Baby NasaKleen Nasal Aspirator

Baby NasaKleen Nasal Aspirator

Baby nasakleen is a nasal aspirator used to remove excess mucus from babies’ noses. It is particularly recommended prior to feeding your baby or before sleeping. The product consists of a silicone nozzle, a plastic chamber with a hygiene filter, a tube and a mouthpiece. The mucous is aspirated by placing the nozzle slightly inside the baby’s nose and gently applying suction through the mouthpiece.

Main features

  • Tip made of soft medical grade silicone (not plastic); BPA free
  • Baby nasakleen gives the parent continuous and complete control of the suction process for maximum safety, comfort and effectiveness
  • Baby nasakleen includes 50 hygiene filters and convenient storage/travel case.

Verified reviews


I wanted to love this snotsucker…

I chose this over the Nosefrida due the reviews on the Nosrfrida’s hard plastic tip cutting babies noses. I don’t see much of a difference in the design, just better price and soft tip.I am disappointed that this didn’t work as I expected it to, I expected it to suck heaping amounts of snot out, it didn’t.The problem is it’s far to hard to get good suction. You are seriously trying to suck wind through a pen tip sized hole, through a long tube the size of a straw. I was sucking so hard my side hurt, I don’t know why, it’s not all the time I’m using all my might to suck air through a pen sized hole. With every side splitting suck my nose/mouth/head area was making an unatural gurgling noise I’ve never heard before. All that effort, side pain and head noise for a tiny amount of snot.I didn’t put the larger filter in and just left the thin one that is glued in. I can’t imagine using it with both filters, I probably would have passed out.Overall not a good buy for me.Pros:It did get a little snot outPrice is better than the Nosefrida, cheaper to tryHas soft silicone tip, so no nose cutsCons:Doesn’t work any better than the bulb the hospital gives you, that one’s free.You need to suck so hard you may possibly turn inside-out.I will give this another shot with the next cold, but I’ll probably pull that thin glued-in filter out. I’ll update if needed.

Ashleigh Gilsum, NH

Wish I could give it 10 stars!

I LOVE this thing! So much better than a bulb syringe for cleaning those sticky boogs from my baby’s tiny little nose. It’s clean, it’s really easy to use. It’s much less stressful for my baby also. GET THIS!!

Lidia Stony Point, NC

Why wouldn’t you have one?

Works so much better than a regular aspirator.My infant had RSV at age 2 months and required a lot of suctioning.I’m an ER nurse and this device works almost as well as the suction we use in our department, which you will never have at home.I am going to recommend this device to all of my friends and any parents of my patients.

Jeanne Mills, WY

Better than the Frida

I got a free Nose frida at a work convention and already had the Nasakleen – purchased based on reviews. And this time the reviews were overwhelmingly right!! The nasakleen has a soft silicone tip that goes in the baby’s nose – the frida has a hard plastic tip!! I didn’t feel very safe using the frida when the baby moved his head and the nasakleen he could wiggle anywhere and it wouldn’t hurt him. He actually didn’t care about the nasakleen in his nose but didn’t like the frida. Save some money and get this one – it’s better anyway!

Colleen Greenhurst, NY


Bough few different types including battery operated this is my wife and mines favorite. Buy even though you think its weird. Bought my sis one for her baby too.

Jeanne Keene, OH

Works like a charm

I have been using this for my baby for over a month now. It never failed. The front part that touches baby’s nose is very soft and safe. First a couple time I was a little bit short of breath but once I got a "hang" of it, it was so easy to use. I put in a small piece of tissue paper in the tube so it cleans very easily. Don’t waste money on anything else. Get NosaKleen!

Lynn Speedwell, VA

better than a bulb syringe

The good: The mouthpiece is the best one of all the parent powered ones and I have also tried Nosefrida and BabyComfyNose. This one is rigid so it doesn’t collapse. I have to bite down a little bit to keep it in place when I use it and the other ones tend to collapse easily. The tip is silicone so it is softThe bad:The fine filter is so restrictive of air flow that the thing was worthless before I took that out. The airflow is pretty good with just the replaceable foam filters that come with it.The tip is shaped wrong. It goes up in the nose. There is no need for it to; a blunter cone shape would work to form a seal without irritating the baby’s nose. I cut it off about 1/8 inch. This helps. The BabyComfyNose has the best tip shape and it is also silicone.I’ve also tried bulb syringes and battery powered aspirators. This is better than any of those. Any of them work a lot better if you squirt Baby Saline up their nose first and them hold them on a slope with their head downhill for 30 seconds to let gravity push it up in their nose. They hate this but it sure helps. I was told to do this by an RN on a medical help line the first night we had our boys home from the hospital. We have 8 month old twins who both recently had colds so I’ve had a lot of experience cleaning noses.

Imogene Medina, TX

I love it, baby hates it.

This is really similar to the NoseFrida, but from what I understand has a softer tip than that one. This one is like a firm silicone. Even so, my baby screams like a banshee and I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m sucking her brains out when I use it and has started to swat at it…I really hope I’m not sucking so hard that it feels like I’m sucking her brains out. Because that’s gotta be freaky. But damn if the thing doesn’t work crazy good. So I’ll probably keep tormenting her when she’s sick because I really like my babies being able to breathe. Oh, and it comes with a ton of filters. Like maybe way more than I’ll ever use, but that’s nice I guess.

Bernice Maple City, KS

I bought 3!

I cannot believe how awesome this product is. We have all forms of nasal asperators and none were working well with our infant who was so congested. I bought this on a limb not sure if it is worth it (but it is cheaper than the nose freida). When I decided to use it I CANNOT GET OVER THE MUCUS AND SNOT that I got out of my baby!!!! Really, really was shocked. I took a picture of it and showed the pediatrician who said that this is exactly what RSV looks like and without seeing it (because it was lodged inside of my son’s sinuses) we were not able to get it treated.It is easy to clean and you honestly don’t have to change the blue foam each time because the snot gets nowhere near it. I bought this product at 14.00 and then saw it for 5.90 and bought 2 more. YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!!!!

Sonya Glen Head, NY

Like this better than Nosefrida

Lost my nosefrida and needed a new one and wanted to save a few bucks, figured I would give this a shot. I am so glad I did, I actually like this better than the nosefrida the tip is silicone and soft. Plus its cheaper and comes with filters in a carrying case.

Rachelle Saint Joseph, LA

Buy instead of Nose Frieda

This had been a real lifesaver! We put saline in my baby’s nose, wait a minute, then suction with the NasaKleen. It works so well and the tip is nice and soft against his nostrils.

Lea Bald Knob, WV