Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Microfleece – Blue – 3-6 months

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Microfleece – Blue – 3-6 months

The Magic Sleepsuit is a patented swaddle transition product that helps transition babies from the swaddle by providing them with a cozy and secure feeling, and helping to muffle their reflexive startles to aid in their sleep The Magic Sleepsuit was created by a mother of four who is a pediatric physical therapist to improve the quality and duration of her babies’ sleep. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed for back sleeping in the crib only, and replaces loose bedding while providing your baby with a cozy, calming and safe sleep environment that will become a consistent part of their sleep routine. The Cotton Magic Sleepsuit has a soft, breathable jersey cotton inner and outer layer with a layer of polyfil in between for just enough comfort. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to be introduced at approximately three months of age when babies are transitioning from the swaddle. Babies should be transitioned out of the Magic Sleepsuit when they roll over in it and are ready for more freedom of movement in their sleep. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to aid the baby’s sleep patterns, but also gives parents peace of mind that their baby is getting adequate rest necessary for appropriate growth and development. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to be used in the crib for back sleeping only, the recommended position for sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS. The Magic Sleepsuit should not be used for co-sleeping or in the Rock N Play. The Magic Sleepsuit helps eliminate the need for blankets and other loose bedding, which is consistent with many recommendations to prevent SIDS.

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WORKS! Hope it is good for baby.

My daughter slept for a long stretch in her crib because of this. I use it for naps too. It works a little like a loose swaddle/straight jacket in that it doesnt allow baby’s flailing to wake her. It really is pretty miraculous. Hope we dont end up needing the 6-9 and we can simply put her in a sleep sack.WARNING: flip inside out and cut out any loose strings… especially near feet. My daughter woke up screaming with a string wrapped tightly around her toe. It was difficult to unwrap. It happened twice.

Benita Hendersonville, NC

Some of the best money we spent to help our little one sleep

Short version: This is an amazing buy. It was one of the most useful items we purchased to help our little girl sleep. It transitioned her perfectly from the swaddle blanket to sleeping in just her pajamas, over the course of several months. Definitely worth the money.Longer version:Our daughter started out as a HORRIBLE sleeper – we had to swaddle her tightly, then ended up having to use the Miracle Blanket, which is quite near a straight jacket, to get her to sleep. Once she was used to that, she started sleeping 6-7 hours straight. However, she got really strong, really fast, and was able to start weaseling her way out of the Miracle Blanket by around 5 months old. We tried going swaddle free for a few nights, and she kept waking herself up with her startle reflex – punching herself in the face and whatnot. Much to my mother-in-law’s dismay, I ordered this sleep suit. She thought it would be too hot and too restrictive (compared to the Miracle Blanket?!). This was in late October, 2012.It turned out to be the perfect weight to keep our daughter warm at night in our cold climate and drafty old house. It did not take her long at ALL to get used to wearing it – maybe one or two nights, and she was back to sleeping through the night, and got to the point where she’d sleep up to 10-11 hours a night in it.We went in to observe her sleeping a few times, and it definitely is not too restrictive. She ended up being able to roll over onto her tummy (which is now her preferred sleeping position), and was able to pull her hand up to her mouth to suck her thumb if she wanted. However, on the occasions we saw her "startle" in her sleep, the movement was "muffled" so her hand didn’t wind up smacking her face. Worked as described.For the skeptics, think about it like this. Why NOT spend the money, if there is a chance it will work? Adults spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to make sure we get the best sleep possible. Your baby deserves the same.

Marietta Belmont, WI


This is a hoax. Just makes the baby really warm. It takes a long time to dry after washing too.

Diana Elk Creek, VA

It worked until it really, really didn’t.

Original review: We got the 3-6 month sleep suit in blue. It was the perfect transition from the swaddle. Our son likes to bang his feet and eat his feet (which is adorable when he’s not trying to sleep) and this stops him from playing with his feet all night. He sleeps through the night except for the occasional growth-spurt or teething related wake up. We tried one night of sleep sack instead of sleep suit and it was NO FUN. We went back to the Merlin the next day and his sleep went back to normal. It keeps him very warm at night, too. During the winter, we put him in long sleeve pajamas with feet and then into the sleep suit. I am extremely pleased with this purchase. It worked for us. I think things like this are personal to your baby. Giving something a low rating because it didn’t work for you is sort of silly — I don’t rank Victoria’s Secret bras as a “1” because I personally prefer some other brand that works better for me. Just my two cents!New, updated review: I take what I said back. Ha! Eventually, the sleep suit caused my almost 7 month old to start waking at night. He wanted to be able to move around, move his legs, arms, etc. and apparently sleep on his side (his newest thing.) He couldn’t, so he woke up screaming and wouldn’t go back to sleep. We had to bed-share just to get him comfy. We put him in his crib, with just an Aden&Anais; sleep sack, and he’s been sleeping like a champ for a few nights. He sleeps on his side, curled up. He couldn’t do that in the sleep suit. It forces him on his back and he would thump his legs up and down. He does that now but the thumping actually helps him move and get comfy. I’d say – use this product, but remember there will be a point that your baby wants to MOVE and it may cause more harm than good!

Jenifer Fairfax, VT

best sleep!

Our son slept better than he ever had once he started sleeping in this. He didn’t like being swaddled and this didn’t restrict his arms, but weighed him down just enough to not flail around. Order the large so you can use it longer!

Michael Eaton, OH


I was terrified to break the swaddle habit with our daughter – she has been sleeping 8+ hours at night since 2 months as well as naps. She loved her swaddle, but now has a new found love for the Magic Suit. We bought the 6-9 month size for her when she was 4 months (she is VERY long) and it worked great! I am not sure that you would need to get the 3-6 month suit? The only downside is when it is in the wash…which seems to be every other day. I would have bought 2 or registered for at least 1 if I had to do it all over again. Well worth the $$$.

Dollie Free Soil, MI

Annoyingly Amazing

My son was busting out of all swaddle blankets, so we decided to try this suit. It’s pretty much just an overpriced snowsuit, but it’s still pretty great. He was waking every 1-2 hours, with a 2-hour awake stretch thrown in there. The sleep suit helped eliminate the constant waking, but didn’t get him to sleep through the night, nor did it eliminate his long awake stretch. (Hey, it’s not like it’s a magical suit or anything… wait…) The other problem with the swaddle was that he was trying to roll on his side, and he is unable to do that in this suit, which has helped with the waking as well.The only problem is, this thing is just plain annoying. It’s really thick, so it is very hard to burp a baby through the suit. You also need to completely undress them if you’re going to do a diaper change. I think the suit may have stretched a bit, because we didn’t have this problem until after 3 weeks of use, but now we’ll wake up to him crying because he’s gotten his legs pulled up inside the suit and it is all bunched up.UPDATE: He was getting so good at maneuvering around in the suit, that a few times he squirmed completely out of it. We started putting a hair tie around each leg, and he can no longer pull his feet up. We made sure, of course, to stretch the hair tie out so that it wouldn’t be too tight on his legs, just enough to keep him from being able to pull his feet in. I highly recommend this technique if you’re having similar struggles.

Virgie Bidwell, OH

Did work but has design problems, bad zippers, overheating potential, and sizing issues

On the plus side, this did work to extend our baby’s sleep time. Baby was only 2.5 months but couldn’t be swaddled anymore because she rolled from front to back and in any case, fought the swaddle and broke out of any swaddle. She wasn’t ready to sleep well unswaddled, though, waking constantly with arm and leg movement and startling. This product did work well in the beginning and was worth it.Onto the negatives. First, there is a big potential for overheating. It’s basically a snowsuit. We used this at the tail end of summer and even with just a diaper, we had to crank the air conditioning up. From a SIDS standpoint, you really have to prevent overheating. Even at 70 degrees, this thing is far too hot with baby in just a diaper.My biggest annoyance is the zippers. For ease of putting the baby in it, it has two zippers. Within a few weeks of use, the zippers were constantly coming down. With any movement, they would open up. During the night, occasionally she woke up and would “play” and go back to sleep on her own. Unfortunately, several times just by moving her arms, the suit unzipped completely and then she was able to kick out of it. She got herself completely out of it and moved away from it, all without intending to. So more than once I watched on the monitor as my 3 month old got the suit unzipped and managed to get her way out unintentionally. Many baby PJs with zippers recognize this issue and have a fabric cover at the top of the zipper you snap. This suit needs that.Also, their sizing guidelines are not helpful. They need to revise them so that they aren’t based on age and weight but also specify length, which is really the key indicator. I’m glad I read reviews; I bought the 6-9 month size for my very long 2.5 month old and it wasn’t too big. By around 4 months, the 6-9 mo. size barely zipped up because she was so long (and it’s the biggest they make). Note that by weight, she still would have been in the smaller size (which she never would have fit into, even at 2 months). So disregard the age and weight guidelines, they’re not helpful. The 6-9 month size wouldn’t fit when she was 5 months old. I wish they made a bigger size–I’d have bought another one for the next phase. For reference, at 4 months my baby was just over 27 inches and pretty much maxing out on the larger size. At 2.5 months baby was over 25″ and fit OK into the larger size. Keep in mind if you have a long baby.My baby is sometimes annoyed by the arms because she would like to suck her thumb and the thickness of the fabric makes it difficult to keep her hand to her face. That’s the reason the suit works in the first place–muffling movement.It takes a long time to dry because of the thickness. Everything else in the load is dry and I take it out and continue drying this on its own.Finally, for some beware that this is one more product you may have to transition away from and break the habit. For some the transition is quick and for others, it’s a nightmare. So I wouldn’t try this product unless you really think you need it. It was worth it for us for the 2 months of good sleep.

Emilie Meredithville, VA


When we transitioned out of a 0-3 month swaddle, we bought one of these. The very first night, he slept through the night for the first time, so we ordered another one right away!! He has been consistently sleeping excellent since then (he’s 4.5 months now). Highly recommend!!

Louella Villa Maria, PA

great replacement for swaddling when baby can roll

this is a great replacement for preventing a startle reflex and replacing a swaddle once your baby can roll. it’s worked well for us. we put footed pajamas on underneath to keep him even warmer. just a warning, it’s worked well for us during the winter months because our house is cool but this might not work as well during warmer months or climates since it’s very thick.

Tasha Thiells, NY

not so magical

Not magical for us. Helped the first couple of nights we used it, but after that our son started sleeping WORSE, waking up 9-10 a night. We kept at it for a week and then stopped using it when we were travelling–when we didn’t use it our son just rolled to his side and went to sleep. Turns out that’s all he wanted! i give it two stars b/c i’m sure the product does what it is supposed to, but it didn’t help us at all.

Ola Denison, KS

A miracle for babies who won’t nap

My son (5 months old) is a great sleeper at night. We had no trouble getting him to sleep or having him stay asleep. Naps, on the other hand, were a disaster. It would take me forty minutes to put him down for what would turn into a twenty minute nap, or he would only sleep on me. I was getting stressed because he would cry for so long, and he was always cranky because of the lack of sleep.I remember someone mentioning the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit to me as the only thing that got their son to sleep, and I was hesitant to try it because it was so expensive. However, I am so happy I did. The first time I put him in the suit, he went down for a nap within five minutes and then slept for TWO HOURS. At his next nap, I had to wake him up after an hour so we could make an appointment. The same thing happened the next day – two hours for nap #1, woke him up after an hour for nap #2. Really amazing.The suit is quite warm, so I put him in it in just a bodysuit during the day, and just pants at night (he needs to wear a pair of pants to bed to clip on the Levana Oma movement monitor because we cloth diaper). I make sure that I monitor the temperature in his room so he doesn’t overheat. That is my only complaint. Otherwise, this thing is a miracle. The only issue is when accidents happen, and I need to be sure to wash it and dry it before his next nap. I’ve found turning the sleeves and legs inside out before popping it in the dryer greatly reduced the drying time.

Marsha Fort Ritner, IN

It is magic

I searched online for "transitioning from a swaddle" because my 3 month old was busting out of her swaddle and waking herself up. I stumbled upon this and read the reviews. I worried about the price, but bought it anyway. The first night we put her in the Sleepsuit, she slept 11 hours. Previously, she had only sleep 5 to 7 hours. She continues to sleep though the night in this. Some reviewers said the suit was fine to wear in the summer heat. I disagree. On 80 degree days, our baby sweat through the suit. We installed a window air conditioning unit and keep it at 74 to keep her comfortable…. and keep those "all-nighters" going. 🙂 Also, I wish it was cheaper so I could buy two. The suit gets pretty sweaty and smelly. I have to wash it every couple of days. It’s always a race to get it out of the dryer before my baby’s next nap. But so worth it.

Dena Pinehurst, NC

Not magical for us

So this did nothing for us. We used it on my then 4 month old so she could be transitioned fromtne swaddle, which she was breaking out of. We saw no change in her sleep habits by using this suit. We did use it for two months because it kept her warm. But we didn’t use it because it did anything for us. It is also difficult to dry! Took forever in the dryer.

Annie Oakdale, CA

Just didn’t work for us

My son is 4.5 months old, and we typically swaddle for a full night’s sleep. As he’s a pretty big boy, we were looking for an alternative, as I’m unsure I’ll be able to find large enough swaddles for him in the coming months he may still need them. Upon reading several blogs and the reviews here, I ordered this. The size was much smaller (6-9 was ordered) than I expected, and I know this wouldn’t be fitting him in a month or two. Regardless, we put it on; his first few hours sleeping were restful enough, nothing new. But then he awoke several more times in the night and was unable to get himself back to sleep–as he does without fail in the swaddle. I was disappointed that this suit didn’t appear to stifle the startle reflex enough to keep him sleeping, and also that he had such a huge range of movement. He was just bound up enough to have trouble keeping his hand in his mouth, as the tightness of the suit’s sleeves made his hand keep springing out of his mouth’s reach. It was a frustrating night for all of us, and at 5am, I ended up abandoning the suit and putting him back in his swaddle for the remainder of the morning.I can say, for as huge and puffy as it was, he didn’t seem to overheat in a warm room, also wearing light cotton PJs. But the size was smaller than I expected, and I’m fairly certain, with just a little more power he could have flipped onto his belly, given a few nights more. This really didn’t restrict his movement as much as the description let on.Hope it works better for you! But we returned it.

Katy Susquehanna, PA

Seemed too bulky

I have heard nothing but amazing things about this sleep suit, which is why I ordered it to help transition my 3 mo old girl from the bassinet in our room to her crib (she was swaddled up until this time). However, upon getting the sleep suit, I was worried about how thick and bulky it was and I couldn’t stop thinking of my baby overheating. Or not being able to move in case she spit up at night. Also, I figured I didn’t want yet another thing to wean her off of. I returned the sleep suit with no problems, and my refund was processed in 2 days. Made the transition to the crib without any issues by having my LO sleep in a fleece onesie and with a cotton sleep sac.

Geri Woodbine, KY

Not magic for us

Didn’t work for us, but another mother mentioned that it was magic for their family and I was desperate enough to try it out.My baby did not like it, even with time to get used to it, and the arms didn’t keep her from startling, hitting herself, and waking herself up. We used it during the Fall in the Northeast US, and I worried about her overheating. I put her in it in just a diaper and felt her skin often to see if she was too hot. Often she’d get a bit sweaty.Easy to wash and dry.

Tasha Lyons, WI

Okay, not magic

We bought this for our 3 month old son after he was able to break free from his swaddle (double straight jacket swaddle). I wasn’t comfortable with loose blankets in his crib at night from the loose swaddle and wanted that magical sleep. He is exclusively breast fed and in the swaddle wakes up about every 2 and half hours at night, on a rare occasion would sleep 5 hours.He sleeps no better in the magic sleep suit than he did in his swaddle. I was hoping for magical chunks of sleep but after 3 weeks, not much has changed. I do think daytime naps are better in the sleep suit though.Its not too hot. I can side lie nurse in it. We are keeping it and going to continue to use it because its a nice transition from the swaddle. But, its just not magical.

Pansy Creston, NC

Some improvement noticed..

I was hesitant to order this after reading some concerning reviews about the potential for overheating. I decided to give it a try anyway. I have to say, we have been using this every single night for weeks now and we love it. I put my baby in it with only a short sleeve onesie and socks and keep the room temperature at 69-70. After checking on my baby a thousand times during the first night for overheating, I did not find any signs of this. SInce then, my baby always feels warm when I take her out of the suit, but never sweaty or clammy or hot. She seems to be happy in this too, it gives her the ability to move her legs and arms, but provides some comfort as well as the material is thick. I like the fact that the suit has a really wide neck, so there is no chance any material could get on her face. Since using product, my babys sleep has improved, which could have something to do with suit or just her getting older..hard to say. She always seems comfortable in it, and never tries fighting it. In terms of cleaning, a couple of delicate cycles on the dryer were needed after washing to get it dry, but i didnt notice any shrinkage or damage to suit. Overall, i am happy with my purchase.

Kerry Whitesboro, OK

waste of money

Our daughter was swaddled from birth to about 8 months and we were really having trouble transitioning to swaddle-free sleeping. I came across this and figured I’d give it a try. She hated it! As soon as she was secured in the suit, she started crying uncontrollably and wouldn’t stop for >30 minutes until we removed it.We just had to deal with the sleep transition sans-sleepsuit, legs free and then one arm out of the swaddle at a time. These suits are unnecessary because the fact is, there’s no easy way to break your child of swaddle-sleeping…you just have to deal with the poor sleep for a couple of nights and, before you know it, they’ll figure things out.

Lourdes Johnstown, OH

Works! But could be more durable.

I do love this suit. It really seems to calm the moro reflex and it got our daughter into her crib around 2.5 months. Before that, we had to hold her or put her in the swing to sleep. That was just a no-go when I went back to work at 6 weeks and was exhausted. My daughter is an extremely warm baby (she screams if you put a hat on her- even outside now that’s winter) and she sleeps in just a diaper and this suit. She gets warm on the occasional night we have to hold/rock her longer than normal, but once she’s down in the crib, she seems to stay at the right temperature. Her toes do get cold so I’ll put some socks on her too.The reason I took away a star is because the lining got a hole in the seam after about a week’s worth of use. She sleeps in it every night and we wash it probably twice a week, so it’s not like it’s used super hard or anything. Disappointing, but I’m not shelling out another $40 to replace it- for that price, it should be durable.

Deanne Bureau, IL

Helps my sons fall asleep faster and stay asleep

I gave the sleep suit 5 stars because I was desperate to stop swaddling. I could get him to go to sleep with his arms out in his swaddle sleep sack, but figured I’d also try the sleep suit. IT IS SO MUCH BETTER! He falls asleep much faster in this and is either soothing himself back to sleep better, or not fully waking while wearing it. For example, last night I had to put him down in his sleep sack with is arms out because the sleep suit was in the wash. It took him over an hour to settle down (no crying, just sort of waving his arms around and ‘talking’). Tonight we’re back in the sleep suit and he was out within 10 minutes. We also took our first overnight trip this past weekend and his naps and nighttime sleep were both similar to at home and I attribute this to the sleep suit. I would also like to add that he is HAPPY whenever we put him in it! He smiles and relaxes right away. We have been using this for over a week for all naps and at night. We love it!Some thing to note:It is HEAVY. it will get hot. I don’t use anything heavier than a cotton onesie underneath.It takes a long time to dry after washing.It can be tricky to get the arms on if you have a wiggler.There are no snap tabs to hold hold the zippers down, so be sure to point them down in order to keep a little face from being poked.The baby will still be able to move and get his/her hands into their mouth, but they won’t be able to keep them there easily.I would recommend this to anyone who needs to stop swaddling and/or is looking for a way to provide extra comfort to their little one.

Geraldine Brunswick, MO

Too restrictive

Had a hard time weaning my 4 month old out of the swaddle. He was starting to turn to his side but would still startle himself awake. Tried this, but he still wanted to turn to his side at times, and with the suit he would try and end up waking himself up in the struggle. Also, it’s extremely thick… wouldn’t be able to use in the summer.

Casandra Machesney Park, IL

waste of money

I thought it would be good from transitioning from swaddling but oh boy, how wrong I was! This was just a waste of money. Not that didn’t work for the transitioning, but it is too hot! the baby is not comfortable, becuase she cann’t move whatsoever, and she grew out of it vvveeerrry quick! The sizing is not so good. She probably had it on only once or twice.

Casandra Sheridan, MO

Magic indeed

Great for an infant that needed a swaddle to sleep but started rolling over so we had to transition out.

Ester Exeter, NH

Expensive and ineffective

Ya, this is basically just like a really expensive snow suit. It didn’t work for my baby. It seems to run large too…

Roseann Livonia, LA

Works… LIKE MAGIC! (Mom of Twins)

We have twins and from the recommendation of one of our twin group moms, we bought two of them. Our babies now at a year still wear them (size large though) – they started at about 3 months! They are magic and have always thought so… for nighttime and naps – and with twins, we were so happy to find something that would work for all occasions – including when we would take massive overseas trips with them at 7-8 months old.They were born in Seattle, so it was perfect to use during the coldish winters, and in the summer with the fan going from the window, we used them (as we believe they should sleep in cold rooms. Sometimes they would have just a onesie on underneath, and sometimes just a diaper. They are excellent! It’s a small gamble for something that can potentially change your life and get your babies to sleep fast (3-4 minutes)!

Helen New Lebanon, IN

Helped my baby sleep without a swaddle!!

My baby loved being swaddled and so we did swaddle her with a miracle blanket. But then she turned 5 months and I knew I had to get rid of the swaddle for the fear that she would roll over and wouldn’t have her hands free. I did the cold turkey way and experienced hell for one week. She couldn’t sleep .. her naps were shorter than 30 minures. Her ngiht time wakings were way too many as she was startling still too much. I thought I might have gotten rid of the swaddle too soon but then when I tried swaddling her back .. she didn’t like that either. Looking online, I came across this baby merlin suit. I had seen it previously but really 40 bucks is way too expensive for such a temporary thing. But now that I have used it – its the best 40 bucks ever spent!! This suit is awesome! She doesn’t startle as much and sleeps soooo much longer and sounder. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Baby Merlin’s Magic suit for giving me a nights rest now!! 🙂

Rosanne Marquand, MO

great for transitioning out of swaddling

i used this to transition out of swaddling and in a rock and play to the crib at almost 3 months, and my daughter did great, slept through the night again after only 2 nights. it softens her movements so she doesn’t hit herself and wake herself up.

Letitia Lyoth, CA

Baby relaxed immediately and started looking sleepy

I put baby in this sleep suit and immediately he relaxed and started looking sleepy. We had spent a few nights thrashing around after outgrowing his swaddles and this seems like the perfect next step. He’s just 6 months and fits the 6-9 months perfectly.

Barbara Saint Francis, ME