5 weeks old yet even after washing and drying (size 0-3 months; but he will grow to it eventually),- I can do a lot stuff at home with my son next to me, he sleeps better and longer.The cons:- the description says it can be used on preemies but baby k’tan website and instruction booklet says to use from 8-42 lb (the box says 5-35 lb, so I don’t know which one is right). Although I can see that would work with smaller babies for sure, especially kangaroo and cradle positions,- I can not properly position the baby for breastfeeding,- it really can hurt shoulders area so proper adjustment is a key.I’ve tried:-Infantino Wrap and Tie, and it is mediocre;-Beco Gemini way to big for newborn and seems a bit bulky for me (my husband and I ended up using this carrier max 5 times, takes too much time to readjust the straps, it is not easy to figure it out-it takes too much time and everybody is sweating in clothes before walk, very annoying; unsnapping is almost impossible to do it due to safety click, especially when holding the baby after unbuckling first straps), must air dry as recommended otherwise will pick up every lint from the drier, air dry takes some time too because it is thick carrier; expensive and so inconvenient,-Munchkin sling and definitely it is not for small babies, it’s not stretchy and didn’t feel right and safe,-and some old Snuggli my friend passed it to me, it worked for newborn and I used it till now, but it was killing my back due to the bad ergonomics of the buckle system).I highly recommend Baby K’tan and might get light color for the summer or mesh one (depends how hot it will be in black one). UPDATE: I ended up will only black carrier that was used during winter in Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas summer, worked great. During the winter I wore it under the jacket to keep baby warmer.UPDATE: my son at 11 months old, I lost some weight (128 lb now) and carrier still fits great, I don’t use gemini one at all, K’tan rocks. I can take the baby in and out very fast. My son loves facing forward position to enjoy the views. Still both hands are free and I can walk my two dogs on the leashes, go to the store for some groceries and never get any back pain. Now when my son is over 20 lb it is also great work out. Highly recommended and never want to try other carriers with regulated belts ans hard to use snaps (like Gemini is pain to adjust for different positions, is akward and does not fit right, plus hard to unsnap).I bumped it to a 5 star review because it is truly the best carrier I’ve tried and I am very happy that I got it. Before I took 1 star because I couldn’t figure out the breastfeeding position, but this actually doesn’t matter.UPDATE 2: baby is getting heavier, 26 lb now but I still use baby K tan but not for super long walks, 20-30 minutes max. Awesome work out on the hills. My son is 15 months and he almost looks to big for it but it still works! Carrier looks great, still very black.UPDATE 3: soon after update#2 I realized that I don’t use the carrier anymore. Baby got bigger, walks by itself and for longer distances I use umbrella stroller. But I am pregnant with second one and Ktan looks like new, waiting for being used from the very beginning!Final UPDATE: I bought new K’tan july 2013, and there are some improvements from mine 2010 version. I like new color heather grey. There’s no matching baby hat (which didn’t fit both of my kids anyway). The sash straps taper at the end so it’s easier to tie a knot (old version was the same width for the entire length of the strap. Also the storage part in the sash is works better for me than last time and fabric seems a bit softer.I was using Baby Bjorn Miracle for first 6 months with my baby daughter and I came back to K’tan.

Irma Bonita, CA

Would have been great if all parts came with it

I was extremely disappointed as this carrier was supposed to come with a separate piece that is a support band, which is required to use the carrier safely with a newborn. The box arrived looking like it had already been opened, and the band wasn’t in there, and neither was an infant hat, that is also supposed to come with it. I just returned it instead of worrying whether I’d get everything the next time.

Claudia Glen Wilton, VA

I use this EVERY day and it’s in my top 5 baby products that I reccomend to moms to be!

I have a Moby, and I like it OK, but it takes forever to wrap which is a problem when you have a screaming baby that needs to be soothed, and the tails drag on the floor which picks up pet hair and then you have a wrap covered in pet hair which sucks. Plus the moby is big so it’s a pain in the washing machine. We also have a Britax carrier which my husband really likes to wear because it’s relatively simple to snap on and I can throw that on too if we’re out and he needs a break.STILL, I can put on the Baby K’Tan in less time than the Britax, I can roll it up and keep it in my diaper bag for use at the drop of a hat if my son gets cranky in his stroller or carseat or whatever. I literally use this every day and after about a month I picked up a second one and now own two of them. It is my number one most used baby item – I wear my son around the house when he’s fussy, I’ll put him in it and wear him while we’re out to eat at a restaurant, we’ve even gone to Disneyland and on a weekend trip without a stroller with only the K’Tan in tow. My baby falls asleep in it so much easier than he does in the Britax, and I can get him into it faster and get him calmer in less time than with the Moby. It was so easy to learn how to put on for the basic newborn wrap and when he eventually wanted his legs out, it was only a small modification to make it comfortable for him.The one possible drawback is the sizing which can be tough to guess. Pre-pregnancy, I’d normally wear a woman’s 8 or 10 and post-pregnancy… well, I’m still working on that, but my nursing tanks are mediums while most of the other shirts I’ve picked up recently have been larges to make room for a nursing mom’s chest. So I picked out a medium k’tan (in heather gray – which I loved) first which seemed tight, but worked well with our little guy. When I picked up my second k’tan (in black – which I probably wouldn’t pick again since lint is very attracted to it) I decided to try a large to see if it would be more comfortable for me and our now heavier little guy. The large worked OK, but it meant that he sat lower on my chest making it a little more uncomfortable for me than the medium. The large was easier for me to put him into, and he didn’t seem to notice a difference at all, but even with his growing size, I tend to prefer the snug fit of the medium.I receive compliments on the k’tan whenever I go out in public – literally, every time I take him out in it, random people will stop me and ask me where I got it, so prepare yourself to become a walking advertisement for this awesome carrier. It’ll be worth it.

Leah Bradley, AR

Thank You LORD!

My baby is 6 weeks old and after 6 wonderful weeks of holding and carrying my baby, I thought my hands and back and sanity was going to break.I bought the K’tan and my baby absolutely LOVES IT. I am able to write this review because of the K’tan. It is SO easy to use and you can put your baby in it very quickly.It calms my fussy baby and happily lulls her to sleep!We live in hawaii so we decided to get the Breeze! It’s much cooler than the original. BUT I LOVE the orginal as well! Our friend gave us their original K’tan and it is very comfortable and super soft! My baby is very comfortable in it too!As for sizing, I had a hard time with this one! Pre-pregnancy, I was a size 2,4 and usually wear a XS or S. They tell you to go for the small size However, after pregnancy, I am 5’4″ and 137 lbs. The XS was way too tight on me. I got the Small and it fits perfectly! We also have the orignal K’tan in Medium and fits my husband who is 6’1″ and 185. My husband can use the small too! He said it’s very tight on him, but that’s good for his back! I’m able to use that one as well, but after awhile, the baby sinks down very low.I really recommend the K’tan for new moms and first time sling users!

Valeria Bon Wier, TX

Horrible waste of money

I bought the baby Ktan and my son hates it. It’s way too small and I’m a very petite woman. It’s a huge pain to get on and you have to twist him this way and that to get him inside the carrier. Then once inside, it’s hard on the back (even after adjusting the ring in the back), and too tight. Maybe he’s just too big for this? It’s so uncomfortable for him and for me. Save your money!

Willie Forest, LA

Amazing Carrier – Doesn’t Get Much Better

Hi,I have tried dozens of different carriers, and the Baby K’tan is one of my favorites. I owned a wrap style carrier for quite awhile and loved how it distributed the weight of my heavy little guy. The only downside to the wrap was, well, wrapping. It wasn’t very convenient to use when I was on the go. The Baby K’tan is awesome. Easy to put on, easy to get the baby into. It does a pretty good job of distributing the weight – much better then the standard carriers out there!!!! My baby loves it too. He even fell asleep in it when we were shopping the other day.My only complaint – if you could even call it that – is that the size that fits me doesn’t fit my husband. Other then that, this is fantastic and I would highly recommend it, especially to those who have back problems and standard carriers don’t work.

Serena Conestoga, PA

Sizing is way off.

According to Amazon and the K’tan website, a medium should have fit me well, and perhaps have been a bit on the small size. Instead, the medium was HUGE and unusable. I returned mine and am too leery of the weird sizing to purchase this in a small. I had really high hopes for this.

Ofelia New Concord, OH

No Better, No Worse than Other Carriers on the Market

I purchased the Baby K’tan carrier when my daughter was about 3 weeks old. She was fairly fussy and wasn’t soothed when I put her in the Baby Bjorn carrier that I had used with her older sister. I thought that she might do better in a sling-style carrier since she could be in a cradle position close to my body, rather than dangling in a kangaroo-like position in the Baby Bjorn. Indeed, the first time I put her in the Baby K’tan (she was screaming her head off at the time), she drifted right off to sleep and stayed asleep for several hours. However, when I tried to use the K’tan a second and third time with her, she wasn’t having it! I tried her back in the ol’ Baby Bjorn after several more attempts in the K’tan and she was soothed after all. My conclusion, it’s not really the type of carrier itself, but the baby’s mood. Both carriers worked with her on occasion and both didn’t work on occasion. What I did like about the K’tan was that it WAS easy to put on, especially compared to the Moby wrap (also a soft, sling-style carrier) that I had tried with my first daughter. I watched a quick You Tube video on how to use the K’tan and mastered it in a jiffy. I did find that I needed to adjust the baby in the K’tan often to keep her head from slipping too far under the fabric. As far as comfort for mommy, I found the K’tan to be just OK. I find that ALL carriers take a toll on my neck and shoulders, but that was probably a bit more true with the K’tan as compared to the Baby Bjorn. Overall, I would say that this is a good carrier, but if you’re looking for a better solution in terms of comforting your baby, I don’t think you will find it in the K’tan. If you’re buying it because you like the Moby wrap concept, but want something that’s easier to put on, I would recommend the K’tan.

Cristina Covington, PA

Baby hated it

Whenever I tried to put my baby in this he screamed and screamed. At first I thought….maybe I have the wrong size or maybe I’m wearing it wrong, so I enlisted the help of some baby wearers…but I had everything right, he just hated it. He hates ergo too. He prefers the more traditional carrier styles like infantino or bjorn. In the end I had to return this, I just couldn’t get my son to cooperate at all.

Christi Macdoel, CA

Best baby carrier out there!

I personally have owned four carriers: Moby, Baby Bjorn, Ergo Baby, and Baby K’Tan — all at almost the same time. Here are my thoughts on each of them:Moby: Way too much fabric to deal with. I returned it.Baby Bjorn: This was a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law: It was all right. I don’t hate it at all. I just felt that the crotch area seemed really small, and the baby’s legs seem to dangle. I worried this would be uncomfortable for little one.Ergo Baby: Another hand-me-down from my other sister-in-law. This COULD have been the perfect carrier. What I hated about this is I constantly struggled to reach the back clasp. On some days, I really could barely reach the back clasp while holding an infant infront of me, that I had to ask my husband or anyone in my vicinity to help me grab the back clasp for me. (Unless there is a trick… will someone kindly tell me how to solve this?).Baby K’Tan: I loved this one, and felt it was the EASIEST to work with. No belts, buckles or annoying clasps to deal with. Whenever we travel, the K’tan is the go-to carrier for me. When the baby is not in it, I can leave the K’Tan hanging around my neck like a black scarf. I got TONS of compliments whenever I take the baby out in the baby K’Tan.By the way, I am 5’4" tall and weight 115 lbs. I got the Baby K’Tan in XS and it fit perfectly. The key is to get the K’Tan that is in YOUR size, not the baby’s size (someone told me this).

Amparo Lowell, IN

Sizes run too small

It says that X-small will fit a woman size 2 and 4. Not true!!!. I’m barely 2 and the x-smal didn’t feel comfortable if you are carrying a baby. I felt like my baby couldn’t breath. Also it is very complicated to use, you really need to take a tutorial. In my opinion is expensive, difficult to use and wrong sized.

Gilda Palouse, WA

I use this daily

This is an almost perfect baby carrier. I have several slings and a baby B’jorn carrier as well and this one is hands down my favorite. First off, I am 5’9″ and I weighed 180 pounds after I had my third baby. I went ahead and bought a size medium and that seemed to fit me fairly well. I have lost 15 pounds since then and have noticed the carrier fitting a bit looser but my son has obviously gotten bigger (six months old now and weighing almost 18 pounds!) and so it isn’t too bad.Pros:1. This thing is very portable and fits easily into a diaper bag. It isn’t as small as a cloth sling is but makes into a fairly small bundle, compared to a baby B’jorn and a Moby carrier. I have it in my diaper bag at all times.2. It is super easy to use. I don’t have any problems getting my child into this carrier. I use 3 positions a lot but have tried all of them and they are all easy to do.3. It makes my life a lot easier when I do things with my son by myself. I have to do all my grocery shopping by myself with my son. To keep room in the cart, I have just starting throwing him in this carrier every time I go shopping. He usually either just looks around quietly or falls asleep. No fussy baby and mommy is much happier and has both hands open.4. My son loves this carrier and is always much happier being worn. I am a crazy women and went to Disneyland when my son was 3 months old with my extended family. I used this carrier so so much and my son was super happy the whole time. I mean we went during Christmas – the busiest time of the year for Disneyland and he did fantastic. I also like that I could just wear this sling even when he wasn’t in it and easily slip him in if needed. It also helped keep him toasty and warm during the chilly nights.Cons1. This carrier hurts my back after I use it for longer than 30-60 minutes. Yes it is adjustable but really it kills my back with extended use. I haven’t been able to use my other two carriers for very long so I can’t tell you if it is worse or better than most carriers. I just think that anytime you are carrying 15+ pounds around you are going to be sore.2. It is not the most cute/attractive carrier. Compared to the cool fabrics that are offered with sling carriers and Moby this one is quiet boring and black. It has also faded quiet a bit after multiple washes (what can I say, I use the heck out of this thing).All in all I am happy with this purchase. I use it a lot and feel I have already gotten my money’s worth and more out of this product.Edit 7/23/13 – My kiddo weights over 22 pounds now and is basically a walking toddler at 11 months old. I really don’t use this one much anymore, he is way to busy and squirms while it in. When we do use it, it is only in the side holding position, he doesn’t tolerate any other way of being held in it. I am kind of bummed he won’t have anything to do with it anymore.

Georgia Garcia, CO

Suggesting sizing info for tall women

I thought I would write a review for those of you looking for sizing info. I am 5’8" tall, currently 37 weeks pregnant and 186 lbs. I weighed 150 before getting pregnant and wore 8, 10, 12. If I had lost my last 10 lbs after my son and before getting pregnant again, I would have gotten back down to my original 140, size 6, 8, some 10’s. But that being said, I ordered the small. WAAAAAAAAY too small. And I have to say, my upper torso is usually very slim and petite for my height. I returned it for a medium and it fit properly. I couldn’t even fit a small toy doll in the size small and there was NO way I could see that fitting after I have my baby in a few weeks and lose my automatic 20 lbs. There just is not enough material to surround an infant. I think for taller women, you have to get a medium or larger if your frame is larger, other wise its just too short on your torso and there is no room to put the baby in the material because most of it is used to wrap around your body.I will update on functionality in a few weeks when I get to use it. I do love how it wraps on compared to the moby. Its compact, and not 100 yards of material. Temperature will be much cooler to wear and wrap an infant in as well. I felt like the moby would make me super hot and feel suffocated with the layer upon layer of wrapping needed.

Adele Millbrook, AL

Great concept, just didn’t work for me

When they say "small" it is truly small. I chose small because they suggest you select your size, but in the end the baby’s size "prevailed." Couldn’t fit her in, it was very uncomfortable.

Courtney Cushman, AR

Soft, stylish, and surprisingly supportive carrier

My first baby carrier wasSeven Everyday Slingthat, while working nicely enough, didn’t grant me all the freedom I wanted for carrying my baby around. I had heard good things about K’Tan and Moby, and wound up with K’tan. And I couldn’t be more pleased.The material… oh, but the material could easily be called my favorite thing about this. This is soft, gorgeous, with just the right amount of stretch (I lean toward a bit less stretch in baby carriers–just seems safer to me). The result is an oh-so-cozy way of carrying my baby, and the sage color is absolutely lovely. I love a carrier that looks great (one of the appeals of the Seven sling), and this is so normal-looking, unlike other carriers.But of course the big question here is does this work and is it worth what it takes to make it work. Yes and yes. I personally found the learning curve quite fast and felt confident about putting my baby in at the first try (all went well). I like that there is a bit of a start to the wrap–one learns the basics of putting it on, and the variations begin from there. Baby is all snuggled up close to me and I truly felt I could wander around without any real risk!I can see why this is such an acclaimed carrier. It looks great and it works!

Winifred Rillton, PA

Product is good but size chart not so

I like this carrier, but the size chart is not accurate. I wear a size 10 in dress and am usually a medium in shirts so I bought the medium. When I received the box it said that if opened it could not be returned. It is impossible to know if it fits before you try it on with baby. When I tried it it was big and baby rests to too low inside it. I have used it twice and will wait for baby to get bigger (he is 2 months old) to see if I can use it then. My husband would be a large so he can not use it either. So we are stuck with a baby carrier which we can not use at the moment.

Brandi Madison, KS

Doesn’t Seem Safe

I have an Ergo that I started using when my twins were 8 months old. I am now expecting and was trying to decide between a wrap and using my Ergo with an infant insert. The reviews on the Ergo infant insert said the insert was very hot for the baby and was like wrapping baby in a comforter and then putting them in the carrier. However, I talked to real life friends who used the Ergo with the insert with their newborns and thought it was just fine. Anyway, I decided to order the K’tan and try it out first. It just did not seem safe. I decided I would rather have my baby a little hot than be worried about them falling out or being smothered by all the fabric around them with the K’tan.

Francisca Avondale Estates, GA

Fit is awkward. Baby screams in it.

I wanted to like this so badly. I had visions of wearing my son all around. I followed the website’s sizing information but it felt way too small. When I tried to put by son in it, he looked stuffed in it and within seconds, would start crying. I contacted the company, and they verified that I had he right size. In the end, it was just too uncomfortable for both of us so we gave up.

Edna Carlisle, AR

Use it all the time!

My son is now 9months. I don’t have a lot of carriers, but I don’t feel like I need any more than the K’tan. I am 5feet even, about 95-100lbs so I bought the XS. I used this for my son when he was newborn in the hug position (I think that was what it was called) and I use it for him now as a hip carrier. I love the material – it stretches so if it becomes to loose, just throw it in the wash! And it is SO easy to put on and take off. I remember seeing someone do the Moby and that just looked too confusing and time-consuming to learn! I use this around the house and when I am running into a store where I do not need a cart. It’s comfortable but I don’t wear him for hours on end. Probably after 30-40minute as a hip carrier my one shoulder starts to hurt.The only negatives was that I did not like the Explorer and the Front Facing positions. The Explorer was awkward for me and I felt that he was crotch dangling for the Forward facing. Also, this carrier is sized to fit so if your spouse if taller/smaller/whatever, then you would have to buy another one. (Wasn’t an issue for us since my hubby thought this was too feminie for his taste!)I highly highly recommend this!!

Josefina Peru, IL

I wear my baby to graduate school classes!

I received my Baby K’tan at my baby shower and have used it with my son since birth. He is now a month old.A couple of positive points:My baby LOVES this carrier. If he is fussy and I put him in the carrier, he calms almost immediately.I LOVE this carrier. It is easy to learn. So far, it is comfortable and feels secure. I put it and can do dishes or use the the computer….It is easy to learn to use and unlike the Moby (which has some advantages) it never drags on the floor.I am a plus size mom (size 22/24) and the extra large size works well for me.Some issues to consider:The newborn Kangaroo hold tended to push my baby into a head to chest position unless I was exceedingly vigilant. Also, that hold stretched my K’tan out to where I didn’t feel secure unless I had one hand on the baby at all times. Despite my son being only one month old, I have found the hug position to be much more amenable to hands free holding… Also, he seems to like being upright.I find it unfortunate that it can’t be tightened or loosened, except for the sash… However, if washed and dried, it tightens up nicely if it has stretched.I also find it unfortunate that my husband and I are unable to BOTH use this carrier, since he would require a smaller size.Check out the Baby K’tan instructional PDF for more information….

Earlene Kaleva, MI


Love love love this! Returned my moby wrap after a friend told me about the K’tan. All the same holds with less fabric and hassle. I’m 5’1 and fit into the medium range but went to a small as the sizing recommended. It fits well and my little guy is snug in there and absolutely loves it. I’m not sure who loves it more, me or the baby!!

Helena Barkhamsted, CT

Too complicated and doesn’t feel very secure

I didn’t particularly like this carrier and returned it. It’s rather complicated to use and once I would figure it out and place my son in it, I didn’t feel very confidant that he was secure. Reading other reviews however it seems like many people love it so perhaps it has to do something with my large boobs at the moment? I’m currently a 38F due to breast feeding. I got a Baby Bjorn instead and absolutely love it.

Rosie Olean, MO

Sizing is really tricky

Okay I read tons of the reviews listed here and figured this wrap would be easier than the Moby. I wanted something fast and simple, just like all the countless videos I watched. Okay….first, ya gotta get the size right. I’m 5′ 8, slim frame so I went with the small, since everyone mentioned how stretchy it was. After I washed it first, tried it and it barely fit me, let alone my son. The wrap so shrunk and it doesn’t matter how "stretchy" it suppose to get, it wasn’t gonna fit. So I exchanged it for a medium. Initially, I thought it was still to small, but still gave it a shot. It was better, but not by much. My son is 4 weeks and I felt like I was squishing him. I’m going to put this on hold until he’s older.

Beryl Loachapoka, AL

Perhaps I purchased the wrong size?

I ordered the size that was stated in their size chart for my weight and size. Perhaps I should have gone up a size because product was way too tight for my LO. I sent it back. Will stick with my Mobi wrap. I love it because of the stretchable material. This product has ZERO stretch.What were they thinking? Only them and GOD knows, lol.

Abby Elfin Cove, AK

Seems to run large

I think I am going to really like the Baby K’tan wrap, but I ordered my size according to their size chart and it seems to run much larger than the sizing calls for. I had to return my original purchase and order a smaller size.

Josefa Campbellton, FL

Good wrap

I begged my husband for one of these as it seems like such a nice item to have and I’m home with a newborn and 14month old. We already had a baby bjorn that we purchased for our first baby, but although I absolutely LOVE the bjorn, I felt the baby was too small to use it yet. He gave in and I got this wrap. Now I’m sad to say…he was right, we didn’t need it. I’ve used it a few times over the last few weeks. It definitely less of a pain than the other wraps that are just long pieces of material. This one is super easy to use, just a few easy steps (I used a video on YouTube to make sure I’m doing it right). My baby feels squashed in the wrap, and after a few uses she’s starting to sag down in it. She does fall asleep in it while we’re walking around. We live in Colorado, and since it’s been summer the whole time we’ve had this, it has been pretty warm to carry her around in it too long. Now that my baby is 6 weeks old, I’ve pulled out the bjorn, and WOW…what a difference. So much easier and more comfortable. So…If you’re set on getting a wrap, this would be a good choice. If you just want something to carry your baby around in to have your hands free, get a bjorn.

Pansy Ratcliff, AR

Go Up When Between Sizes If You Are Busty

I am a 5’8" 180lb woman who wears a size 12 or 14 and 36H bra size. I bought a size medium and found it too small, mostly due to my chest. I would not suggest picking the smaller size when between sizes, like the manufacturer states, if you are very busty. In general, I find this carrier to be convenient, practical, and comfortable. It is a lifesaver when my son is fussy and I need to do the dishes or something. He calms done right away when I wear him this way. My only complaints are that it stretches out over the day and needs to be rewashed to shrink back up and my back begins to ache after wearing it for more than 45 minutes or so.

Dina Bimble, KY

Just ok.

I found the suggested sizing to be misleading. It says to size your carrier based on your pre-pregnancy weight and that just didn’t happen. I lost my weight quickly but due to nursing the space was tight. My son hated being so squeezed as he got older and it was honestly hard to breath in this carrier. Due to the fact that it is sized to you, and not adjustable, my husband couldn’t use it like he could with other, adjustable carriers. This worked for my son as a newborn, but as soon has he was a little bigger he hated it and I felt like I couldn’t breath. It was always really wrinkly when coming out of the dryer which I didn’t like. If you have the money to buy this AND something for when they are bigger then it would be ok. But my son and I were uncomfortable in this by the time we was around 15 lbs. I went to an Ergo Performance and I am now wishing I would have just gotten that from day one.

Anna Walsh, IL