Baby Musical Mobile, AGPtek® Battery-operated Baby Bedding Musical Mobile Plays Twelve Tunes

Baby Musical Mobile, AGPtek® Battery-operated Baby Bedding Musical Mobile Plays Twelve Tunes

Material: ABS material in white without pollution Size: 7*7*2.7cm If you choose the electronic baby music mobile which need 2 AA batteries(Batteries not included), it can play 12 tunes, they are: 1. it’s a small world 2. frere jacques 3. twinkle twinkle little star 4. brahms lullaby 5. mary had a little lamb 6. schubert’s lullaby 7. mozart’s lullaby 8. la le lu 9. old macdonald had a farm 10. rock a bye baby 11. let me be your teddy bear 12. hush, little baby Packaging including: 1x ABS Baby Musical Mobile in white without pollution

Main features

  • Baby musical mobile for baby under 5 years old.
  • It’s a elecrtronic musical mobile, which can be installed on baby’s bed. The red button is for on/off,the green button is for next song.
  • If with arm, and it can rotate with music.
  • Electronic music mobile which need 2 AA batteries(Batteries not included).
  • Just the mobile without arm.

Verified reviews



It’s great to have one of these and be able to make your baby a custom mobile with any toys he loves… I hung my sons favorite toys from this and he will just stare at it for hours!

Ronda Trenton, UT


I don’t understand why every mobile these days isn’t sold with one of these! I was so sick of running back and forth to wind up the mobile when it stopped after every 2 minutes, this is a life saver.It was a little louder than expected and at first I was thrown by the fact that it doesn’t play the full version of all the songs it cycles through but I put tape over the speaker to tone down the volume level and my baby doesn’t mind 30 second clips of the songs so it’s fine by me!

Helen Dawson, GA

My son loves it

My son is two, and has approved of this for our daughter who is due in a month. The songs are a bit fast, but my son falls asleep to the music. I really don’t think it’s as loud as some people are making it out to be. It drowns out any outdoor noise and I think it is soothing.

Bridgette Thompson, OH


So convienent that I dont have to crank it every few minutes. Continuously plays which is nice, but is a little loud. Wish it had a volume control.

Sheree Ridgeway, OH


Not too loud.there area lot of songs,a little too short but a lot.not too loud as son loves it

Janette Stafford, CT


I used this to replace the wind up music part of my baby’s crib mobile. I had to wind that thing every couple of rotations, it was so annoying. This mobile keeps my baby entertained and soothed without making me do unnecessary work. I love it.

Karina Art, TX

Life saver….

My son loves his mobile, the hand wind movement that came with it runs about 2 minutes between winds. Not having to run back into his room every two minutes to keep him content is a life saver! This movement doesn’t sound horribly cheesy as I was concerned it might. I was worried it might sound like one of those 1980’s keyboards from Radio Shack and extremely synthesized. You can tell it isn’t a wind up movement, but it sounds fine. It does make a little noise to rotate the mobile. Not too loud, but it is there. Easy to operate: on is green, red is off. The songs alternate on their own. The only thing that would improve this is the ability to turn the music and rotation on and off separately. The first time I inserted the batteries, it wouldn’t turn on. I reinserted them and it worked fine. I must not have gotten them seated properly. I should have checked the function BEFORE I screwed the battery compartment cover back on!

Erna Granville, WV

Just ok

I was so excited about this because believe it or not, the $150 swing we bought with the teddy bears hanging from the mobile doesn’t actually rotate! That aside, I was disappointed that this thing was so big, I should have paid more attention to size, i thought it be more like a small christmas ornament. And , its loud. I mean really loud! We taped a founded paper towel over the speaker holes to muffle the sound but you can still hear it all over the house! So it does what it says but I would t purchase this again.

Stacey New Germany, MN

good enough, but could be better

This is a great alternative to the wind up ones. Know that this thing cycles through all twelve songs and doesnt just repeat one. I was under the impression that you got to pick which song you wanted played in a loop. The green button to skip to the next song seems a bit pointless now.Other than that, my son seems to enjoy it. It would be nice if there was a way to control the volume.

Becky Dietrich, ID

It’s alright

It’s loud, and I do wish I could occasionally mute the music and just have the motion, but it’s fine. I like that it has several songs rather than just one. My infant daughter seems to like it, and my 3 year old son loves it, haha.

Doris Stanford, MT